Derim 6

[19:21] Happy: How is Sylvia?
[19:22] Shadowcaller: A bit tried, but otherwise fine. She says her 'orginal form' is starting to look more human
[19:24] Happy: And the Ithari? What kind of checks are they doing on her?
[19:26] Shadowcaller: They are just asking her to go back into her normal form, to use her abilities and what effects different types of metals have on her.
[19:28] Happy: Karen stays with her, of course. If she doesn't want to go back to her form, she'll defend her.
[19:30] Shadowcaller: Okay
[19:33] Shadowcaller: Sylvia is at the start unwilling, but the huters are trying to be very gentel with her.
[19:33] Shadowcaller: *gentel
[19:33] Shadowcaller: *gentle
[19:34] Happy: "Can't she just describe it for you?"
[19:35] Shadowcaller: "She dosen't know what type of demon she is dose she?"
[19:35] Happy: "What type she /was/"
[19:35] Happy: "Do you, Sylvia?"
[19:36] Shadowcaller: "No…"
[19:36] Happy: (he didn't tell her?)
[19:36] Shadowcaller: "Was, is… as long silver shines around her, I'm counting her as a demon."
[19:36] Shadowcaller: (I think I missunderstood.)
[19:36] Shadowcaller: (What did you mean with your question?)
[19:36] Happy: (Maelstrus, I mean)
[19:37] Happy: (He didn't tell her what type she was?)
[19:37] Happy: (and so much for being gentle, if they said something like that :P )
[19:37] Shadowcaller: (Well… it turned out bad when you said that >.>)
[19:37] Shadowcaller: (I'm suddenly getting different character interpations.)
[19:41] Shadowcaller: Danr word… how was it spelled agian?
[19:41] Shadowcaller: *again
[19:41] Happy: interpretations?
[19:41] Shadowcaller: (I mostly just go with how the flow when I use NPC.)
[19:41] Shadowcaller: /Yeha, thats it.)
[19:42] Shadowcaller: *yeah
[19:45] Shadowcaller: (Hm, you remember that better then me… but he never told her her abilities.)
[19:47] Happy: "Sylvia, why don't you tell him how you looked before you started to change back? Maybe they can tell you what type you were."
[19:47] Shadowcaller: She nods "Eh… okay…"
[19:48] Shadowcaller: She starts to describe that, not very detailed, but in large sweeps.
[19:48] Shadowcaller: The hunter sigh, but listens to her description.
[19:50] Happy: (Karen has nothign to add)
[19:51] Shadowcaller: (Yeah, I know. That wasn't a paus <.<)
[19:52] Shadowcaller: The hunter nods as she have finished.
[19:54] Shadowcaller: "It would be much easier to actually see it… how fast have you progressed?" *they continue to ask questions…*
[19:55] Shadowcaller: (Until…) "We think we need you to take off that necklance a little while."
[19:56] Shadowcaller: Sylvia's eyes go wide and she tightly clutches the amulet.
[19:56] Happy: "Absolutely not."
[20:01] Shadowcaller: "It will only be for a few moments, it's notthing to worry about."
[20:02] Happy: "Really? you're an expert on this amulet?"
[20:03] Shadowcaller: "Look, I don't think she will stop going back into a human just beacuse we remove it a few seconds…"
[20:04] Happy: "But you don't know that, and you're not the one who has to pay the price if you're wrong."
[20:07] Shadowcaller: He looks dubious for a while "Hm, fine. point taken."
[20:09] Shadowcaller: "I guess she is free to go now in that case…"
[20:09] Happy: "Good." Karen puts her arm around Sylvia and goes to find Derek.
[20:11] Happy: (shall we add Murska?)
[20:11] Shadowcaller: (Sure.)

[20:12] Shadowcaller: (Hi.)
[20:13] Happy: Karen and Sylvia are looking for Derek at the Ithari hq.
[20:16] Murska: Oh.
[20:16] Happy: After Sylvia's examination.
[20:17] Murska: Well he was going to be there
[20:17] Murska: but eh
[20:17] Murska: they find hi
[20:17] Murska: m
[20:18] Happy: Karen is fuming. "I don't want that bastard anywhere near Sylvia again."
[20:18] Shadowcaller: Sylvia is quiet, looking away.
[20:19] Murska: Derek looks at her and doesn't say anything, waiting for her to calm down.
[20:19] Happy: "He tried to make her take off the amulet."
[20:20] Murska: *sigh* 'Knew I should've been there…'
[20:21] Happy: "Don't worry. She didn't."
[20:21] Shadowcaller: "…is this going to happend a lot?"
[20:22] Happy: "No. Because we're not going to come back here if it happens one more time."
[20:22] Murska: 'And we'll have to leave anyway in a few days.'
[20:23] Happy: "They can find someone with some compassion and understanding to do this, or they can go without anything they might have learned."
[20:24] Murska: 'I doubt there's anyone with both around here.' He smiles slightly. 'In my opinion the best way to learn about the amulet would be to send someone to ask Lugia.'
[20:25] Shadowcaller: (hehe… just got some really evil ideas for a dungeon^^)
[20:28] Happy: "So they're really going to make us leave… even if Sylvia is still weak? Bastards…."
[20:28] Shadowcaller: (Technically thats the kings fault <.<)
[20:36] Murska: 'Not like they have a choice.'
[20:36] Happy: "Sylvia, are you okay?"
[20:36] Shadowcaller: She nods "Yeah… just a bit tired, thats all."
[20:38] Shadowcaller: "I think I should go to bed…"
[20:39] Happy: "Okay… can you make it back to the inn, or do you need to rest here first?"
[20:39] Shadowcaller: "Uh… what do you want Karen?"
[20:41] Happy: How tired does she look?
[20:43] Shadowcaller: Uh, medium?:P
[20:43] Happy: "You can rest here for a bit. I won't let any of the hunters bother you, okay?"
[20:44] Shadowcaller: "Thanks… I will feel much better once I have rested I think…"
[20:47] Happy: I guess they're in Derek's room? Karen helps her into bed.
[20:47] Shadowcaller: She dose.
[20:48] Happy: Sometime after she's asleep, she'll say quietly to Derek. "Luna spoke to me earlier."
[20:48] Shadowcaller: (If only Murska were here >.>)
[20:48] Shadowcaller: (SC:)
[20:48] Shadowcaller: *.)
[20:49] Murska: 'Oh?'
[20:49] Happy: "I think she thought she needed my 'permission' or something" Karen grins.
[20:50] Murska: He smiles a bit awkwardly. 'That's like her.'
[20:51] Happy: "I just want you to be happy, okay?"
[20:52] Murska: 'You should worry more about your own happiness. But you seem to be handling that well enough.'
[20:58] Happy: "I… I have a family again. After so long… of course I'm happy."
[20:59] Murska: His smile is more genuine this time. 'Well, I may not be much of a father but you can count on me if you need anything.'
[21:00] Happy: "Eh… you're not so bad." she says, with a grin.
[21:01] Murska: He laughs. 'Don't say that before we've known longer than a few weeks.'
[21:07] Shadowcaller: (Are you done?)
[21:08] Happy: (yeah, I guess)

[21:08] Shadowcaller: (Luna wants to talk to Derek…)
[21:09] Murska: Mhm.
[21:11] Shadowcaller: Okay… I guess this is some time after this.
[21:11] Shadowcaller: Derek can hear a door close behind him as he is inside their room.
[21:11] Murska: He turns around.
[21:12] Shadowcaller: He can see Neria/Luna coming towards him with a smile on her lips "Hi Decki, what are you doing?"
[21:13] Murska: 'Looking at you.'
[21:14] Shadowcaller: She laughs "Well, that makes me feel all warm inside… well warmer in any case." She winks.
[21:14] Shadowcaller: "But I come to tell you something…"
[21:14] Murska: He smiles. 'What is it then?'
[21:15] Shadowcaller: "I'm thinking of joining the Ithari."
[21:15] Murska: His eyes widen slightly. 'What? Really?'
[21:18] Shadowcaller: "Well yeah, I mean your in it and everything you do applies to me. I hate those demons as much as you do and I can fight."
[21:18] Murska: 'Yeah, but… We don't get to choose our missions, you know.'
[21:19] Shadowcaller: She shrugs "Still better then doing nothing at all, and I need a job if I'm going to be in civilization right?"
[21:21] Murska: 'But then we might not see each other for a long time, and both of us will be in danger far away from each other.'
[21:23] Murska: 'Besides, there's Karen.'
[21:23] Shadowcaller: "What do you mean?"
[21:25] Murska: 'I was thinking that once we're done here I could retire or just become a trainer for the recruits or something, so I could settle down.'
[21:27] Shadowcaller: "You reall think you could do that?"
[21:27] Shadowcaller: *really
[21:28] Murska: 'Hey, I don't think I can achieve much more if I manage to kill a demon sultan.' He winks.
[21:29] Murska: 'But yes, I could do it. For Karen and for you.'
[21:30] Shadowcaller: "Oh, don't do it for me Decki, I'm not really girl to settle down… but then again, it would mean we could spend a lot more time together."
[21:31] Shadowcaller: She moves in and kisses him on the mouth.
