Exodus 01

Session Start (moc.evil|eltrutyppah-anit#moc.evil|eltrutyppah-anit:Group Conversation 21671): Mon Jul 06 18:40:12 2009
[18:40] Turtle: hai
[18:40] Shadowcaller: Hello
[18:41] Shadowcaller: How is the work coming along?^^
[18:41] Shadowcaller: Man, I ask that a lot
[18:42] Turtle: need a break from work, so was hoping Murska could IF
[18:43] Shadowcaller: You know I am >.>
[18:43] Murska: Hm. So. »
[18:43] Murska: I'm supposed to GM, I assume?
[18:43] Shadowcaller: Yes
[18:45] Murska: So… the day of the departure? »
[18:45] Shadowcaller: I guess Cessie and Aegnor have trained some more by then=
[18:45] Shadowcaller: *?
[18:45] Murska: Yeah, every day.
[18:46] Shadowcaller: She is improving fast then
[18:47] Turtle: Simone will help too
[18:48] Shadowcaller: Is she a good teacher? How come she knows elvish anyway?
[18:51] Turtle: She's been living in an elvish village for a month now
[18:52] Shadowcaller: DIdn't she know it before that?
[18:52] Turtle: No, she didn't
[18:52] Turtle: She picked up a bit from Aegnor
[18:52] Turtle: but most of it from Gallion
[18:53] Shadowcaller: Okay, she help Aegnor teach Cessie then
[18:54] Murska: The dawn breaks on the day of departure. Everyone wakes up at different times specified by those who control said people.
[18:54] Turtle: Hope is very early
[18:54] Turtle: She's helping people with packs and such
[18:55] Shadowcaller: Cessie is neither late nor early, she wakes up a bit after Aegnor dose
[18:57] Murska: Aegnor's also quite early. He considers waking Cessie but doesn't, and goes outside to help people aswell. Naib is quite late.
[18:58] Shadowcaller: Michicora is avoiding people at the moment, she might help hunting and such, but not with the move itself
[19:00] Shadowcaller: Once Cessie wakes up she will exit the hut, what time of the day is the departure?
[19:00] Murska: They're going to leave early afternoon.
[19:01] Murska: (Someone control the priestesses »)
[19:02] Murska: Anyway, people have mostly finished packing but are gathering the packed stuff. (we gonna get oxen to draw carts at some point earlier?)
[19:03] Murska: The work is rather slow since people're saying goodbyes to their homes and things they can't take with them.
[19:04] Shadowcaller: Yeah, Cessie is mostly trying to speak with the elves, getting to know some of them, but she is a bit unsocial and shy
[19:05] Murska: They're very polite and refer to her as 'Lady'.
[19:05] Murska: Some even bow to her as she addresses them.
[19:06] Shadowcaller: She is a bit confused about that, but she plays along (blushing a bit >.>)
[19:09] Shadowcaller: I guess the oxens go by themselves, elves are great thieves:P
[19:10] Murska: heh
[19:13] Shadowcaller: So…
[19:17] Turtle: Where did we get the oxen?
[19:17] Shadowcaller: Some village near Kyou
[19:19] Turtle: we didn't really steal them, did we? >.>
[19:19] Shadowcaller: Er.. or bought them,
[19:22] Shadowcaller: Whatever you wish
[19:23] Shadowcaller: *pokes*
[19:23] Turtle: Hope looks a bit sad.
[19:24] Shadowcaller: Well, I think Cessie might want to speak with her after some days
[19:25] Turtle: maybe…
[19:26] Murska: Hmm.
[19:26] Turtle: Cessie will have to come to her though
[19:26] Murska: So, uh, if nobody speaks to anyone else, they'll gather and get to the actual leaving part, with goodbyes and some crying and whatever.
[19:27] Shadowcaller: Must be quite the organization, Cessie will speak with hope once the journey starts
[19:31] Shadowcaller: So I guess it starts now? >.>
[19:32] Murska: ayup…. no goodbyes RP?
[19:32] Turtle: Like I said…
[19:32] Turtle: goodbye to who? everyone's going
[19:32] Turtle: Except Promise :(
[19:34] Shadowcaller: Yeah, there is not really anyone to say good bye too
[19:35] Shadowcaller: Cessie is keeping herself with Aegnor and possibly with the elves, but she keep a lookout after hope
[19:35] Turtle: She'll find her eventually, speaking to the oxen.
[19:36] Shadowcaller: She slowly moves up to her, making her presence know (which should not be a problem with Hopes reflexes.)
[19:37] Shadowcaller: "What are you doing?" She starts carefully.
[19:38] Turtle: "Just making sure they're healthy and ready to travel." Hope says.
[19:39] Shadowcaller: "You look… troubled."
[19:41] Turtle: "It's been so long, you know. And now we won't even be here when he gets back." She says this in a quiet voice.
[19:42] Shadowcaller: "Zubera is looking for him, Helios is looking for him, once he gets back they will get him back to us, there is nothing to worry about. I mean, how many have actual gods looking for them?"
[19:43] Shadowcaller: "Ehm… also, I just wanted you to know that I'm not angry with you anymore."
[19:45] Turtle: Hope looks up with a self-conscious smile. "That… means a lot."
[19:46] Murska: (Goodbyes to the village people have lived in for most of their lives, and the area they've learned to know like their pockets as children?)
[19:47] Turtle: (Hope wouldn't understand, having been raised as a nomad.)
[19:47] Shadowcaller: (But thats not the PC's is it?)
[19:48] Murska: (yeah. I was mostly meaning 'any RP at the time of departure or such'.)
[19:48] Shadowcaller: (Well this is kind of like that.)
[19:50] Turtle: (That's what we were doing :P)
[19:50] Shadowcaller: (yeah.)
[19:53] Shadowcaller: As Hope smiles she smiles back her expression lightens up "I'm glad, Arik was… confused, he could not be here anymore…"
[19:54] Turtle: "What do you mean?"
