Wolfbane says (7:26 PM):
Shadowcaller says (7:26 PM):
Wolfbane says (7:26 PM):
'Maelstrus leaves the inn for a long walk, having nothing better to do.
Elly says (7:27 PM):

Wren is out in the city, wandering about…
Shadowcaller says (7:27 PM):
She is..
Elly says (7:27 PM):
Shadowcaller says (7:28 PM):
And Mael isn't hard to miss so I guess they see each other eventually.
Elly says (7:28 PM):
Elly says (7:29 PM):
"Hey, there. Maelstrus…"
Wolfbane says (7:29 PM):
He nods. "Thank you for earlier, even if I couldn't exactly help."
Elly says (7:30 PM):
"It was nothing." Wren looks at him for another moment, then starts on down the street. "Come on. I'm not staying there anymore."
Wolfbane says (7:30 PM):
He raises an eyebrow, but follows. "You aren't?"
Elly says (7:31 PM):
"No." She glances over her shoulder, "I suppose you have to put up with it, bond and all."
Wolfbane says (7:32 PM):
"I can stay in about a half kilometer and Hector wished for me to tell you that he is going after the cultist with Darek and Luna."
Elly says (7:32 PM):
"I could've guessed." Wren frowns, and looks around for another Inn to stay at… hopefully not outside that five hundred meters.
Shadowcaller says (7:33 PM):
I guess there are a lot of inns near the market place…
Shadowcaller says (7:34 PM):
So they arrive at a inn. The inn keeper isn't exactly used to have demons there.
Elly says (7:35 PM):
Wren smiles at the innkeeper, "Room for one?"
Shadowcaller says (7:37 PM):
She frowns "…is he going to stay long?"
Elly says (7:37 PM):
"No… but if you won't mind his passing through now and again, I'll pay extra. Double the normal rate?"
Shadowcaller says (7:39 PM):
The innkeeper (ess?) shrugs "Fine, but none of his friends. And if he cause any trouble or is scaring away the guests with preaching…"
Wolfbane says (7:40 PM):
"I won't scare anyone away, and I don't have many friends. If it would settle you, I could change to a less imposing form."
Elly says (7:41 PM):
Wren eyes Mael, "No. He doesn't have many friends at all. And don't worry about the preaching. I'd shut him up myself."
Shadowcaller says (7:42 PM):
"Please don't use your wierd magic here… just pay up and try and act as normal as possible."
Elly says (7:43 PM):
Wren smiles, "That won't be a problem." She fishes out a pair of gold coins, not paticularly caring what the rate was supposed to be, and passes them to the innkeep. "Which room?"
Shadowcaller says (7:45 PM):
The innkeeper quickly accepts the coins "…third one to the right, watch your steps, it's a small stair."
Elly says (7:46 PM):
And Wren heads on into the room… "Maelstrus, I suppose you don't have a quick way of getting my things here?"
Wolfbane says (7:47 PM):
"Not that I know of, but if you wished me to bring them, I could."
Elly says (7:48 PM):
"No. It's alright. I'll get them later." Wren looks around the room curiously…
Shadowcaller says (7:50 PM):
It's one large bed, two windows, a drapery, a bathtub, two buckets of water, a coffert, a wardrobe, a night stand, a desk, a table and fours chairs. It's a very exclusive room.
Elly says (7:51 PM):
Wren heads over to the window, opening it to look outside curiously, "What do you think?" She laughs softly, "I wonder if Hector is going to move over here…"
Wolfbane says (7:52 PM):
"It certainly is a nice room, but I don't know if Hector would come here or not." He stands near the doorway politely.
Elly says (7:54 PM):
Wren looks back at him, after wandering about a bit more, "Why're you out there? Want a room of your own?" She smiles softly.
Wolfbane says (7:54 PM):
"I didn't think you'd want me to enter. But no, I don't need sleep so I don't need a room."
Elly says (7:56 PM):
"Why wouldn't I? It's them who have a problem." She pauses, staring at him, "That doesn't mean that I like what you did. And it doesn't mean that I don't think you should be punished. It's just not up to me to do that."
Wolfbane says (7:57 PM):
He nods and takes a few steps in. "I'm really not the same demon as before. I like what I am now, I don't wish to become that thing again and turn back."
Elly says (7:58 PM):
"If you burn now, I bet that would go over like paper in a stove!" Wren goes back to the soft smile. "Why don't you sleep? Don't want to?"
Wolfbane says (7:58 PM):
"It did burn much worse just from remembering that. And I simply don't feel the need for it. Rest yes, but not sleep."
Elly says (7:59 PM):
"Don't dream at all, then?"
Wolfbane says (8:00 PM):
He shrugs. "Not yet. I haven't slept since waking up from the prison over a month ago."
Elly says (8:00 PM):
"The prison… oh, where the priestesses of Bast kept you?"
Wolfbane says (8:01 PM):
"I believe so."
Elly says (8:02 PM):
"Hm." Wren looks around again then starts back toward the door, "Well. Not staying indoors all day."
Shadowcaller says (8:02 PM):
(Yeah, 10 minutes )
Elly says (8:03 PM):
( Huh? o.o )
Wolfbane says (8:03 PM):
He follows her until she says otherwise.
Shadowcaller says (8:03 PM):
(Well, you haven't been inside for long <.<)
Elly says (8:04 PM):
(Yeah, but it's… daytime. She's not going to stay in all day, then all night.)
Wolfbane says (8:06 PM):
I think he dropped
Elly says (8:06 PM):
Chat doesn't know that yet.
Elly says (8:07 PM):
Easier than waiting.
Wolfbane says (8:07 PM):
Wolfbane says (8:03 PM):
He follows her until she says otherwise.
Shadowcaller says (8:03 PM):
(Well, you haven't been inside for long <.<)
Elly says (8:04 PM):
(Yeah, but it's… daytime. She's not going to stay in all day, then all night.)

