Demon 1

[18:53] Shadowcaller: (Hi.)
[18:57] Shadowcaller: "But in return… I need to ask you of a favor. I risk dammnation for helping you dear."
[18:59] Shadowcaller: (Your the stong silent type?)
[18:59] Shadowcaller: *strong
[18:59] Wolfbane: (=P)
[18:59] Wolfbane: "Anything. I don't want to go back."
[19:01] Shadowcaller: "Oh, anything you say? Well, it's a rather odd task really, but nothing for a demon of your talents."
[19:01] Wolfbane: I pause. "Demon?"
[19:02] Shadowcaller: It takes a moment before the voice replies again "Oh, poor sweetling, you- you don't remember even that?"
[19:03] Wolfbane: "I remember nothing."
[19:04] Shadowcaller: "I feel truly sorry for you then, but I'm afraid I still need to use you, even as you are."
[19:05] Shadowcaller: "See, I need you to leave our world."
[19:06] Shadowcaller: "It's the only place you will really be safe anyway… but I swear I will make you able to return."
[19:07] Wolfbane: "Leave? How?"
[19:08] Shadowcaller: "There is a gate not far from here, guarded by some fool that was a bit too thick in the head to be bribed, not too much of a problem for you I hope."
[19:09] Shadowcaller: "Anyway, once you pass throught the gate, you will need to kill some mortals for us."
[19:10] Wolfbane: I have a feeling that this isn't the first time I've been asked to kill someone…"And the guard at the gate? Him as well?"
[19:11] Shadowcaller: "Of course silly!"
[19:13] Shadowcaller: "Don't say you lost that aswell?"
[19:13] Wolfbane: "I'm sure I will find a way to do so again." I smile a little.
[19:16] Shadowcaller: "Yees.." the voice purrs "Thats what I like so much about you… oh, poor shame we can't chat much longer, but you need to get moving. I talk to you once he's dead okay? The gate is north of here…" You can see a outline of a clawed hand pointing straight forward "There, go now darling, see you later…"
[19:16] Wolfbane: "Have fun, dear." My mood is improving already and I stand, stretching before heading north.
[19:18] Shadowcaller: As you start heading north you soon come to a road, marked out by black spikes leading the same direction you are heading.
[19:20] Wolfbane: I stay off of it, but keep following it.
[19:22] Shadowcaller: Soon enough it splits in two different directions, one leading forward and the other to the left.
[19:22] Wolfbane: I follow which ever one heads north.
[19:23] Shadowcaller: As you head along it, you can see two figures walking there in the distance.
[19:24] Wolfbane: Any sign of a gate?
[19:24] Shadowcaller: Not yet.
[19:25] Shadowcaller: They look to be the same type of creatures that guarded you.
[19:27] Wolfbane: I keep walking, flexing my claws, wondering how easy it would be to use them again.
[19:27] Shadowcaller: The twisted trees dosen't offer much protection, but your white skin isn't easy to see in the snow.
[19:28] Shadowcaller: The two creatures soon pass you by without taking much notice of you.
[19:29] Wolfbane: I keep going. Maybe the next few…
[19:31] Shadowcaller: After a long walk you can see the sky turning slightly green at the horizon.
[19:33] Shadowcaller: Walking towards it, you can see a huge building, two great pillars standing next to each other and between them is a mass of green energy, glowing intensly.
[19:33] Shadowcaller: *intensly
[19:34] Wolfbane: Any sign of the foolish guard?
[19:36] Shadowcaller: Not what you can see for now, but as you get closer, you can see a whole horde of the same creatures that guarded you, standing around the gate, doing mostly nothing. Two of them are even in a fist fight against each other.
[19:37] Shadowcaller: There is a building next to the gate, it's a crude thing, looking like it's been set together from parts of other buildings, but you can see the creatures entering and leaving it all the time so they must use it as a base.
[19:39] Shadowcaller: RIght in front of the glowing energy stands a huge winged creature, a green beam is coming directly from the gate into the winged beast, making it shine in a greenish light.
[19:39] Shadowcaller: (Link:
[19:40] Wolfbane: I skirt the edges of the camp, as quitely as possibly, trying to get to the entrance to the gate.
[19:41] Shadowcaller: The twisted creatures aren't the most attentive in the world, no one of them appears to notice you as you sneak around the camp.
[19:43] Shadowcaller: You climb up the gate in silence, but the winged creature appears to be more weary of intruders then the other, it's looking around suspiciously.
[19:48] *** moc.liamtoh|iretnas_omis#moc.liamtoh|iretnas_omis (Aegnor) has joined the conversation.
[19:48] Wolfbane: I climb it higher, until I can get within jumping distance of the winged thing.
[19:49] Wolfbane: (*waves*)
[19:50] Shadowcaller: You do so, your clawed hands feels like they are excellent at climbing, as are your feet.
[19:52] Wolfbane: When I am in distance, I leap at it, clawed hands trying to aim for it's neck.
[19:53] Shadowcaller: You misjudge your leap a bit, landing exactly on the things head. It roars "To me! Intruders!"
[19:55] Wolfbane: I try to dig my claws under it's jaw, to rip it off.
[19:56] Shadowcaller: You claw it's throat right before it manages to throw you off, you instinctivily land on all fours however, taking no damage from the throw.
[19:56] Shadowcaller: The thing stumbles backwards, bleeding a great deal from it's throat.
[19:56] Shadowcaller: "You… will… regret this… everything will fall…"
[19:57] Shadowcaller: The creature collapses and the green beam that went into it dissapears.
