Dark Promise

Shadowcaller says (4:12 PM):
Where is Promise?
Wolfbane says (4:13 PM):
Lets say in his tent.
Shadowcaller says (4:14 PM):
What time of day is it?
Wolfbane says (4:14 PM):
Shadowcaller says (4:14 PM):
Time-line wise that is
Wolfbane says (4:15 PM):
Um, a little after the meeting where they talk about the plan?
Shadowcaller says (4:15 PM):
So, what is he doing?
Wolfbane says (4:16 PM):
Trying to make the two collars?
Shadowcaller says (4:16 PM):
How is he doing that?
Metal collars?
Wolfbane says (4:17 PM):
Oh…maybe cutting the lengths of rope?
Shadowcaller says (4:17 PM):
Rope collars?
Wolfbane says (4:18 PM):
No, the rope to "bind" their wrists. They'll be tied so they come apart easily.
And a few more lengths to attach to the collars
Shadowcaller says (4:18 PM):
Right, but don't they need real collars or something? They have ropes after all
Wolfbane says (4:18 PM):
Leather collars should be good too.
Wolfbane says (4:19 PM):
Gives them more of a "trained" look than metal ones
Shadowcaller says (4:19 PM):
So he is making lether collars?
Wolfbane says (4:19 PM):
He won't make Hope make them since she hates the idea.
Shadowcaller says (4:19 PM):
Do they have any leather anyway?
Wolfbane says (4:20 PM):
They should.
Its how they make most of their cloth anyways
Shadowcaller says (4:20 PM):
It is? Well, how do you make a leather collar anyway?
Shadowcaller says (4:21 PM):
Don't you need to heat up the leather or something?
Wolfbane says (4:21 PM):
You take a few strips, wet and stretch them, let them dry and cure in the sun, then work with it to form into collars.
You have to put them in a frame to stretch them and dry them
Shadowcaller says (4:22 PM):
SO what is he doing right now in that process?
Wolfbane says (4:22 PM):
Sorry, I've done it before. <.<
Probably just starting to cut the leather
Shadowcaller says (4:22 PM):
Shadowcaller says (4:24 PM):
(Hmm… lets say it's later?)
(During the evning.)
Wolfbane says (4:24 PM):
Shadowcaller says (4:25 PM):
(Hm, they must go to bed quite early right?)
(It's not like they have any candles.)
Wolfbane says (4:26 PM):
I think they have a few. Happy mentioned one once
Shadowcaller says (4:26 PM):
(Would a candle be used in this case? Cessie, Saranna and Seren can cast light spells and all…)
Wolfbane says (4:27 PM):
If he needs the light, yes.
Shadowcaller says (4:27 PM):
(Would he need the light?)
Wolfbane says (4:27 PM):
Not until the sun set completely, but by then, Hope would likely be back in the tent
Shadowcaller says (4:28 PM):
Shadowcaller says (4:29 PM):
(Just setting up the atmosphere here… the worst thing would be if everyone came online while we did this, but I guess we would start up a new chat or something.)
Shadowcaller says (4:30 PM):
It's starting to get increasingly dark
Hope haven't returned yet
Shadowcaller says (4:31 PM):
He can hear how the wind outside tears the tent cloth
Shadowcaller says (4:32 PM):
Some of the winds howling reminds him of sounds he heard during his journey in the deep realm
Wolfbane says (4:32 PM):
Promise shudders st the memory, but continues his work.
Shadowcaller says (4:33 PM):
For a moment, it sounds like a voice calls his name outside
It might just have been the wind, or his own imagination however
Wolfbane says (4:34 PM):
Promise pauses and listens for it again.
Shadowcaller says (4:35 PM):
He can only hear the wind, but he notices that the tent cloth had been blown open by the wind. Cold air streams into the tent
Wolfbane says (4:36 PM):
Promise puts on his cloak, attaches the axe to his side, and takes a look.
Shadowcaller says (4:36 PM):
(At what?)
Wolfbane says (4:37 PM):
(Just a peek to make sure everything is okay. Then he closes the flap)
Shadowcaller says (4:40 PM):
Every villager have choosen to stay inside the relativ warmth of the tent it seems. The village lies empty before him, he can see distance light from what he knows is Cessie's, Saranna's and Seren's tent, but otherwise the village lies in the dark.
Wolfbane says (4:41 PM):
Promise fastens the flap back shut and continues his work.
Shadowcaller says (4:42 PM):
As he is about to enter the tent again it almost sounds as the voice in the wind calls for him again
Wolfbane says (4:42 PM):
He steps completely out of the tent, paw on axe, looking for the source.
Shadowcaller says (4:43 PM):
He can't see anyone
Just hear the cold winf rip throught the village
Wolfbane says (4:44 PM):
He stays out for a little while, waiting for the voice.
Shadowcaller says (4:45 PM):
He starts to shiver as he remains outside, the wind blowing right throught his fur and clothes.
Shadowcaller says (4:46 PM):
Then and then he can almost hear the voice again
Wolfbane says (4:46 PM):
Can he tell which direction?
Shadowcaller says (4:47 PM):
The voice seems to come from different directions all the time
It sounds alien
Wolfbane says (4:48 PM):
"Who's there?"
Shadowcaller says (4:49 PM):
There is no reply.
Wolfbane says (4:49 PM):
Promise returns to his tent, but keeps an ear out for the voice.
Shadowcaller says (4:50 PM):
As he opens up the flap something blinks before his eyes.
Wolfbane says (4:51 PM):
Promise instantly reaches for his axe.
Shadowcaller says (4:51 PM):
There is nothing he can see inside the tent, it is as empty as he left it, just slightly darker
Wolfbane says (4:52 PM):
Promise lights a candle in the tent.
Shadowcaller says (4:53 PM):
The candle he have is quite small, it's only used for emergencies after all
Wolfbane says (4:53 PM):
He sighs and keeps it unlit then.
He shuts the tent flap conpletely.
Shadowcaller says (4:54 PM):
He can now only hear as the wind blows against the tent

Happy has been added to the conversation.

Wolfbane says (4:54 PM):
Promise goes back to working on the leather, but keeps an ear out.
Happy says (4:54 PM):
(no Murska?
Shadowcaller says (4:54 PM):
As he goes back, he starts to hear the voice more frequently
Shadowcaller says (4:55 PM):
Wolfbane says (4:55 PM):
Promise ignores it, but keeps his axe nearby.
Shadowcaller says (4:55 PM):
Something flashes by his eyes again
Wolfbane says (4:56 PM):
He tries to track it.
(By watching it)
Shadowcaller says (4:57 PM):
It was more like a image, flashing before his eyes
Wolfbane says (4:57 PM):
Did he recognize it?
Shadowcaller says (4:57 PM):
It went too fast
Shadowcaller says (4:59 PM):
The murmurs outside the tent increase, now it's just not the whisper but other alien voices, saying things he can't understand
Wolfbane says (5:00 PM):
He stands, axe ready, searching for the source of the sounds.
(i have to get food with my brother in 10 minutes)
Shadowcaller says (5:01 PM):
(Ah, lets paus then?) The sounds seems to come from every direction at once.
Wolfbane says (5:01 PM):
Promise shifts his grip, ready to attack anything should anything hostile show up.
Shadowcaller says (5:04 PM):
He can feel something behind him
Wolfbane says (5:04 PM):
Promsie spins, axe ready.
Shadowcaller says (5:05 PM):
Nothing is there.
He could have sworn he felt something…
Wolfbane says (5:05 PM):
"Who's there?"
Shadowcaller says (5:06 PM):
There is no reply, but the voices seems to have gone with the wind, he can feel a chill go up his spine
Happy says (5:06 PM):
(put the log up before you go, so i can see what went before?)
Wolfbane says (5:07 PM):

[23:09] Wolfbane: Promise stays still, trying to sense anything.
[23:09] Wolfbane: (Its up now)
[23:10] Shadowcaller: (Ugh… I don't feel like big chatting.) Right now, he can only hear the wind, the voices are gone once aging. But before his eyes a image flash by again. But once again, its too fast to make sense of
[23:11] Wolfbane: (Gotta go now)
[23:11] Wolfbane: brb
[23:11] Shadowcaller: (Okay.)
[23:17] Shadowcaller: ..
[23:22] Shadowcaller: .
[23:29] Shadowcaller: .
[23:32] Shadowcaller: .
[23:32] Shadowcaller: (What are you doing?)
[23:33] Happy: trying to wake up
[23:33] Shadowcaller: (Ah.)
[23:39] Happy: need food, but too sleepy to be trusted in the kitchen yet
[23:39] Happy: might burn it down
[23:39] Shadowcaller: (Hehe.)
[23:45] Shadowcaller: (Ugh, I'm tired.)
[23:45] Shadowcaller: (Which is not very suprising…)
[23:50] Wolfbane: (back)
[23:51] Shadowcaller: (Give me a moment… bathroom break.)
[23:52] Wolfbane: (My brother and I ended up having conversations about which airports we thought were best, which were worst(Seattle), and how whenever we try to explain to people that we really don't care about material things and are nomads, they don't get it.)
[23:56] Shadowcaller: (Err… okay.)
[23:56] Wolfbane: (We've spent a total individual time measuring in weeks in airports)
[23:58] Shadowcaller: (That second thing… I didn't get that o.O)
[23:58] Wolfbane: (My family moved since my dad was in the army. The longest we've been in one place is 5 years)
[00:00] Happy: (I moved a lot growing up too.)
[00:00] Shadowcaller: (Huh, my family have moved 4 times since I was born.)
[00:01] Shadowcaller: (And I'm 19 now^^)
[00:01] Wolfbane: (We've travelled a lot more. I keep feeling the need to pack everything up and move)
[00:01] Happy: brb food
[00:02] Shadowcaller: (CHanging comuter.)
[00:02] Wolfbane: Does Promise get any sense of what it is?
[00:02] Wolfbane: ah
[00:02] Shadowcaller: Hehe, changed
[00:03] Shadowcaller: He can't sense anything, right now it only appears to be a empty tent
[00:04] Wolfbane: Promise turns slowly, keeping an eye out.
[00:07] Shadowcaller: He can feel something behind him yet again.
[00:07] Wolfbane: He turns again, axe ready.
[00:07] Shadowcaller: Nothing, he stares right into the tent
[00:08] Wolfbane: Promise growls, he is getting tired of the trickery.