Shadowcaller says (8:08 PM):
Didn't miss anything.
Elly says (8:08 PM):
… <.<
Shadowcaller says (8:09 PM):
So you go outside? There are some crowds here…
Elly says (8:10 PM):
Wren looks back at Mael, "Where do you want to go?"
Wolfbane says (8:11 PM):
"I'd like to get my Brontos, but I'd have to go out the city for that and that's too far I believe, even if it were allowed here."
Elly says (8:12 PM):
"Doubtful. They seem a bit zealous about it all."

Shadowcaller has left the conversation.

Elly says (8:12 PM):

Elly says (8:13 PM):
*whacks SC with a newspaper*

Shadowcaller has been added to the conversation.

Shadowcaller is already in this conversation.

Elly says (8:13 PM):
Wolfbane says (8:14 PM):
"They do, even though he is mostly harmless."
Elly says (8:15 PM):
"Are demons really naturally evil, and polarized to righteous and good in the case of Baelrons?"
(…*suspects that midevil people didn't know the word polarized*)
Wolfbane says (8:16 PM):
"I do not know, but Baelrons are just demons who wish to repent."
Elly says (8:17 PM):
(*nudges SC for some Meta-knowledge* )
Shadowcaller says (8:19 PM):
Shadowcaller says (8:20 PM):
(Uh, I guess they didn't.)
Wolfbane says (8:28 PM):
Shadowcaller says (8:32 PM):
Elly says (8:32 PM):
( …*pokes for actual metaknowledge* )
Shadowcaller says (8:33 PM):
(What? I guess they did thought… we use other strange words after all.)
(It's psuedo after all.)
Elly says (8:33 PM):
( *erm* About the demons! )
Wolfbane says (8:33 PM):
(I think she mea- yeah)
Shadowcaller says (8:33 PM):
(What about them?)
Elly says (8:33 PM):
(Are they naturally Evil, aside from Baelrons?)
Shadowcaller says (8:34 PM):
(Technically not… there are good demons.)
Shadowcaller says (8:35 PM):
(You haven't seen any thought.)
Elly says (8:35 PM):
( Mhm. )
Elly says (8:36 PM):
And Wren will continue wandering down the street, quietly. >.>
Shadowcaller says (8:37 PM):
Elly says (8:37 PM):

