Derek's Story - 1

22:04:37 Shadowcaller: And starting…
22:05:15 Shadowcaller: *knock, knock, knock* You blink as you hear the sound. How long were you up last night?
22:06:30 Shadowcaller: "Derek? Are you there? We are kind of in a hurry here." You hear Marius outside your door, you look around and see that your mithril shirt hangs on a chair next to your bed, your sword is there as well.
22:06:53 Aegnor: Not very. 'What, as usual?' He gets up.
22:07:36 Shadowcaller: "Not exactly usual I'm afraid, Iben wants to meet us. It seems pretty important from the sound of him."
22:08:22 Aegnor: 'All right, coming.' He gets equipped.
22:10:03 Shadowcaller: Marius is already fully equipped as you meet him outside, his brown hair in perfect order. "Great, you know how Iben is, I say he's by far the worst of the captains."
22:10:41 Shadowcaller: Maruis goes to exit your barrack.
22:11:01 Aegnor: follow, follow, follow, follow the guy who seems to know what's going on
22:11:48 Shadowcaller: "Apperently he wants to meet us in the south chapel, not sure why he picks such a remote spot, but I guess he have his reasons…"
22:12:29 Shadowcaller: You walk across the yard, seeing more demon hunters training different fighting techniques.
22:13:16 Aegnor: (can I haz crossbow? )
22:13:43 Shadowcaller: Eventually, you reach your location, there is no one here at this time of the day, the little black chapel looks a bit spooky to you.
22:13:46 Shadowcaller: (Sure…)
22:14:30 Aegnor: 'Any idea what he might want?'
22:16:04 Shadowcaller: "He said it was very important, and it sounded like he really meant it."
22:16:31 Shadowcaller: "Something about a change of life, I'm not sure what he meant really, but we might not come to like it."
22:17:04 Aegnor: 'When do we ever like anything Iben has to say?'
22:18:43 Shadowcaller: "Not likely, thought this isn't extra duty in the yellow hall exactly, if I read his expression right."
22:19:47 Shadowcaller: Marius opens the door to the chapel and you can see Iben standing there his back turned towards you "Sergant Maruis, Sergant Derek, your here."
22:20:54 Shadowcaller: "We are… so what's this about?"
22:23:41 Shadowcaller: Iben puts his hands together, straightens his back and takes a deep breath. Then he turns towards you. He looks older then you remember him, it looks like he haven't slept so well the last nights, his beard is untrimmed, his hair slightly untidy which is strange.
22:24:47 Shadowcaller: "I'm glad that you came in time at least, seems that making you sergants wasn't a completely foolish decision of the commanders part."
22:25:24 Aegnor: 'Why thank you, sir.'
22:25:52 Shadowcaller: "Spare me the grattitude, I need none from you."
22:26:30 Aegnor: (more like sarcasm :P)
22:26:36 Shadowcaller: "Never the less, your both here so I say we go directly to bussniess."
22:26:51 Shadowcaller: (He isn't very good with sarcasm
22:27:21 Aegnor: Derek stands in place, hoping that if he doesn't say anything the guy will finally get to what he wants to say.
22:28:57 Shadowcaller: "As you might know, more and more demons have been entering the world lately, the trade with Ruthan is going badly, soon we don't have mithril or silver enough to support our order."
22:29:29 Shadowcaller: "People are talking about a war with Ruthan gentlemen, this is very serious."
22:30:44 Shadowcaller: "And desperate times, need desperate methods. Everything we say in here, will *stay* in here, is that *clear*?"
22:30:58 Aegnor: 'Sure.'
22:31:10 Shadowcaller: Marius: "Just get to the point, please."
22:32:23 Shadowcaller: Iben: "I don't need more of your attitude, you lack the respect that comes to the rank you have, but I have already mentioned that many times, so yes, we will get to the point."
22:33:04 Shadowcaller: He steps to the side, revealing a expensive-looking lock-box on the little altar in the chapter.
22:34:20 Shadowcaller: He takes out a key from his pocket and opens it up, inside the lock-box lays two ominous-looking amulets.
