Shadowcaller says (12:45 PM):
Is Aegnor sleeping or awake?
Aegnor says (12:45 PM):
sleeping I suppose
Shadowcaller says (12:45 PM):
Very well…
There is a sound inside your head, you can't make it out
Shadowcaller says (12:46 PM):
Wolfbane says (12:46 PM):
(Oh! Is it Darth Vader breathing?!)
Shadowcaller says (12:46 PM):
(Not really )
Shadowcaller says (12:47 PM):
Aegnor says (12:47 PM):
Shadowcaller says (12:47 PM):
Aegnor says (12:47 PM):
Shadowcaller says (12:48 PM):
You now recognize it as Jugan's voice /Oh, your up? I'm hope you are not displeased by my rude sleep call there?/
Aegnor says (12:49 PM):
/…I was only going to sleep for an hour…/
Shadowcaller says (12:50 PM):
/…I assure you it's important. Forgivness please./
Aegnor says (12:51 PM):
/Eh, what is it?/
Shadowcaller says (12:51 PM):
/A new lesson…/
/Your current state of being fits with this type of lesson./
Aegnor says (12:51 PM):
/Right, okay…/ He still sounds groggy.
Shadowcaller says (12:52 PM):
/Dream walking Aegnor./
/I want you to attempt to attempt to walk into another beings dream./
Shadowcaller says (12:53 PM):
(Darn words…)
Aegnor says (12:54 PM):
/Um, okay./
Shadowcaller says (12:55 PM):
/First of all… you need a "victim". I assure you that it's not in any way dangerous for the being who's dream you walk in. But it might be a bit dangerous for you in the start./
Shadowcaller says (12:56 PM):
*at the start
Wolfbane says (12:56 PM):
Promise is finally able to sleep. Even though it is rather disturbed by dreams.
Aegnor says (12:57 PM):
/Okay… Do animals have dreams?/
Shadowcaller says (12:58 PM):
/No, not such dreams as we have./
Aegnor says (12:59 PM):
Shadowcaller says (1:01 PM):
/Of course, it depends on what /type/ of animals we talk about here./
Aegnor says (1:03 PM):
/Well, what's going to happen? I'll see someone's dreams?/
Shadowcaller says (1:05 PM):
/Basically, you will walk within them. The dreams can't really /harm/ anyone, but being inside someone elses mind could be dangerous if you don't know how to react./
/You will be able to talk with the dreaming person and interact with their dream./
Aegnor says (1:07 PM):
/Hm. Okay then, I suppose./
Shadowcaller says (1:08 PM):
/Do you have anyone in mind?/
Aegnor says (1:10 PM):
/Um. Well, I'd rather like to ask permission before trying it on any of my friends./
Shadowcaller says (1:12 PM):
/Resonable, look for one then./
Aegnor says (1:13 PM):
Well, Cessie oughta be sleeping right next to Aegnor…
Shadowcaller says (1:13 PM):
She is yes
Wolfbane says (1:13 PM):
(Awww…. he isn't going to look into Promise's horrifying nightmares?)
Aegnor says (1:14 PM):
(No, why?)
'Um…' Aegnor sleepily prods her a bit. 'Hey?'
Wolfbane says (1:14 PM):
(had thought up of a good one too…)
Shadowcaller says (1:19 PM):
Aegnor says (1:20 PM):
Shadowcaller says (1:21 PM):
(Well, is he going to wake her up or something?)
Aegnor says (1:21 PM):
("Aegnor sleepily prods her a bit.")
Shadowcaller says (1:21 PM):
(Oh, I missed that.
Shadowcaller says (1:22 PM):
"Uh..? Aegnor?"
Aegnor says (1:23 PM):
He sounds tired. 'Jugon says it's time for another lesson, and I should visit someone's dreams. Would you mind if I tried yours?'
Shadowcaller says (1:24 PM):
"Dreams…" She blinks a few times "Uh… I don't know."
"What would that mean exactly? He just contacted you?"
Aegnor says (1:25 PM):
'I could talk to you and interact with the dream, he says.'