[00:10] Shadowcaller: As he have turned, he feels that something that there is a presence behind him again
[00:10] Shadowcaller: The wind screams outside
[00:10] Wolfbane: Promise turns, raising his axe, but never swinging in case some one walks in.
[00:12] Shadowcaller: TO his shock he see a dark shape stainding at the entrace, the flap swinging widly behind it
[00:12] Shadowcaller: *widly
[00:12] Shadowcaller: He can feel the wind against his face
[00:13] Shadowcaller: The image flashes before his eyes yet again, but he fails to see it
[00:13] Wolfbane: Promise doesn't blink at the presence. "Who are you?" His axe is still ready.
[00:16] Shadowcaller: The shape howls and suddenly runs out the tent
[00:16] Wolfbane: Promise chases after it.
[00:18] Shadowcaller: It moves fast, changing between going on two legs and going on all four.
[00:18] Shadowcaller: It runs out of the village
[00:19] Wolfbane: Promsie chases it as quickly as possible, putting the axe back at his side so he can switch to 4 legs if need be.
[00:21] Shadowcaller: The unknown wolfen and he are moving against the wind, he's blinded by it
[00:21] Wolfbane: Promise tilts his head a bit so he can at least see in one eye.
[00:22] Shadowcaller: He can hear the murmurs around him once again as he runs after the wolfen, Images keeps flashing before his eyes, but he can't make sense of them.
[00:23] Wolfbane: He ignores them, following the figure.
[00:24] Shadowcaller: The strong wind makes the figures smell dissapear in all directions.
[00:24] Wolfbane: He tracks it by sight then.
[00:24] Shadowcaller: The wolfen is heading up a hill top
[00:25] Wolfbane: He follows, sprinting.
[00:25] Shadowcaller: He loses sight of it as it moves behind a large rock at the top of the hill.
[00:25] Wolfbane: He follows.
[00:27] Shadowcaller: He finds himself inside what appears to be an almost perfect circle of rocks. The wind is not as strong here so he can smell the figure, but he can't see it
[00:27] Wolfbane: He looks for the figure. "Who are you?"
[00:29] Shadowcaller: He see something moving upon a rock. The whispers and murmures are only a background noise at the moment, just in the back of his head. He hears the creature snarl in respond.
[00:30] Wolfbane: He readies his axe. "Show yourself!"
[00:31] Shadowcaller: At the edge of the vision he see a large black shape land on the ground near him.
[00:31] Shadowcaller: *of his
[00:32] Wolfbane: He turns and positions the axe defensively. "Who are you?"
[00:34] Shadowcaller: She shape rises up, it's a pure black wolfen, even larger then you. Towering before you, it raises it's massive arms and snarls threatingly, it's eyes practially shining green.
[00:35] Wolfbane: (She? Or the?)
[00:35] Shadowcaller: (You can't tell really.)
[00:36] Shadowcaller: (Its really dark, no moon.)
[00:37] Shadowcaller: (You can only see it's muzzle, claws, arms and eyes, the rest seems to sort of merge with the darkness.)
[00:37] Wolfbane: (Even by scent?)
[00:38] Shadowcaller: (This close it's scent dosen't really make sense. While it's wolfen, there is something wrong with it.)
[00:39] Wolfbane: He lowers the axe slightly. "Why were you in my tent?" /Wolfen (He's been speaking Wolfen since he first saw it)
[00:39] Shadowcaller: (I kind of assumed that.)
[00:39] Wolfbane: (Okay)
[00:40] Shadowcaller: It growls and starts to circle around you, it's eyes and fangs glittering in the dark.
[00:41] Wolfbane: Promise raises the axe back up, ready to strike if necessary and keeps it between them. "Answer me!" he snarls.
[00:44] Shadowcaller: The images continues to flash by and now they are slowly starting to make sense. He see himself touching something dark red, how darkness suddenly sorround him, how he turns black…
[00:45] Shadowcaller: Then there are images of light, Hakari.
[00:46] Shadowcaller: It's light watching two scenes at once, two timelines.
[00:46] *** moc.liamtoh|iretnas_omis#moc.liamtoh|iretnas_omis (Aegnor) has joined the conversation.
[00:46] Shadowcaller: In one he sees himself be saved by Hakari, carried away
[00:46] Shadowcaller: In another he stays in the darkness
[00:47] Shadowcaller: Beging enfulged by it
[00:48] Wolfbane: He tries to make sense of the images while trying to watch the other "wolfen".
[00:51] Shadowcaller: The images gets becomes increasingly polar-opposite, one where he see himself standing in the temple of twilight and the other where only darkness regins.
[00:52] Shadowcaller: The mortal realm/darkness, Terra Port/Darkness, green eyes, Himself being captured by dwarves/darknees, fangs…
[00:53] Wolfbane: Promise swings his axe, thinking it is attacking him.
[00:54] Shadowcaller: The dark shape roars, he can feel saliva on his fur
[00:55] Wolfbane: Promise roars back and takes another swing.
[00:57] Shadowcaller: More images flashes by as the creature backs away. You being in the dwarf fortress/darkness, something moving there, You being tortured/a large black wolfen moving in the darkness
[00:58] Wolfbane: Promise ignores the images, trying to concentrate on the thing.
[00:58] Shadowcaller: It leaps up on one of the rocks again with amazing speed and strength
[00:59] Shadowcaller: "Mine!" It roars.
[00:59] Wolfbane: "What is?"
[01:00] Happy: Hope turns up, having been looking for him.
[01:01] Shadowcaller: It dosen't reply, instead it leaps towards you. You escaping the fortress/the black wolfen trying to get out.
[01:02] Wolfbane: Promise raises the axe defensively at it. He sees Hope. "Hope! Get out of here!" He keeps the axe raised.
[01:04] Shadowcaller: It lands on him, he loses grip of the axe as it's huge body presses you firmly to the ground. You can feel it's breath against your face. It feels warm, green saliva drops from the creatures fangs.
[01:04] Shadowcaller: You returning to Hope/The black wolfen crying green tears, lost.
[01:04] Shadowcaller: *you
[01:06] Wolfbane: Promise tries to kick it off of him, trying to use its momentum to propel it. "Who are you?"
[01:07] Happy: Hope runs to the scene.
[01:08] Shadowcaller: The wolfen falls over but quickly recovers,pressing itself against a nearby stone, ready to leap at you at any moment. You notice your axe lying on the ground, right between you and it.
[01:09] Shadowcaller: You takling to Hope/The black wolfen still finding it's way out.
[01:09] Shadowcaller: *talking
[01:09] Wolfbane: Promise dives towards the axe.
Aegnor says (7:10 PM):
(what's going on?)
(Why is there a promise from alternate universe here?)
Shadowcaller says (7:11 PM):
The very same moment it leaps towards you. But it misses you as you dives for the axe. Now you are at opposite sides again. It snarls "Mine!"
Wolfbane says (7:12 PM):
Promise swings at it, aiming for its neck.
Happy says (7:12 PM):
Hope tries to tackle the black wolfen
Shadowcaller says (7:13 PM):
It ducks, charging right into Promise, he can feel himself losing his breath and losing the grip of the axe once again.
As hope nears the creature she can hear whispers in her head.
Shadowcaller says (7:14 PM):
Hope manages to tackle the creature to the side however.
Aegnor says (7:14 PM):
(Happy got a log so can I get some? )
(also morning everyone)
Shadowcaller says (7:14 PM):
(Embrace the madness!)
Wolfbane says (7:14 PM):
Promise tries to grip it's throat.
Shadowcaller says (7:16 PM):
The wolfen rolls away, getting up again, pressed against another stone in the circle
Shadowcaller says (7:17 PM):
You traveling with the village/It getting out in the mortal world
Happy says (7:17 PM):
Hope tries again to tackle it and hold on this time.
Wolfbane says (7:17 PM):
Promise also tries to get a grip on it.
Shadowcaller says (7:17 PM):
It swipes at her as she charges, cutting her right arm pretty badly
Wolfbane says (7:17 PM):
Using his claws and teeth if necessary.
Happy says (7:19 PM):
Hope tries to use her powers to reach inside him and put him to sleep.
Happy says (7:20 PM):
(log updated)
Shadowcaller says (7:20 PM):
You both manage to get a grip of it, but not before it manages to bit off a part of Promises ear.
Wolfbane says (7:20 PM):
Promise bites at its throat, specifically it's jugular.
Happy says (7:23 PM):
"Don't kill him!"
Shadowcaller says (7:23 PM):
(Um, thats two very different actions.)
Aegnor says (7:24 PM):
(Promise kills him and Hope shouts not to = Hope is too late.)
Happy says (7:24 PM):
(An attack at his throat isn't an automatic success. I'm sure he's struggling pretty hard.)
Wolfbane says (7:24 PM):
Promise stops short.
Aegnor says (7:24 PM):
Wolfbane says (7:25 PM):
But keeps a hold on him.
Happy says (7:25 PM):
Hope is still trying to calm him biochemically.
Aegnor says (7:25 PM):
(She can even do that?)
(It's not like she can do anything but put energy into the body)
Shadowcaller says (7:25 PM):
The creature attacks again and again as they attempt to hold him down.
Happy says (7:25 PM):
(I don't know. But she can /try/ to do anything she wants)
Shadowcaller says (7:26 PM):
(Well, it's your ability Murska.)
Aegnor says (7:26 PM):
(Well how is she trying to do that? )
Shadowcaller says (7:26 PM):
(What do you think?)
(He made it up that is >.>)
Wolfbane says (7:26 PM):
Promise slams his fist into its nose, trying to stun it.
Aegnor says (7:26 PM):
(I mean, I can say I'm trying to become a martian but I'm not actually doing anything)
Happy says (7:27 PM):
Since she can put energy into the body, she's trying to take energy away.
Aegnor says (7:27 PM):
(So necromancy-style spirit drain. Hmm)
Shadowcaller says (7:27 PM):
It scratches up Hopes knee as it swipes at you.
(SHould it work? )
Aegnor says (7:28 PM):
(I'm thinking. She wasn't supposed to be able to control anything but her own energy, at least yet…)
Wolfbane says (7:28 PM):
(Did Promise succeed in stunning it?)
Shadowcaller says (7:28 PM):
Happy says (7:29 PM):
If it doesn't work, that's okay.
Aegnor says (7:29 PM):
(Let's say it doesn't, then.)