22:35:34 Shadowcaller: He takes one of them up, "Do you know what this is gentlemen?" It's obviously a Rhetorical question.
22:37:06 Shadowcaller: Maruis: "No? Should we?"
22:38:04 Shadowcaller: Iben: "This is a amulet of Cull, this is our latest weapon against the demons, to use their own weapons against them."
22:39:04 Aegnor: brb
22:39:09 Shadowcaller: (Okay.)
22:39:47 Aegnor: 'Would you kindly elaborate?'
22:41:55 Shadowcaller: He sigh, this seems to be hard for him to say "This… to be straight forward as you always request me to be, this amulet will make you stonger, faster, it will improve you in all ways possible and it also will make you able to use the demons magic."
22:42:27 Aegnor: 'So basically it'll make me a demon='
22:42:39 Shadowcaller: "Yes, thats exactly what it will."
22:42:55 Shadowcaller: Maruis: "You got to be kidding me…"
22:43:41 Shadowcaller: Iben: "It's not a joke at all, we need this and you two were choosen to try it out."
22:44:14 Aegnor: 'Oh great. What about mental effects?'
22:45:41 Shadowcaller: "We are not sure about that exactly, this is the first time we try this out. These amulets have been stolen from demons, they use these to turn mortals."
22:46:00 Shadowcaller: "Be we belive, that with enough will, you will be able to regain your minds."
22:46:22 Shadowcaller: *but
22:46:33 Aegnor: 'You /believe/?! Based on what?'
22:46:45 Shadowcaller: "Other people that have turned."
22:47:53 Shadowcaller: "I would see this as a great chance for both of you to show you devoution to the order."
22:47:54 Aegnor: 'And if not, you'll just kill us as an example of the demons' tainting influence.'
22:49:24 Shadowcaller: "Please, we did not do this just to have two matyrs, we honestly belive this will work, it have worked before outside the other and it will do now."
22:50:16 Shadowcaller: "You have sacrificed a lot for this order, and now I am asking to just sacifice a bit more."
22:50:35 Aegnor: 'Maybe not /just/ two martyrs but it's a plus, isn't it? It's not like you can let us two live afterwards.'
22:51:35 Shadowcaller: "We are not planning to kill you unless you there are obvious signs of demonic corruption."
22:51:59 Shadowcaller: "There might even be ways to turn you back to human if this misfires."
22:52:07 Aegnor: 'Obvious physically? Or mentally?'
22:52:22 Shadowcaller: "Mentally."
22:53:04 Aegnor: 'So the demonhunters will just let two demon-looking /things/ walk around and live in the great cities? Don't you think the populace might get a bit angry?'
22:53:40 Happy on lisätty keskusteluun.
22:54:08 Shadowcaller: "We have a plan for that as well."
22:55:08 Shadowcaller: "Besides, these two amulets, we also have rings that should be able to disguise you as you are right now, if you keep the tings on, you won't even be able to see your own transformation."
22:56:54 Shadowcaller: *rings
23:00:48 Aegnor: Derek glances at Marius. 'And what if we do not want to become the enemy?'
23:01:25 Shadowcaller: Maruis appears appaled by the very idea, like he's not really beliving what he is hearing.
23:04:57 Shadowcaller: "You have been choosen to defend our country, this very world from demons. We might be overun, there are already repports of demons rampaging the country side, killing holy men in the middle of the church of light for example. These amulets won't make you less human, it will make you stronger, it will help us save us from them."
23:05:42 Shadowcaller: "You will be paid of course, and with these rings, no one will even notice it."
23:06:27 Shadowcaller: "There are very few downsides, you must realize that this is not just about you, this is about everyone."
23:10:30 Shadowcaller: "If you don't agree, then two other must be sacrificed."
23:10:47 Aegnor: 'Why does it sound like a textbook example on how demons tempt mortals?'
23:12:33 Shadowcaller: "Fine, if you do not agree, then I have another job for you. I'm just trying to speak to that side that hopefully made you join this order in the first place."