[21:32] Murska: He responds to the kiss and smiles once it breaks off. 'You know, we could have a home somewhere and still go adventuring every once in a while.'
[21:34] Shadowcaller: She smiles "A house just you and me?"
[21:35] Murska: 'Imagine it. Peace, quiet and a lack of demons. And when we get bored we could just go somewhere else.'
[21:36] Shadowcaller: "You do know I get bored easily don't you?"
[21:37] Shadowcaller: "But it do sound wonderful… so you would work as a trainer eh? What would I work as then?"
[21:38] Shadowcaller: *dose
[21:38] Murska: 'What do you think? Besides, we still have a bag full of gold…'
[21:39] Shadowcaller: "Oh, but I want to work Derek, I mean, being home all alone would get really boring."
[21:40] Shadowcaller: "And how much money do a hunter earn really? Have you saved for something?"
[21:43] Murska: (I'd assume well enough :P) 'I've saved pretty much everything I get save what I need for living. I don't think we'll have trouble from that direction.'
[21:43] Shadowcaller: (Yes, well enough…)
[21:44] Murska: 'Maybe we should do something together.'
[21:45] Murska: (brb)
[21:45] Shadowcaller: "Like what?" Luna smiles seductively.
[21:46] Murska: He coughs. 'As a job, I meant. Not that we don't have other things we can do…'
[21:47] Shadowcaller: "I know Derek… but what kind of job?"
[21:48] Shadowcaller: "I can read, have some basic education… I can hunt, fight…"
[21:48] Shadowcaller: "Teleport…" Neria/Luna grins.
[21:49] Happy: (parcel delivery)
[21:49] Shadowcaller: (Huh?)
[21:50] Happy: (you need something sent to someone else, Neria can get it there faster than anyone)
[21:50] Shadowcaller: (Ah <.<)
[21:53] Murska: (something or someone)
[21:54] Shadowcaller: (What?)
[21:54] Happy: (If a person needs to get somewhere quickly)]
[21:55] Shadowcaller: (Yeah, but… why not suggest it in IC?:P)
[21:55] Happy: (because I'm not there? :P )
[21:55] Shadowcaller: (I meant Murska.)
[22:03] Murska: (because I'm afk)
[22:03] Shadowcaller: (Clearly.)
[22:04] Murska: 'Whatever we like, really. We could train people. You can move things really fast from place to place, for example as a messenger. I'm sure there's some use for my abilities aswell.'
[22:08] Shadowcaller: "Sounds good." She smiles "Thought people tend to have a very wierd attitude to… my kind."
[22:08] Murska: 'Then we don't work for that kind of people.'
[22:09] Shadowcaller: She nods "Yeah… I guess I worry too much."
[22:10] Murska: He smiles and kisses her. 'It's all right as long as you don't just get stuck on the problems.'
[22:12] Shadowcaller: "Nothing usually keep me bound for long… not something I want to be bound with at least."
[22:12] Murska: 'What about me?'
[22:12] Shadowcaller: *I don't want to be bound with at least
[22:13] Shadowcaller: "Oh, I like to be bound by you any day."
[22:14] Murska: He grins. 'Like you've done to me.'
[22:17] Shadowcaller: "Oh? Then I like to try that bound, if you don't mind?"
[22:17] Murska: 'Hmm?'
[22:18] Shadowcaller: "Carry me to bed."
[22:19] Shadowcaller: Luna says with a wide grin.
[22:21] Murska: He smiles. 'Now, now… You shouldn't abuse my feelings.' He walks to her and suddenly lifts her into the air.
[22:24] Shadowcaller: Luna appears shocked for a moment but then smiles and relaxes in his grip "Mhm.. I like." She purrs.
[22:26] Murska: He carries her over the bed and kisses her softly. 'Really?'
[22:28] Shadowcaller: Neria feels up his bicpes "Sure, what girl dosen't like a strong man?" she says with a grin.
[22:29] Murska: 'And what man doesn't like a beautiful girl?' He lowers her onto the bed.
[22:32] Shadowcaller: (I assume he dosen't have his armor on?)
[22:34] Murska: No, since he was in his room.
[22:35] Shadowcaller: (It's not really his room, his room was in the barracks remember?:P)
[22:35] Shadowcaller: (Luna have a very simple tunica underneath her armor, simply said, it's not something Cessie would wear…)
[22:37] Shadowcaller: (Since it shows off cleavage <.<) She drops unto bed but holds on to his shirt, trying to drag him with her.
[22:37] Shadowcaller: (Thankfully she wears her armor most of the time.)
[22:38] Murska: He doesn't resist.
[22:38] Shadowcaller: (And I think we need to have curtains there… since she didn't have her armor on there. Luna is a bit fiery at the start of every relationship.)
[22:39] Murska: :P yeah
[22:51] Shadowcaller: Happy?
[22:51] Happy: yeah?
[22:52] Shadowcaller: Um, what are you doing?
[22:52] Happy: nothing really
[22:52] Happy: i have one character active in ffrp at the moment, and that's about it
[22:53] Shadowcaller: Right… hmm…
[22:53] Shadowcaller: What did Arim, Karen and Sylvia buy at their round at the city by the way?
[22:54] Murska: When do we do the armoury visit thingy?
[22:55] Happy: basic gear and clothing. Plus anything that Sylvia might have shown an interest in, whether books or jewelry or whatever
[22:55] Shadowcaller: Arim needed new clothing.
[22:55] Happy: Probably needed everything, like Karen.
[22:55] Shadowcaller: Sylvia might have wanted a few books.

[01:39] Murska: I recall a mention that Luna wishes to speak with Derek twice :P
[01:40] Shadowcaller: Oh, yeah
[01:40] Shadowcaller: The second was during their snuggle thought
[01:41] Murska: Mhm
[01:41] Shadowcaller: So they are laying in bed… naked…
[01:42] Shadowcaller: "Your not bad…" She says with a smile. (We can skip the intendo <,<)
[01:42] Happy: (innuendo?)
[01:42] Shadowcaller: (Was just about to say that…)
[01:43] Shadowcaller: *write.
[01:44] Murska: He snuggles closer to her. 'You're beautiful.'
[01:45] Shadowcaller: "I certinly hope there is more to me then that, but I know." She grins and kisses his neck.
[01:46] Shadowcaller: "Father said I had gotten it all from my mother, I guess there are no ugly cult leaders…"
[01:47] Murska: He laughs. 'Indeed.'
[01:47] Murska: 'Though I'm not sure you'd be a great cult leader.'
[01:48] Shadowcaller: "Despite the face that I hate demons, why not?"
[01:48] Shadowcaller: *fact
[01:48] Murska: 'Cult leaders are usually cowardly liars who wet themselves once they get caught and have to be dragged from a closet once their cult is wiped out.'
[01:50] Shadowcaller: (Hehe… yeah, in the heartlands maybe.) Neria laughs "I think there must have been more to her then that if father fell for her, but your the one who knows after all."
[01:51] Murska: 'She's a high priestess of Bast, that's quite different than a normal cult.'
[01:52] Shadowcaller: "She *was* that… but why exactly?" She gently strokes Dereks chest.
[01:53] Murska: 'I'm under the impression that unlike most cults, that one is not strictly for the personal gain of the leader and being used by demons without them actually caring the slightest bit of the fate of it.'
[01:55] Shadowcaller: "Well, their leader was one of the children… i guess that means something."
[01:57] Shadowcaller: "But thats what I wanted to ask, why did dad tell Karen about that?"
[01:58] Murska: 'He wanted her to bring a message to the Ithari.'
[01:59] Shadowcaller: "So he admited… why? It… he wanted to take the punishment, didn't he?"
[01:59] Murska: 'I don't know. Normally, it'd be death.'
[02:00] Shadowcaller: "That old fool…"
[02:01] Shadowcaller: "He's an idiot, why now? By the moon… did he want to die or something?"
[02:02] Shadowcaller: Luna sigh soundly and huge Derek even more thightly.
[02:08] Murska: He holds her. 'I don't know if they'd care after so long…'
[02:09] Shadowcaller: "Maybe not… I really hope he planned that."
[02:09] Shadowcaller: "Maybe he just wanted to come back the last days of his life?"
[02:09] Murska: 'Maybe he didn't want to leave regrets.'
[02:10] Shadowcaller: "Yeah… that dose sound like him."
[02:11] Shadowcaller: "But then again, he's only a few years older then you Derek." She moves a bit in his arms, trying to find a more comforttable position.
[02:12] Murska: 'You know that comparison discourages me.' He smiles and caresses her back.
[02:14] Shadowcaller: "Hey, if that bothers, there was one trinket that could change your age temporary."
[02:14] Shadowcaller: *bothers you
[02:14] Murska: 'Nah, I think that'd just be weird.'
[02:15] Shadowcaller: "Magic is wierd… your wierder thought."
[02:16] Shadowcaller: "Maybe thats why I like you so much."
[02:18] Murska: He smiles. 'I just have to keep being weird then.'
[02:22] Shadowcaller: "Oh, don't worry, i think you will manage to hold my intrest in you anyway…"
[02:29] Murska: 'Glad to hear that.'