[19:55] Shadowcaller: "I talked to him and we decided that he should leave." Her tone is neutral but hope can sense that it really wasn't that simple
[19:55] Shadowcaller: (Or you know, have a brain:P)
[19:57] Shadowcaller: "He is not coming back Hope."
[20:00] Turtle: Hope keeps her voice carefully neutral. "That must have been hard for you."
[20:00] Shadowcaller: Its a short paus before Cessie responds "It was."
[20:03] Shadowcaller: "It it might… make it better, easier in the future. Right now I miss him…"
[20:04] Turtle: Hope reaches out hesitantly and puts her hand on Cessie's shoulder.
[20:05] Shadowcaller: Cessie blinks and look at Hope, smiling sadly "Thanks…"
[20:09] Shadowcaller: "It was better this way I guess… I never realized he had changed that much.
[20:09] Shadowcaller: *"
[20:14] Shadowcaller: She shakes her head "Lets talk about something else… I'm learning elvish now, as you might have ntoiced."
[20:14] Shadowcaller: *noticed
[20:18] Turtle: "I'm sure Aegnor is happy about that."
[20:18] Turtle: *smiling*
[20:20] Shadowcaller: "I'm happy about it, I can finally understand people here. The elves are calling me "lady".. would you belive that?"
[20:24] Turtle: "That's easy to believe."
[20:24] Shadowcaller: "It is? I'm hardly experienced in what a lady should know, I'm just a wizard."
[20:24] Shadowcaller: "Or rather, a wizard in traning…"
[20:28] Turtle: "To someone like me, you seem to have the grace of a princess."
[20:29] Shadowcaller: She giggles "Really? I never thought anyone would see *me* like that."
[20:30] Shadowcaller: "Well, as long as I don't go native…"
[20:32] Turtle: "You mean, become a Gallionian?"
[20:33] Shadowcaller: "Um, I was never too sure what my meontor meant by "native"
[20:33] Shadowcaller: *mentor
[20:35] Shadowcaller: She quotes "A true Hestopian carries his cilizied ways wherever he goes, do not be lured into the ways of other. Do not go native."
[20:35] Shadowcaller: *others
[20:36] Turtle: "Ah. Stay true to your original culture then. I think you have nothing to worry about."
[20:37] Shadowcaller: "I don't? Rohim kept warning me about it before my.. journey."
[20:38] Shadowcaller: "What about you? Would you adapt to another culture?"
[20:39] Turtle: "I sort of already have."
[20:39] Shadowcaller: "You do?"
[20:40] Turtle: "Living in a village, under a roof. It's different."
[20:41] Shadowcaller: "Oh, well I have never known the alternetive."
[20:42] Shadowcaller: "But I guess that do changes you… I mean, whatever I do, I can't avoid changing can I?"
[20:42] Turtle: "No. Change is natural."
[20:44] Shadowcaller: "Yet I have tried to avoid it… I think I might be a bit afraid of it."
[20:47] Turtle: "But think of how much you've changed since we met. How much all of us have changed. Especially Aegnor."
[20:47] Shadowcaller: "I mean, if I had gone straight by traditions. I never would have kissed or… Aegnor, not without marriage at the very least."
[20:48] Shadowcaller: "You think I have changed that much?"
[20:49] Turtle: "You're happier, more relaxed."
[20:51] Shadowcaller: "Its hard to *not* be happier, I was all alone… You know, when I think about it, I think I actually have changed a lot."
[20:51] Shadowcaller: "I didn't even want to listen to Aegnors music before, ugh, that was really stupid."
[20:52] Shadowcaller: "How have you changed Hope? Can you think of anything?"
[20:55] Turtle: "Being alone was the worst. I didn't like that. When I found you and Aegnor - it was like having a family again
[20:56] Shadowcaller: "Yeah, I can't even imagine how it would be like to be alone again."
[20:57] Turtle: (Maybe Aegnor can join us now? :P)
[20:57] Turtle: (Or Naib)
[20:58] Shadowcaller: (Well, we are walking at the same time of course.)
[20:59] Murska: Naib's walking nearby, chatting with some villagers. Aegnor, on the other hand, approaches the two.
[21:00] Shadowcaller: Cessie notices him approaching at waves at him, stopping in her walk.
[21:01] Murska: 'Hi there. We finally got underway, eh?'
[21:02] Shadowcaller: "I'm a bit worried actually… I think this might be a dangerous journey."
[21:03] Turtle: Hope laughs
[21:03] Turtle: "/Now/ you're worried? After everything we've been through?"
[21:04] Shadowcaller: "I'm more worried about them." She looks in the direction of the villagers.
[21:05] Murska: 'They have us.' Aegnor smiles. 'And all the brave warriors of their own.'
[21:06] Shadowcaller: "Yes, but there are so many to take care of, if we make one misstake, many of them might die…"
[21:07] Murska: 'We'd best not make mistakes then.'
[21:08] Shadowcaller: "Easy to say."
[21:08] Murska: He laughs. 'Why all the gloom? We've had worse.'
[21:09] Turtle: "This is the familiar part to me."
[21:10] Shadowcaller: "I'm just being realistic, its hard to protect one another while we are moving, and if we are moving into a desert with no water or coverage…"
[21:13] Murska: 'I know the situation aswell. But there's no point in worrying about it right now.'
[21:13] Murska: Some laughter comes from Naib and the two elves and a wolfen walking near him.
[21:15] Shadowcaller: Cessie takes a quick glance at them "He is not worried at least… when did you met him anyway?"
[21:18] Turtle: "On the scouting trip."
[21:18] Turtle: "You were sick when we got back from it."
[21:19] Shadowcaller: "He just came with you?"
[21:21] Turtle: Well, you'd have to ask him why he did."