23:13:14 Shadowcaller: Maruis: "I rather not be a demon thank you, if you really want this, why not put that amulet around your own neck?"
23:13:47 Shadowcaller: Iben: "Enough of this, do you accept or not?"
23:15:16 Shadowcaller: Maruis shakes his head "I do not."
23:20:13 Shadowcaller: …
23:22:10 Aegnor: 'Seriously? No way.'
23:24:05 Shadowcaller: Iben sigh, "I was afraid you might answer that. But in that case, I have another job for you." He closes the lock-box and lock it with his key that he puts back in this pocket.
23:25:52 Shadowcaller: "We have had repports of an demon cult in Ander and we need someone to investigate it."
23:26:11 Aegnor: 'Just as a hint, anyone who would accept that is probably a person you do not want to have it.'
23:28:10 Shadowcaller: "Keep your opinion to yourself thank you sergant, this isn't about power, it's about devoution."
23:29:28 Shadowcaller: "But enough of that, you will give a few hours to prepare and then you will leave for Ander."
23:32:46 Aegnor: 'That's the point. This whole job isn't about power, but devotion. But all right.'
23:33:16 Shadowcaller: Marius nods "Fine. Can we leave now?"
23:33:27 Shadowcaller: "You are both dismissed."
23:34:00 Shadowcaller: Marius quickly leaves the chapel.
23:35:02 Shadowcaller: "Can you belive he actually asked us to do that?" He asks as you are walking back to your barrack.
23:40:12 Aegnor: 'Yes, yes I can.'
23:41:16 Shadowcaller: "Which makes it so much sadder… well, we better get ready. When Iben says a 'few' hours, he means three hours. See you later Derek."
23:42:28 Aegnor: 'Yeah, later.'
23:43:23 Shadowcaller: You get ready for your journey, packing the crossbow and whatever other stuff you have including some map and rations.
23:45:24 Shadowcaller: You set out at noon, leaving Derim and the ithari's (demon hunters) head quarters behind you.
23:47:25 Shadowcaller: As you ride along the rode, you can suddenly see a broken down wagon in the middle of the path.
23:48:11 Shadowcaller: There are no signs of any people or horses, there are cofferts and chests packed in small piles around it.
23:48:32 Aegnor: 'What do you think happened here?'
23:49:15 Shadowcaller: "No idea… might be bandits, rebels or worse, actual demons."
23:49:38 Aegnor: 'Or fleeing people whose wagon broke and they left everything they couldn't carry'.
23:49:45 Aegnor: 'Anyway, let's keep going.'
23:49:54 Shadowcaller: He nods "Let's."
23:51:59 Shadowcaller: You ride around the wagon, forced to go off the main road to come to Ander, it's a heavily forest area, a part of dusk wood, known for it's aggresive wolves.
23:54:37 Shadowcaller: As you have managed to get past such hinders as rocks in the path in this unkept road, Marius suddenly stops and looks at his silver armband, it glows in green. You notice that yours do as well, this means only one thing, nearby demons.
23:55:43 Shadowcaller: "Okay, this isn't good… should we ride on or investigate?"
23:56:53 Aegnor: 'We're demon hunters.' He slides off his horse.
23:57:37 Shadowcaller: So dose Marius.
23:58:03 Shadowcaller: Both sides of the path are almost overgrown, this isn't a very used path apperently.
23:58:19 Shadowcaller: All you can see is trees and underbrush.
23:58:40 Aegnor: Derek unsheathes his sword.
23:59:39 Shadowcaller: Marius follows his example and carefully steps into the underbrush "We need to search the entire area, but they need to be somewhere close…
23:59:41 Shadowcaller: "
0:01:34 Aegnor: 'Probably it either leaves or attacks us depending on if it wants a fight. I don't like this.' He says very quietly. 'Let's watch each other's back.'
0:03:42 Shadowcaller: He nods "Yeah, if it's even aware of us and I rather hope it isn't." He slowly goes along the path watching every direction.
0:04:58 Shadowcaller: "It's stronger here…" He says as he have gone a few meters forward.