Shadowcaller says (7:32 PM):
It whimpers as you slap it's first into it's nose.
Shadowcaller says (7:33 PM):
(I must be /really/ tired…)
Shadowcaller says (7:34 PM):
It whimpers as Promise slam his fist into it's nose and stops struggeling for a moment
Wolfbane says (7:34 PM):
Promise grabs its muzzle, keeping it shut and looks into it's eyes. "Calm."
(Did he ever figure out what was odd with its scent?)
Shadowcaller says (7:35 PM):
There is nothing but hate in it's green eyeews. (Yes, it smells pretty much like him, but twisted.)
Happy says (7:36 PM):
Hope is still holding him tightly, but is probably losing a lot of blood. "Do you know who this is? He's not from the village."
Shadowcaller says (7:37 PM):
He opens it jaws again, stuggeling to get out of your grip.
Wolfbane says (7:37 PM):
"I don't know." He slams its head against the ground.
Shadowcaller says (7:38 PM):
It whimpers again, you both can hear the voices inside your heads. But the images have at least stopped to flash by anymore.
Wolfbane says (7:39 PM):
What does the voice say?
Happy says (7:39 PM):
"Maybe he's an escaped prisoner."
Shadowcaller says (7:39 PM):
Some of them call your name, others speak in a completly unkown language
Wolfbane says (7:39 PM):
"No, I was the only Wolfen."
Shadowcaller says (7:39 PM):
Shadowcaller says (7:40 PM):
(Promise's name that is.)
Wolfbane says (7:40 PM):
"Do you understand me?" He asks it.
Happy says (7:41 PM):
"How can you be sure?"
Shadowcaller says (7:41 PM):
It haven't reeally stopped stuggeled yet, but it's efforts are getting weaker. It dosen't reply, just staring at you hatefully.
Wolfbane says (7:41 PM):
"I would have smelled one."
He keeps hold of its muzzle.
Happy says (7:42 PM):
"It could have escaped before you did, and been living in the wild."
"Call for help. We'll need to bind him."
(since howls carry farther than human shouts)
Wolfbane says (7:42 PM):
"I don't think so, I would have at least smelled a trace of it."
He nods and howls.
Shadowcaller says (7:43 PM):
(Aegnor comes running? )
Aegnor says (7:43 PM):
(yawn am I supposed to do something?)
Shadowcaller says (7:43 PM):
(Um yeah >.>)
Aegnor says (7:46 PM):
Well, depending on when this is going on Aegnor might be… busy sleeping.
So Naib arrives, along with probably other people who were guarding
Wolfbane says (7:46 PM):
He has a sudden relization. "Hope, it smells like me…"
(It does, right?)
Shadowcaller says (7:46 PM):
Michicora is there too.
Shadowcaller says (7:47 PM):
(Yes, but twisted, all other smells seems to dissapear near this beast.)
Wolfbane says (7:49 PM):
*pokes Happy*
Aegnor says (7:49 PM):
'What's going on?'
Shadowcaller says (7:49 PM):
Michicora just coldly stare at the black wolfen.
Wolfbane says (7:50 PM):
(Can't he see the black wolfen? >.>)
Happy says (7:50 PM):
"This wolfen is crazed. We need to restrain it somehow."
Wolfbane says (7:50 PM):
"Hope… it smells just like me. A little twisted, but…" He shakes his head, trying to make sense of things.
Happy says (7:51 PM):
"They may have done the same experiments on him that they did you."
Wolfbane says (7:52 PM):
"No, I mean he smells like /me/."
Shadowcaller says (7:52 PM):
Naib might be able to hear whispers and murmurs in his head if he comes near the black wolfen. And so will everyone else.
Shadowcaller says (7:53 PM):
Hope is in pretty bad shape.
Shadowcaller says (7:54 PM):
Her wounds are bleeding
Wolfbane says (7:54 PM):
"Hope, I can handle this, heal yourself before you get too bad."
Happy says (7:55 PM):
Hope waits until someone else is helping to restrain the Wolfen before she lets go of him.
Shadowcaller says (7:55 PM):
A part of Promises ear is missing
And some of his ribs are broken.
Shadowcaller says (7:56 PM):
Michicora firmly hold down the wolfens legs
Happy says (7:58 PM):
Hope lets go then, and puts pressure on her bleeding arm. "How badly are you hurt?"
(to Promise)
Wolfbane says (7:58 PM):
He ignores the pain in his chest. "I'll be fine for now, take care of yourself first."
Wolfbane says (7:59 PM):
(Are the whispers getting clearer?)
Shadowcaller says (8:00 PM):
(They are pretty much the same, they call Promises name over and over again. The other whispers are still in completely alien tounge.)
Wolfbane says (8:00 PM):
"What are you?" He moves his paws and keeps it's arms pinned. He makes sure he is out of the way for its teeth.
Shadowcaller says (8:01 PM):
The wolfen just keeps staring at him, snarling
Wolfbane says (8:02 PM):
Promise digs his claws into its arms. "Answer me!"
Shadowcaller says (8:05 PM):
As he dose so it goes wild, Michicora loses her grip of its legs as it starts to kick voilently. It manages with an amazing feat of strength push you over.
Aegnor says (8:05 PM):
(Ah, shall I fetch the burning irons?)
Wolfbane says (8:05 PM):
Promise tries to tackle it.
Aegnor says (8:06 PM):
Naib also attacks to pin it down
Shadowcaller says (8:07 PM):
It goes down the ground again, still snarling and roaring voilently. "Mine!"
Wolfbane says (8:07 PM):
"What is yours?"
Happy says (8:07 PM):
"Does anyone have any rope?"
Shadowcaller says (8:08 PM):
"My, Life! Not. Yours!"
Wolfbane says (8:08 PM):
"So, you are me?"
Shadowcaller says (8:09 PM):
It just snarls
Wolfbane says (8:09 PM):
Promise slams his fist into its nose. "Are you?"
Shadowcaller says (8:10 PM):
Michicora looks the creature over a moment, then she nods at Hope and runs off.
It whimpers. But stil dosen't reply.
Shadowcaller says (8:11 PM):
It opens it mouth slightly
Wolfbane says (8:11 PM):
"How did you come here?"
Shadowcaller says (8:11 PM):
Still no reply, it spits at you.
Happy says (8:12 PM):
"Stop it, Promise. We'll question him later."
Hope puts a hand on Promise and tries to see how badly he is wounded.
Wolfbane says (8:12 PM):
Promise growls at the thing. "Hope. It /is/ me as far as I can tell."
Shadowcaller says (8:12 PM):
(two ribs broken.)
Aegnor says (8:13 PM):
(Promise really hates himself then, eh? )
Shadowcaller says (8:13 PM):
(indeed… >.>)
Wolfbane says (8:13 PM):
(Well, the thing attaked him >.>)
Happy says (8:14 PM):
"We'll question him later." Hope says firmly. "You're both wounded, and he's crazed."
Shadowcaller says (8:16 PM):
Michicora soon comes back with some ropes.
Shadowcaller says (8:19 PM):
She starts to bind the wolfen while the others are holding him down.
Wolfbane says (8:20 PM):
Promise makes sure that it is held down.
Happy says (8:21 PM):
Hope is trying to calm Promise now.
Shadowcaller says (8:21 PM):
Michicora uses all the rope, making sure its tight.
Happy says (8:21 PM):
By mundane means, not magical oens.
Shadowcaller says (8:21 PM):
Happy says (8:22 PM):
general guide to ffrp forum, which currently has 4 game universes: http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=119585
town ooc thread: http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=121468
Happy says (8:23 PM):
(sorry, wrong chat)
Wolfbane says (8:23 PM):
Shadowcaller says (8:23 PM):
(Why are you showing us this? o.O.. Ah.)
(What chat?)
Happy says (8:23 PM):
(big chat)
Shadowcaller says (8:24 PM):
(Who is intrested?)
Happy says (8:24 PM):
Shadowcaller says (8:24 PM):
(WHoever that is.
Wolfbane says (8:24 PM):
Promise lets go of the thing and squeezes Hope's hand before grabbing his axe, examining it.
Shadowcaller says (8:25 PM):
It looks pretty much the same.
Wolfbane says (8:25 PM):
No blood on it?
Shadowcaller says (8:26 PM):
Wolfbane says (8:27 PM):
He turns to the others. "This thing isn't real. I got in at least one solid hit, but I don't have any blood on the axe." He shows it.
Happy says (8:27 PM):
Naib and Michicora take the bound wolfen into the camp?
Shadowcaller says (8:27 PM):
I guess, they might need one more thoughtm he's huge
Happy says (8:28 PM):
more sentries came than just them though, right? Promise certainly isn't doing any lifting with broken ribs
Shadowcaller says (8:28 PM):
They carry him to the village
Happy says (8:29 PM):
Hope tries to heal Promise.
Shadowcaller says (8:30 PM):
Mending broken bones isn't easy. She makes them heal a bit on the way thought, preventing them from healing wrong.
Wolfbane says (8:31 PM):
Promise lets Hope heal him. "That… /thing/ is me, or at least /part/. One that I don't want to see." He shakes his head.
Happy says (8:31 PM):
"Promise, you're talking crazy. If he isn't real, how did he bite off your ear?"
Wolfbane says (8:33 PM):
"I don't know. It smells just like me except it is a little twisted." (How much of his ear is missing?)
Shadowcaller says (8:34 PM):
(About half of it.)
Wolfbane says (8:34 PM):
Wolfbane says (8:37 PM):
Happy says (8:38 PM):
"Please calm down. We'll figure out who he is."
Wolfbane says (8:40 PM):
"Hope, trust me, ask any wolfen. We smell too alike."
Happy says (8:41 PM):
"Then we'll figure out why. But that doesn't mean he's not real."
"And if he is you, somehow…"
Happy says (8:42 PM):
"If he is, then he needs help."
Wolfbane says (8:42 PM):
He holds up the axe. "I got in at least one solid hit with the blade after he attacked me. There isn't a drop of blood on it."
Happy says (8:43 PM):
Hope holds up her arm. "He was real enough to do this."
Wolfbane says (8:44 PM):
Promise shakes his head. "I don't know."
Happy says (8:45 PM):
Once they reach the light of the village, Hope gasps in shock.
Wolfbane says (8:45 PM):
Promise looks.
Shadowcaller says (11:52 PM):
It's Zuberas mark, right across his shoulder and part of his face
Wolfbane says (11:53 PM):
"So… you really /are/ me then."