Shadowcaller says (1:27 PM):
"But… what if I dream something…" She bites her lip "I suppose…"
Shadowcaller says (1:29 PM):
"So I just fall asleep and you enter my dream?" Cessie looks a bit doubtful, not fully awake yet
Aegnor says (1:30 PM):
'That's what I'm supposed to try. So if it's fine with you, just go back to sleep.'
Shadowcaller says (1:31 PM):
She sigh "You don't care what I dream do you? You won't blame me if I dream something… strange?"
Aegnor says (1:31 PM):
'Of course I won't.'
Shadowcaller says (1:33 PM):
"Relationships are all about trust… you promise that you won't tell anyone of my dream whatever it is without my permission?"
Aegnor says (1:33 PM):
'You really think I would?'
Shadowcaller says (1:34 PM):
She smiles slightly "I suppose."
Shadowcaller says (1:36 PM):
"I guess I just try to fall asleep then?"
Aegnor says (1:36 PM):
'Yeah. I can help if you need.'
Shadowcaller says (1:38 PM):
"Sure… I just close my eyes again then…"
Shadowcaller says (1:39 PM):
She dose so.
Aegnor says (1:41 PM):
Does she fall asleep?
Shadowcaller says (1:41 PM):
(You can't tell.)
Aegnor says (1:42 PM):
(Well I assume she isn't pretending to be asleep…)
Shadowcaller says (1:43 PM):
(Well, she said she wanted help did she? You could always ask.)
Aegnor says (1:43 PM):
(v.v but I wish Aegnor's skillz at looking at people do something at times. )
Aegnor says (1:44 PM):
'You asleep?' /whisper
Shadowcaller says (1:45 PM):
(Hey, you convince pretty much everyone you talk to.)
Aegnor says (1:45 PM):
(but that's a different skill )
Shadowcaller says (1:45 PM):
"Uh.. I thought you were going to play?"
Aegnor says (1:45 PM):
He takes the kazoo from beside the bed and plays the lullaby.
Shadowcaller says (1:46 PM):
After a while she starts to snore pretty loudly
Aegnor says (1:48 PM):
/Okay, I'll try to see Cessie's dreams then./
Shadowcaller says (1:49 PM):
/Ah, that human?/
Aegnor says (1:51 PM):
/Yes, /that/ human./
Shadowcaller says (1:53 PM):
/Very well. Can you see…/ A paus /her?/
Aegnor says (1:54 PM):
/She's right next to me./
Shadowcaller says (1:55 PM):
/Very well, that will be beneficial for this little practice. Physical contact might improve the connection./
Shadowcaller says (1:56 PM):
/Just don't wake her up./
Shadowcaller says (2:02 PM):
(Hm, sorry if I didn't make it clear >.>)
Shadowcaller says (2:03 PM):
/Just make physical contact with her and then pitcure her sleeping. It's easier if you actually see her…/
Aegnor says (2:07 PM):
He carefully puts a hand on her without waking her up.
Shadowcaller says (2:08 PM):
She just turns in the bed roll a bit
Shadowcaller says (2:09 PM):
Mumbeling something in her sleep
Shadowcaller says (2:10 PM):
Then she starts to snore again, a bit more quiet this time
Aegnor says (2:11 PM):
/And then I… think of her sleeping?/
Shadowcaller says (2:11 PM):
Aegnor says (2:11 PM):
he does so
Shadowcaller says (2:11 PM):
/Close your eyes./
Shadowcaller says (2:13 PM):
As you do so, you lost your grip somehow. Like you fell right throught the ground. Everything is suddenly darkness
Shadowcaller says (2:14 PM):
/Do you still hear me?/
Aegnor says (2:16 PM):
Shadowcaller says (2:17 PM):
/Good… she isn't dreaming yet so we are going to use this time for some basic commands. Are you read?"
Aegnor says (2:19 PM):
Shadowcaller says (2:21 PM):
/Very well… just imagine yourself… or however you wish to look like in here. Be aware that the dream might twist you into other forms and might try to make you a part of it if you aren't careful./
Aegnor says (2:22 PM):
/Okay…/ Aegnor tries to think of himself. »
Shadowcaller says (2:23 PM):
He can notice how he can see his arms again.