0:05:07 Aegnor: Derek follows him.
0:06:21 Shadowcaller: He steps into the underbrush "Watch my back." He says silently.
0:07:18 Aegnor: He stays diagonally to his side and watches behind and to his side.
0:09:53 Shadowcaller: Following him deeper into the woods gets you into a clearing of sort, you can see that people have been here, you can see footsteps in the moss, broken off twigs and moved rocks.
0:10:20 Aegnor: any tracks that'd look like a demon?
0:10:36 Shadowcaller: Nope, these are all human tracks from what you can see.
0:10:46 Aegnor: Well, demons can shapeshift.
0:10:52 Aegnor: Some of them.
0:10:55 Shadowcaller: yes
0:11:05 Aegnor: Has there been a fight?
0:11:27 Shadowcaller: It dosen't look that way, no signs of it.
0:12:12 Shadowcaller: Marius stops "Hey, come and look at this."
0:12:23 Aegnor: He turns.
0:12:28 Aegnor: Since they're right next to each other.
0:13:26 Shadowcaller: There is a symbol that have been drawn into the ground, it have most likely been used in some kind of ritual.
0:14:09 Shadowcaller: It's faded thought, looks a few days old.
0:14:31 Aegnor: 'Recognize it?
0:14:32 Aegnor: '
0:15:18 Shadowcaller: "If I remember right… it's a opening symbol. This must be a demon gate." He looks around "Thought they would be more obvious really."
0:15:32 Aegnor: 'Makes sense they'd be hidden.'
0:15:37 Aegnor: (Can they break it or somethin'?)
0:16:10 Shadowcaller: (Yeah, just break the symbol.)
0:16:20 Shadowcaller: (It's just paint.)
0:16:24 Aegnor: He kicks at it. 'Well, sounds like HQ's information was right.'
0:17:46 Shadowcaller: "Yeah… thought I'm still worried about our demon…"
0:19:09 Shadowcaller: Suddenly you hear something out of the ordinary, it sounds like chanting. You also notice how dark it's starting to get.
0:19:53 Aegnor: 'Shit.' He raises his sword again and moves two steps away from Marius.
0:21:08 Shadowcaller: "Okay, keep calm. As long we have mithril, their magic can't harm us." He stays at his positon, peering deeper into the woods.
0:21:28 Aegnor: 'It can make it hard for us to stop them from harming us physically, though.'
0:22:41 Shadowcaller: "Hmm… should we go back then?"
0:23:09 Aegnor: 'We don't know where it is and it knows exactly where we are. I don't think we should do anything rash.'
0:24:00 Shadowcaller: "Don't be too sure of that, if it knew where we was, it might already have attacked us…"
0:24:41 Aegnor: 'If it were stupid, yes. Let's get away from the gate, in case this was a reaction to it feeling it was destroyed.'
0:27:39 Shadowcaller: "Okay, let's." He backs away towards you.
0:28:13 Aegnor: Derek moves towards the forest so they keep the formation.
0:29:02 Shadowcaller: As they moves away from the gate, they can suddenly hear a woman scream.
0:29:05 Shadowcaller: *move
0:29:35 Aegnor: Which way?
0:29:51 Shadowcaller: From the demon gate.
0:30:11 Aegnor: from inside the broken gate?
0:30:48 Shadowcaller: Well, past the gate. Gates are actual locations, like a forest clearing, these rituals only work within them.
0:31:13 Aegnor: and you can't dispel those locations?
0:31:17 Aegnor: sanctify or something
0:31:38 Shadowcaller: Not really, no.
0:31:46 Shadowcaller: Unless you put a lot of steel there.
0:31:57 Shadowcaller: Or mirthil.
0:32:03 Aegnor: then people should build churches and such on them
0:32:43 Shadowcaller: Indeed, they should. But not all of them are found and they can be in very unfriendly terrain.
0:33:04 Aegnor: well, unfriendly terrain ones can be steel'd
0:34:10 Shadowcaller: They could, yes. Thought in this setting, churches dosen't have any special power against demons
0:34:17 Shadowcaller: It's more faith.