Shadowcaller says (11:54 PM):
The wolfen dosen't reply as usual. It just stares at you
Even tied in that many ropes, it still looks like it want to attempt to kill you
Wolfbane says (11:55 PM):
Promise examines his darker self. "How did you come to be?"
Shadowcaller says (11:55 PM):
"Die!" It snarls
Shadowcaller says (11:56 PM):
"Shut up, shut up!"
Happy says (11:56 PM):
"Into the tents," Hope says, her voice shaking a bit.
Wolfbane says (11:56 PM):
Promise nods and gestures towards the ones holding him to bring him into a tent.
Shadowcaller says (11:57 PM):
Michicora shrugs and dose so
Along with the others
Happy says (11:58 PM):
She sends for the other healers, and checks on the black wolfen's wounds.
Wolfbane says (11:58 PM):
Promise holds its mouth shut when she does so.
Shadowcaller says (11:59 PM):
It dosen't have any wounds as far as she can see
(how list is it here? Have they lit a candle?)
Shadowcaller says (12:00 AM):
Wolfbane says (12:00 AM):
((They'll have likely lit a candle))
Happy says (12:01 AM):
(or a lantern)
Shadowcaller says (12:02 AM):
In the light you can clearly, despite the wolfens size, its features resembles Promise's
(where is Hope?)
Happy says (12:03 AM):
Right next to him, since she was trying to heal him
next to the black wolfen
Shadowcaller says (12:06 AM):
It shuddenlt shifts it's gaze away from Promise to her for a moment. It seems to take a while, but suddenly it slowly start to recognize her from the look on it's face. It starts to cry, green glowing tears falls down it's face. "Hope,Hope!"
Happy says (12:06 AM):
Hope kneels next to him and holds him. "Please… let us help you."
Wolfbane says (12:07 AM):
Promise looks at it, all aggression gone. "Yes Promise, we are home."
Shadowcaller says (12:07 AM):
"Hope!" It cires
Shadowcaller says (12:08 AM):
Happy says (12:08 AM):
"Can someone send for Cessie?" Hope says quietly, not looking away from him. "I'm here."
Wolfbane says (12:08 AM):
Promise sets a paw on its shoulders. "I am sorry for earlier. We truely are home now. You can rest now."
Shadowcaller says (12:09 AM):
Michicora dosen't question her request
Wolfbane says (12:09 AM):
(Does it react to Promise?)
Shadowcaller says (12:10 AM):
It only have eyes for Hope at the moment, but otherwise its eyes are closed as it attempts to hold back the tears
Wolfbane says (12:11 AM):
"Its okay now, let it out. I had to too."
Happy says (12:12 AM):
Hope just holds him close, so he can smell her.
Shadowcaller says (12:13 AM):
It whimpers loudly
Shadowcaller says (12:14 AM):
And it continues to do so as Hope hears Cessies sleepy voice in hear head /*yawn* What is it?/
Wolfbane says (12:14 AM):
Promise tries to calm it down. "We no longer have to run or hide. No longer have to fight to survive. We are home."
Shadowcaller says (12:15 AM):
/That woman was nearly ready to littrary drag me out of bed
Happy says (12:15 AM):
/There's something strange here. I want our opinion./
Shadowcaller says (12:16 AM):
/*sigh* Oh well, just tell your friend here to be more careful next time…/
/She nearly got in a fight with Aegnor./
Shadowcaller says (12:17 AM):
It just continues to whimper
A steady stream of green tears falling down it's face
Happy says (12:17 AM):
"Shhh, it's okay, Promise. I won't hurt you."
Shadowcaller says (12:18 AM):
Cessie opens up the flap "Good
, morning? Eve-" She looks at the wolfen "Oh…"
Shadowcaller says (12:19 AM):
"That is some magic…"
Wolfbane says (12:19 AM):
Promise looks at her. "What kind? It really is me."
Shadowcaller says (12:20 AM):
"Err… it feels… well, this dosen't really…" She looks at it and then back on you "…make sense."
Shadowcaller says (12:21 AM):
She looks to be a bit shocked
Wolfbane says (12:21 AM):
Promise looks at the guards and the others. "I'm going to loosen its bindings so it can eat and drink. Be ready."
Shadowcaller says (12:22 AM):
Meanwhile the wolfen whimpers a bit more questily as Hope tries to comfort it.
Shadowcaller says (12:23 AM):
Cessie looks quite confused "Anyone mind telling me what the gods name is going on here?"
Wolfbane says (12:23 AM):
Promise starts to work at it's knots. "I'll untie you, just rest. You have come a long way to return home."
"Cessie, meet me."
Shadowcaller says (12:24 AM):
"…that explains the mind golem."
Wolfbane says (12:24 AM):
Shadowcaller says (12:24 AM):
"…I know it sounds strange, but that is a mind Golem. It's a animated part of someones mind."
Happy says (12:25 AM):
Hope helps Promise to untie the mind golem.
Wolfbane says (12:25 AM):
Promise keeps untying the ropes.
Shadowcaller says (12:26 AM):
"That is so amazing…" She mutters to herself, looking quite excited as they release it.
Wolfbane says (12:26 AM):
"What does a mind golem do?"
Happy says (12:26 AM):
But she focuses more on still comforting him.
Shadowcaller says (12:27 AM):
As it's free from the ropes it looks at Promise hatful once more, but then sits down and eats.
Wolfbane says (12:28 AM):
Promise hands it a waterskin to drink from.
Shadowcaller says (12:29 AM):
It have stopped crying, but it still stares sadly and loging
*longingly at Hope
It grabs the waterskin and drink from it.
Wolfbane says (12:30 AM):
"Cessie, please, explain."
Shadowcaller says (12:30 AM):
"It's necromancy, you need a body and then some memories…" She sounds rather excited as she explains.
"Someone have even bothered with illusions.."
Shadowcaller says (12:31 AM):
"Wow, this is just… where did you find it?"
Wolfbane says (12:31 AM):
"I followed it after it entered my tent"
He describes what happened.
Shadowcaller says (12:31 AM):
"Do you hear those whispers in your head? Thats the memories it contains."
Shadowcaller says (12:32 AM):
She silenly listens to this, glancing back at the wolfen from time to time.
Wolfbane says (12:32 AM):
"I heard them all around. I don't know if any others heard them. Where would the body come from?"
Shadowcaller says (12:32 AM):
"I never heard anyone /actually/ create them…"
Shadowcaller says (12:34 AM):
"Oh, just about anywhere. The rest is just illusions really."
Happy says (12:34 AM):
"But he believes he's Promise."
Wolfbane says (12:34 AM):
"The only person who had access to the memories that I saw was Helios."
Shadowcaller says (12:34 AM):
"It is a wolfen alright, someone just have put energies into making him look like you."
Shadowcaller says (12:35 AM):
"Right… Helios."
Wolfbane says (12:35 AM):
"I don't think a wolfen around here has died recently, has one?"
Happy says (12:36 AM):
"Not since the sandstorm. That was nowehre near."
Shadowcaller says (12:37 AM):
"I don't know… but I have read about them." It growls silently at her as she seems to want to look at it from every direction.
Happy says (12:38 AM):
"I want to help him."
Shadowcaller says (12:38 AM):
"I guess it /could/ be used to remove some unwanted memories… help it?"
Wolfbane says (12:39 AM):
Promise nods. "Please, help it find peace."
Shadowcaller says (12:39 AM):
"it would be a quite explensive way to do so thought…"
"Peace? How?"
Wolfbane says (12:39 AM):
"It has tormented memories, is there a way to help it?"
Shadowcaller says (12:40 AM):
"Um, it's made of those memories, so no, not really."
Happy says (12:40 AM):
"Mind magic.
Happy says (12:41 AM):
Hope turns back to the black wolfen. "Can you talk to us?"
Shadowcaller says (12:41 AM):
"Yes, mind magic. It's like a partly intelligent zombie with someone else memories. But I think this is a ghoul."
Shadowcaller says (12:42 AM):
It looks at her with the same look as Promise looked at her when he was back.
"Hope…" It repeats.
Happy says (12:43 AM):
Hope begins to cry, and just holds him, reaching one hand back to grip the hand of the real Promise.
Wolfbane says (12:43 AM):
Promise gives her hand a squeeze. "Cessie, please, is there anything we can do?"
Shadowcaller says (12:44 AM):
"Um… it's not actually…" Cessie seems slightly disturbed that Hope hugs the wolfen.
Happy says (12:44 AM):
Hope knows what has to be done, but she isn't going to say it out loud.
Wolfbane says (12:45 AM):
Same with Promise.
He'd rather not do it though.
Shadowcaller says (12:46 AM):
The wolfen just sits there and suddenly reaches its arms around Hope and hugs her.
Proise cna hear Cessie very silently utter "Eww…"
Wolfbane says (12:46 AM):
He lets go of Hope's hand and puts a blanket(not the white one) aroud the other Promise.
Shadowcaller says (12:46 AM):
Shadowcaller says (12:47 AM):
"Um… I also works a memory container, but way more advanced."
Happy says (12:48 AM):
Hope lets him hug her, as long as it needs to.
Shadowcaller says (12:48 AM):
Wolfbane says (12:48 AM):
Promise stays behind the golem. "There is nothing you can do here then?"
Shadowcaller says (12:48 AM):
It starts to cry again when it dose so.
Shadowcaller says (12:49 AM):
"I can do?… hey, I want to see it!"
Shadowcaller says (12:50 AM):
"I mean… I know it's emotional and all… but this is really…"
Wolfbane says (12:50 AM):
He shakes his head. "Cessie… please, look at him he can't stay like this. I /know/ those memories. They are painful ones."
Shadowcaller says (12:52 AM):
She raises an eyebrown "You know what memories?… why did Helios have them?"
Happy says (12:52 AM):
"I don't think this was Helios. Couldn't someone have gotten access to your mind in the Spirit Realm?"
Wolfbane says (12:52 AM):
"It was part of the deal to get me back. He'd repair my memories of the time in the spirit realm as long as he got to look at them."
Wolfbane says (12:53 AM):
"I don't know. Maybe."
Shadowcaller says (12:54 AM):
"…well it could have been used as a mind container then. No idea why Helios would bother to actually make a mind Golem out of it thought."
Shadowcaller says (12:55 AM):
"If he made it that is…" She adds silently as she seems to study the creatures eyes.