[21:21] Shadowcaller: She looks at Naib again, doubtful "Err… maybe later."
[21:27] Shadowcaller: "Um, what were we talking about?"
[21:37] Turtle: "I think we're all ready to set off. Well, not everyone, but with a group this large, everyone can't start at the same time anyway unless they're trained in drill."
[21:38] Turtle: (brb food)
[21:38] Shadowcaller: (Okay.)
[21:38] Shadowcaller: "Yeah… we have to travel in a line sort of."
[21:41] Shadowcaller: "Or? I don't much about troop movement. How should we handle this?"
[21:42] Shadowcaller: It sounds like she aims the question at Aegnor
[21:45] Murska: 'Really, there's not much of a chance to organize the movement. Best we can do is to have the soldiers patrol and make sure nobody drifts off.'
[21:46] Shadowcaller: "But there i so many of them, many more then we got soldiers."
[21:48] Murska: "It's not like all of them will stray off.' He smiles. 'I hope.'
[21:49] Shadowcaller: "I'm just trying to point out the flaws, makes one think better right?"
[21:52] Turtle: "Everyone has to keep up with one another. I've spoken to people about it. Everyone has to make sure their family members are accounted for when we stop for the night, and the soldiers will be checking with each family. The main problem is going to be people falling behind because they can't keep the pace, and that's what the rear guard is for. They'll make sure no one is left behind."
[21:52] Shadowcaller: "Sounds like you have planned this a lot…"
[21:54] Turtle: ""It won't be that bad, Cessie. You'll see."
[21:55] Shadowcaller: "I guess, we will see when we start. I don't even know how it is out there, so who am I to worry about it?"
[21:58] Shadowcaller: (Um, are we finished with that part?)
[22:00] Turtle: (yeah)
[22:00] Shadowcaller: (*pokes Murska*)
[22:01] Murska: (…)
[22:02] Shadowcaller: (So, what happends next? I think Cessie might speak to Niab just to prove she can speak to new people at some point.)
[22:03] Murska: (Okay, so)
[22:03] Murska: (People get going)
[22:04] Shadowcaller: (They do.)
[22:04] Murska: (If you want to initiate RP, do so)
[22:04] Murska: (I'll be busy controlling forces outside of the whole 'mass of peoples')
[22:04] Murska: (Or theorizing about what they might be doing. :P)
[22:04] Shadowcaller: (Well, you might as well fast forward to the point where something actually happends.)
[22:05] Murska: (How am I supposed to know when that is? v.v)
[22:06] Shadowcaller: (I don't know, your the GM, you decide that:P)
[22:07] Murska: So, if nobody talks to anyone else, days pass as the landscape starts slowly shifting, growing more arid and dry. The few groups of people they saw at the distance quickly left at the sight of such a large party. This is still somewhat civilized land, and some villages and such dot the area although the group keeps clear of them all.
[22:08] Shadowcaller: Well, Cessie isn't especially bothered by it, she have grown used to walking all day, even in the wilderness.
[22:10] Murska: The group arrives at a somewhat larger-than-usual river and camp there, replenishing their water supplies. Hunting has proven to be more difficult than in the forest due to the lack of cover, but there is also much more game.
[22:11] Shadowcaller: Michicora is used to this kind of terrain, so thats not really a problem for her.
[22:11] Shadowcaller: And Cessie isn't exactly hunting
[22:13] Murska: Aegnor calls together the people responsible for things, including you all, as the villagers are busy with the river.
[22:14] Murska: 'According to our knowledge, the actual desert will start soon after, and this is the last water source we have certain information of.'
[22:15] Shadowcaller: (Um, Cessie can summon water >.>)
[22:16] Murska: (enough for everyone? Oo)
[22:16] Shadowcaller: (No, but just a foot note.)
[22:17] Shadowcaller: "Well, I could summon some water if needed, just so you know."
[22:18] Murska: 'Probably not enough, I'm afraid.'
[22:18] Turtle: "That's one of the jobs of the scouts. Finding water and leading us to it."
[22:18] Murska: Naib speaks up. 'This isn't a proper desert. And it's outlying regions will have even more watersources than deeper in. We just have to find them, which shouldn't be too hard.'
[22:20] Shadowcaller: (Wait, what language do he speak?)
[22:20] Murska: (Hmm. Kyouhen, and I assume Simone translates to Cessie?)
[22:21] Shadowcaller: (Okay.)
[22:21] Shadowcaller: "Ask him what he knows about the desert…"
[22:22] Turtle: (I thought he knew Western Common)
[22:23] Murska: (He does but most of the people don't.)
[22:23] Murska: Naib: 'I grew up on one.'
[22:25] Murska: Aegnor: 'Anyway, we'll have to send scouting parties farther. A group this size needs to travel pretty much from oasis to oasis.'
[22:26] Shadowcaller: "Yes, I suppose. Any suggestions for that?"
[22:27] Murska: Naib: 'I could go.'
[22:28] Shadowcaller: "I agree, he knows most about the desert after all."
[22:29] Shadowcaller: "Anything I can do Aegnor by the way?"
[22:29] Murska: 'Keep contact with them.'
[22:30] Shadowcaller: "Of course, I will try my best. Anything else?"
[22:32] Murska: 'Well, nothing much. Any extra water oughta be useful, of course, but we're not in any crisis or anything.'
[22:33] Shadowcaller: "Just tell me if its needed."
[22:35] Murska: 'Yes.'
[22:35] Murska: The meeting continues on for a while with more in-detail matters of stuff we probably don't know nor care about
[22:36] Shadowcaller: Yeah
[22:36] Murska: (Does nobody really have any conversations whatsoever to RP? :P)
[22:37] Shadowcaller: (Well I have a few. But I was kind of waiting for some big event >.>)
[22:38] Turtle: sorry… this is all ordinary life stuff. kind of not much to play out
[22:39] Shadowcaller: Yeah…'
[22:40] Murska: Big events are kind of hard to make up. v.v
[22:40] Murska: In a way that makes sense, at least.