0:34:34 Aegnor: the point is that it's unlikely that cultists manage to perform a ritual in a church
0:34:39 Aegnor: at least more unlikely than in the middle of a forest
0:35:10 Shadowcaller: Indeed, they try to block the gates, many cities have been built upon them.
0:35:22 Aegnor: well that's not a good idea :P
0:35:26 Aegnor: plenty of spots to hide in a city
0:35:47 Shadowcaller: Yeah, but churches first… you know what I mean
0:35:50 Aegnor: but in the middle of a large clearing for military drills would be perfect
0:36:09 Shadowcaller: *nod nod*
0:36:39 Aegnor: of course, if it's small just plant a steel pillar on it.
0:37:00 Shadowcaller: That could work as well.
0:37:10 Shadowcaller: Anyway…
0:38:21 Shadowcaller: "Okay, we better get out of here." Maruis says, backing away a bit quicker.
0:38:46 Aegnor: They move back towards their horses. I go fetch food.
0:38:51 Shadowcaller: Okay
0:40:20 Shadowcaller: They reach their horses which are where they left them. Marius slides up on his and says "Should we continue towards Ander then? Or turn back…?"
0:49:20 Shadowcaller: …
0:51:36 Aegnor: 'Considering there's been a ritual there, I'm pretty sure we're needed in Ander. Mark up the location of that gate and send a message back as soon as we can, though.'
0:53:06 Shadowcaller: "Will do, let's hope the cult isn't that strong here yet."
0:53:39 Shadowcaller: marius takes up a map from his saddle bag and marks the location, and then your off.
0:55:25 Shadowcaller: Nothing more intresting happend during the travel, Ander isn't far after all, and the silver stops glowing just a hundred meters away.
0:56:37 Shadowcaller: You arrive at Ander at midnight, there are only a few torches near the local inn. Otherwise the village appears to be sleeping.
0:59:44 Shadowcaller: Marius slides off his horse and ties it to a pole, there isn't really any stables aviable near here. "Just great… don't want to leave him out here."
1:04:58 Shadowcaller: …
1:08:12 Aegnor: 'Eh. It'll manage.'
1:09:04 Shadowcaller: "Very well…" Marius steps inside the inn.
1:11:13 Shadowcaller: The inn is quite empty, the only person you can see is the inn-keeper. "Oh guests. What will it be boys?" He comes toward you.
1:15:15 Shadowcaller: "Just one room thank you." marius says tiredly.
1:16:10 Shadowcaller: You pay and goes into your room, the night is relativly peaceful.
1:17:42 Shadowcaller: The next morning Marius asks you at the inn table "So, should we go back and investigate, or should we move around town?"
1:19:05 Aegnor: 'Let's check if there's something in town, first off.'
1:20:25 Shadowcaller: "Okay, we ssearch around the place then."
1:21:51 Shadowcaller: The town isn'y much liver during the day, people dosen't appear to give you very friendly looks, there is no signs of actual demonic activity thought, at least if the silver is to be belived.
1:22:42 Aegnor: Well, as long as it's heart enough.
1:23:03 Shadowcaller: (Huh?)
1:23:11 Aegnor: ('The town isn't much liver')
1:23:42 Shadowcaller: (*sigh* I knew I shouldn't have used that word, wrong of me.)
1:23:52 Aegnor: (livelier.)
1:24:02 Shadowcaller: (Thats the one.)
1:27:24 Shadowcaller: As you walk around a woman with dark hair comes up to you, she dosen't appear to really belong to the rest of the town "Hello there, may I ask who you are?"
1:28:14 Aegnor: 'Sure. Why?
1:28:15 Aegnor: '
1:29:03 Shadowcaller: "We don't have many visitors and you two are a bit odd, I was really just curious."
1:29:09 Aegnor: 'Okay.'
1:29:26 Shadowcaller: "So, who are you?" She smiles.
1:30:06 Aegnor: 'I'm Derek and he's Marius. Pleased to meet you…?'