Shadowcaller says (2:25 PM):
And the darkness twists. Colors and images he can't really make out twists in a gigantic spiral. As he blinks all this appears to have form as a kitchen.
Shadowcaller says (2:27 PM):
This kitchen… he just know it is a kitchen. But it have no real shapes, everything is just white. He can vaguely make out a table and a cat sitting on it
Shadowcaller says (2:28 PM):
Your in a bathtub
Shadowcaller says (2:29 PM):
In the kitchen… water starts pouring out from nowhere, appearing out of thin air.
Down into your bathtub
Shadowcaller says (2:30 PM):
Suddenly you feel hands move over your body, washing you
Shadowcaller says (2:31 PM):
Your clothes suddenly dissapear…
Aegnor says (2:31 PM):
Aegnor says (2:32 PM):
He attempts to think them back.
Wolfbane says (2:32 PM):
(I think Aegnor is going to like this dream…)
Shadowcaller says (2:32 PM):
Your clothes appears again, but they are wet from the water. The hands stop moving over your body.
( )
Wolfbane says (2:33 PM):
(Or at least /was/ going to )
Aegnor says (2:33 PM):
/Um. What now?/
Shadowcaller says (2:35 PM):
/I-/ Jugans voice cuts off as you suddenly find yourself at a town square. The details are once again vague but at least its more colorful then the kitchen.
There are… forms of people walking around
Shadowcaller says (2:37 PM):
They are all moving very fast, passing you time to time
Shadowcaller says (2:38 PM):
Suddenly you find a urge to move to the right
And you find yourself walking in that direction
Aegnor says (2:39 PM):
'Uh. Hey?'
Shadowcaller says (2:40 PM):
No one answers. But moving in the current direction takes you to a great church-like building
It urges you to go inside
Aegnor says (2:41 PM):
He goes, I guess.
Shadowcaller says (2:45 PM):
The doors open up by themselves and you come to a great hall, at eahc side there are many rows of benches where more vauge shapes of people seems to turn to you as you enter. There is a path right in the middle that leads up to an altar. At it Cessie stands, while her features are somehwat vague too, she's the most real person in the building. She's dressed in a wedding dress,
And a quite large one to that.
Shadowcaller says (2:46 PM):
She dosen't appear to notice you however, but the dream urges you to go up to the altar
Aegnor says (2:46 PM):
He smiles. 'Hey.'
Shadowcaller says (2:48 PM):
The dream suddenly seems to freeze. All persons sitting at the benches are now completely unmoving. Cessie's from becomes more real as she turns around and notices you. It looks like she just woke up from… well a dream. "Aegnor?.." She blinks a few times, "Where am I?"
Aegnor says (2:49 PM):
'Dreaming, remember?'
Shadowcaller says (2:50 PM):
"Oh.." She seesm to have noticed her dress and turns her head down in shame "Artaris, no…"
Shadowcaller says (2:51 PM):
"I dream of marriage?"
Happy says (2:51 PM):
Shadowcaller says (2:51 PM):
(Oh, hi >.>)
Aegnor says (2:53 PM):
He smiles. 'It seems so. Is this how your people do them?'
Shadowcaller says (2:54 PM):
Still embarassed she looks around at the hall that appears to grow more real for each passing moment. "Uhh… Yes."
"…How do /you/ do them?"
Aegnor says (2:55 PM):
'Well, I don't remember being a part of any back then…'
Aegnor says (2:56 PM):
'Is this how you want ours to be?' *smile*
Shadowcaller says (2:56 PM):
She hides her face behind her hands "I make a fool of myself…"
Shadowcaller says (2:57 PM):
(Do you think you have energy to GM happy?)
Aegnor says (2:57 PM):
He walks closer. 'Why?'
Shadowcaller says (2:59 PM):
"Why?" She looks up from behind her hands "Look at all this… this dress… I just want to sink down in the earth and die…"
Happy says (2:59 PM):
(why is she so embarrassed?)
Aegnor says (3:00 PM):
He tries to take her hand. 'Don't say that.' v.v
Shadowcaller says (3:00 PM):
(She's Cessie? I don't think she was really ready to be "dream walked")
Happy says (3:01 PM):
(still… she and Aegnor have talked about marriage before.)