[22:40] Shadowcaller: Well, medium events then:P
[22:40] Murska: Those oughta be coming up soon-ish.
[22:41] Shadowcaller: Indeed
[22:41] Shadowcaller: Cessie might want to show Aegnor her fire element, but thats not really much to RP
[22:44] Murska: The scouts inform Cessie of two suitably large oases in the range of the group. But one has a military outpost, and another, the slightly farther one, is southwest, and houses a small group of people living there.
[22:44] Shadowcaller: She informs Aegnor and the others of this.
[22:45] Murska: (Your call for where we head.)
[22:46] Shadowcaller: (I think she would pick the second one.)
[22:46] Murska: (Well, the call of you two as players I meant. :P)
[22:46] Turtle: The second. Settlers are less scary than soldiers.
[22:48] Murska: Right. As the group approaches the second oasis, the decision will have to be made on what exactly to do with the people living there.
[22:49] Shadowcaller: Yeah
[22:50] Shadowcaller: But wqe move on in that direction, Cessie will keeping contacting those scouts, hearing what they say.
[22:52] Murska: The scouting groups in the other directions return soon as Naib's group, near said Oasis, keeps watch. It seems the settlers there live mainly off hunting and some plants around the small lake created by a spring. They seem to all have weapons, although they aren't soldiers.
[22:53] Shadowcaller: Do they seem to be a part of the Hyrillian Empire?
[22:53] Turtle: Humans?
[22:54] Murska: Humans, yeah. They don't seem to have any clear allegiance, but then, villages usually dont
[22:56] Shadowcaller: How large is this village?
[22:57] Murska: Hmm. What'd sound plausible. Some 30-40 people?
[22:59] Shadowcaller: Yeah
[23:00] Shadowcaller: Well, we go in with a very small group then, who of us looks most like them? Naib?
[23:00] Turtle: Well, the humans in the group. Hope, Cessie, Naib, and Simone.
[23:02] Shadowcaller: Yeah, but skin color and such
[23:02] Murska: Well, none of us look that similar.
[23:03] Shadowcaller: Hm, I guess Cessie, Naib and Hope goes to greet them then.
[23:03] Murska: And the others?
[23:04] Shadowcaller: They stay behind, waiting for Cessies signal
[23:05] Shadowcaller: Hm wait
[23:05] Shadowcaller: What language are thsy speaking?
[23:05] Murska: Kyouen
[23:05] Shadowcaller: Okay, I guess it won't change anyway
[23:07] Murska: So, you walk towards the village. As they spot you, they shout to each other and grab weapons, but once they notice there are only three, they relax somewhat and send five of their number to meet you before you get very close.
[23:08] Murska: (So, er, let's assume Naib works as the channel to relay your speech to them in the right language since npc chat is boring)
[23:08] Shadowcaller: (Yeah.)
[23:10] Murska: A man, medium height and very tough-looking, walking at the head of the group, is the first one to address you. 'Hello, travellers. What brings you here?'
[23:11] Turtle: "My tribe is travelling through these lands."
[23:12] Murska: 'Tribe?' He looks puzzled. 'Who are you?'
[23:12] Shadowcaller: (Hope and Cessie don't really like being from the same ribe:P)
[23:15] Turtle: "A group of us who've decided that Hyrillia is not the place for us. We intend to settle in the south."
[23:16] Murska: At this news the men next to the leader grip their swords. 'In the south? I hope that'll be nowhere near this place…'
[23:19] Turtle: "No. We intend to cross the desert."
[23:19] Murska: 'How many are there of you?'
[23:19] Murska: (What was on the other side of the desert anyway?)
[23:20] Shadowcaller: (dwarves.)
[23:20] Shadowcaller: (Mountains.9
[23:20] Shadowcaller: (Lets call them "the black mountains.)
[23:21] Turtle: (wait… i thought we were headed towards Wolfen)
[23:21] Shadowcaller: (Well thats not on the other side of the desert.)
[23:22] Shadowcaller: (Thats in the middle of it.)
[23:22] Murska: (Heheh.)
[23:24] Turtle: (Okay… well assume Hope said the correct direction then. :P)
[23:25] Murska: (So.)
[23:26] Turtle: "About 30 families. We'll only need to make use of the oasis for the night, and then we'll move on."
[23:27] Murska: The leader turns to the men and they whisper for a moment. Suddenly, shouts are heard from the village.
[23:28] Murska: The men draw their swords and rush back to the village, one of them spitting a curse at you.
[23:29] Murska: Brown figures seem to be assaulting the village, heading mainly for the food storage, as the villagers, already armed due to you, start to gather around it to defend.
[23:29] Turtle: Hope draws her sword and runs after them (the bandits, not the villagers).
[23:29] Shadowcaller: "Should we help them in some way? Or would they attack us too? I can't belive they think *we* are associated with the attackers."
[23:30] Murska: So Hope runs towards the village, sword in hand? Oo
[23:30] Murska: Naib: 'It's a raid…'
[23:31] Shadowcaller: "How would they feel toward magic?"
[23:31] Murska: 'I don't know. But they should be able to hold it off.'
[23:32] Murska: Indeed, the villagers' quick response seems to have suprised the raiders who are shooting arrows into the crowd around the food storage, where the villagers respond in kind.
[23:32] Turtle: Hope is already joining in the defense. Yeah, it probably looks like they were sent as a distraction though.
[23:32] Shadowcaller: (Err.. don't you think they would attack Hope too o.O)
[23:33] Murska: So, what exactly does Hope do? The five men who were also running towards the village will attack her if she seems to be going towards them or the few children in the middle of the village
[23:33] Turtle: She was running after the raiders, not after the villagers.