[02:34] Shadowcaller: (Ugh…) "What about you then? Hm?"
[02:35] Murska: 'Do you even need to ask? I must've done something really good to deserve such a chance.' He kisses her softly.
[02:36] Shadowcaller: "You kill demons, maybe I'm your reward…" She says in a light tone.
[02:37] Murska: He grins. 'For that I'd need to already have killed that demon sultan.'
[02:40] Shadowcaller: "You always have the right thing to say you know?"
[02:41] Murska: 'Maybe that's just because you like me?'
[02:43] Shadowcaller: "Belive what you want…"
[02:43] Murska: 'You don't?' Derek pretends to be hurt.
[02:44] Shadowcaller: "Deckie…" She kisses his chest repeatedly "You *know* I like you."
[02:44] Murska: 'All right, I do.' He caves in, smiling.
[02:45] Shadowcaller: "You don't have any nicknames for me?"
[02:47] Murska: 'Isn't 'Luna' one? It's not much I can do to that. Or do you want to be my 'Lun', hun?'
[02:48] Shadowcaller: "I be whatever you like me to be Decki."
[02:49] Shadowcaller: *whoever
[02:49] Murska: 'Just be yourself for me then.'
[02:50] Shadowcaller: "All right, I'll be Neria for you, Luna to everyone else."
[02:51] Shadowcaller: "Except my family… so you had anyone else except Nora?"
[02:53] Murska: 'Actually no, no other relationships.'
[02:53] Shadowcaller: "All these years… wasn't that lonely? I mean, no sex?"
[02:58] Murska: 'Sort of, but at the risk of sounding like a jerk I've never been much for myself.'
[03:01] Shadowcaller: "It's okay… your not a jerk, not worse then me."
[03:03] Shadowcaller: "Thought I can be quite the bitch sometimes…"
[03:06] Murska: He smiles. 'Maybe on the outside. But inside, you're a little kitten. Or maybe more like a tiger cub.'
[03:07] Shadowcaller: She purrs. "Now thats something no one have compared me too… what makes you say that." She kisses him again.
[03:10] Shadowcaller: "your a lion…"
[03:11] Shadowcaller: *You are
[03:13] Murska: 'I just get that feeling. You're more feline anyway.'
[03:14] Shadowcaller: "Well, I can be your little tiger cub if you like, just don't forget to feed me once in a while." Neria smiles "I guess I have some feline grace."
[03:15] Murska: 'Mhm. Just have to hope you don't bite the feeding hand.'
[03:16] Shadowcaller: She nabs his ear a bit, he can feel no pain thought "Mm… I promise."
[03:18] Murska: He kisses her. 'Mm… Good.'
[03:18] Shadowcaller: "If I'm the little tigercub what are you then? The large guard dog?"
[03:19] Shadowcaller: "The large cute guard dog…"
[03:19] Murska: 'Aren't I just like a little puppy?' *puppyeyes*
[03:20] Shadowcaller: She laughs "You might be extremly cute, but I'm afraid you aren't any puppy."
[03:21] Murska: 'Maybe a wolf, if someone tries to hurt my poor little tigercub.'
[03:22] Shadowcaller: "Sure a noble greywolf, that fits you. Maybe I should call you that instead? Wolf."
[03:24] Shadowcaller: "I can be your panthercub…"
[03:28] Murska: He grins. 'We'll see.'
[03:30] Shadowcaller: "We will, I wouldn't mind if you called me 'cub' you know." Neria smiles again and then closes her eyes, relaxing, her body firmly pessed against yours.
[03:35] Murska: 'Oh, I'm sure you wouldn't. Panthercub it is, then?
[03:35] Shadowcaller: (And I think I should sleep now.) "Sure…" Neria mumbles, already half-asleep.
[03:36] Shadowcaller: (Tomorrow we kill a cow <.<)
[03:36] Murska: 'Sleep now, my little cub.' He hugs her.
[03:37] Shadowcaller: (^^ it's so silly really.)

[18:59] Happy: Karen and Arim and Sylvia are gathered.
[19:00] General Shrimp: Hector eventually turns up, I suppose.
[19:00] Shadowcaller: Great, he's inside the inn then?
[19:00] General Shrimp: Yup.
[19:02] General Shrimp: He's inside the inn, using his device, grumbling about it.
[19:02] Shadowcaller: What is he doing?
[19:02] General Shrimp: Ninja'd!
[19:02] General Shrimp: :P
[19:03] Happy: Karen arrives, having learned the healing spell off screen? :P
[19:03] Shadowcaller: Yes
[19:04] Shadowcaller: May I ask what spell she wants to learn next? This is the last spell.
[19:06] Shadowcaller: A lightly armored, big-boned man enters the inn, he have fair skin with a bland oval face.
[19:06] Shadowcaller: (Where are the others?)
[19:06] Shadowcaller: (You are all at the inn?)
[19:08] Murska: I guess.
[19:08] General Shrimp: Hector sighs and puts the device down.
[19:10] Shadowcaller: (Hector will recognize him, his name is Ivan Firebeard and he was one a part of your company of merc's.)
[19:10] General Shrimp: (Aye, Hector will recognize him…when he sees him :P He's a bit busy messing about with the device at the moment.)
[19:11] Shadowcaller: (What device?)
[19:12] General Shrimp: (Healing thingy)
[19:12] Shadowcaller: (I see.)
[19:13] Shadowcaller: And the rest of you guys are around him?
[19:13] Happy: If we're needed to be for plot stuff to happen :P
[19:13] Shadowcaller: (Yeah, but the NPC might act differently.)
[19:14] Murska: They're sitting in a nearby table?
[19:14] Shadowcaller: (Right.)
[19:14] Murska: (I hunger!)
[19:14] Happy: (meep! *flees teh evil eye*)
[19:16] Shadowcaller: So Ivan walks up to Hector and smiles "'ey Hector, wasn't yesterday!" He cheers.
[19:16] Shadowcaller: He raises his large arm up into the air.
[19:16] Happy: *everyone in the common room passes out from the odor*
[19:16] Shadowcaller: ()
[19:17] General Shrimp: "Hmm?" Hector stares at the man for a moment or two in confusion. "Oh…hey, Ivan! What the hell are you doing here?"
[19:18] Shadowcaller: The man laughs loudly and sits down at the same table as Hector, "Let me buy you a drink and I will tell you all about it, we have some catching up to do!"
[19:20] General Shrimp: "I suppose we do. It has been a while…" Hector smiles and shifts his arm awkwardly. He winces and sighs, "Shame you picked sort of a bad time…"
[19:24] Shadowcaller: "Oh come now Hector, don't be such a loadstone!" Ivan loudly proclaims and then adds in a more quiet voice "Got work for ya."
[19:25] General Shrimp: "Ivan, my /arm/ is broken!" Wait, work? Hector blinks. He leans in and whispers back, "W-work? What do you mean?"
[19:29] Shadowcaller: Ivan gets the innkeepers attention and orders two beers. "Got a wealthy git that is willing to pay a load of the shiny stuff to a number of mercs." Ivan glances at hectors arm "'s a easy job, but good pay."
[19:33] General Shrimp: Hector glances briefly at any of the rest of the group around. He would glance at Wren specifically…but Elly isn't here right now.
"Sounds good. But if it's that easy, I'm sure you can get by without me. You might get a bonus out of the guy if I'm not around to hog all the glory for once!" Hector smiles at Ivan, "Besides, with my arm…I'd be too much of a risk."
[19:36] Shadowcaller: Ivan laughs at Hectors joke and takes a deep sip of his beer.
[19:39] Shadowcaller: "'s a shame to hear that, but we need nine people or we won't get hired." He takes another sip and slams the tankard into the table "Another!" He yells and then turns back to you again.
[19:40] Shadowcaller: "Thing is, only thing we are going to do is acting bodyguards."
[19:40] Shadowcaller: "The git is paranoid, easy to tell."
[19:41] General Shrimp: "…great." Hector rather glumly sips his beer. "Okay, let me put it another way. I can't join you. I have other commitments. I can't just drop everything and go along."
[19:45] Shadowcaller: "Oh?" The large man raises an eyebrow. "That's another thing." He looks you into the eyes, "You know me Hector, can't keep a secret, especially not to a comrade. So tell you the truth, the git specifically wanted you to be in the group."
[19:49] General Shrimp: Another sip, and Hector lowers his eyes and stares at the floor. "I'm afraid I'm going to have to disappoint the git then. Mate, I wish I could join you and help but…I just can't." Feeling very awkward, he scratches his neck with his hand. "Besides, I can't explain…but with me around, I'm afraid your chances of success are much lower."
[19:50] Shadowcaller: Ivan grins "Don't you get it Hector? The git dosen't want you there to protect anything, not that arm. He wants something else eh?"
[19:51] Shadowcaller: *not with that arm
[19:51] General Shrimp: "What, Ivan? Enough with the riddles, if you know, tell me what he wants me for."
[19:52] Shadowcaller: He shrugs "I wasn't paid to know that. But he seemed really intrested in you, and whoever you hang out with."