Shadowcaller says (3:03 PM):
(Yeah, but suddenly appears in a wedding dress… Cessie gets very nervous when unexpected things turn up) She slowly takes your hand. Not hiding her face behind her hands now at least.
Shadowcaller says (3:04 PM):
Shadowcaller says (3:06 PM):
"I just… I don't think I was ready. What you think of me matters… and I don't want to appear like this to you all of sudden."
Aegnor says (3:07 PM):
'You don't want me to think you want to marry me?'
Happy says (3:08 PM):
(… and then Seren walks in to take his place at Cessie's side >=] )
Shadowcaller says (3:08 PM):
Her dress moves quite a bit, even just with her gesticulation. "Uh… do you?"
Aegnor says (3:10 PM):
'Want to marry you? Yes.'
Shadowcaller says (3:12 PM):
She takes a deep breath, trying to regain her wits "And so do I… this should be the happiest moment in my life." She appears to look around in the hall, trying to memorize everything inside it.
Aegnor says (3:15 PM):
'So this is the kind of wedding you want?' *smile*
Happy says (3:16 PM):
(I guess I have to come up with the ceremony then )
Shadowcaller says (3:16 PM):
"I don't know… this is just a dream after all right? I just want the moment…"
Aegnor says (3:16 PM):
'This'd be a bit difficult to set up, I guess, though it's not like that'll matter, if it's what you want.'
Shadowcaller says (3:18 PM):
Suddenly Cessie and the rest of the hall seems to become vague again. She looks at you oddly and a bit worried "Yes.. but whats happening to you?"
Aegnor says (3:18 PM):
Shadowcaller says (3:19 PM):
/Ther- I'm so sorry speaker… there seems to be-/ Jugans voice sounds in your head again and suddenly everything becomes black again.
Aegnor says (3:19 PM):
/What? What's going on?/
Shadowcaller says (3:21 PM):
The blackness dissappears as quick as it appeared and you find yourself standing on a platform very high up in the air. It's made of really ancient looking stone. In the middle of the platform is a staue of a great feathered serpent with two wings on it's back.
Shadowcaller says (3:23 PM):
You hear a hissing voice behind you "Ssss… speaker!"
Aegnor says (3:24 PM):
I turn around, rather obviously
Shadowcaller says (3:27 PM):
Behind you is what at first glance appears to be a lizardman, on its shoulder it have a shoulderpads with great feathers sticking out. Its head is partly covered by a helm that also is docorated with feathers. But soon you can notice that this lizardman don't have any legs, instead its lower body its the ones of a snake.
Shadowcaller says (3:28 PM):
It carries itself with utter grace and looks at you as you had been some lowly animal.
"Speak." It commands "What are your bussiness with my servants?"
Aegnor says (3:28 PM):
Shadowcaller says (3:29 PM):
"The speaking wormspawn, she spoke of you, you spoke to her."
Aegnor says (3:29 PM):
Shadowcaller says (3:29 PM):
(The voice sounds slightly female…)
Shadowcaller says (3:31 PM):
It hisses and then repeats "Wormspawn." A paus "Motherspawn, your whole language is foul…"
Aegnor says (3:32 PM):
'…does this Motherspawn have a name?'
Shadowcaller says (3:34 PM):
She sigh "Yes, as much as you can "name" one of you kind." Another paus "All-yria?" The lizardwomen (apperntly) seems to have a hard time pronouncing this name.
Aegnor says (3:35 PM):
'Ah, Allyria. What about her?'
Shadowcaller says (3:36 PM):
"You spoke to her spawn, I want you to tell me what you spoke of."
Aegnor says (3:37 PM):
'It was a private conversation.'
Shadowcaller says (3:37 PM):
She appears to have a hard time to understand the question "Why?" A paus "Beacuse I command it of course."
Shadowcaller says (3:39 PM):
Aegnor says (3:42 PM):
'…' Aegnor facepalms.
Shadowcaller says (3:43 PM):
Her eyes narrows "Ah, you don't know who am I do you spawn?"
Aegnor says (3:44 PM):
'I can't say I do.'