[23:33] Shadowcaller: But the villagers were running toward the raiders
[23:33] Murska: The raiders are on the far side of the village
[23:34] Shadowcaller: So she would be running toward them too
[23:34] Turtle: Okay, then she didn't
[23:34] Turtle: bah##
[23:34] Shadowcaller: Hehe
[23:34] Turtle: can't visualize it
[23:35] Murska: The main group hears the shouts and Aegnor, Suroshian and many of the 'recruits' are arriving to the scene aswell.
[23:35] Shadowcaller: Hey, they would not come until Cessies signal >.>
[23:35] Murska: They sure would if they hear a battle
[23:35] Turtle: You think Aegnor would stay behind if he heard combat break out?
[23:36] Shadowcaller: Oh well…
[23:36] Shadowcaller: This is not going to end well
[23:37] Murska: The frantic action at first seems to slow down as the opposing sides seem content to skirmish slightly, as the raiders start slowly slinking back to the desert, noticing they aren't going to get any loot.
[23:38] Murska: They drag their few wounded with them, while the villagers move theirs to the cover of the hut where some of the women drop their spears and tend to them.
[23:39] Turtle: "Ask them if they'll let me help," Hope says to Naib.
[23:39] Shadowcaller: "They might attack us on sight, but we have to try…"
[23:41] Murska: Naib approaches a few steps and shouts some words at the villagers. They answer, and after a short conversation, he returns. 'They don't trust us, but we don't look like raiders either. They'll allow our healer to help them if she goes alone and unarmed.'
[23:41] Shadowcaller: Cessie nods to Hope
[23:42] Turtle: Hope lays her weapons down next to Cessie and Naib, and goes into the village.
[23:43] Turtle: Probably thinking that being unarmed =/= harmless, as Naib could prove. :P
[23:44] Shadowcaller: Cessie stands back and watches hope
[23:45] Murska: She's guarded by two of the men who were with the leader, who escort her to the wounded through the villagers, many of whom stare at her, openly curious.
[23:46] Murska: Most wounds are slight, although three people are wounded more seriously. One of them has an arrow through his thigh, another one has one in his arm and a woman has one in the shoulder. The arrows are barbed and nasty-looking.
[23:50] Turtle: Hope tends to whichever looks the most dangerous first, using whatever method is most appropriate for removing barbed arrows.
[23:50] Turtle: And making an herbal poultice for the wound to prevent infection.
[23:51] Murska: As she breaks the arrow in the man's thigh, she notices it has a green stripe and the tip glistens with something. The man is starting to get feverish.
[23:54] Turtle: "Poison…" she says. Not that they know her language, but they probably figured it out for themselves.
[23:54] Murska: Yup. One of them points at the man and shakes his head, motioning her towards the other wounded instead.
[23:57] Turtle: Hope ignores the suggestion, cutting the wound open further to try and clean out the poison, while sending her own healing into the man.
[23:59] Murska: As she sends her energy at the man, her vision fades and changes oddly… She can still see the man and the wound in front of her, but she also sees inside the wound, the layers of skin, flesh and farther down the bone, and in his blood vessels the poison spreading, noticeable by the distinct 'wrong' feeling about it. She can feel the life escaping from the areas where it spreads.
[00:04] Turtle: She is a bit stunned by the strange sensation, but tries to see if she has any way of manipulating the escaping life.
[00:05] Murska: She can send her own energy into him and manipulate that, but she doesn't find a way to affect the man's own energy.
[00:08] Turtle: Then she tries to use her own energy to push the poison back out of the wound.
[00:09] Murska: The first small vein she tries it at bursts, but as she sends less energy more carefully, it starts to neutralize and slow the spread of the poison.
[00:12] Turtle: She continues to work at it then, probably looking quite strange to the villagers.
[00:12] Murska: She doesn't hear or see them, but yes, they're confused as to what she's doing.
[00:14] Murska: To her, time seems to pass slowly as she combats back the poison. Her control over her energy isn't perfect, and at times it even does harm or is ineffective, but finally she manages to contain the poison and then push it back to the wound itself. She can't neutralize the poison at the wound, however, without risking injuring the man.
[00:17] Turtle: Then at that point, she returns to mundane healing methods to try and leech out the poison with herbs and wash the wound with clean water.
[00:18] Murska: The wound is soon cleansed and the traces of poison left can be neutralized, not that they'd really have much effect anymore anyway. The man's breathing eases and as she treats the wound, he slips into sleep. The villagers look at her, amazed.
[00:21] Shadowcaller: Do Cessie see this?
[00:21] Murska: They aren't really close enough to see any of this, except that there's a gathering of people around Hope and the wounded.
[00:21] Shadowcaller: Okay
[00:23] Turtle: Hope just sort of gives them a weak smile, and moves on to the next person.
[00:24] Murska: The rest of the wounds are ordinary, although if she sends energy into them she'll also see them from the inside. The fight against the poison tired her out quite a lot, though.
[00:30] Shadowcaller: (>.>)
[00:30] Murska: Meanwhile Naib and Cessie explain the situation to Aegnor, who's worried about Hope, I guess.
[00:30] Turtle: She'll return to Cessie and Naib then.
[00:30] Murska: Once everyone's treated? Yeah, she's escorted to the edge of the camp again. (Darn, I'm tired. »)
[00:31] Shadowcaller: (Murska? Tired? o.O)
[00:31] Murska: (Well I actually went to sleep as usual last night but WOKE UP at a human-y time.)
[00:33] Shadowcaller: "How did it go? You look quite tired…"
[00:34] Turtle: "It went fine. It'll tell you about it later, but we need to make arrangements for the use of the oasis first.
[00:35] Shadowcaller: "We should, they seems rather pleased about your work.. but would they accept wolfen and elves? I'm not sure. Maybe we should talk witht htem some more?"
[00:35] Murska: 'Yeah.'
[00:36] Murska: The negotiations result in them being given access to the lake as long as they stay away from the village.