[19:54] General Shrimp: "In that case, I'm definitely not going. I wouldn't normally be this far away from home if I wasn't doing a job. I…there's certain people who are trying to track me down. Sounds like the git is one of them."
[19:55] Shadowcaller: "Really? What kind of people?"
[19:55] Shadowcaller: "Ye be stucking your nose in the whole pile of shit eh?"
[19:55] Shadowcaller: *wrong pile
[19:56] General Shrimp: "Not really. Sorta had it forced on me. I did sod all to end up in the mess I'm in!"
[20:01] Shadowcaller: Ivan laughs again. "Well then, it would be good if you visited us again at least. Rainman (a young assoicated that earned his nickname from that he is afraid of water) and Raea (One of the few female mercs, yet she seems to have endless of experience, you and she talked a lot.) are still with me, would be good to talk some old memories eh?"
[20:02] General Shrimp: "Maybe. It'd be best if they came here though."
[20:04] Shadowcaller: "Will ask em, but if you need us we will be at Sunshield manor, okay?"
[20:05] General Shrimp: "Sunshield manor? That where the git is gathering you guys? 'cos there's no way I'm going there. Not if he knows about me."
[20:08] Shadowcaller: Ívan laughs again "Then keep the void away from that place in that case."
[20:09] General Shrimp: "I intend to, Ivan. I don't mean to guestion your judgement, but the people after me…are damn good at what they do. How did you know where I am?"
[20:11] Shadowcaller: "Oh, a few people recognized you. You have been here before remember?"
[20:11] General Shrimp: "Yeah, I know. If it's just that…it's alright I suppose. Still…there's no way I plan on meeting the git."
[20:13] Shadowcaller: "Ah, tough luck then. Shall see if we can get away enough to meet you here eh?"
[20:13] General Shrimp: "Yeah, that'd be nice, man. It'd be great to see some of the others again."
[20:16] Shadowcaller: "You bet." Ivan says with a wide grin "So how long are you staying?"
[20:17] General Shrimp: "Eh, I think we're here for another five days, I think. Then we have to leave…"
[20:18] Shadowcaller: "Okay, I'll try to bring the gang with me here as soon as possible then."
[20:20] Shadowcaller: (you talk some more and then he leaves…)
[20:20] Shadowcaller: (Is Hector going to tell any of this to the others?)
[20:21] General Shrimp: (Oh yes, of course he is.)
[20:21] Shadowcaller: (Reactions?
[20:22] General Shrimp: Some time after Ivan has left, Hector heads over to the rest of the group and briefly summarises what Ivan told him. "I want to stay here, in case he comes back…but maybe the rest of you should head off as soon as you can?"
[20:24] Shadowcaller: "Did you ask the name of this 'git'?" Luna asks.
[20:25] General Shrimp: "No. I didn't want to. Ivan understands me not wanting to meet the guy, asking who he is might've given Ivan the wrong impression."
[20:26] Shadowcaller: (Do the others have any options about this?)
[20:27] Murska: 'Maybe we should get ready and leave sooner.'
[20:28] Shadowcaller: "Well, I'm curios about this person. If he lives in this city of yours, shouldn't we ask whatever guards you have here to arrest him?"
[20:28] Shadowcaller: "Isn't that how civilization works?"
[20:29] General Shrimp: "Whoever he is, I doubt he's done any lawbreaking in public. Just saying "he knows about me!" won't be enough to do anything."
[20:31] Shadowcaller: "Thats stupid, if we know he is guilty, why not just send over guards, look into his stuff, find that he did it and arrest him?"
[20:31] General Shrimp: "Did what, exactly?"
[20:32] Shadowcaller: "…being in league with those things? Being evil?"
[20:33] General Shrimp: "Yeah, it's too flimsy. It only sounds like the guy's up to something. I mean, he could just want me for my expertise. I was quite a succesful merc."

[20:34] Shadowcaller: "Pffh, we are important right? We can kill the demon king? So they should help us by getting him."
[20:35] General Shrimp: "But if he's innocent? If he hasn't actually done anything?"
[20:35] Shadowcaller: "Then they can release him after we are gone."
[20:37] General Shrimp: "It doesn't work that way. You can't just put someone in jail because you think they might've done something. You've got to have proof. But there's no way I'm flying into the spider's web to look for another fly."
[20:38] Shadowcaller: "But he have to just be a human right? Otherwise the silver would shine around him, right Derek?"
[20:40] General Shrimp: "Might be a guy trying to gain respect among demons? Maybe he thinks by capturing us, he can prove himself to them?"
[20:40] Shadowcaller: "Well, he's still just a guy right?"
[20:40] Shadowcaller: "And we just beat the void out of a demonic army, what can a guy do to us?"
[20:42] General Shrimp: "I don't know. I don't want to know. I certainly don't want to stick around to find out, but if there is a danger…then I might be able to squeeze some info out of my comrades."
[20:46] Shadowcaller: Luna shrugs "It's not like we will have much to do around here anyway, resting get's boring after a while."
[20:49] Shadowcaller: "If you are meeting them, think I can follow along?"
[20:50] General Shrimp: "Not if you're going to do anything violent. They may have been called in by some sort of demon-lover, but they're still my old pals, and I don't want anything to happen to them."
[20:50] Murska: 'A guy can kill one of us just like a demon can. A bunch of guys even better. It just depends on the situation.'
[20:50] Shadowcaller: "Voilent? Of course not… I was just thinking of watching you."
[20:50] Shadowcaller: *violent
[20:50] Shadowcaller: "So nothing happends."
[20:51] General Shrimp: "Maybe. Someone keeping an eye on the exits wherever we meet would certainly be nice."
[20:52] Shadowcaller: Luna raises her hand "Proffesional watcher here."
[20:52] Murska: 'I'd just say meet here or not meet at all.'
[20:53] Shadowcaller: "Come on Decki, it's a mystery…" Luna smiles a bit.
[20:53] General Shrimp: "You're certainly not gonna be there, Derek."
[20:53] Shadowcaller: "Aren't your job to hunt demon lovers too?"
[20:54] General Shrimp: "I understand your concerns, but these are my old friends…I just…I want them on my side."
[20:54] Murska: 'So talk to them somewhere safe.' He shrugs.
[20:54] General Shrimp: "I'll talk to them where they want to talk!"
[20:55] Murska: He rolls his eyes and turns away.
[20:55] Shadowcaller: Luna sigh, rolling her eyes. (I was just starting to write that when you posted >.>)
[20:55] Shadowcaller: (Luna and Derek think alike…)
[20:56] General Shrimp: "They're sensible people. We went through a fair few missions together. We didn't survive by being careless."
[20:56] Murska: 'So why stop being careful now?'
[20:57] General Shrimp: "I'm not! I just happen to have enough faith in them to know they'll pick somewhere safe. Luna can listen in…but the rest of you…I'd prefer it if you're either not there, or keeping an eye from a safe distance in case it's some sort of trick."
[20:58] General Shrimp: (Huh…Wren is staying oddly quiet. Either Elly isn't paying attention…or maybe she's not actually there?)
[20:59] Shadowcaller: (*pokes Elly*)
[20:59] General Shrimp: (Oop. Food. I'll be back in a little while.)
[20:59] Shadowcaller: (See you.)

[21:00] Elly: (Murr? Sorry. Was off checking on my food. >.> )
[21:00] Murska: Why does he leave the convo when he goes to get food?
[21:00] Shadowcaller: (No idea…)
[21:00] Shadowcaller: (ANd don't worry Elly <.<)
[21:01] Elly: ( >.> So… how's it been going? )
[21:01] Shadowcaller: (Hector have been talking to a old buddy of his.)
[21:01] Shadowcaller: (Appernetly there is a guy in this city that is very intrested in him and us.)
[21:02] Shadowcaller: *you
[21:02] Elly: (Huh. )
[21:03] Shadowcaller: (Also, while we wait Arim can talk with Karen…)
[21:03] Shadowcaller: (They are both there right?)
[21:04] Happy: (sure)
[21:04] Shadowcaller: "So Luna told you?" He says as your away from the rest of the group.
[21:06] Happy: "Yes."
[21:07] Shadowcaller: "At least she had the decency to tell you that…" He seems to be a bit angry.
[21:07] Happy: "What's wrong?
[21:08] Shadowcaller: "She told me as well, she didn't exactly break it easily."
[21:08] Shadowcaller: "Not that I'm against it… but she was very… her."
[21:10] Happy: Karen puts an arm around him. "What did she say?"
[21:10] Shadowcaller: He sigh "Nothing, it dosen't matter."
[21:12] Happy: "Arim, you know you can talk to me, right?"
[21:13] Shadowcaller: "Yeah I know Karen, it was just her use of words that got me off a bit. I guess she didn't really mean to put me off."
[21:15] Happy: (what did she say? Now I want to know :P )
[21:15] Shadowcaller: (OOC or IC?)
[21:16] Happy: (both. but Karen won't keep pestering him if he doesn't want to say)
[21:16] Happy: (I, on the other hand, can continue to pester you :P )
[21:16] Shadowcaller: (He think it would offend Karen.)
[21:16] Shadowcaller: (Luna basically said she had sex with Derek.)