Happy says (3:45 PM):
(seeing as how you didn't introduce yourself and all )
Shadowcaller says (3:45 PM):
"I am Sinistra." She smiles "Quelzan Sinistra." She seems to be expecting some type of reaction from the last phrase.
Aegnor says (3:45 PM):
(We didn't really get off on the best foot either when you forcibly ripped me from a conversation with my girlfriend to insult me and ask me about private conversations…)
Aegnor says (3:46 PM):
'…' *blank look*
'Okay, hello Sinistra. Aegnor.'
Shadowcaller says (3:48 PM):
This appears to make her even more confused "Don't you spawns know anything anymore? Do I have to spell out every word? I am Quelzan, daughter of Sha'ku'ra." She makes a gesture at the statue in the middle of the platform.
(It sounds like Quelzan means "daughter of Sha'ku'ra.)
Aegnor says (3:49 PM):
'Mind if I skip the family tree in my part? It's a bit of a touchy subject.'
Shadowcaller says (3:51 PM):
"You should be honored that I even appear in that little mind of yours spawn. Now tell me what you told her-"
Aegnor says (3:53 PM):
'Well, if you /really/ need to pry in on our personal business, I told her that we might visit soon if certain things go as planned.'
Shadowcaller says (3:54 PM):
"Ah, she told me the truth then. Very good spawn. Why will you visit then?"
Aegnor says (3:55 PM):
'What is this, cross examination?'
Shadowcaller says (3:56 PM):
"This is the daughter of Sha'ku'ran honoring you with her presense. Speak."
Wolfbane says (3:57 PM):
Aegnor says (4:02 PM):
'Well, this is the brother of Mire and Jal, honouring /you/ with his. I'd rather you didn't speak, though.' *annoyed*
Shadowcaller says (4:07 PM):
She hisses again, now rather threatingly "Ssss… ignorant… I am the daughter of the light of the ten suns, the feathered serpent, the white snake. The only reason you spawns aren't mindless anymore. I have the divine right to demand that you should tell me everything you know."
Wolfbane says (4:07 PM):
(Oh! 42! Say 42!)
Aegnor says (4:07 PM):
Shadowcaller says (4:08 PM):
Wolfbane says (4:08 PM):
(Little do we know that Aegno /wrote/ The Hitchiker's Guide)
Aegnor says (4:10 PM):
'Well I'll tell you a few things I know then. You *points at her* dragged me to this godforsaken place from the middle of a conversation with my girlfriend, who's probably wondering why I disappeared. And I really don't know nor care who the hell you or your oh-so-important parent happens to be, but if you keep acting like a jackass, I'm not going to tell you anything.'
Wolfbane says (4:12 PM):
(*gives applause*)
Shadowcaller says (4:14 PM):
She appears rather taken aback "You-" A deep breath "How-" A breath "How dare you!"
Wolfbane says (4:15 PM):
(Probably pretty easily )
Shadowcaller says (4:19 PM):
"I won't let you insult me in your crude stupid designed language, your words are pitiful, as the rest of your spirit-forsaken race is." She pauses looking like she is attempting to calm herself down, taking yet another deep breath "But Sha'ku'ran is mericful… and so is his offspring." SHe takes yet another pause, looking like she is trying to form words in her head.
"Would you /please/ (this sounds more like a hiss) tell me?"
Aegnor says (4:20 PM):
(Aww, and I had such a good rant ready… )
Aegnor says (4:21 PM):
'We're going there because… well, basically we have information about an enemy there which we'll have to check.'
Shadowcaller says (4:21 PM):
"What is this enemy?"
Aegnor says (4:22 PM):
'An evolved legion.'
Shadowcaller says (4:26 PM):
She hisses to herself, looking like she tries to think. "Of course. A leg-oin (she don't pronounce this right either)… You will visit "All-yria" then?"
Aegnor says (4:27 PM):
(And fails miserably? ) 'Well, if we happen to meet. We're just going to a nearby city because of the legion.'
Shadowcaller says (4:29 PM):
"A sssity? To the other sspawn?"
Aegnor says (4:31 PM):
'A city. A place with many humans. We're going there to find out if the rumour about the Legion is true.' He speaks just a bit slower and clearer than would sound normal.
Shadowcaller says (4:32 PM):
"Then I may have use of you spawn. You speak to do you not?"