It continues to hug Hope, not wanting to let go.
Shadowcaller says (12:56 AM):
The wolfen appears to have stopped crying.
"If you… dispose of it, all the memories will return."
Happy says (12:57 AM):
"Cessie, can you please use telepathy?" Hope says.
Shadowcaller says (12:57 AM):
Her eyes widens slightly "To the golem?"
Wolfbane says (12:57 AM):
"Cessie, it is better I have them, than someone else."
Happy says (12:58 AM):
"To us."
Shadowcaller says (12:58 AM):
"It's not "someone" promise, it's just an undead…"
"Us? Explain."
Wolfbane says (12:58 AM):
Promise looks at her slightly angry. "I wouldn't wish those memories on anything alive or dead."
Happy says (12:59 AM):
"To me and Promise."
Shadowcaller says (12:59 AM):
(What dose she mean?)
Happy says (1:00 AM):
(She wants Cessie to use telepathy instead of speaking out loud in front of it.)
Shadowcaller says (1:02 AM):
She stares at Promise, actually looking a bit afraid "Uh, sorry.. but.." She sigh. /It's just an undead creature. A inanimated object could have been used instead…/
Happy says (1:03 AM):
/Cessie, we'll have to put it to rest. We can't leave him alive to suffer like this./
Wolfbane says (1:03 AM):
(Can Promise hear this too?)
Shadowcaller says (1:04 AM):
/Suffer…? It's a undead, it dosen't "suffer"/ (yes.)
Wolfbane says (1:04 AM):
/Cessie, it suffers enough. Trust me./
Shadowcaller says (1:04 AM):
/Just move the memories away, you don't need to destroy it./
Wolfbane says (1:05 AM):
/Cessie, it shouldn't even be here./
Shadowcaller says (1:07 AM):
/I don't know where it should be, but it only have your memories of suffering. It just a mirror image of you./
/It's not actually a "person"./
Wolfbane says (1:08 AM):
/That is why I am going to end it Cessie. It has my memories, ones I don't need others to see. That would probably be me if that was all I remembered./
Promise reaches for his axe at his side as he stands behind the thing.
Shadowcaller says (1:09 AM):
/Wait, wait… I might be able to transfer the memories…/
/And I could learn so much from studying it./
Wolfbane says (1:10 AM):
/Perhaps some other time Cessie. If you transfer the memories, will you see them?"
Shadowcaller says (1:11 AM):
/Er… mind magic is not my speciality./
/But please Promise, this would be the only chance I had…/
Shadowcaller says (1:12 AM):
Happy says (1:12 AM):
/Why? why would you want to learn to make something like this?/
/He's *suffering*!/
Happy says (1:13 AM):
Cessie will be able to feel that Hope is as disgusted at the thought of studying him as Cessie was at Hope hugging him. If not more so.
Shadowcaller says (1:13 AM):
/I- but…/
(Stupid primitive barbarians )
Wolfbane says (1:14 AM):
/Hope, please, act like you are getting more food and look away. I don't want you to see this./ He grips the axe in both hands.
Shadowcaller says (1:14 AM):
/…you don't need to do this./
Wolfbane says (1:15 AM):
/I really do Cessie, I really do./ He sounds sad.
Happy says (1:15 AM):
/No, let me do it. Kuori gave me the power to lay undead to rest./
Wolfbane says (1:16 AM):
/Please, do so./
Happy says (1:16 AM):
"I'm going to make it all better for you," Hope whispers to him.
Shadowcaller says (1:16 AM):
/Can't… can't we talk about this?/ She looks sadly at the wolfen.
Shadowcaller says (1:17 AM):
It looks saldy at Hope.
Happy says (1:17 AM):
Is he calming any?
Shadowcaller says (1:17 AM):
Wolfbane says (1:17 AM):
/There are just some things I will not be able to compromise on Cessie, this is one./
Shadowcaller says (1:17 AM):
It appears quite calm yes.
Happy says (1:18 AM):
/I think you should go, Cessie./
Shadowcaller says (1:18 AM):
/But this… it's not really suffering, I could maybe take away the memories with the aritfact…/
Happy says (1:19 AM):
/What would that do to him?/
Shadowcaller says (1:20 AM):
/It would return him to a state of mindlesss undead./
Shadowcaller says (1:21 AM):
/But Promise would not need to suffer it's memories./
Wolfbane says (1:22 AM):
/No, I want them all back./
/They are a part of me and should be returned/
Happy says (1:23 AM):
Hope tries to help Dark Promise to lay down, sitting next to him and stroking his head.
Shadowcaller says (1:24 AM):
The wolfen silently lies down, it seems to enjoy this, actually managing to smile at Hope.
Wolfbane says (1:24 AM):
/Please, Hope…just please./
Happy says (1:24 AM):
"Try and rest. We're going to help you."
Happy says (1:25 AM):
/I will. Just give me a few minutes./
Shadowcaller says (1:25 AM):
/There is no way I can convince you then? You could dispose of it later…/
Shadowcaller says (1:26 AM):
/Just give me a few moments with it… then you can do whatever you want with it./
Wolfbane says (1:27 AM):
/Cessie… I'm sorry, I just can't. Even if it is undead, it is still part of me. Ask me anything else, except this/
Happy says (1:28 AM):
/Cessie, I think we need to be alone for this./
Wolfbane says (1:28 AM):
Promise gestures for the guards to leave.
Shadowcaller says (1:30 AM):
Michicpra quietly escorts everyone except Promise and Hope out, taking concerned glances back at Hope as she dose so, Cessie seems to resist a bit. But Michicora soon makes her go outside too. /Oh well…/
Happy says (1:30 AM):
Hope gives Michicora a grateful look.
Shadowcaller says (1:31 AM):
She quietly nods at Hope as she leaves too.
Wolfbane says (1:32 AM):
Promise nods at Hope. /Whenever you need to./
Shadowcaller says (1:32 AM):
(He can't do that )
(Just whisper it or something.)
Wolfbane says (1:32 AM):
(He doesn't know though >.>)
He just nods at Hope.
Happy says (1:33 AM):
Hope looks at Promise a moment, meeting his eyes.
Happy says (1:34 AM):
Then back to the dark Promise. She leans down and kisses him. "Just close your eyes, and know that I love you," she says to him.
Shadowcaller says (1:34 AM):
The wolfen smiles and closes it's eyes.
Wolfbane says (1:36 AM):
*waits for the rush of memories*
Happy says (1:36 AM):
She places her hands on his head. /Kuori, please help me to lay this one to rest./
Shadowcaller says (1:37 AM):
/It will be done…/
Shadowcaller says (1:39 AM):
The wolfens smile fades away, it opens it eyes one last time before they become lifeless. The rest of its body go limp and it sinks down on the floor. You can see its apperance change, what once was "dark Promise" becomes a rotten wolfen corpse with clear signs of decay and marks of battle.
Shadowcaller says (1:40 AM):
Even Promises smell dissapear
Leaving behind only the stench of death
Shadowcaller says (1:41 AM):
Promise feels a rush of memories and also a tiny message that imprints on his mind "You ate technically breaking out deal now,.."
Wolfbane says (1:42 AM):
/How so?/
Shadowcaller says (1:42 AM):
There is no reply
As it was a message coming with the memories
Wolfbane says (1:42 AM):
((If it is harming himself, technically, it was Hope who released the memories))
Wolfbane says (1:43 AM):
((And killed the thing. Not to mention that it is also just undead. Something with his memories))
Shadowcaller says (1:43 AM):
((Well, your deal was that Helios would "repair" your mind, now you have "unrepaired" it.))
((I guess…))
Happy says (1:43 AM):
((But the deal was also that Promise would retain his memories of what happened.))
Wolfbane says (1:43 AM):
((No, Promise wanted it repaired so it was whole.))
Wolfbane says (1:44 AM):
((/Helios/ broke the deal))
Happy says (1:44 AM):
Anyway, Hope throws her arms around Promise and breaks down in tears.
Let's really not get into a Helios debate at this time of the morning.
Wolfbane says (1:44 AM):
Promise holds her close. "Its okay. Its over."
Shadowcaller says (1:45 AM):
((But then… well Helios didn't break the deal at least.))
((But neither did Promise.))
Wolfbane says (1:45 AM):
(True, I guess he did get his memories back. Maybe not all at once, but…we digress))
Shadowcaller says (1:46 AM):
((This is more of the "feelings" anyway.))
Wolfbane says (1:46 AM):
(Does he remember something specific or important?)
Happy says (1:46 AM):
((But anyone could have killed it, without Promise even knowing about it. Helios shouldn't have left it to wander free.))
Shadowcaller says (1:46 AM):
((He can feel great pain and torture, hopelessness, fear, rage
Shadowcaller says (1:47 AM):
((Do you really think he let it out to wander freely? ))
Wolfbane says (1:47 AM):
Promise keeps the emotions under control as he was expecting them and since Hope is there to help him.
Wolfbane says (1:49 AM):
Happy says (1:51 AM):
Hope's probably going to be crying for a while.
Does Michicora come back?
Shadowcaller says (1:51 AM):
Yes, she just take a qick glance into the ten
Wolfbane says (1:52 AM):
Promise glances at Michicora. "Its done, but we still need to bury or burn it."
Shadowcaller says (1:52 AM):
She nods "Now?"
Shadowcaller says (1:53 AM):
Her gaze wanders to Hope, but she dosen't say anything to her.
Wolfbane says (1:53 AM):
He keeps hold of Hope. "Soon at any rate."
Happy says (1:54 AM):
"Thank you, Michi."
Shadowcaller says (1:54 AM):
"It- it was nothing."
Shadowcaller says (1:55 AM):
"I should leave…"
Wolfbane says (1:56 AM):
"Thank you for the help Michicora."
Shadowcaller says (1:56 AM):
She takes a quick bow and then leaves you two alone-
Wolfbane says (1:56 AM):
He lets go of Hope reluctantly and picks up the body. "I'll take this out of the village, its the least I can do.
Wolfbane says (1:57 AM):
Shadowcaller says (1:57 AM):
(Hey, he could let Cessie animate it )

(Not that she would actually do that…)
Happy says (1:57 AM):
"I'll go with you."
Wolfbane says (1:58 AM):
"Thank you." Promise leaves the tent and takes the body out of the village to where they had fought.