[00:39] Turtle: Hope finds a shady spot and sinks to the ground, trying now to show her exhaustion
[00:41] Shadowcaller: Cessie calls on the others once the negations are over
[00:42] Murska: Um. The others come to her?

[19:44] Turtle: Like I said, Hope sort of collapsed. So someone probably ought to check on her :P
[19:45] Murska: Then that conversation happens right then, before the Naib one in the timeline. I suppose Aegnor and Cessie rush to her at least.
[19:45] Shadowcaller: Yeah
[19:45] Murska: (Naib talks a bit to some of the villagers from a safe distance from the village. Apparently, if we're heading onwards into the desert, there'll be fewer oases available. And, the reason they had grabbed their swords when we had implied we wanted to settle somewhere, every known oasis is held by someone. First, military outposts and small bands of people, later on raiders with the largest ones…
[19:45] Murska: (being held as traderoutes, with strongpoints to defend)
[19:46] Murska: (and such)
[19:46] Shadowcaller: (The wolfen then? Any signs of them? They got a lot of tibe wars going on I would guess.)
[19:47] Shadowcaller: *tribe
[19:47] Murska: (The villagers don't talk about them, but they've got their own oases and raid both humans and each other a lot.)
[19:48] Shadowcaller: Cessie kneels down before Hope, trying to see whats wrong with her.
[19:48] Murska: (important soldat scrim, please converse with Hope)
[19:48] Shadowcaller: "Hope? Hope?!"
[19:48] Shadowcaller: She is trying to get her to respond, any sign of life
[19:49] Turtle: "Yeah… I'm okay…"
[19:50] Shadowcaller: "Thank Ataris… how are you feeling? You look completely exhausted."
[19:51] Shadowcaller: "You can't stretch yourself so mcuh when healing…"
[19:51] Shadowcaller: *much
[19:52] Shadowcaller: "What happend?"
[19:54] Turtle: "I had to. One of the arrows was poisoned."
[19:55] Shadowcaller: "Okay… but try not to repeat this if we are in battle, it could be dangerous Hope."
[19:55] Shadowcaller: "Draining yourself like that…2
[19:55] Shadowcaller: *"
[19:58] Turtle: "Something different happened though. I'll have to tell you about it when Aegnor gets here."
[19:58] Shadowcaller: "Different?… Yeah do that, I think I need to understand how your healing works anyway."
[20:00] Shadowcaller: She sits down beside Hope, watching over her.
[20:01] Shadowcaller: (She got her ward up, just so you know.)
[20:01] Shadowcaller: (It breaks at will thought…)
[20:03] Turtle: (time skip to Aegnor's arrival? )
[20:04] Shadowcaller: (Well, I was expecting him to arrive once Murska "arrived":P)
[20:04] Shadowcaller: (Do it without him then?)
[20:04] Murska: (Assume Aegnor's there but has decided to act mute for a while?)
[20:04] Shadowcaller: (Sure.)
[20:05] Shadowcaller: (Not that Hopes common would make sense >.>)
[20:05] Shadowcaller: *comment
[20:08] Turtle: "I was able to see inside the wound. I could see the poison and how it was spreading." A pause. "It's never been like that before."
[20:08] Turtle: (asthma acting up again -.- )
[20:08] Shadowcaller: (:()
[20:09] Shadowcaller: "I don't understand, was it better? Worse?"
[20:10] Shadowcaller: (Just say if you don't have the energy to go on.)
[20:10] Shadowcaller: (Its supposed to be *fun* after all…)
[20:11] Turtle: "Better, because I could see how to heal him. How to neutralize the poison."
[20:13] Shadowcaller: "But it was more exhausting… why do you think it was like that Hope? Have anything happend recently?"
[20:14] Turtle: "Other than going to the realm of the gods?" A half smile.
[20:15] Shadowcaller: "Well… right. Do you think that effected it somehow?" (Did hope ever tell them about Ai?)
[20:15] Turtle: "I don't know. I didn't realize anything had changed."
[20:16] Shadowcaller: "How dose it normally feel when you are healing?"
[20:19] Turtle: "It feels like … " She looks down, seeming embarrassed. "This is going to sound silly…"
[20:20] Shadowcaller: "Go on, I don't care how silly it would sound Hope."
[20:21] Shadowcaller: *it might sound
[20:23] Turtle: "It feels like… when you care deeply about someone, and being with them makes you feel warm inside. And they say something or do something that makes you just feel a rush of emotion towards them."
[20:25] Shadowcaller: "Oh… I guess I know that feeling…" Cessie pauses a bit. "Nothing I feel when I do magic thought so I can't really place it."
[20:26] Shadowcaller: "When did you first do it?"
[20:29] Turtle: "I guess always, though I didn't know it. When us kids were playing and someone was hurt, I would rush to them. The shaman watched it all happen, and when I was old enough, took me as an apprentice."
[20:30] Shadowcaller: "You never had any training whatsoever?"
[20:34] Turtle: "Not before that. It was sort of an instinct to run to the injured person and try to make them feel better. I didn't realize it was anything more than that."
[20:35] Shadowcaller: "Hm, I don't really know what to make of that. I had always assumed it was some type of magic…"
[20:37] Turtle: "I don't know what makes something 'magic' or not."
[20:38] Shadowcaller: "Everything that acts like magic, is magic. And your ability don't act as magic really. Otherwise you would have been a wizard, but I can't sense any magic when you heal."
[20:38] Shadowcaller: "Or magic, but not magic… i'm not really sure."
[20:41] Shadowcaller: "What do you think Aegnor?"
[20:41] Shadowcaller: "Do you feel spirits or somehting like that?"
[20:47] Shadowcaller: *pokes*
[20:54] Shadowcaller: *pokes*
[20:55] Shadowcaller: (I think he started cleaning the sanua.)