Shadowcaller says (4:33 PM):
*you speak do you not?
Aegnor says (4:34 PM):
'I am speaking right now, so the answer would be yes.' He keeps the subtly mocking tone.
Shadowcaller says (4:37 PM):
She lets out a long hiss "Mimicing this crude language is not "speaking" its belhing." Her voice is full of contempt. "I speak of true speaking, the only real language." She pauses "Spirit speaking?"
Aegnor says (4:39 PM):
'Ah. I have been using the definition 'verbal communication'. I apologize for the misunderstanding. As an answer to your question, yes.'
Shadowcaller says (4:41 PM):
"Ah, then I want you to free Keiga from that sssity."
Aegnor says (4:41 PM):
'So that's the spirit. Right, I've already been asked to do that so you didn't need to bother, is that all?'
Shadowcaller says (4:43 PM):
She looks at you, suddenly appearing a bit suspicious "…I sssupose."
Aegnor says (4:44 PM):
'Fine, now how do I get back? As I might've mentioned, I was sort of in the middle of something…'
Shadowcaller says (4:45 PM):
"You won't get back ssspawn, I will send you back."
Aegnor says (4:45 PM):
'…and the difference being…?'
Shadowcaller says (4:46 PM):
She makes an elegant gesture and you find yourself looking up and the tents ceeling
Shadowcaller says (4:47 PM):
You can hear Cessie snore beside you
/I'm so sorry speaker… I… was not allowed to stop her./ (Jugan.)
Aegnor says (4:48 PM):
/Who was that… *mental cough* anyway?/
Shadowcaller says (4:49 PM):
/Sinistra… I belived she told you everything she was?/
Aegnor says (4:49 PM):
/I gathered her daddy was somehow important./
Shadowcaller says (4:50 PM):
/…Except that of course./ (there would be a mental roll of eyes here from the sound of his voice.)
(coming before your respond.)
Shadowcaller says (4:51 PM):
/Her "daddy" is… well, very important yes./
Aegnor says (4:52 PM):
/Oh, and apparently she knew where Keiga is./
Shadowcaller says (4:52 PM):
/…she did? Then why-/ A paus /I won't even ask… where is she?/
Aegnor says (4:53 PM):
/Apparently in the city we're headed to./
Shadowcaller says (4:53 PM):
/Mind I ask where that is?/
Aegnor says (4:54 PM):
(I really don't want to go digging for the names of everything again so let's just say…) Aegnor tells him.
Shadowcaller says (4:54 PM):
(Bah, worlds end and new Dys?)
Shadowcaller says (4:55 PM):
(Ask me? =
Aegnor says (4:55 PM):
(that isn't 'where')
(I remember the archipelago started with S)
Shadowcaller says (4:55 PM):
(Okay, I gave that a bad name since not even I can't remember that so well^^)
Shadowcaller says (4:56 PM):
Seperian archipelago
Happy says (4:57 PM):
(another S name! xD)
Shadowcaller says (4:57 PM):
/Her home? Why would she be…/ Yet another paus. /I'm deeply sorry the lessons turned out like this. Do I have your forgivness?/
Aegnor says (4:58 PM):
/It wasn't your fault./
Shadowcaller says (4:59 PM):
/I could have stopped her…/
Aegnor says (4:59 PM):
/But you weren't allowed to, right?/
Shadowcaller says (5:00 PM):
/She have certain privileges… her father is rather spiteful./
Aegnor says (5:01 PM):
(spoiled brat, in other words)
Shadowcaller says (5:02 PM):
/But I do not wish to take up more of your time…/
Aegnor says (5:02 PM):
/Couldn't I try the dreamwalking again, hopefully with no more interruptions?/
Shadowcaller says (5:04 PM):
/…certainly. But the dream will most likely have changed by now./
Aegnor says (5:05 PM):
/Hmm… Earlier, when you told me to think of myself… 'or whatever I want to look like'? I can look like whatever I want?/
Shadowcaller says (5:05 PM):
/Yes, you can./
Aegnor says (5:06 PM):
Is he still touching Cessie?
Shadowcaller says (5:07 PM):
You appears to have fallen asleep beside her. But your still touching her hand yes.