[19:57] Shadowcaller: You can hear the horde of other creatures moving behind you.
[19:57] Wolfbane: I run for the gate, wishing I had time to destroy the army of creatures.
[19:59] Shadowcaller: You embrace the green energy around you, feeling how it takes you elsewhere…
[20:01] Shadowcaller: You blink and suddenly see green, but of a different kind, your eyes have a hard time to adjust to this type of light, it's so bright.
[20:02] Shadowcaller: All around you are green foilage, it seems strange to you, the sky is no longer grey but blue and there is a shining yellow thing there, blinding you.
[20:05] Wolfbane: I narrow my eyes a little, letting them adjust slowly. He calls out to the daemonette, not sure if she is waiting for him. "Are you here?"
[20:07] Shadowcaller: You can see a shape just against the foilage of the trees "I'm here, you were fast."
[20:08] Shadowcaller: "Thats a very good boy, you still got it."
[20:09] Wolfbane: "I wish I had had time to destroy the annoying army, but figured time was of the essence. Why don't you show yourself? Maybe a familiar face will help me remember."
[20:14] Shadowcaller: "You can't see me?" She sounds slightly suprised "Oh, such an embrassement I am, let me rework the image…" The figure shifts and suddenly a obviously female demon appears, she have the same skeletal-like carapace covering her body, but with more female (to a human at last) forms, as you she lack ears and a nose, but her eyes shine in a to you soothing white light.
[20:15] Shadowcaller: "Do you see me now?"
[20:15] Shadowcaller: She tilts her head a bit, smiling, all her razorsharp teeth showing.
[20:19] Shadowcaller: (and I doubt you have any idea at all whats going on:P)
[20:19] Shadowcaller: (Murska and Happy that is.)
[20:19] Happy: (none at all)
[20:20] Wolfbane: (I'm some kind of demon that broke out of prison with no memory, thats all I know <.<)
[20:20] Wolfbane: (Should we continue IF?)
[20:21] Shadowcaller: (If Murska is here.)
[20:23] Shadowcaller: (Otherwise you can go on if you want >.> Until Murska returns that is.)
[20:25] Wolfbane: I smile when I see her. "I'm ashamed to say that I still don't remember. What are our names?"
[20:29] Shadowcaller: "Names? Oh, we have many different names, one for each occasion. I'm called Mithra in the mortal world, but I'm not sure what you were called, you never told me." She pouts, which only makes her look more dangerous.
[20:30] Wolfbane: I look at her apologetically. "Seeing as I can't remember, perhaps you can choose one fitting of the occasion?"
[20:33] Shadowcaller: "Me choosing your name?" She laughs "You really have lost your memory."
[20:35] Wolfbane: I smile as I come up with one. "Then call me Maelstas."
[20:37] Shadowcaller: "Ohh.. that sounds dangerous. Mealstas… (in a differnet voice) Maelstas, (yet another different voice) Mealstas." She nods "Yeees… that will do."
[20:38] Shadowcaller: "Such a shame we can't meet in the flesh darling, but you got a little job to do for me after all."
[20:39] Wolfbane: I smile. "It really is. Who do you require me to kill?"
[20:39] Shadowcaller: "Let me explain briefly.. it's a long story, but I will make it short."
[20:44] Shadowcaller: "Long time ago, a mortal made a deal with our Sultan, in exchange for powers we would be granted any number of mortal souls."
[20:44] Shadowcaller: "Once she died, the powers would be returned to us, but we were tricked… such a clever little mortal she were."
[20:45] Shadowcaller: "Instead of going back to our sultan, the power was thanks to a spell she had casted, divided among her many children."
[20:45] Shadowcaller: "Once a child dies, the power it have goes to it's sliblings, unless that child have children of her own."
[20:46] Shadowcaller: "From what we learned, the mortal ruled a big chunk of this world thanks to her powers, a great empire was formed. Now it's all gone as she died as mortals tend to do."
[20:47] Shadowcaller: "But her children lives on, you must kill them all to return the power we were decived of."
[20:49] Wolfbane: My smiles twists into one of sadistic glee. "I'll do it, but tell me. As I can't remember anything, is there anything…special that you've known me to do?"
[20:49] Shadowcaller: "Oh, good that you mentioned that." She smiles back.
[20:50] Shadowcaller: "The reason I picked you just for this mission, beside the obvious friednly ones, is that you are very good at disguisng yourself as a mortal."
[20:51] Shadowcaller: *friendly
[20:51] Shadowcaller: *disguising
[20:53] Shadowcaller: "Most of our kin, becomes weaker in this world, at least it have been like that since the mortal made that shield of theirs, but you always seemed almost uneffected by it."
[20:55] Shadowcaller: "You can also, as all of us can, suck the mortals soul out, while this is deeply satisfying, it also help you get part of their memories."
[20:57] Shadowcaller: *souls
[20:58] Shadowcaller: "And it gives you a kick…" She smiles wickedly "But I'm not certain of all the powers you had on this plain."
[21:03] Wolfbane: He listens attentatively, and smiles when she does. "I'll be sure to try that sometime. And as for powers, I should relearn them sooner or later."
[21:03] Wolfbane: (Murska, you there?)
[21:03] Shadowcaller: (He is:P)
[21:05] Shadowcaller: (What did you think of that by the way?
[21:05] Wolfbane: (Sounds good. And I'm going to avoid the "Once evil but lost my memory and became good" thing. >.>)
[21:06] Shadowcaller: (Hehe, well I almost expected you would choose that line, but it's good with variation^^^)

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