[20:56] Turtle: "This is the first time I ever saw into the person I was healing though. Before that I was sending healing, but didn't have any way of knowing what it was doing."
[20:58] Murska: 'Well, spirits aren't a part of me or anything but I do… sense them. I can't explain it, I just get this feeling when they're near.'
[20:59] Shadowcaller: "Well your ability has imrpoved somehow Hope… I guess this will be a mystery for now."
[20:59] Shadowcaller: *improved
[21:00] Shadowcaller: "But lets get you on your feet…" Cessie tries to help Hope stand up
[21:06] Turtle: Hope accepts her help, but is careful not to put her full weight on Cessie.
[21:08] Murska: Aegnor also helps her, and gives her some water.
[21:10] Turtle: "Has everyone settled in okay?"
[21:10] Murska: 'As well as is to be expected.'
[21:12] Turtle: "I should be checking on people… the first day, I'm sure there are a lot of blisters and sore muscles."
[21:13] Shadowcaller: "You still looks exhusted Hope."
[21:13] Shadowcaller: /look
[21:13] Murska: 'You're going to take care of yourself now and rest.'
[21:14] Shadowcaller: "A very good idea…"
[21:15] Shadowcaller: Cessie tries to help her somewhere were sh can rest
[21:17] Turtle: "Well someone needs to check on people, " Hope protests weakly.
[21:18] Shadowcaller: "You aren't the only healer around, I'm sure the villagers can manage themselves just fine."
[21:20] Murska: 'A few blisters ain't gonna kill anyone.'
[21:21] Turtle: Hope finally allows them to lead her to wherever they intend to take her.
[21:22] Murska: I guess they take her to where the people are setting up camp.
[21:22] Shadowcaller: (They take her to the place the rest of the villagers are I guess, fast forward to next point?)
[21:27] Murska: That night, as Cessie's sleeping, she sees strange visions. A howling wind, and what she first thinks is a shifting wall, but soon realizes is a giant cloud of dust, endlessly circling around.
[21:27] Murska: Her dream self proceeds through the dust, seemingly unharmed, until she sees dark shapes through it…
[21:27] Murska: Then she wakes up, in the middle of the night.
[21:29] Shadowcaller: She can hear herself breath rapid, her clothes feel moist against her skin she looks around paniced, still having visions of the dream in her mind.
[21:29] Murska: Aegnor is sleeping next to her.
[21:30] Shadowcaller: She takes a moment to calm down, not really sure to wake up Aegnor or not.
[21:30] Shadowcaller: *whenever to wake up Aegnor or not
[21:30] Shadowcaller: Finally she decides to give him a little tug to see how deep he is sleeping
[21:31] Murska: He wakes up, though slowly. 'Unh… what?'
[21:33] Shadowcaller: A paus "…nothing, sorry to wake up up, it was just a bad dream I had."
[21:35] Murska: He places a hand on her shoulder. 'Try to sleep anyway, tomorrow we'll have to keep on moving.'
[21:36] Shadowcaller: "Yeah…" Cessie that is quite tired after this last day of walking quickly falls asleep as she closes her eyes again.
[21:36] Murska: The rest of the night proves uneventful, she doesn't remember any more dreams.
[21:37] Shadowcaller: They move on the next day then?
[21:38] Murska: Yeah. Hope sleeps quite long the next morning, by the way.
[21:39] Murska: They head for an oasis deeper in the desert, as the landscape turns more rocky and arid, with almost no vegetation. The villagers had warned that this oasis, while having no permanent settlement, was, due to that fact, often used by raiders and, because of that, also by military patrols, and that both attempted to make sure it never was settled.
[21:41] Shadowcaller: They keep their eyes open then, Cessie keeeps protection up as they walk.
[21:42] Murska: brb
[21:44] Turtle: Hope takes Michicora and two units of soldiers ahead with her to secure the location ahead of the villagers.
[21:45] Shadowcaller: I guess Cessie, Naib and Aegnor remains beihind with the rest of the villagers and the priestess to protect them.
[21:45] Shadowcaller: (What about Helena?)
[21:47] Turtle: (She's in her own realm, communicating through the priestesses or the orb.)
[21:48] Murska: Hope arrives to find the oasis empty.
[21:50] Shadowcaller: (I guess Cessie can talk with her some time then…)
[21:50] Murska: (Go ahead, please do. We'll all have to go to sleep very soon anyway. Or at least me and Happy will.)
[21:51] Shadowcaller: (Me too >.>)
[21:51] Shadowcaller: (Going up 7 AM tomorrow.)
[21:51] Murska: (9am here
[21:52] Murska: (so it's 1 hour of more sleep than you. HA. :P)
[21:52] Shadowcaller: (Oh noes!)
[21:52] Shadowcaller: (But I'm intruiged by whatever you have in plans for Cessie >.>)
[21:52] Turtle: (heh)
[21:52] Murska: (>.> Who said we have anything planned? *cough*)
[21:53] Turtle: (Cessie deserves her own focus)
[21:53] Murska: (*cough*)
[21:53] Shadowcaller: (Eh, she had that dream right?)
[21:53] Murska: (Well maybe it was just a bad dream? :P)
[21:53] Shadowcaller: (Right… GM's give away bad dreams at random huh?:P)
[21:54] Murska: (also, *whaps Happy*)
[21:54] Shadowcaller: (I think I know what she is doing >.>)
[21:55] Shadowcaller: *she's doing
[21:55] Turtle: >.>
[21:56] Turtle: (You can roleplay for Michicora too, you know)
[21:56] Shadowcaller: Um, right
[21:57] Turtle: Hope orders one unit to take up defensive positions to watch for trouble, while the other reports back to the main caravan.
[21:57] Shadowcaller: Michicora will not say anything until Hope has, she is mostly watching the sorroundings.
[21:57] Shadowcaller: Watchful for anything
[21:59] Shadowcaller: Ears and eyes open…
[21:59] Murska: Nothing special happens as the group arrives and starts to set up camp, replenish water supplies and such.