Aegnor says (5:07 PM):
/Okay, let's try again…/ And he does.
Shadowcaller says (5:09 PM):
It once again feels like you lose your grip of the real world. First there is darkness then you stand in front of a grey dungeon wall.
Shadowcaller says (5:10 PM):
You are in a /very/ narrow place between two walls. There is a torch in a torch holder hanging from one of them, you can feel your head pressing against the celling.
Shadowcaller says (5:11 PM):
You can't see yourself yet however
Shadowcaller says (5:14 PM):
The only light in this place appears to come from that torch on the wall
Aegnor says (5:14 PM):
He looks around and listens.
Shadowcaller says (5:15 PM):
He is in the middle of a long passage. He can't see the end of any of them due the darkness of this place. He can't hear anything.
Aegnor says (5:15 PM):
He picks a direction randomly and heads that way.
Shadowcaller says (5:16 PM):
He soon finds himself in utter darkness
Shadowcaller says (5:17 PM):
The passage seems to turn here. Which would lead him away completely from the light of the torch.
Aegnor says (5:17 PM):
'Anyone here?'
Shadowcaller says (5:18 PM):
There is no reply beside his own voice echoing against the narrow walls.
Aegnor says (5:19 PM):
Well, he feels his way onwards by the wall.
Shadowcaller says (5:20 PM):
The passage turns quite a bit, first to the left, then to the right.
After a while he can hear footsteps.
Aegnor says (5:22 PM):
Since he could will himself clothes again, he decides to try think himself a lantern.
Shadowcaller says (5:23 PM):
A lantern appears on the floor in front of him, he is a bit blinded by its light.
Aegnor says (5:24 PM):
He picks it up and tries to see the cause of the footsteps
Shadowcaller says (5:25 PM):
The passage turns again, and again… the footsteps comes closer thougth
Shadowcaller says (5:26 PM):
FInally he can see light coming from a corner.
Aegnor says (5:28 PM):
He waits to let the other person pass the corner first.
Shadowcaller says (5:30 PM):
A figure comes around the corner, it's Cessie. She is wearing her normal garb, but now have a necklace made of black stones around her neck. She's holding a torch in her right hand and seems quite nervous. She appears to be trying to find a way out.
Shadowcaller says (5:31 PM):
But don't appear to notice you. Her features are faded, like during the marriage.
Aegnor says (5:32 PM):
Shadowcaller says (5:33 PM):
She blinks and suddenly becomes more real. Her dress suddenly seems to change into a nightgrown, that isn't that different from her robe.
Shadowcaller says (5:34 PM):
She nearly drops the torch as she looks at you "Aegnor? Where did you go last time? Did you wake up?"
Aegnor says (5:34 PM):
'It appears some spirit or whatever wanted to talk to me and didn't bother asking first. I'm sorry.'
Shadowcaller says (5:35 PM):
"COuld you not have waken me up instead? Who knows how I will embarasse myself next?"
Shadowcaller says (5:36 PM):
"This isn't a very happy dream as the last one was…"
Aegnor says (5:37 PM):
'It doesn't appear to be, true… I'll leave or wake you up if you want, I just thought I'd try it again to explain why I left.'
Shadowcaller says (5:38 PM):
She sigh "Any idea what this is supposed to represent?"
Aegnor says (5:39 PM):
'You looked like you were trying to find a way out. That's all I know.'
Shadowcaller says (5:40 PM):
"Narrow passages… well at least now I remember it. Maybe I should ask Hope when I wake up?"
Aegnor says (5:41 PM):
'If you want to.'
Aegnor says (5:42 PM):
'So… do you want me to go? I would rather not wake you up yet.'
Shadowcaller says (5:42 PM):
"Was there anything else you like to tell me?"
Aegnor says (5:44 PM):
'Well, I was asked to free Keiga, a dragon spirit, from New Dys.' (I think that's where it was)
Shadowcaller says (5:44 PM):
"Uhh… inside the city?"
Aegnor says (5:44 PM):
'I don't know. Maybe.'
Shadowcaller says (5:45 PM):
"WHat would a spirit do in the middle of New Dys? Hmm…"
Aegnor says (5:45 PM):
'She's trapped.'