1:30:15 Shadowcaller: Marius appears to be a bit uncertain what to say "Well… what he said."
1:31:51 Shadowcaller: "Eywen, but you can call me Evy, everyone else dose."
1:32:26 Aegnor: 'Ah. Well, good to meet you, Evy.'
1:34:16 Shadowcaller: She nods "Good to meet you as well…" She chuckles, "If you don't think I'm being too curious, what are you doing here? This little village isn't exactly important."
1:36:35 Aegnor: 'Just looking around, as you might have noticed.' He smiles.
1:37:17 Shadowcaller: She smiles back "You came all the way here to look around?"
1:37:32 Aegnor: 'Oh, yes. We travel a lot.'
1:39:50 Shadowcaller: "So, is there anything I can do for you? I own a shop in town and was wondering if you needed anything."
1:41:18 Aegnor: He shrugs. 'We don't travel with much in cash, it's always less safe that way.'
1:42:48 Shadowcaller: "So any perticular reason you cam just to Ander?"
1:42:51 Shadowcaller: *came
1:43:31 Aegnor: 'Because it's there?' He smiles.
1:44:56 Shadowcaller: She smiles back again "Just visiting every town around? Wish I had the money for that."
1:45:15 Aegnor: 'Sometimes I wish I did.' He laughs.
1:45:52 Aegnor: 'But right now there's not much worries.'
1:46:15 Aegnor: 'We saw a broken down wagon on the road, though. Any idea what's happened there?'
1:47:24 Shadowcaller: "A broken wagon? Thats… very odd, what color was it?"
1:47:36 Shadowcaller: (it was white.)
1:47:43 Aegnor: 'Color? White, why?'
1:47:56 Shadowcaller: (Or well, made of a very light wood type.)
1:48:15 Shadowcaller: "White… oh dear, where did you see it?"
1:48:33 Shadowcaller: She suddenly sounds a bit nervous.
1:49:19 Aegnor: 'Some way back on the road.'
1:52:04 Shadowcaller: "That was trader Jenny's wagon, she's my supplier, we usually trade…"
1:53:31 Aegnor: 'Any bandits or something around here? Don't want to run into trouble.'
1:54:04 Shadowcaller: "Eh, I hope not. There isn't usually enough traffic around these parts to attract any."
1:55:13 Shadowcaller: "Dear creator… I don't know what to say, had she been robbed?"
1:56:15 Aegnor: 'Well, there were no horses or people, just the broken wagon and some piles of containers.'
1:57:42 Shadowcaller: "This is very bad news… thank you for telling me thought, is there anything else I can help you with?"
2:01:15 Aegnor: 'I don't know. Unless there's something unusual around here you think we'd like to see.'
2:02:16 Shadowcaller: She looks around a bit "Eh… well, this news changes things a bit… maybe we should meet at my shop?"
2:04:33 Shadowcaller: "You can't miss it, got a big sign and all."
2:07:20 Aegnor: 'I suppose it can't hurt.'
2:07:48 Shadowcaller: She nods "Meet me up in a few hours, we'll talk then."
2:08:08 Shadowcaller: Evy leaves quite quickly.
2:08:21 Aegnor: 'Weird.'
2:08:35 Shadowcaller: "Yeah… what do you think?"
2:09:29 Aegnor: 'We'd better go, maybe we'll find out something. But there's something odd, so let's be careful.'
2:11:33 Shadowcaller: He nods "Always is, maybe this is just another cult town?"
2:13:36 Aegnor: 'Maybe.'
2:14:03 Shadowcaller: "We will see soon enough I guess."
2:14:38 Shadowcaller: You go to Evy's shop after a few hours, during the afternoon.
2:17:14 Shadowcaller: Only she's there, she closes the door right after you both have entered. "I didn't think you would come honestly…"
2:19:45 Shadowcaller: "But…" She sigh "There is some things going on in the village, I'm not sure exactly what, nothing bad have ever happend… until now that is."
2:20:33 Aegnor: 'Hm. Tell us more.'