Wolfbane says (8:38 PM):
Maelstrus walks with her, but she'll notice him slow down considerably the further they get from Karen.
Elly says (8:39 PM):
And at some point he's going to fall behind and… "Maelstru- …oh. Too far?"
Wolfbane says (8:40 PM):
"Getting there." His voice is somewhat strained.
Elly says (8:40 PM):
She turns around to head back toward him. "Where do you plan on staying?"
Wolfbane says (8:41 PM):
"I don't know. I'm supposed to protect Karen and her group, which you are part of. But if you're split into two different inns…" He shrugs.
Elly says (8:41 PM):
Wren nods, "Well. She said she didn't want to see you. So… depending on where Hector goes, you can stay around mine."
Wolfbane says (8:42 PM):
"I suppose that would work."
Elly says (8:58 PM):
She peers suspiciously at him, then looks around. "Well. What would you like to do with the day?"
Wolfbane says (8:59 PM):
"I don't know. All I've done was chase after children all day before now."
Elly says (9:00 PM):
"Hmph. Can't do that inside town."
Wolfbane says (9:01 PM):
"I could, but it's not a good idea, no."
Elly says (9:01 PM):
"Wait… is there another Child around?"
Wolfbane says (9:02 PM):
"I don't know. I don't believe so, but my list of names and locations is on my Brontos, so I can't be sure."
Elly says (9:02 PM):
"Ah…" Wren shrugs, "Can't think of anything else?"
Wolfbane says (9:04 PM):
He shakes his head. "I haven't had this much free time since I woke up. I'm rather new at this."
Elly says (9:06 PM):
She laughs, "Well. I have no idea what a demon would do for fun… …you know aside from killing, or something."
1/28/2010 4:52:26 PM Elly Shadowcaller, Wolfbane She keeps on heading down the street, looking for a clothes shop.
1/28/2010 4:53:29 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane, Elly She finds one.
1/28/2010 4:53:44 PM Elly Shadowcaller, Wolfbane "Hm." She heads on in.
1/28/2010 4:56:54 PM Elly Shadowcaller, Wolfbane Wren then picks through the clothing, she'll ask the nearest clerk/whatever, "Is there a room where I could try these on?"
1/28/2010 4:57:07 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane, Elly The cloth shop is filled with quite plain, ordinary clothes.
1/28/2010 4:58:20 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane, Elly "Miss…? What kind of clothes are you looking for?"
1/28/2010 5:00:02 PM Elly Shadowcaller, Wolfbane "Well…" She picks out a pair of trousers, pokes at some shirts, "Anything, really. I don't have much to wear as it is."
1/28/2010 5:02:24 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane, Elly "Just traveling clothes then?" She smiles.
1/28/2010 5:03:29 PM Elly Shadowcaller, Wolfbane "Certainly."
1/28/2010 5:05:31 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane, Elly "We have a lot of those, just look around, ask me if you need help with anything… oh and we also have a privat section if you need anything more exclusive."
1/28/2010 5:06:27 PM Elly Shadowcaller, Wolfbane "Oh? Where?" She asks in responce to the last part.
1/28/2010 5:08:17 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane, Elly "In the back, but if there are cheap traveling clothes your looking for, you should stay." She smiles again.
1/28/2010 5:08:56 PM Elly Shadowcaller, Wolfbane "Could I use the back room to try things on?"
1/28/2010 5:09:53 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane, Elly "We have a special room for that… just the door to the left."
1/28/2010 5:10:26 PM Elly Shadowcaller, Wolfbane "Ah, sorry." Wren picks up a few things from the shelves out front, then wanders to the back room to see what there is to pick out.
1/28/2010 5:11:46 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane, Elly (The back room is locked, you need to have supervision in there.)
1/28/2010 5:12:12 PM Elly Shadowcaller, Wolfbane ( Ahh. *waits for the clerk to come over?)
1/28/2010 5:12:36 PM Elly Shadowcaller, Wolfbane "Do you mind if I browse back here?"
1/28/2010 5:12:40 PM Elly Shadowcaller, Wolfbane (Thar.)
1/28/2010 5:12:59 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane, Elly "Well… it's hardly clothes you wear during travel."
1/28/2010 5:13:23 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane, Elly "It's more for nobles and well, privat moments if you caught my drift."
1/28/2010 5:14:02 PM Elly Shadowcaller, Wolfbane "Hm… Still, there
1/28/2010 5:14:04 PM Elly Shadowcaller, Wolfbane …
1/28/2010 5:14:22 PM Elly Shadowcaller, Wolfbane "'s always time for such things… and for the first time I have the gold for it."
1/28/2010 5:16:05 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane, Elly "A very good choice miss." She says as she opens the door and enters the backroom.
1/28/2010 5:17:00 PM Elly Shadowcaller, Wolfbane And Wren will go on in to look around… (*nudges Wolfie*)
1/28/2010 5:17:07 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane, Elly Inside the first dress you can see is this one.
1/28/2010 5:17:10 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane, Elly
1/28/2010 5:17:48 PM Wolfbane Shadowcaller, Elly Maelstrus follows anyways not wanting to lose sight of her again.
1/28/2010 5:18:08 PM Shadowcaller Wolfbane, Elly "It was ordered by lady Katherin, sadly she did not like the color so we had to remake it. But it's in perfect condition."