Shadowcaller says (1:58 AM):
He dose so
Happy says (1:58 AM):
There was a circle here, wasn't there?
Wolfbane says (1:58 AM):
Of stones I think
Shadowcaller says (1:59 AM):
Yeah, of stones
It's on a hilltop
Shadowcaller says (2:00 AM):
The wind isn't as strong here.
As everywhere else
Outside that is
Wolfbane says (2:00 AM):
Promise sets the body down in the middle.
Wolfbane says (2:02 AM):
((Does anything happen?))
Shadowcaller says (2:02 AM):
(Um, no? )
Wolfbane says (2:02 AM):
Promise starts to dig a shallow grave using his axe.
Shadowcaller says (2:03 AM):
(Bah, Cessie could have burned it.)
Happy says (2:03 AM):
Hope helps him dig.
Wolfbane says (2:03 AM):
(Bah, a bit too uncaring and impersonal for Promise's tastes)
Happy says (2:03 AM):
(Yeah )
Wolfbane says (2:03 AM):
((After all, it shared his memories for a while))
Shadowcaller says (2:03 AM):
(What about a funeral pyre?)
Wolfbane says (2:04 AM):
(In high wind?)
Shadowcaller says (2:04 AM):
(Magic fire >.>)
Wolfbane says (2:05 AM):
(Still, he wouldn't have been the one to do it)
Shadowcaller says (2:05 AM):
Thye ground is quite hard thought
Happy says (2:06 AM):
After a few minutes, Hope says "I'll go get some shovels."
Wolfbane says (2:06 AM):
Promise takes as long as he needs to.
"Thank you."
He continues.
Happy says (2:06 AM):
She goes to do that.
Shadowcaller says (2:06 AM):
She soon returns with shovels
Shadowcaller says (2:07 AM):
(they have a metal smith?)
(Wood shovles? What are these?)
Happy says (2:07 AM):
(They've been self-sufficient for years, so they must do.)
Shadowcaller says (2:07 AM):
(I guess.)
Happy says (2:07 AM):
(And they've buried dead before)
Wolfbane says (2:07 AM):
Promise puts the axe at his side and starts to dig with a shovel/
Wolfbane says (2:08 AM):
Happy says (2:08 AM):
So no one spoke to her in the village?
Shadowcaller says (2:08 AM):
(The ground was softer there thought.
Shadowcaller says (2:09 AM):
There wasn't many outtside the tents, she saw Michicora thought
Shadowcaller says (2:11 AM):
She just quietly asked if you needed help
Happy says (2:13 AM):
Hope nods, unable to really speak.
Shadowcaller says (2:14 AM):
She helps her get some shovles (that might be stolen from Kyou or a other nearby village actually) but stops as you are about to leave it "…"
Happy says (2:15 AM):
Hope looks at her.
Shadowcaller says (2:15 AM):
"Should I… come?"
Happy says (2:16 AM):
"It would mean a lot if you did."
Shadowcaller says (2:17 AM):
She just nods in reply and continues to follow Hope
Wolfbane says (2:17 AM):
((By the way, Promise is slightly irked at Cessie for wanting to keep the thing alive. <.<))
Shadowcaller says (2:18 AM):
((Hey, that was like destroying a highly advanced android beacuse it had your memories downloaded.))
Wolfbane says (2:19 AM):
((Still, it goes against his principles. Do they finish the hole?))
Shadowcaller says (2:19 AM):
With Michicoras help they do
Shadowcaller says (2:20 AM):
((Bah, did they ever respect her principles?))
Wolfbane says (2:20 AM):
Promise gently lowers the body into the hole and begins to cover it back up.
Shadowcaller says (2:20 AM):
Michicora helps him
Wolfbane says (2:20 AM):
((If she asked just about any other thing, Promise would likely have said yes))
Shadowcaller says (2:21 AM):
((Well, she is dissapointed such a creation have been lost before she could learn anything of it.)
Happy says (2:22 AM):
((Has Hope ever asked Cessie to do something she found morally repugnant?))
Shadowcaller says (2:23 AM):
((…I guess not. But she was going to let them destroy it once she had looked on it a while.)
(It was too good to pass up for her.))
Shadowcaller says (2:24 AM):
They have soon covered the hole again.
Happy says (2:25 AM):
Hope hugs Michicora.
Wolfbane says (2:25 AM):
"Thank you again."
Shadowcaller says (2:26 AM):
She seems nervours and glances at Promise. She dosen't hug back
Happy says (2:26 AM):
"Cessie… didn't understand."
Wolfbane says (2:26 AM):
(What? Promise wouldn't mind.)
Shadowcaller says (2:26 AM):
(In her mind he would…)
Happy says (2:26 AM):
"I knew you did."
Wolfbane says (2:26 AM):
Promise looks back at the grave, thinking.
Shadowcaller says (2:27 AM):
"It was nothing…"
"You did the right thing."
(Bah, barbarians )
Shadowcaller says (2:29 AM):
"Wizards are all the same…"
Wolfbane says (2:29 AM):
Promise etches the wolfen rune for Peace into the grave before turning back. "No, it was. Thank you. We just couldn't let it stay like that."
Shadowcaller says (2:30 AM):
"It wasn't natural." She pauses "Your brought an end to it's suffering."
Wolfbane says (2:31 AM):
He shakes his head. "I didn't, Hope did." He looks at himself. "I'll be back at the tent soon, but I need to clean myself off before I sleep."
Happy says (2:32 AM):
"So do I."
Shadowcaller says (2:33 AM):
Michicora nods "I continue my watch then…"
Wolfbane says (2:33 AM):
"Should you need anything, just ask."
Wolfbane says (2:34 AM):
Promise goes to find a cold stream to wash in.

[15:34] Shadowcaller: So, where would Aegnor be?
[15:34] Happy: Considering that Cessie was dragged out of bed, and Aegnor nearly got in a fight with Michicora, he's probably not far off
[15:36] Murska: still this timeline?
[15:36] Shadowcaller: Cessie is returning to their tent after she had seen the mind golem.
[15:36] Shadowcaller: (Yes.)
[15:38] Shadowcaller: She is wide awake after her somewhat rude awakening
[15:39] Murska: Aegnor is also awake and waiting at their tent. 'What was it?'
[15:39] Shadowcaller: "It was… very strange I must say." She sigh
[15:40] Shadowcaller: "Somehow a mind golem had found it's way to us."
[15:41] Shadowcaller: "Hope and Promise freaked out since it looked like Promise."
[15:42] Shadowcaller: "And shared his memories…"
[15:42] Murska: '…mind golem?'
[15:42] Shadowcaller: "Uh… it's basically a undead with memories from something."

[15:43] Murska: 'Right… With Promise's? Where did that come from?'
[15:43] Wolfbane: (Hey. What'd I miss?)
[15:43] Happy: (not much)
[15:44] Happy: [15:36] Shadowcaller: Cessie is returning to their tent after she had seen the mind golem.
[15:36] Shadowcaller: (Yes.)
[15:38] Shadowcaller: She is wide awake after her somewhat rude awakening
[15:39] Murska: Aegnor is also awake and waiting at their tent. 'What was it?'
[15:39] Shadowcaller: "It was… very strange I must say." She sigh
[15:40] Shadowcaller: "Somehow a mind golem had found it's way to us."
[15:41] Shadowcaller: "Hope and Promise freaked out since it looked like Promise."
[15:42] Shadowcaller: "And shared his memories…"
[15:42] Murska: '…mind golem?'
[15:42] Shadowcaller: "Uh… it's basically a undead with memories from something."
[15:44] Shadowcaller: "Honestly I have no idea. I was mainly intrested how it had been made…"
[15:45] Murska: 'But who made it, and for what purpose?'
[15:46] Shadowcaller: "Someone had put a lot of energies into it at least. It was set up with illussions and everything."
[15:49] Shadowcaller: "I'm having a hard time thinking up reasons /why/ thought."
[15:52] Murska: 'Well what did it do?'
[15:53] Shadowcaller: "It attacked Promise apperently, that was as much as Michicora told me."
[15:55] Murska: 'Hmm…'
[15:55] Shadowcaller: She smiles "I see I got your mind working."
[15:55] Murska: 'Well, if I have to wake up…'
[15:56] Shadowcaller: (hm, I need to take a walk with the dog, be back in a few minutes.)
[16:11] Happy: (Link: http://www.nypost.com/seven/08302009/news/regionalnews/school_of_rock_187216.htm)http://www.nypost.com/seven/08302009/news/regionalnews/school_of_rock_187216.htm
[16:12] Happy: here you go, murska
[16:12] Happy: You can pay $50,000 /year to play GH4 for school credit
[16:12] Murska: awesome
[16:12] Murska: now someone gimme 15000
[16:12] Murska: 0
[16:12] Murska: »
[16:13] Murska: there's also a Starcraft course somewhere
[16:13] Happy: because apparently just playing it as much as you want for the cost of the game isn't fulfilling enough for some people
[16:13] Wolfbane: …
[16:13] Murska: the point is, you can earn school credit for 50000
[16:13] Wolfbane: I wish I could do that for a class. <.<
[16:13] Murska: the game is just some fake activity to disguise buying it
[16:13] Murska: I'd love the Starcraft class
[16:14] Wolfbane: COuld you imagine one giving credit for Chat?
[16:14] Wolfbane: =D
[16:14] Happy: or werewolf
[16:14] Wolfbane: ooooo….
[16:14] Murska: hehehe
[16:14] Murska: I'd go for A marks
[16:14] Happy: still, there is the whole problem of tuition costs
[16:14] Wolfbane: We would all either ace the WW class, or fail horribly. :P
[16:15] Murska: or both ^^
[16:16] Murska: with schrodinger's uncertainty principle applied to WW
[16:16] Murska: I have both perfect marks and failed course before I open this letter
[16:16] Murska: so they balance out at the middle point
[16:16] Wolfbane: hehe
[16:16] Murska: thus, you let me in this university, right?
[16:16] Happy: You'd think you were doing well all semester, but then when grades come out, you learn you were the fool, and you failed.
[16:17] Murska: goddarnit! :P
[16:17] Wolfbane: hehe
[16:17] Murska: and the guy who helped you with homework?
[16:17] Wolfbane: Or I'd be doing great, but then get evicerated by a horror queen.