2:23:13 Shadowcaller: "There are people moving around at nights outside, always leaving town limits."
2:24:48 Aegnor: 'Which way are they going?'
2:25:07 Shadowcaller: "Towards the road."
2:25:28 Shadowcaller: "And… there have been a lot of miscarriages lately… I know this sounds strange and all, but children aren't born here anymore. At least not a lot of them."
2:25:59 Aegnor: Derek glances at Marius.
2:26:31 Shadowcaller: He shrugs "Thats strange, not anything I'm familar with thought."
2:26:40 Shadowcaller: *familiar
2:28:57 Shadowcaller: Evy continues "I provide the town with herbs and such things, I help every woman in town with things like that… but for all my eight years here, only three children have been born alive."
2:30:13 Shadowcaller: "And the birth goes well, there are no complications at all, the mother is just fine. But… the child is just cold, as if it was born dead."
2:32:42 Shadowcaller: "Jenny was quite intrested in that, she asked around a lot…"
2:33:45 Shadowcaller: "I fear she might have ended up in trouble for just that reason."
2:34:43 Aegnor: 'Eight years, eh? Well, it does sound weird.'
2:38:13 Shadowcaller: Marius: "It dose… we should investigate more. Dose these people go out of town every night?"
2:38:39 Shadowcaller: Evy: "No, just some nights, it's not very often."
2:39:11 Aegnor: 'At predictable intervals?'
2:40:27 Shadowcaller: "Not from what I have gathered…"
2:40:55 Shadowcaller: "I can't say I'm awake every time thought."
2:41:18 Shadowcaller: "I have asked a few people, but they say they don't know anything about it."
2:42:25 Aegnor: 'So, why tell us?'
2:43:05 Shadowcaller: "Since I'm worried about Jenny and you seem… offical."
2:43:39 Shadowcaller: "Your from Derim aren't you?"
2:43:43 Aegnor: 'If I were you, it might be a good idea to move somewhere else.'
2:43:47 Shadowcaller: (Yeah, you are,(
2:44:35 Shadowcaller: "It's hard for me to leave everything I have here behind, but I guess you have a point…"
2:44:54 Shadowcaller: "I been thinking about it, I really have, but it never comes down to anything."
2:45:57 Aegnor: 'Considering what you said, you might want to hurry with it.'
2:46:33 Shadowcaller: "This is really the first time this have happend, otherwise I would have done it a long time ago…"
2:47:06 Shadowcaller: She sigh "So, are you two from Derim or what?"
2:51:46 Aegnor: 'Well, that was our previous stop, yes.'
2:51:51 Aegnor: 'You might say we're official.'
2:52:20 Shadowcaller: "I got that feeling from you… I'm from there myself actually."
2:53:09 Shadowcaller: "And I suppose I should move back there now… what are you two going to do?"
2:54:08 Aegnor: 'That depends.'
2:54:51 Shadowcaller: "On what? Is there anything more I can tell that might help you? I really hope she's still okay… somehow."
2:57:36 Aegnor: 'I don't know. Is there?'
2:59:12 Shadowcaller: "Well… I know at least one person that is going out during the nights. His name is Jack and he lives quite close to the inn, in a brown shovel, not much of a house really."
3:01:49 Shadowcaller: "His mother and I talk sometimes and she have slipped some pieces of information."
3:06:14 Aegnor: 'Hm. Okay, thank you.'
3:07:17 Shadowcaller: Evy curtsey "It was my pleasure sir."
3:07:55 Shadowcaller: "Now I think I have to pack… so if you exhuse me…"
3:08:11 Shadowcaller: Marius: "Right, we should leave.""
3:08:19 Aegnor: 'Wish you luck.'
3:08:25 Aegnor: Derek turns to leave.
3:09:03 Shadowcaller: They leave Evy's shop.
3:10:04 Shadowcaller: Marius: "So what now? Shall we visit this 'Jack' fellow?"
3:11:46 Aegnor: 'Maybe we should. Still, it feels odd… Anyway, we don't happen to have any way of getting a word to HQ about this?'