[21:18] Shadowcaller: "But… there was another thing."
[21:19] Shadowcaller: "Hector mentioned Sunshield manor and I kind of heard about it…"
[21:19] Happy: "Really? What h ave you heard?"
[21:21] Shadowcaller: "When I was in stormwind… Azul keep mentioning it." (The lord.)
[21:21] Shadowcaller: "He had some contact there or something like that, I'm not really sure…" Arim looks down.
[21:22] Shadowcaller: "I- I should have mentioned that to the others right?"
[21:22] Happy: "You're telling me now." And besides, the GM probably didn't put it into your head until now. :P
[21:22] Shadowcaller: (Not really >.>)
[21:23] Shadowcaller: (It was my plan all along!)
[21:25] Shadowcaller: "I guess…" He sigh.
[21:25] Happy: Karen leans over and kisses him. "You are too hard on yourself."
[21:26] Shadowcaller: He shines up "…you make me feel better at least."
[21:27] Happy: "Come on. Let's go tell Hector."
[21:27] Shadowcaller: He nods "yeah… let's."
[21:31] Shadowcaller: (I guess what Luna said wasn't that offending in your ears?^^)
[21:36] Happy: (a bit crude, but then Luna is that way)
[21:37] Happy: She looks over and sees that Hector is talking with Luna and Derek. "Or maybe in a few minutes." and steals another kiss.
[21:38] Shadowcaller: He smiles "Your so wonderful…"
[21:40] Happy: "No, you are." (>.< gah… puppy love!)
[21:41] Shadowcaller: (Hehe…)
[21:41] Elly: ( Woof woof. >.> )
[21:43] Shadowcaller: "Well, what do you want to do today? I mean, after we told Hector? What is there to do in a city?"
[21:47] Shadowcaller: (Hm, compared to the ffrp, how smutty would you say some of the more daring Cessie/Aegnor things were?)
[21:49] Happy: (the main thing that makes it 'smut' in my mind is when the only things the characters do is have sex, or scheme to have sex, or get jealous because they aren't having sex…. that doesn't describe Cessie and Aegnor at all)
[21:51] Shadowcaller: (Ah… right.)
[21:51] Shadowcaller: (But I must say some scenes were pretty daring… like when there was two of her. Or when she was trying on that new dress…)
[21:54] Happy: (a bit maybe)
[22:03] Shadowcaller: .

[22:04] Shadowcaller: >.>
[22:05] Shadowcaller: (How long were you online?)
[22:05] General Shrimp: (…two minutes, maybe five.)
[22:05] Shadowcaller: (Ah…)
[22:06] Shadowcaller: So Arim and Karen walk over to Hector then I guess…
[22:07] General Shrimp: Okay…
[22:08] Happy: (brb food)
[22:09] Shadowcaller: Arim tells him that he have heard about Sunshield manor, from the guy that had him as a slave for a few weeks.
[22:10] Shadowcaller: The guy that got killed when Karen was rescuing Arim.
[22:12] Shadowcaller: By someone…
[22:13] General Shrimp: So he knows where Sunshield manor is?
[22:13] General Shrimp: Hmm…
[22:14] Shadowcaller: Yeah, he saw it on a map.
[22:14] General Shrimp: How far away from wherever the hell they are is it?
[22:15] Shadowcaller: Not very far.
[22:15] General Shrimp: …
[22:15] General Shrimp: dun dun dun!
[22:17] Shadowcaller: "As I said, a mystery." Luna says.
[22:19] Shadowcaller: "Clearly they got a mysterious connection."
[22:19] Shadowcaller: "What did the murderer look like Karen?"
[22:20] Happy: Karen describes the gypsy.
[22:21] Shadowcaller: "Hmm… so is the murderer a part of all this? Maybe thats the cause that 'git' was so paranoid? He was afraid the murderer was coming to him!"
[22:21] General Shrimp: "But where do I factor into it all? Ivan said the git was after me specifically."
[22:22] Shadowcaller: "Yeah, maybe they both are a part of some demonic cult huh?"
[22:22] Shadowcaller: "The guards at the first guys house wouldn't let in any Ithari, isn't that right Derek?"
[22:22] Murska: 'That's true.'
[22:22] Shadowcaller: Luna appears to be very exicited by all this. "See? It all fits."
[22:23] Murska: 'But there might be other explanations aswell.'
[22:23] General Shrimp: "Either way, the smartest thing to do is stay /away/ from the damn place."
[22:23] Shadowcaller: "But what if they come for us, hm?"
[22:24] Shadowcaller: "Attack is the best defence."
[22:24] Murska: 'Not fighting is the best defense.'
[22:24] General Shrimp: "But they're expecting me to go there. They're expecting us! It's not a good idea to fly straight into the spider's web!"
[22:25] Shadowcaller: "What are they going to do? Didn't you tell us those guards were your friends? And we can always ask some Ithari to come with us… if we even want to do it public."
[22:26] General Shrimp: "But at the same time…if something happened to the mercs, to my comrades…I'd rather try and avoid having to fight them."
[22:26] Murska: @Luna /You're thinking of going to look around anyway, aren't you?/
[22:27] Shadowcaller: /…what if I am?/
[22:27] Murska: /At least take me with you, please./
[22:28] Shadowcaller: "Well, talk to them? Maybe they have seen something suspicious?"
[22:29] Shadowcaller: /If you want to, are you good at sneaking?/
[22:31] Murska: /I'm alive, remember?/
[22:32] General Shrimp: "I intend to talk to my friends, later on this week."
[22:34] Shadowcaller: /True. You sure you want to do it then?/ "I know you are Hector, I was intending to watch remember?"
[22:42] General Shrimp: "Yes, I know." Hector sighs and finishes off his beer. "I'm really…really hoping this meeting isn't a trap…but my gut feeling…"
[22:42] Murska: /I'd rather be with you than have you go alone./
[22:43] Shadowcaller: "You think your friends will betray you?"
[22:44] General Shrimp: "I think something might've happened to them, y'know? Besides…they're my friends…but they are also mercenaries. Just ask Wren, I was an absolute jerk when she first met me."
[22:44] Shadowcaller: /I rather be with you then alone… I guess two is a better number then one./
[22:45] Shadowcaller: "You think they have become mind controlled or something?" She raises an eyebrow.
[22:45] General Shrimp: "Maybe…or if there's enough money involved…"
[22:45] Murska: /Yeah./
[22:48] Shadowcaller: "I see, well disturst is healthy…" Luna shrugs.
[22:49] Shadowcaller: (So what are we going to do now? I like to wait for wolfy before we start to go against the manor…)
[22:49] General Shrimp: (Disturst does sound quite unhealthy! :P)
[22:50] Shadowcaller: (A certain amount of disturst is healthy according to Luna.)
[22:50] Shadowcaller: (Link:
[22:50] General Shrimp: (Of course, distrust is quite healthy :P)
[22:51] Shadowcaller: (Maybe have Wren and Hector visiting Jenny?)
[22:54] Shadowcaller: Or we can do the armory visit thingy…
[22:55] Shadowcaller: Your choice
[22:55] General Shrimp: (But Wren isn't here! 'cos Elly isn't here!)
[22:56] Shadowcaller: (>.>)
[22:59] Shadowcaller: Okay… I guess we do that armory thing.
[23:00] Murska: Derek leads his group to raid the Ithari armoury.
[23:00] Shadowcaller: So there are very few mithril wests left. But they have saved one for each of you.
[23:01] Shadowcaller: There are silver knives… the armory isn't that full right now.
[23:01] Shadowcaller: SOme demonic armor, but mist of it looks to be a bit too large for you.
[23:01] Shadowcaller: There is demonic knives and swords.
[23:01] Shadowcaller: Shields, no silver shields however.
[23:01] Shadowcaller: Just demonic shields.
[23:02] Murska: Derek grabs a small normal shield if available
[23:02] Murska: and a few silver knifes.
[23:02] Shadowcaller: Okay, there are normal helmets with some silver in them.
[23:03] Shadowcaller: There is a magic section.
[23:03] General Shrimp: Right…Hector'll grab a shield, a silver knife as well…and that's probably it, unless they have any silver arrows.
[23:03] General Shrimp: Wait, not a shield.
[23:03] General Shrimp: A helmet!
[23:03] General Shrimp: Helmet, dammit!
[23:03] Shadowcaller: Right, a helmet.
[23:04] Happy: what is demonic armor?
[23:05] Shadowcaller: The magic section have gotten 2 new magic granates, a flaming sword and some sort of demonic armor that wasn't in the 'normal' section.
[23:05] Shadowcaller: Most of the demonic armor seems way too large for you.
[23:05] Shadowcaller: Escpecially for Karen.
[23:06] Happy: I want to know what it is, not take it. :P
[23:07] Shadowcaller: There is also a 'naughty' section of the magic section. Well, armor made of materials not found on the mortal plane. It's pretty strong stuff, against everything but silver and such.
[23:07] General Shrimp: …naughty magic stuff? wtf?
[23:07] Happy: in the armoury?
[23:08] Shadowcaller: Yes, there is a door separating it from the rest of the things thought.