Shadowcaller says (5:45 PM):
"Trapped? By what?"
Aegnor says (5:46 PM):
'Don't know.'
Shadowcaller says (5:47 PM):
"Sounds very strange…" She pauses and smiles slightly "Anything else?"
Aegnor says (5:47 PM):
'I love you very much.' *smile*
Shadowcaller says (5:48 PM):
Her smile grows wider "And I like to be reminded of that."
Aegnor says (5:50 PM):
'Hmm. Since this is your dream, you should have control over it, right?'
Shadowcaller says (5:50 PM):
"Uh, I guess."
Shadowcaller says (5:51 PM):
"I haven't really tried to control it."
Aegnor says (5:52 PM):
'Go ahead and try?' *smile*
Shadowcaller says (5:52 PM):
"Where do you like to go then?"
Aegnor says (5:53 PM):
'I don't know, it's your dream.'
Shadowcaller says (5:54 PM):
"Your the bard, so it would feel a bit better if /you/ were responsible for it. If you know what I mean?"
Aegnor says (5:54 PM):
'If I'm the bard, I'm not supposed to be responsible for anything.' *wink*
Shadowcaller says (5:55 PM):
"Really? I thought it was the bards who made up all that stuff…"
Aegnor says (5:58 PM):
'Well… what about the glade?'
Shadowcaller says (5:59 PM):
"That sounds good…" Suddenly you find yourself in the glade once again. All the details aren't really here but it looks like a vague copy of it at least.
She smiles "Now… what else?"
She looks around a bit
Aegnor says (6:00 PM):
'What do you want to dream about?' *smile*
Shadowcaller says (6:01 PM):
"Um… but you are /really/ here. We can't… or can we? It's inside my mind…"
Aegnor says (6:02 PM):
'Maybe we can try and find out.'
Shadowcaller says (6:05 PM):
"I'm ready to experiment…" Her nightgrown appears to slowly shrink. Cessie don't appear to notice this however.
Aegnor says (6:07 PM):
Aegnor sure does. With an even wider smile, he steps closer and slides a hand behind her back, pulling her in for a kiss.
Shadowcaller says (6:11 PM):
(>.>) She accepts his embrace and kisses him. The glade around them seems to become even more vague as she dose so. The nightgrown is now /very/ low-cut and is quite tight… (bah.)
Aegnor says (6:13 PM):
'Remember back then…' He whispers into her ear, standing very close to her.
Shadowcaller says (6:17 PM):
"Yes…" Cessie appears breathless "I do." She puts her both arms around his neck, but just remains standing quite close to him. Cessie would not be dressed like this in real life. >.>
(She don't appear to notice this however.)
Shadowcaller says (6:18 PM):
(Heck, her arms are showing… and her shoulders o.O)
Happy says (6:19 PM):
Aegnor says (6:19 PM):
'The first kiss… it was so…' He leans even closer.
Shadowcaller says (6:23 PM):
(Yes… it's a terrible.) "Intoxicating?" You can feel her shake slightly, her breath is very heavy and her hair matted against her face.
Aegnor says (6:24 PM):
'…beautiful…' He quietly whispers as their lips touch.
Shadowcaller says (6:28 PM):
(Well that works too ) "Mhmm…" She leans backwards and they slowly dimp down on the grass, much like the last time. But now it dosen't seem to hurt Cessie.
Aegnor says (6:28 PM):
(Didn't want to say 'magical' )
Shadowcaller says (6:28 PM):
Shadowcaller says (6:29 PM):
(The correct term is actually elemental energy.)
Shadowcaller says (6:40 PM):
Aegnor says (6:41 PM):
He kisses her deeply, as if trying to get as close to her as possible.
Shadowcaller says (6:44 PM):
She presses him against herself, he can feel her body throught the now very thight clothes she's wearing
Aegnor says (6:46 PM):
As they break the kiss, he slides a hand to her hair. 'We don't really need the clothes, do we?'
Shadowcaller says (6:48 PM):
"Depends on the occasion, right?" She smiles and he can feel how all clothes just dissapear, from both of them.
Aegnor says (6:53 PM):
Allowing them to get even closer…

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