3:12:47 Shadowcaller: "I don't know, if what she told us is true, then not many are leaving this village."
3:13:05 Aegnor: 'Nor do we want to entrust anyone who does with it. Oh well.'
3:13:42 Aegnor: 'Let's find some place where we can interrogate without being interrupted?'
3:14:18 Shadowcaller: Marius nods "Good idea, we should be as discret as possible."
3:14:52 Shadowcaller: (What are you looking for?)
3:15:19 Aegnor: (Some place where we can interrogate him without being interrupted? :P)
3:15:48 Shadowcaller: (Yeah… but what qualities do such a place have?)
3:16:40 Aegnor: (hopefully far away from where people will be, and in some building)
3:17:39 Shadowcaller: (Okay, there a half-broken building at the edge of town.)
3:20:19 Shadowcaller: "Is that good?"
3:22:34 Aegnor: 'Best that I think we'll find. It should work.'
3:25:19 Shadowcaller: He nods "Hopefully, now we come to the messy part, but if I know you right, it won't be that messy at all."
3:26:14 Aegnor: 'Wait for night or just invite him for a walk?'
3:27:25 Shadowcaller: "Night time might be best, it's unlikely they are going to be moving about tonight, I supect they did it last night aftr all."
3:29:46 Shadowcaller: /after
3:31:56 Aegnor: 'True. So let's keep walking around for a while longer and then go eat.'
3:32:45 Shadowcaller: "Agreed."
3:38:01 Shadowcaller: You wait until night falls over Ander, then you silently leave the inn.
3:39:09 Shadowcaller: You go over to Jack's house, all lights are out.
3:42:55 Shadowcaller: "So, how are we going to do this?" Marius whispers.
3:47:29 Shadowcaller: …
3:49:02 Aegnor: 'Sneak in, knock him out and carry him off?'
3:49:32 Shadowcaller: "Direct… but I suppose it works
3:49:35 Shadowcaller: "
3:50:29 Shadowcaller: You sneak closer, Marius tries to open the door as silently as possible, it's locked.
3:50:34 Shadowcaller: "Knock it in?"
3:51:27 Aegnor: 'Nah. Too much noise.' (Any other way in they can see? Windows or such.)
3:53:01 Shadowcaller: There is a small window near the door, the house is quite small, just one room.
3:53:42 Aegnor: Big enough to get through?
3:54:12 Shadowcaller: Not really.
3:54:22 Aegnor: How is the door locked?
3:56:22 Shadowcaller: It's locked from the inside, no key but a small iron hook that is preventing the door from being opened.
3:56:34 Shadowcaller: (If you understand what I'm saying there…)
3:56:38 Aegnor: right
3:56:41 Aegnor: so they can open it a little?
3:56:51 Shadowcaller: Yes
3:57:01 Aegnor: 'Wait a sec.' He goes look through the window.
3:58:34 Shadowcaller: A pile of clothes lay on the floor, on the far side of the room is a bed, there is also a warerobe at the left, a small table in the middle with two chairs and a coffert.
3:59:02 Shadowcaller: There is another empty bed near the window.
4:00:15 Aegnor: Is the guy on the first bed?
4:00:19 Shadowcaller: Yes
4:00:56 Aegnor: 'Okay, come take a look. I'll see what I can do about the door.'
4:01:40 Aegnor: After memorizing the room, he returns to the door. Opening it a little, he slides a blade through and tries to open the metal hook.
4:03:15 Shadowcaller: Marius stands by the window as you slowly manage to get the door open.
4:04:18 Aegnor: 'All right, it's open.'
4:04:36 Shadowcaller: He comes towards you "Okay, let's get this over with."
4:07:01 Aegnor: He goes in and takes the guy out with sleeper's hold.
4:07:27 Shadowcaller: Jack dosen't even have time to react before you do so.
4:10:34 Shadowcaller: "Great, let's carry him away." Marius takes his feet.
4:11:01 Aegnor: 'All right.' They take him to the broken building.
4:12:26 Shadowcaller: They do.

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