[23:08] General Shrimp: One can't help but wonder why it's there at all.
[23:08] Shadowcaller: It's magic
[23:08] General Shrimp: "What the hell does the Ithari have that bit for?"
[23:10] Murska: Derek goes to speak with the supply officer there. 'Hey.'
[23:10] Shadowcaller: "Hm? Yes?"
[23:10] Murska: He fishes the dagger piece out of his pocket. 'Mind telling me what this is?'
[23:11] Shadowcaller: "Looks like thestrial steel, demonic orgin."
[23:12] Shadowcaller: "It's easy to enchant."
[23:12] Shadowcaller: Luna shrugs "…I wonder whats in there thought." (To Hector.)
[23:12] General Shrimp: Hector shrugs and goes to have a look.
[23:13] Shadowcaller: He can see a lot of strange looking items laying on the shelves.
[23:13] General Shrimp: He goes to pick one up and have a look at it.
[23:15] Murska: 'Right. It was part of a dagger that attacked me on it's own.'
[23:16] Shadowcaller: (Ugh…) It looks like a dagger of sort. Very tiny thought.
[23:16] Shadowcaller: "Ah, must have been some type of spell on it then."
[23:16] Murska: 'Yeah.'
[23:16] General Shrimp: Hector…has a tiny dagger? He looks at it carefully, turning it over, wondering what it does.
[23:17] Murska: 'Anything nice and magical from the last time? That explosive ball saved our lives, by the way.'
[23:18] Shadowcaller: Luna follows Hector, she shudders a bit as she see all the items "Not sure I want to know what all these things those, whats that in your hand?"
[23:18] General Shrimp: "Some sort of dagger. I dunno."
[23:19] Shadowcaller: "GLad it did… we have two new explosives and a flaming sword if your intrested."
[23:19] Murska: '
[23:19] Murska: 'The explosives at least. What's the sword like?'
[23:19] Shadowcaller: "It starts to burn at command, it dosen't appear to harm the holder at least."
[23:20] Shadowcaller: "Maybe we should ask the quarter master?" Luna says.
[23:20] Murska: (Karen finding arrows or stuff?)
[23:22] General Shrimp: "I suppose." Hector shrugs and heads out to ask the quartermaster
[23:22] Shadowcaller: The quartermaster turns to him. "Ah, hello there."
[23:22] General Shrimp: "What the heck does this dagger do?"
[23:24] Shadowcaller: "Oh… err, anyone cut by it is overwhelmed by… arousal." *ahem*
[23:24] General Shrimp: (Hector should totally use it on Wren!)
[23:24] General Shrimp: (:P)
[23:25] Murska: *pokes Elly*
[23:25] Shadowcaller: (Shame on you Hector…)
[23:25] Murska: *and Happy*
[23:25] Happy: Karen gets arrows I guess. And maybe a long dagger for close protection.
[23:29] Shadowcaller: "Anyhting else?" The quarter master asks. Luna is laughing a bit.
[23:29] General Shrimp: …Hector stares at the dagger. His face is pretty red now.
[23:31] Shadowcaller: She pats him in the back "Not something you really like to use against a demon eh?"
[23:33] Murska: Derek attempts to ignore that line of thought. 'Hmm. What kind of a sword?'
[23:34] General Shrimp: "No…not really."
[23:34] Shadowcaller: "A bastard sword."
[23:34] Murska: 'What's it made out of?'
[23:36] Shadowcaller: "Same type of steel as that dagger of yours."
[23:36] Shadowcaller: Luna tries to lead Hector into the naughty part again "Come on, let's find some more."
[23:37] General Shrimp: "Eh-WHAT?" Looking very red in the face now, hector gets led back into the naughty section.
[23:40] Shadowcaller: Luna carefully puts down a few objects and looks at them, careful not to touch any of them.
[23:40] General Shrimp: "…why are we still in here, Luna?"
[23:41] Murska: 'Not very good against demons then, I guess.'
[23:41] Shadowcaller: "Since it's fun of course." She says with a smile.
[23:41] General Shrimp: "FUN?"
[23:41] Murska: (Poor Derek, he should tell the quartermaster to not allow Luna to bring anything out)
[23:42] Shadowcaller: "Demons wage war against each other all the time from what I have heard, so I guess it is."
[23:43] Murska: 'Yeah, but not a special weakness in the armour. It's hard enough to get hits in with silver weapons.'
[23:44] Shadowcaller: "Yeah, don't tell me you aren't a least bit curious?"
[23:44] Shadowcaller: (Luna.)
[23:44] Murska: 'What is the fire like? Can I use it to light the campfire?' He grins.
[23:44] Shadowcaller: "Err… I guess you could."
[23:44] General Shrimp: "Eh…erm…I suppose?"
[23:46] Murska: 'It might be useful, really. I don't want to carry it but I'll ask the others.'
[23:47] Shadowcaller: "Right… well I guess I should help those two in… that section."
[23:47] Murska: Derek glances at them. 'Oh dear.'
[23:49] Shadowcaller: The quartermaster goes off to help Luna and Hector. "So what are you looking at?"
[23:50] Murska: Derek goes to look for Karen. 'What have you found?'
[23:51] General Shrimp: "I don't know. I really don't know what this stuff is, or why I'm looking at it…" Hector shakes his head sadly.
[23:51] Happy: "Arrows. And I guess I need something in case they get too close. I don't really know how to use a knife for fighting though."
[23:52] Murska: 'I can teach you something, but yeah, it's good to have at least some backup.'
[23:52] Shadowcaller: Luna goes on asking for items and the quarter master helps her.
[23:52] Happy: "I know you wanted me to stay here…"
[23:53] Shadowcaller: Finally she seems to find something intresting.. "This statue can increase or decrease ferility."
[23:53] General Shrimp: "Oh?"
[23:53] Murska: 'Well, you want to stay with Arim and help Sylvia. I wouldn't expect otherwise.'
[23:53] General Shrimp: (Hector should totally give that to Wren!)
[23:54] Shadowcaller: "That sounds really useful.. can I keep it?" Luna asks.
[23:54] Shadowcaller: "Uh, sure…"
[23:55] General Shrimp: Hector starts asking questions about the other stuff as they're going through. Dunno why, he's just kind of finding it odd that this stuff exists.
[23:58] Shadowcaller: (Sec, helping Happy with magic…)
[00:09] Shadowcaller: —
[00:09] General Shrimp: (Well, list 'em away when you're ready! :P)
[00:10] Shadowcaller: (Most of the spells cost sanity, I'm using the CoC book >.>)
[00:10] General Shrimp: (Duuude! I've always wanted to play that! I really should get a copy of the book. Is it as ridiculously unfair as everyone says it is?)
[00:10] Shadowcaller: (I have the book…)
[00:11] Shadowcaller: (Err… well that depends on the GM.)
[00:11] Shadowcaller: (I have a really easy scenario here.)
[00:11] Shadowcaller: (For CoC that is.)
[00:21] Murska: .
[00:27] Shadowcaller: .
[00:27] General Shrimp: *is still waiting for list of what else is in the naughty section*
[00:27] General Shrimp: *also wishes Elly was here because it'd be quite funny if Wren walked in right now*
[00:27] Shadowcaller: Okay, back
[00:28] Shadowcaller: (It would <.<)
[00:28] Murska: (Where is she?)
[00:28] Shadowcaller: (No idea, I think she is playing some game.)
[00:29] Murska: (hey, I'm playing some games)
[00:29] Elly: (Mew. Am also being sick. =\ )
[00:29] Happy: (you have Epic Multitasking as a feat)
[00:29] Murska: (aww. *hugs Elly*)
[00:30] Elly: ( *huggle* )
[00:30] Murska: (so no time to make things awkward for Hector?)
[00:31] Elly: (Oh, I can spare some time. =p Just don't expect me to be promptly posting while in the bathroom. )
[00:31] General Shrimp: (Oh, poor Elly…*hugs*)
[00:31] Murska: (that really sucks)
[00:31] Murska: (we got the entire family sick over here including 50% of the dogs)
[00:31] Murska: (except me)
[00:32] Shadowcaller: (*hugs Elly* >.>)
[00:33] Elly: ( *hugs* )
[00:33] Murska: (*takes a pic*)
[00:33] Murska: (You got SC to hug. ^^)
[00:33] Shadowcaller: (Darn you Murska!)
[00:33] Murska: (Achievement!)
[00:33] Elly: And Wren, back from… whereever she was off to the past while… sneaks in and wraps her arms around Hector, "What're you looking at?"
[00:33] Elly: (Achievement unlocked : Hugging the Shadows.)
[00:34] Murska: (No, that requires hugging Shadow too)
[00:34] Elly: (Ah, right. )
[00:34] Elly: (Hmm…)
[00:34] Shadowcaller: "This one can cause certain desirable changes in one target…"
[00:34] General Shrimp: "Gah!" Hector jumps slightly and the dagger in his hand drops to the floor. "N-nothing!"
[00:34] Shadowcaller: Luna smiles but dosen't say anything.
[00:35] Elly: "Desirable changes?" Wren looks up at Hector, "Don't like me how I am?"