[16:17] Murska: The alpha
[16:17] Wolfbane: *could imagine a college campus size game of this*
[16:18] Wolfbane: <.<
[16:18] Murska: I'd want a multitasking course
[16:18] Murska: ^^
[16:19] Murska: maybe at the same time with the Starcraft one for lulz
[16:20] Shadowcaller: (back.)
[16:21] Shadowcaller: "What are you thinking about then?"
[16:21] Murska: 'Well, if it attacked Promise, and took a lot to create like you say, the most obvious idea would be that they expected it to beat him. Did it look like him? Act well enough to pose as him for a while?'
[16:23] Shadowcaller: "Uhh… It did look like him, with the zubera symbol and all."
[16:24] Shadowcaller: "I was under impression it was quite feral however… thought it is possible for golems to steal memories…"
[16:25] Murska: 'They can't have expected it to fool us for long, though, I assume… Maybe someone is planning something soon.'
[16:25] Happy: (and they also got the colors wrong if that was their plan :P )
[16:26] Shadowcaller: She raises an eyebrown, looking worried "You really think so?"
[16:26] Murska: (He doesn't know that)
[16:26] Happy: (I know /he/ doesn't, but Cessie does)
[16:26] Murska: 'Sounds the most likely possibility. I don't know of any other reason to try and pretend to be Promise.'
[16:27] Shadowcaller: "Neither do I really… but what annyos me to no end is that they are going to destroy it."
[16:28] Murska: 'Um. Why?'
[16:28] Shadowcaller: She shrugs "They have convinced themselves that it "suffers" or something."
[16:29] Murska: 'But it needs to be destroyed anyway, right?'
[16:29] Shadowcaller: "Why? I mean… maybe I could have found out something about its creator?"
[16:30] Shadowcaller: "Or where it came from? Thought what I want to learn the most is how they create them I must admit."
[16:30] Happy: ((Told you she was power mad…))
[16:30] Shadowcaller: (Hey:P)
[16:31] Murska: 'Any information out of it first, of course, but then destroy it. It might be dangerous… For example, what if it was planted here to sneak close to one of us and infect them or explode or something?'
[16:31] Wolfbane: (This is /not/ L4D :P)
[16:32] Murska: (Maybe L5D then)
[16:32] Murska: (*groans*)
[16:33] Shadowcaller: "Whoever would "they" be?"
[16:33] Murska: 'Someone here… Hope seems obvious but Promise could get close to anyone, really.'
[16:37] Shadowcaller: "I meant, who would do that?"
[16:37] Murska: 'Oh. Well, I suspect we have quite a few enemies. Worm or it's allies, whoever captured Promise, if they're not one and the same…'
[16:38] Shadowcaller: "Whoever did it must have known we were here."
[16:39] Murska: 'True.'
[16:40] Murska: 'To me, it sounds like a distruptive move to be put into effect just before something happens to which they don't want us to direct our full attention.'
[16:40] Murska: 'Such as an attack.'
[16:41] Shadowcaller: "…uh, should we warn anyone?"
[16:41] Murska: 'Yes. Tell them to double the watch and everyone must keep alert.'
[16:43] Shadowcaller: "Err…" She seems a bit unsure about this "I guess I should tell Shadow or something?"
[16:43] Shadowcaller: "You are often the one who dose the ordering…"
[16:44] Murska: 'Yes, Shadow set the watches.'
[16:44] Shadowcaller: "Right… I do that right ahead then, don't fall asleep thought, I want to talk to you later…"
[16:45] Murska: 'I won't…'
[16:45] Shadowcaller: "…and done." She smiles
[16:47] Shadowcaller: "Um… the thing I wanted to talk with you about was our dreams."
[16:48] Happy: (Link: http://d.yimg.com/a/p/ap/20090831/capt.7f0cb03c71364bfe8df94a6a87f8ed1d.aptopix_california_wildfires_scene_la102.jpg)http://d.yimg.com/a/p/ap/20090831/capt.7f0cb03c71364bfe8df94a6a87f8ed1d.aptopix_california_wildfires_scene_la102.jpg
[16:48] Happy: (safe link)
[16:48] Murska: 'Yeah?' He smiles slightly, turning back from the entrance of the tent he was about to enter.
[16:49] Happy: (scary picture… O.o )
[16:49] Shadowcaller: She glances at the tent opening "We better go inside actually."
[16:50] Shadowcaller: Cessie steps inside.
[16:51] Murska: Aegnor follows. He starts to gather some of his equipment while talking.
[16:52] Shadowcaller: She sits down on the bed roll taking a deep breath before she start to talk "You know that strange feeling I mentioned right?
[16:52] Shadowcaller: "
[16:52] Shadowcaller: (brb, food.)
[16:53] Murska: He stops for a moment. 'Yeah?'
[16:54] Murska: ((Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iEvozNlL8V0&NR=1)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iEvozNlL8V0&NR=1 totally fitting :P)
[16:55] Happy: (copyright fail)
[16:55] Murska: (bah. 'Want You Bad' by Offspring)
[16:56] Happy: xD
[16:56] Murska: (:P)
[17:05] Wolfbane: *pokes*
[17:14] Shadowcaller: (back.)
[17:14] Shadowcaller: "I think I realized what it was…"
[17:15] Shadowcaller: She pauses for a moment before say adds "I think it's guilt."
[17:18] Murska: 'But… why?'
[17:20] Shadowcaller: "Uh… I don't think I have the same barriers in the dreams as I have in real life so I don't feel guilty in the dreams but I do it in real life when I wake up…"
[17:22] Murska: 'But it was just a dream after all. That's why you don't feel guilty in it. So why would you be guilty for it after you wake up?'
[17:23] Shadowcaller: "I would have felt guilty for doing at least the /latest/ thing we did in real life. I know it seems stupid…"
[17:27] Murska: 'But you /didn't/ do it in real life.'
[17:29] Happy: (naptiem. *hugs*)
[17:29] Shadowcaller: "I know!" She pauses "But… it feels like I have done it, after I woke up."
[17:29] Shadowcaller: (Night.)
[17:29] Shadowcaller: "The dream was very… real after all."
[17:29] Murska: (*hugs*)
[17:30] Murska: 'So… you wish you hadn't done it?'
[17:32] Shadowcaller: THe question appears to leave Cessie speach less for a while, "I- I don't know." Another paus as she seems to ponder this "No, of course I would have done it. It was just a dream… after all."
[17:33] Shadowcaller: It looks like she have come to a realization
[17:33] Murska: 'Then you must've liked it more than not, am I right?'
[17:34] Shadowcaller: "…yeah."
[17:36] Shadowcaller: "I did actually…"
[17:37] Murska: 'And since it was just a dream, it didn't hurt anyone either. So what's the problem, really?'
[17:39] Shadowcaller: "We feel guily about a lot of things that technically don't hurt anyone really… but I suppose your right. Feeling guilty about a thing like that is quite stupid."
[17:40] Murska: He smiles. 'Well, I'm glad you aren't stupid then.'
[17:41] Shadowcaller: Cessie smiles back "Yes, so am I."
[17:41] Shadowcaller: She relaxes a bit more
[17:42] Shadowcaller: "Still feeling sleepy?"
[17:43] Murska: 'I'm afraid I'm wide awake now. Though that might be good, in the case of an alarm…'
[17:44] Shadowcaller: "Indeed, maybe we two should take a look at that golem before they dispose of the body too?"
[17:45] Murska: 'I guess it couldn't hurt.'
[17:47] Shadowcaller: Cessie stands up and walks to the entrace.
[17:47] Shadowcaller: (Hm, how tired are you now?)
[17:50] Murska: (still 4 or so)
[17:50] Murska: Aegnor follows.
[17:50] Murska: (I'm eating and doing homework before I die)
[17:50] Shadowcaller: (Okay.)
[17:51] Shadowcaller: /Promise? Are you there?/
[17:51] Wolfbane: /Yes?/
[17:51] Wolfbane: He sounds tired.
[17:51] Shadowcaller: /What… happend?/
[17:52] Wolfbane: /We've just buried it in the circle of rocks. It was something I don't care to repeat seeing./
[17:53] Shadowcaller: /…Oh./
[17:53] Wolfbane: /Sorry about earlier, I just couldn't stand seeing it like that. It was too much like I was./
[17:54] Shadowcaller: Promise can hear a mental sigh /We could have learned where it came from./
[17:55] Wolfbane: /I think I know. Helios. He had a short message for me when we killed it./ (If that message was still there)
[17:56] Shadowcaller: (The message was not actually with helios voice.)
[17:56] Shadowcaller: (It was a neutral voice.)
[17:56] Wolfbane: (Oh, but it said that he broke the deal, so he assumes Helios)
[17:57] Shadowcaller: /He had? Well that dosen't make any sense. Why would Helios make a mind golem of you?/
[17:57] Wolfbane: /I don't know./
[17:59] Shadowcaller: /…I assume you mind if we take a look at the body? I'm terrible sorry I need to ask but it's important./
[18:00] Wolfbane: SHe can hear a mental sigh. /Give me a few minutes to make sure Hope is asleep before I grab a shovel./
[18:02] Shadowcaller: Cessie sounds suprised /R-really? Thanks so much Promise, this way we can see where it might have hailed from./
[18:04] Shadowcaller: /You won't regret this./
[18:04] Wolfbane: /Just…please don't ask me to do much more than that tonight./
[18:05] Shadowcaller: /Of course not, there would nothing else I would ask of you./
[18:05] Shadowcaller: *would be
[18:05] Murska: (nobody asked him to do anything=
[18:07] Shadowcaller: (I guess he thought it that way.)
[18:07] Wolfbane: (Right now he is freaked because to him he pretty much buried a being that thought it was him)
[18:08] Wolfbane: /I think she has fallen asleep, I'll meet you at the circle./
[18:09] Shadowcaller: /Okay… again, I cant thank you enough for doing this, it must be hard for you./
[18:09] Shadowcaller: "Seems like Promise agreed to dig up that body at least."
[18:09] Shadowcaller: /Um… also, what circle?/
[18:10] Murska: 'So they buried it already?'
[18:10] Wolfbane: /I'll guide you there, are you at your tent?/
[18:10] Shadowcaller: "Seems so… they should at least have burned it."
[18:10] Shadowcaller: /Yes, Aegnor and I are at our tent./
[18:10] Wolfbane: /On my way./
[18:11] Shadowcaller: "Who knows? It might return to life again…"
[18:12] Shadowcaller: /Great…/
[18:12] Wolfbane: She can hear clapping outside her tent.