[21:59] Shadowcaller: Michicora would be paranoid enough to check if the water is poisoned first:P
[21:59] Murska: Well, it isn't. :P
[21:59] Murska: Poisoning a water supply is one of the greatest crimes on a desert.
[22:00] Shadowcaller: Well, people are darn crazy sometimes
[22:00] Shadowcaller: So they stay there
[22:00] Murska: So, if you got any RP to do, please do so
[22:00] Murska: since I won't actually proceed to any events tonight
[22:01] Shadowcaller: Good idea really
[22:01] Turtle: Hope spends some time talking to Michicora then.
[22:01] Shadowcaller: Okay, she needs to be the one starting that conversation since Michicora is not really that full of words
[22:03] Shadowcaller: She will find her at the edge of the camp, looking out into the gloom
[22:06] Turtle: "Hi Michicora."
[22:06] Shadowcaller: "What do you want?"
[22:06] Shadowcaller: (she is not really trying to be rude here, just staight to the point.)
[22:07] Shadowcaller: *straight
[22:08] Shadowcaller: She don't sound angry or anything, just keeping a very neutral tone
[22:08] Turtle: "How are you doing? Since the gate opened?"
[22:09] Shadowcaller: "Better, whole."
[22:09] Shadowcaller: "Kuori is with me again."
[22:10] Shadowcaller: (Huh, looks like S.E.U. starts tomorrow.)
[22:10] Shadowcaller: (I hope.)
[22:12] Turtle: "Cessie tells me that Arik doesn't intend to return."
[22:14] Shadowcaller: There is a pause "I can't leave until my lord permits me. I will stay with you until its decide wherever Zubera is prey or not."
[22:14] Shadowcaller: "After that, I will kill him."
[22:17] Turtle: "I can't leave the villagers to help you hunt."
[22:18] Shadowcaller: "I know, we must go our own ways."
[22:19] Turtle: "And then there is the worm to hunt as well."
[22:20] Shadowcaller: "Yes… but Kuori lets us go our own ways."
[22:20] Shadowcaller: She lowers her voice "I however, don't know which way to go."

Session Start (moc.evil|eltrutyppah-anit#moc.evil|eltrutyppah-anit:Group Conversation 19157): Tue Jul 07 22:33:59 2009
[22:34] Shadowcaller: Don't press escape!
[22:34] Turtle: >.>
[22:34] Shadowcaller: Do the villagers have any supplies of wine or something?
[22:36] Turtle: Hope wouldn't try to get Michicora drunk. And I doubt they have much wine. They'd have needed a vinyard for that.
[22:37] Shadowcaller: They could have stolen some from Kyou
[22:37] Shadowcaller: they did that a lot actually
[22:37] Shadowcaller: Like Reorns orb for example
[22:38] Turtle: If they had any, it was probably consumed in the victory celebrations.
[22:38] Shadowcaller: Yeah…
[22:39] Shadowcaller: "Do you Hope?"
[22:41] Turtle: ?
[22:41] Turtle: (i lost the chat window, rememeber?)
[22:41] Shadowcaller: Right…
[22:41] Shadowcaller: Shadowcaller säger:
"Yes… but Kuori lets us go our own ways."
She lowers her voice "I however, don't know which way to go."

[22:41] Shadowcaller: "Do you Hope?"
[22:42] Turtle: "My way is with the Gallionians, for now. Though… " She bites her lip. "I want to go to the spirit realm to find my mate."
[22:44] Shadowcaller: Michicora nods "Then we have another thing in common."
[22:45] Shadowcaller: "I want to help, I really do. But I also want revenge.. and to hunt the one responsible for this."
[22:47] Turtle: "If I thought I /could/ find him, I'm not sure if my duty would hold me here. But Zubera will find him. And Promise would want these people protected."
[22:49] Shadowcaller: "If you belive so. What would you do if you were in my position Hope? If I was in yours.. I would do what you are doing now."
[22:51] Turtle: "It's different for me. I was raised in a tribe and trained to protect them. You seem to be one who prefers to hunt alone."
[22:52] Shadowcaller: "Yes, alone. That was how I was raised, to be the perfect hunter of my gender."
[22:52] Turtle: "Then perhaps this is not your task. Though I would miss you if you left."
[22:54] Shadowcaller: Another paus "Maybe I would miss you too Hope, it was a long time since I met someone I could relate too… I have might have been too alone."
[22:54] Turtle: "Except for Kuori."
[22:55] Shadowcaller: "Not even him Hope, this is one of the few times I have accepted a mission, otherwise I just hunted…"
[22:57] Shadowcaller: "It feels strange, talking again."
[22:57] Turtle: "Who raised you as a hunter?"
[22:59] Shadowcaller: "My master, I was picked out by many promising children of my age, he trained me until I met his expectations. Then I left the village to serve the lord."
[23:00] Shadowcaller: "But the lord didn't spoke to me and I could not return, so I hunted."
[23:03] Shadowcaller: "..alone."
[23:05] Turtle: ""The lord?"
[23:05] Shadowcaller: "Kuori."
[23:08] Turtle: "Why didn't he speak to you?"
[23:08] Shadowcaller: "He didn't have a misson for me… I was not strong enough I think.."
[23:10] Turtle: "How long was it until he did?"
[23:11] Shadowcaller: "Years, months? I don't know time seemed to lose its meaning, it was like I was asleep, but awake. Sleep-hunting."
[23:11] Shadowcaller: "I killed many, many things, things that might not have deserved it."
[23:14] Turtle: "It's strange… when Kuori first spoke to me, it was after I had lost my tribe. Perhaps he needs his hunters to understand how to be alone."
[23:15] Murska: The conversation is interrupted by an alarm shout…
[23:15] Murska: and continue tomorrow.

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