[00:35] General Shrimp: "N-no! You're perfect! I-er, Luna dragged me in here…and I was just curious about what kind of things they did…"
[00:35] Murska: Derek comes up. 'Hey Hector, you want a flaming sword?'
[00:36] General Shrimp: "Um, I prefer bows…" Hector is completely red in the face now, his head buried in his hands…
[00:36] Elly: "I think he's got something aside from flaming in mind, here, Derek."
[00:37] Murska: 'Yeah, this section's for some other stuff…'
[00:37] Shadowcaller: "Should I go on?" The quartermaster asks.
[00:37] General Shrimp: "No…I think that'll do."
[00:37] General Shrimp: Hector quickly gets up and heads out of the room so he can go hide in a corner.
[00:37] General Shrimp: Which he then does.
[00:38] Shadowcaller: Luna laughs as Hector have dissapeared.
[00:38] Murska: @Luna: /What're you looking at over here?/ Derek winks at her while watching Hector go.
[00:39] Shadowcaller: /Oh, just stuff… you intrested?/ She smiles at him.
[00:39] Elly: Wren smiles softly, "Jeeze. Maybe he'd prefer the demons back…"
[00:39] Murska: /Maybe I should tell them to not allow you to take anything from here…/
[00:40] Shadowcaller: /Oh, just try and stop me…/
[00:40] General Shrimp: Hector, meanwhile, feels absolutely ridiculous and just, sort of, stares out a window.
[00:40] Murska: He grins at her. /Oh well. I guess I'll have to trust you./
[00:40] Murska: 'So, who wants that sword?'
[00:40] Shadowcaller: "Maybe… who would have thought some small trinkets would be worse then demons."
[00:41] Elly: "Well… I'm sure he has his reasons." She eyes the nearest shiny thing…
[00:41] Shadowcaller: It's a golden shiny ball.
[00:41] General Shrimp: Still looking rather red in the face, Hector walks back over…
[00:41] Happy: "Don't look at me. I doubt I could lift it."
[00:42] Elly: And Wren will reach out for it, "What's this one do?"
[00:42] Shadowcaller: "That one increases the stamine for… two persons."
[00:42] Shadowcaller: *stamina
[00:42] Happy: "Who makes these things?" Karen asks.
[00:43] Shadowcaller: "Demons…" The quartermasters says with a sigh.
[00:43] General Shrimp: This time it's Hector's turn to sneak up behind Wren and hug her…
[00:44] Murska: 'Eh, I guess I'll carry the sword as a backup, since everyone appears to be fascinated by this section.' Derek smiles slightly and heads to pack the red balls safely.
[00:44] Shadowcaller: "Hey, wait for me!"
[00:44] Elly: "Err…" Wren eyes it, "Maybe you'd like this one, Hector?" She grins, "…only joking." She adds, before he thinks it's too serious.
[00:45] Shadowcaller: Luna shows Derek a small trinket of a round human-like thing.
[00:45] Murska: 'What's that?'
[00:45] General Shrimp: "I don't know. I suppose it could be…fun."
[00:45] Shadowcaller: "It can increase and decrease ferility…" She says quietly.
[00:45] Murska: 'Oh… useful.'
[00:46] Shadowcaller: "Uh… yeah, especially the second part."
[00:47] General Shrimp: "But, um, if you want to, Wren, I suppose we could use something from this part…"
[00:47] Murska: He grins and blows in her ear. 'I'm sure.'
[00:47] Elly: Wren shrugs, "I was only curious what you were looking at. Seem to have had an interest before I showed up."
[00:48] General Shrimp: "Well I didn't…I wasn't really thinking…and I certainly didn't want to…uh…alter you…or anything like that."
[00:49] Shadowcaller: Luna blushes "Mhm…"
[00:49] Elly: "Uh huh…" She puts the ball back on the shelf, and wanders along, ignoring the weapons or duller things, looking for something else shiny, preferably with a gem.
[00:49] Murska: 'Anything else interesting you've found?'
[00:49] General Shrimp: "Sorry…" He still sorta feels quilty, and gently puts one arm on her shoulder and follows her.
[00:50] General Shrimp: *guilty
[00:50] Shadowcaller: There is a small idol of a cat with gems for eyes.
[00:51] Shadowcaller: "There were things… but I don't think it's as clean."
[00:51] Elly: o.o
[00:51] Elly: Wren will go for that one.
[00:51] General Shrimp: Ooh…cat! Hector stares at it.
[00:52] Shadowcaller: "Not sure you would appriciate such things." Luna looks a bit awkward.
[00:52] Shadowcaller: Wren takes up the cat idol.
[00:52] Murska: He chuckles. 'Actually I meant in the armoury, not necessarily that section.'
[00:53] Shadowcaller: "Oh, err.. of course." She pauses, "I get a mithril shirt, two silver daggers… a helmet, thats it really."
[00:54] Shadowcaller: The quartermaster turns to Wren "Ah, the sacred cat of Bast."
[00:54] Shadowcaller: "It can decrease or increase the age of one willing person."
[00:54] Murska: 'Of course, I won't mind if you're interested in something else aswell.' He winks. 'But let's mainly concentrate on what keeps us alive.'
[00:54] General Shrimp: …
[00:54] General Shrimp: "Um…maybe we should look at something else?"
[00:55] Elly: "Err…"
[00:55] Elly: Wren will put it back on the shelf, "Yeah… maybe the more mundane magical items…"
[00:55] General Shrimp: "…sure you don't want the stamina thing?"
[00:56] Elly: "Wait… speaking of which!" Wren grins, excited, "I'll be right back. …and you'd be the one needing it, loverboy."
[00:56] Shadowcaller: Luna nods "Uh, yeah. we better."
[00:56] Elly: She flees out of the armoury. <.<
[00:56] General Shrimp: "Hey!"
[00:56] General Shrimp: Hector sighs and heads out of the section.
[00:58] Shadowcaller: "Are you done here Derek?" Luna looks at him.
[00:58] Murska: 'Yeah, though I guess nobody else wanted to keep that sword.'
[00:59] Happy: (what about Arim?)
[00:59] Shadowcaller: (He is staying far away from the N-section <.<)
[00:59] Elly: (Jeeze Arim. )

[01:00] Shadowcaller: (Picked up a mithril shirt and a silver knife.)
[01:04] Murska: 'What about you?'
[01:04] Shadowcaller: (Arim?)
[01:04] Murska: Luna
[01:05] Shadowcaller: "Me? Geez Derek… I'm not sure."
[01:05] Shadowcaller: "I got a magic bow already."
[01:05] Murska: 'Did you take enough arrows?'
[01:06] Shadowcaller: She nods "As many as I can carry."
[01:07] Elly: (And a intermediate amount of time later…) Wren comes back with her ragged old dress, wrapped around… the pyramid! "You seem to be able to figure out how things work…"
[01:07] Shadowcaller: (TO the quarter master eh?)
[01:08] Elly: (Assumably. Unless there's a Wise Old Sage sitting in the corner. >.> )
[01:08] Murska: 'Anything else you think you'll need? You could take one of the bombs since you should be able to get into a good position to use them easily.'
[01:08] Shadowcaller: "I would say I'm pretty knowledgeable."
[01:09] Shadowcaller: "BOmbs? You mean like the one you used against that tree thing?"
[01:09] Elly: "This… thing, a demon told us could absorb our powers…" She unwraps the pyramid carefully, unsure of how it gets set off.
[01:10] Murska: 'Yeah.'
[01:10] Shadowcaller: "Sure, if you belive I can handle them." Luna replies.
[01:11] Murska: 'As long as you're careful. Squeeze it and then throw it at something hard and it'll go boom.' He hands her one of the balls.
[01:11] Shadowcaller: The quarter master takes a close look at the pyramid "Hmm… this one looks powerful."
[01:12] Shadowcaller: Luna takes it and looks at the ball "Right, I think I will handle that."
[01:12] Elly: She offers it to him, assuming he'd rather work with it than just let her hold it out, "I'd like to have it figured out before we leave, again… do you think that's enough time?"
[01:13] Shadowcaller: The quartermaster laughs a bit "It's not like I have much to do anyway. Give me a day or two and I think I will have figured this thing out miss."
[01:14] Elly: Wren smiles, "Thank you."
[01:14] Shadowcaller: The quartermaster nods politely "No trouble at all."
[01:20] Shadowcaller: ANd I guess we save and end there
[01:20] Shadowcaller: Tomorrow wolfy will be back
[01:22] Elly: I'll do a bit of Armoury shopping with you…
[01:22] Elly: …
[01:22] Elly: In a bit.
[01:25] Shadowcaller: sec…
[01:33] Shadowcaller: back
[01:35] Shadowcaller: Changing computer
[01:37] Shadowcaller: —
[01:37] Shadowcaller: Back

[01:38] Murska: .
[01:38] Shadowcaller: Hi
[01:38] General Shrimp: (*mumbles an apology about internet exploding*)
[01:39] Shadowcaller: Is Hector and Wren doing anything?
[01:39] General Shrimp: I dunno, what did I miss?