Shadowcaller says (5:41 PM):
Shadowcaller säger:
"It was ordered by lady Katherin, sadly she did not like the color so we had to remake it. But it's in perfect condition."
Elly says (5:41 PM):
"Hm…" Wren looks it over, then keeps going…
Shadowcaller says (5:43 PM):
"This one is very special…" The clerk continues pointing at a nearby dress thats set up in a similar fashion, while she is trying to ignore Maelstrus presense.
Shadowcaller says (5:44 PM):
Elly says (5:44 PM):
"Wow… that's…" Wren stares at it curiously, "Um… how much is it?"
Shadowcaller says (5:46 PM):
"Twelwe… let's say ten for you? It was made for a woman who sadly died before she could collected it."
Elly says (5:49 PM):
Wren winces, "Died… poor lady…" She fingers around with her coins to see, "Well… We'll come back to it."
Shadowcaller says (5:50 PM):
The clerk appears to think for a moment "If you really want it, you could get it as low as eight gold."
Elly says (5:52 PM):
Wren looks at it thoughtfully some more, trying to decide, "Well…" She digs out the coins, counting them… "Alright. But do you mind if I try it on first?"
(I think SC is just trying to avoid having to find more. )
Wolfbane says (5:53 PM):
Shadowcaller says (5:53 PM):
(Not really^^)
(I'm using an old trick Happy used on my character.)
Elly says (5:53 PM):
( Murr? )
Shadowcaller says (5:53 PM):
(I can't reveal it, but it's not a trick per-se, it just explains why she can sell the dress so cheap.)
Shadowcaller says (5:54 PM):
Elly says (5:54 PM):
( Oh. O.o )
Shadowcaller says (5:54 PM):
"Of course not." She smiles "I'm sure whoever who see you in that will see how beautiful you really are."
Elly says (5:55 PM):
Wren laughs, "I sure haven't tried anything like this on… ever."
Shadowcaller says (5:55 PM):
"Must be the first time for everything right? You would look stunning in that dress miss.""
Elly says (5:57 PM):
"Alright, alright." Wren keeps smiling widely, "Come on then, we'll get this over to the dressing room."
Shadowcaller says (5:57 PM):
The clerk follows you there.
Wolfbane says (5:58 PM):
Maelly waits outside the room of course. =P
Shadowcaller says (5:58 PM):
(No peaking! Dirty demons…)
Elly says (5:58 PM):
( Jeeze. Demons. )
Wren heads on in to try it on. >.>
Shadowcaller says (5:59 PM):
SHe dose. <.<
It fits her.
Elly says (5:59 PM):
"Err… it's a little tight." (Unless something happens in the dressing room. ) She comes back out and twirls in it. "What do you think, Maelstrus?"
Shadowcaller says (6:00 PM):
(…what something?)
Elly says (6:00 PM):
( No idea?)
Elly says (6:01 PM):
(Just in case. )
Wolfbane says (6:02 PM):
If nothing happens to her, he looks for a moment. "It looks nice." He's clearly at odds with the question though.
Elly says (6:02 PM):
( *curious* )
Shadowcaller says (6:03 PM):
(What would happend? >.>)
(It's a dressing room…)
Elly says (6:03 PM):
"What? Don't think it looks good?" Wren runs her fingers across it, "It's… so soft."
Wolfbane says (6:03 PM):
(I don't know =P)
Elly says (6:03 PM):
( Who knows! Scorpions in the seat? Insane vampire on the cieling?)
Wolfbane says (6:03 PM):
"It looks fine, but I just don't know. Haven't done this much. Except now."
Shadowcaller says (6:04 PM):
(What is he talking about?)
Wolfbane says (6:04 PM):
(the dress and being asked how it looks)
Shadowcaller says (6:04 PM):
(Haven't done this much?)
Elly says (6:05 PM):
( Gone shopping. )
Shadowcaller says (6:05 PM):
(What dose that have to do with how the dress looks? Or why he just dosen't know? >.>)
Wolfbane says (6:06 PM):
(Its why he doesn't know much about dresses)
Shadowcaller says (6:06 PM):
(You need to know stuff about dresses to know what looks good or not not now? )
(I never knew.)
Elly says (6:06 PM):
"Hm. Well… I like it." She peers at Mael. "Let's see how the rest of it is… and see if you like any of it better."
Wolfbane says (6:07 PM):
Shadowcaller says (6:08 PM):
The clerk is obviously uncomfortable as Mael speaks.
Elly says (6:08 PM):
Aaand… Wren goes back in to try on… *wardrobe montage!*
Shadowcaller says (6:08 PM):
(SHe dose.)
Elly says (6:08 PM):