[01:39] Shadowcaller: Nothing much
[01:39] Shadowcaller: Wren send the pyramid to the quarter master
[01:40] General Shrimp: Ah, right.
[01:41] General Shrimp: Okay, well, Hector is going to grumble at Wren about her earlier comment questioning his stamina :P
[01:42] Shadowcaller: Elly was going to do something
[01:42] Shadowcaller: She will return.
[01:48] Elly: Ahem…
[01:48] Elly: Right. Shopping for trinkets in the Armoury. >.>
[01:48] Shadowcaller: Um, okay.
[01:48] General Shrimp: And getting grumbled at by Hector! :P
[01:51] Shadowcaller: Derek have already taken all non-naugthy items thought.
[01:52] Murska: All three :P
[01:52] General Shrimp: …why are there so many more naughty items than there are non-naughty ones?
[01:53] Shadowcaller: Since everyone is using up the actually useful ones
[01:53] Shadowcaller: And the Ithari once looted a temple of Aforid, there were stuff like that everywhere…
[01:53] Elly: O.o
[01:54] General Shrimp: Meh, Hector decides to take the stamina thingy anyway. Just because he wants a magic item…
[01:54] Elly: O.o
[01:54] Elly: Wren is wandering through the… mundane… magic item area.
[01:55] General Shrimp: Hector tucks it away somewhere and wanders back out to find Wren.
[01:56] Shadowcaller: She happends to find a small green ball slightly hidden in a corner of the room.
[01:56] Elly: Ooh! Ball!
[01:57] General Shrimp: Hector walks over. "Hey, Wren, what've you found?"
[01:57] Elly: "I'm… not sure."
[01:58] General Shrimp: "Well…go on! See what it does!"
[02:01] Elly: Wren will pick it up. Nervously. >.>
[02:02] Shadowcaller: She dose so. It dosen't seem to be doing anything.
[02:05] Elly: "Huh." She turns it over, looking for markings.

[02:05] Elly: …
[02:05] Elly: Elly says:
"Huh." She turns it over, looking for markings.
[02:06] Shadowcaller: It's surface is completely smooth, it's made of some outwordly material.
[02:07] Elly: Wren will continue turning it over and over in her hands, "Hm…"
[02:08] General Shrimp: "Interesting…I wonder what it does…"
[02:09] Elly: "Aside from being a ball?" She laughs and tries squeezing it.
[02:09] Shadowcaller: Suddenly it starts to glow.
[02:10] Shadowcaller: As she sqeezes it.
[02:10] General Shrimp: "…huh" Hector leans in to get a better look at it.
[02:11] Elly: She looks it over again curiously. "Well…"
[02:12] Shadowcaller: Suddenly Wren feels a lot faster.
[02:12] Elly: O.o?
[02:13] Murska: (Way to waste a good haste spell)
[02:14] Murska: (:P)
[02:14] General Shrimp: "Well?"
[02:15] Elly: ( One use? =p)
[02:15] Elly: "Not sure… Feels weird, though."
[02:16] Shadowcaller: The ball looks a bit dimmer.
[02:16] Shadowcaller: If Wren moves, she will be able to do so at a much greater speed then before.
[02:21] General Shrimp: "Huh, well, whatever you did, I'd guess the ball can only do it a few times."
[02:22] General Shrimp: "or maybe it has to recharge…or something…"
[02:23] Elly: "Hm…" She ges to ask the quartermaster about how to keep it charged. >.>
[02:25] General Shrimp: Does she superspeed over to him?
[02:35] Shadowcaller: (Ugh, sorry.)
[02:35] Shadowcaller: She dose.
[02:35] Shadowcaller: "Whoa!"
[02:35] Shadowcaller: "What are you doing?"
[02:36] Elly: "Um… found this in the corner… and that was fast…" O.o
[02:36] General Shrimp: "What the-? Wow! Wren!" Hector runs over after her.
[02:37] Shadowcaller: "Thats a haste item… must have gone lost. Good that you found it thought. You are going to use it I take it?"
[02:38] Elly: "Err… can it be recharged, or…?"
[02:38] Elly: She holds out the dimming orb. <.<
[02:39] Shadowcaller: "Maybe by a demon. Otherwise your stuck with whatever charges that are left."
[02:40] Elly: "Ah… …sorry that I wasted one."
[02:41] Elly: ( Oh wait! They have a resident demon! *goes to bother Wolfie* =p )
[02:41] Shadowcaller: "Well, you were lucky, that thing could have done much worse then speed you up."
[02:41] Shadowcaller: "Remember, never touch a unknown magical item."
[02:42] Elly: "…you keep the dangerous ones out in the open, too?" Wren looks around nervously at all the random items… oh, this was going to be a long day of poking.
[02:42] General Shrimp: Hector puts his hand on Wren's shoulder, "maybe the one magic item is enough? I mean, I'm not taking anything magical…"
[02:44] Elly: "Aw… But, Hector! We could get something to re- …wait, what did you take?"
[02:44] Shadowcaller: "Not normally."
[02:44] General Shrimp: "Nothing. I haven't taken anything."
[02:44] Shadowcaller: "Had to open up all these cases for your group."
[02:45] Shadowcaller: "Otherwise this section is off limits."
[02:45] Elly: "…if you haven't taken nothing, you've obviously got something!"
[02:45] General Shrimp: "…eh?"
[02:45] Elly: Wren looks a little embaressed, "Sorry." She murmurs to the QM.
[02:45] General Shrimp: "I haven't taken /anything/ I haven't not taken nothing."
[02:46] Elly: "Then why did you say you had?"
[02:46] Shadowcaller: "Don't worry… I'm here to help you right?"
[02:46] General Shrimp: "…I didn't?"
[02:46] General Shrimp: "I was saying that I haven't taken anything."
[02:46] General Shrimp: "Nothing has really caught my eye."
[02:47] Elly: "Hm…" Wren looks around curiously. "It would be a shame not to take anything while we're here, though…"
[02:47] General Shrimp: "Yeah, but unless they've got a magic bow somewhere around here…"
[02:48] Shadowcaller: "You can take anything you like… just be very careful."
[02:49] General Shrimp: "Well…is there a magic bow?"
[02:49] Shadowcaller: "Nope, sorry. Your lucky she found that haste orb."
[02:49] Shadowcaller: "Must have been the last mundant item right now, high demand you see?"
[02:51] Elly: Wren smiles, and goes back to browsing through the magical tidbits, "Maybe there should be labels… Does anyone else come down to help you with these things?"
[02:53] Shadowcaller: "Everyone is busy, but when we refill, there is usually a group of people helping me carry and such."
[02:56] Shadowcaller: "Is there any of these that catches your eye?" (There is a black pair of gloves, a coral-shaped object, a dream catcher, a golden box..)
[02:56] General Shrimp: "Hmm…" Hector goes to inspect the gloves.
[02:57] Elly: "Hm…" Wren glances at the random objects… "No… I think I'll just let Hector finish up, and grab a few normal things…" (Chainmail, knives, etc. =p )
[02:57] Shadowcaller: He nods "Understandable."
[02:58] General Shrimp: "These gloves…what do they do?"
[02:58] Shadowcaller: He looks at them, "Oh, those changes the wearers gender."
[02:58] General Shrimp: "WHAT?"
[02:59] Shadowcaller: He smiles "You have already been here for a few hours and your still suprised?"
[03:00] General Shrimp: "By that, yes! Okay, fine, what's the box do?"
[03:02] Shadowcaller: "It contains a powder that makes your hair grow longer."
[03:02] General Shrimp: "…are any of these remotely useful?"
[03:03] Shadowcaller: "Why do you think we keep them here?"
[03:03] Shadowcaller: "All actually useful stuff have already been taken."
[03:03] General Shrimp: "Well, go ahead and tell me what the coral and dream catcher things do?"
[03:05] Shadowcaller: "The dreamcatcher gives desireable dreams to whoever is sleeping underneath it, the coral let's you change colors on yourself."
[03:06] General Shrimp: "Huh…" Hector picks up the piece of coral. "This could be useful…slightly…for sneaking about."
[03:08] Shadowcaller: "Or change your hair color…"
[03:09] General Shrimp: Hector shrugs, "Hey, pink flesh stands out quite a bit in a green forest. Plus, I'll never have to worry about grey hairs!"
[03:10] Shadowcaller: "I suppose, good catch."
[03:10] General Shrimp: And with that…Hector walks back over to Wren
[03:10] Shadowcaller: He dose.
[03:12] Elly: "Hm?" She's sorting through the pile of daggers, trying to pick a set that she likes… even though they all look mostly the same.
[03:13] General Shrimp: "I found something. Nothing particularly special…but I'll never have grey hair!"
[03:14] Elly: She laughs, "I thought that men were supposed to be alright with that?"
[03:14] General Shrimp: "Yeah, I don't really mind, but…it's still nice."
[03:21] Elly: Wren smiles, fingering the blade of one of the daggers intently, "Is that all you're taking then?"
[03:27] General Shrimp: "Yeah. He said it lets me change my colour. Being able to blend in with the scenery a little better might be useful. But, yeah, I'm not changing my leather armour, I've got a sword to replace my knife…and I have a helmet!

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