Shadowcaller says (6:09 PM):
(I have the POWER!)
Elly says (6:12 PM):
And she finishes up wearing a tight pair of trousers, and a long white-sleeved shirt with a… *saves time* Like this. "So… how much for all of it?"
Shadowcaller says (6:14 PM):
"That will be nine gold and nine silver."
Shadowcaller says (6:15 PM):
Elly says (6:15 PM):
( iron? )
Shadowcaller says (6:16 PM):
Elly says (6:16 PM):
( O.o
Shadowcaller says (6:16 PM):
(Well, it's only a name.)
(It's not actually iron.)
Elly says (6:16 PM):
Wren just makes it an even ten gold. (You could introduce the currency names earlier as not to confuse people! )
Wolfbane says (6:17 PM):
Shadowcaller says (6:17 PM):
(1 gold=10 iron=20 monarchs=40 copper.)
Shadowcaller says (6:20 PM):
The clerk accepts her money and curtseies as you leave the shop, with many well-wishes.
Elly says (6:20 PM):
( >.>? )
And on out on the town they go.
Shadowcaller says (6:21 PM):
Wolfbane says (6:21 PM):
I take it he's the one carrying the stuff? =P
Elly says (6:21 PM):
Only if he wanted to.
Otherwise Wren has it all.
Wolfbane says (6:22 PM):
"Let me carry that, I may as well be useful." He's a bit bored. >.>
Elly says (6:23 PM):
She grins and poses playfully, "What, the demon s isn't a fan of human women, despite…" She looks sick for a moment. "Nevermind."
Shadowcaller says (6:23 PM):
Shadowcaller says (6:24 PM):
(And Mael is a bit… off really )
(I had imagined a lot of compliments.)
Wolfbane says (6:24 PM):
"Despite having corrupted them, you mean?" He shrugs. "Perhaps."
Elly says (6:24 PM):
(I was thinking he'd stand there awkwardly. )
Wolfbane says (6:25 PM):
(While she tried on clothes? Yeah)
Elly says (6:25 PM):
"Yes" Wren looks away, and continues down the street.
Shadowcaller says (6:26 PM):
(Clearly he is celibacy demon now )
Wolfbane says (6:26 PM):
He'll follow her, silent. =P

Elly says (6:58 PM):
Well, would Karen hear Wren dragging her stuff out of…her room?
Happy says (6:58 PM):
if you want her to
Elly says (6:58 PM):
I was asking you. *flap*
Happy says (6:58 PM):
Okay then, she does
Elly says (6:58 PM):
Happy says (6:59 PM):
Karen opens the door and looks out.
Elly says (6:59 PM):
Wren's going by, clothes, and everything else up in her arms or in the sack on her back. "Hey, Karen."
Happy says (7:00 PM):
"Where are you going?" Karen's face is all red and splotchy from crying.
Elly says (7:01 PM):
"Another inn. I don't think I can stay around here." She looks guiltily at Karen. "You going to be okay?"
Happy says (7:01 PM):
"Why? I don't understand."
Elly says (7:02 PM):
"Just don't feel like being around while Maelstrus is abused. And I don't want to be around to hear the things that he did before."
Happy says (7:03 PM):
"Abused?" Karen looks as if she's been slapped.
Wolfbane says (7:04 PM):
(There is a classic WW game up)
Shadowcaller says (7:04 PM):
(I am aware.)
(It have been for a long time.)
Elly says (7:05 PM):
"Abused. Before you even knew he did…" Wren looks uncomfortable, "…that. You'd made him hold the arrow. And let Sylvia do that to him. And by the sound of it, didn't bother to think of anything aside from ways to get him to die when he first showed up." She fiddles with the sack, trying to get it onto a better spot while she stands there. "You already know how I feel about the rest of it."
Happy says (7:06 PM):
"Sylvia needed to know that he had no more power over her. I told you that."
Elly says (7:08 PM):
"Sure. That didn't need him to (Can't remember what she did aside from getting him to roll around. <.< ) , you could've just shown that he was harmless. He is, now. You know."
Happy says (7:10 PM):
"That's how I showed her. Maybe you could have been clever enough to come up with something better. But you aren't the one who's had to hold the poor girl for hours while she cries for her parents."
Happy says (7:13 PM):
(and there wasn't anything else. She ordered him to be silent, but Karen rescinded it almost at once.)
Elly says (7:15 PM):
Wren shuffles her feet, "…Karen… you're right… I probably wouldn't have thought of anything… and I haven't spent enough time with her…" She hangs her head, "But he's terrified, you know. He doesn't want to remember who he was, and he doesn't want to move on, because it can kill him."

Aegnor has been added to the conversation.

Elly says (7:17 PM):
Aegnor says (7:17 PM):
Happy says (7:17 PM):
"If you can find it easier to forgive him for what he's done than to forgive me because I slapped the creature who took my mother from me, then I don't really have anything else to say."
Elly says (7:17 PM):
…Shrimpy is gone now…
Wolfbane says (7:19 PM):
(Does she know it was him?)
Happy says (7:19 PM):
(does who know what was him?)
Wolfbane says (7:19 PM):
Happy says (7:20 PM):
(we roleplayed that…. that's why she slapped him)
(because he said he didn't care)
Elly says (7:20 PM):
Wren looks at Karen sadly, "You'd forgive a person easier, if they were born anew." She looks away. "I have forgiven you, Karen. I forgave you just after you did it. That's not why I'm leaving." Wren looks away, and sighs, heading away.
Happy says (7:21 PM):
"What do you want me to tell the others?"
Elly says (7:22 PM):
"That I'm staying just down the road. At ( *). They can visit me there if they want."
Happy says (7:23 PM):
"So be it." Karen turns around and goes back into her room.

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