[18:12] Wolfbane: /I'm here./
[18:13] Shadowcaller: (Hm, it looks like you are offline.)
[18:14] Wolfbane: (me?)
[18:14] Shadowcaller: (Yeah.)
[18:15] Wolfbane: (Huh, it shows Happy as offline for me)
[18:15] Shadowcaller: (She is actually.)
[18:15] Shadowcaller: "He's here…" Cessie steps outside the tent.
[18:16] Wolfbane: Promise is standing there, wrapped in his cloak, axe at his side and carrying a shovel. "Ready?"
[18:16] Shadowcaller: (Waiting for Murska to react >.>)
[18:17] Shadowcaller: (Now you both are online again…)
[18:18] Shadowcaller: (And now you aren't.)
[18:18] Murska: (Oo)
[18:18] Wolfbane: (Huh)
[18:18] Shadowcaller: (It looks like Happy and you are offline.)
[18:19] Murska: 'Okay, let's.'
[18:19] Shadowcaller: (You as in wolfbane.)
[18:19] Shadowcaller: Cessie nods
[18:19] Wolfbane: Promise takes them to the spot where they buried it.
[18:21] Wolfbane: He stays silent during the trip unless they ask questions.
[18:22] Shadowcaller: Cessie don't think Promise would like to be asked questions at the moment so she stays silent too.
[18:23] Wolfbane: Is the grave still there?
[18:23] Shadowcaller: It is
[18:24] Wolfbane: Promise starts to dig it up.
[18:24] Shadowcaller: Cessie seems a bit unsure what to do, but stays passive, just watching as he digs.
[18:25] Murska: If there's more than one shovel, Aegnor'll help
[18:25] Shadowcaller: (There is actually.)
[18:26] Shadowcaller: (Cessie is just too afraid for physical work >.>)
[18:26] Shadowcaller: (What happend to Aegnors knife lessons anyway?:P)
[18:27] Shadowcaller: Eventually they dig up the body. Did they even warp it up or something?
[18:28] Wolfbane: Promise only brought one shovel since he didn't know Aegnor was coming.
[18:28] Shadowcaller: (ah.)
[18:28] Shadowcaller: (Then I guess they both watches, she did mention Aegnor thought.)
[18:28] Wolfbane: Promise digs as quickly as he can. The grave is only afew feet deep.
[18:29] Wolfbane: (Didn't mention he was coming, and Promise would want to do this himself)
[18:29] Shadowcaller: (Ah, okay.)
[18:30] Shadowcaller: The wolfen corpse still lies there, now smelling even worse then before.
[18:30] Wolfbane: Promise carries it out of its grave, and unwraps it from the blanket.
[18:31] Wolfbane: After setting it on the ground.
[18:31] Shadowcaller: "Uhh…" Cessie backs away from it and covers her mouth and nose with her hand.
[18:32] Shadowcaller: "Smells like it have been there for years."
[18:33] Shadowcaller: The body carries signs of both decay and battle.
[18:34] Wolfbane: Promise ignores the stench even though this means he'll need to take another bath in the cold stream.
[18:35] Shadowcaller: Cessie casts a light spell, ligthing up the body.
[18:36] Shadowcaller: There seems to be some type of reaction to the magical light. Strange markings appears all over the body in a green light that looks very much like the glow it had in it's eyes.
[18:37] Shadowcaller: "Intresting…"
[18:37] Wolfbane: Promise readies his axe instantly.
[18:37] Shadowcaller: The body lies motionless however.
[18:38] Shadowcaller: "I can't feel any magic Promise, it's dead."
[18:38] Wolfbane: "Then what was the reaction?"
[18:39] Shadowcaller: "The magic of the runes I guess. They must be made to only be seen in magical light."
[18:40] Shadowcaller: Every part of the body is tattoed with these green markings, especially around it's head.
[18:41] Shadowcaller: "I could see if those runes still work…"
[18:41] Wolfbane: "What do they do?"
[18:41] Wolfbane: *pokes Murka*
[18:41] Shadowcaller: "I have no idea."
[18:42] Shadowcaller: "But thats what I want to find out about… I assume it's to make the golem take memories and apperances."
[18:42] Wolfbane: Promise sighs. "Do what you need, but the first sign that it is hostile, I /will/ kill it for good."
[18:43] Shadowcaller: "Uhh…" She looks down on the ground and says something really fast that not even Aegnor or Promise hear.
[18:44] Shadowcaller: She grins nervously, looking at Promise for some type of reaction.
[18:45] Wolfbane: "What did you say?"
[18:45] Shadowcaller: "I… need to raise it."
[18:45] Shadowcaller: "It won't come back with any memories just as normal."
[18:46] Shadowcaller: "Undead normal that is… mindless." She hastly adds
[18:46] Wolfbane: Promise grips his axe. "Do it, but my point still stands."
[18:46] Shadowcaller: She breathes out with relif "Okay, thanks."
[18:47] Murska: 'Hmm. Be very careful…'
[18:47] Murska: 'We don't know what it's supposed to do.'
[18:47] Shadowcaller: "thats what we are supposed to find out… now stand back a bit."
[18:49] Shadowcaller: Promise feels a energy release and slowly the wolfen corpse starts to rise, it's runes still glowing.
[18:49] Wolfbane: Promise does so, but readies the axe.
[18:50] Shadowcaller: It stands there, its arms hanging to it's sides and it's head titled in a unatural direction.
[18:51] Shadowcaller: Cessie that apperently either have gone used to the terrible smell or just forgotten about it comes closer to the golem, inspecting it.
[18:52] Shadowcaller: "Hmm… there seems to be some type of error with these runes. One of them have taken damage from the looks of it."
[18:53] Wolfbane: Promise moves slightly closer to it, ready to attack if it moves dangerously.
[18:53] Shadowcaller: "Let's see if I can activate them again…"
[18:55] Shadowcaller: Promise can feel more discharges of elemental energy nearby as Cessie appears to work with the golem.
[18:57] Shadowcaller: Suddenly the golem flashes it's features change back to the ones of "Dark Promise"
[18:57] Shadowcaller: Cessie grins widely
[18:57] Wolfbane: Promise growls at it.
[18:58] Shadowcaller: "There is nothing to worry about, it's completely under my control… this is just so amazing…"
[18:59] Wolfbane: Promise turns away from it. "I'll take your word for it. Just tell me when you are done so I can bury it again."
[18:59] Shadowcaller: "Of course…" She replies absentmindly, fully concentrating on the golem
[19:00] Wolfbane: Promise sits on a nearby rock keeping his back turned.
[19:01] Murska: Aegnor watches it, hands on a sword.
[19:03] Shadowcaller: Cessie seems rather enthusiastic about it, she keeps going around the golem while Promise can feel more small discharges of magic.
[19:03] Shadowcaller: *elemental energy >.>
[19:04] Murska: Magic = elemental energy, the common term.
[19:06] Wolfbane: Promise ignores it.
[19:07] Shadowcaller: Finally after quite a while, as the horizon have lighten up a bit she turns towards Promise and Aegnor "Okay…" She glances back at the golem "This might take a while, but it appears most of the runes have been made to take and keep emotions." She looks a bit dissapointed "It's not really a mind golem. It's more of a emotion golem, it's inperfect."
[19:08] Wolfbane: Promise sighs. Another night without sleep for him. He goes back. "Why would it be made to mimic me then?"
[19:09] Shadowcaller: "I don't know really, but at least it dosen't seem to have other functions besides the ones we already knew… I don't think anyone send it here deliberately."
[19:10] Shadowcaller: (Aegnor might notice that "dark Promise" have dark fur instead of white fur.)
[19:10] Wolfbane: "Then why did it come here? From my memories?"
[19:11] Murska: '…is this how it looked?'
[19:11] Wolfbane: "Yes."
[19:12] Murska: 'Then it can't have been to hide…'
[19:12] Murska: 'Maybe it's an experiment? Escaped one?'
[19:12] Murska: 'If it's faulty.'
[19:12] Shadowcaller: "That's a possibility."
[19:14] Shadowcaller: She turns to Promise "Any idea how it got here? I mean, unless it was directly linked to your memories…"
[19:15] Shadowcaller: "And it's actually incapable of taking in memories like we do… as I said, its inperfect."
[19:15] Wolfbane: He shakes his head. "I don't think anything got my memories of being here, just the spirit realm. Not unless that gree cat statue I saw somehow did."
[19:16] Shadowcaller: "Is it possible it might have tracked you here of other means? Scent maybe?"
[19:16] Shadowcaller: *by other means
[19:16] Wolfbane: "The wind was too powerful last night, it would have scattered any scent over miles."
[19:17] Shadowcaller: "Well, it already knew were you were last night didn't it?"
[19:17] Shadowcaller: "Or maybe I understand this scent thing wrong…"
[19:18] Wolfbane: He thinks. "I think it actually /came/ with the wind."
[19:18] Wolfbane: "I heard whispers long before it showed up."
[19:19] Shadowcaller: (How tired are you now Murska? o.O)
[19:21] Shadowcaller: "Right… since it's faulty the whispers must have been the leak of emotions and whatever faulty memories it carried."
[19:21] Murska: (5?)
[19:22] Shadowcaller: (Okay.)
[19:22] Shadowcaller: (We are climbing!)
[19:22] Wolfbane: "I don't think the memories were faulty. Maybe the emotions, but not those."
[19:22] Shadowcaller: "What did you see?"
[19:22] Shadowcaller: "It linked you with it's memories?"
[19:22] Wolfbane: Promise describes the images.
[19:23] Shadowcaller: "But did any of that actually happend?"
[19:23] Wolfbane: "Yes."
[19:24] Murska: (how the hell does he know? Oo)
[19:24] Wolfbane: (They are his memories, right?)
[19:24] Murska: (but he can't know they're real)=
[19:24] Murska: (obviously)
[19:25] Shadowcaller: (Thats what she meant with faulty memories.)
[19:26] Shadowcaller: (He may have recived faulty memories you know, things that never really happend.)
[19:27] Wolfbane: "Maybe they were real, maybe not. They still feel real though."
[19:27] Shadowcaller: "I hope they are… they could have been corrupted."
[19:29] Shadowcaller: "But I must say that Aegnors theory is the most likely one, the dwarves are the only ones beside Helios that had access to your memories right?"
[19:29] Wolfbane: "I think so. But I don't know why the dwarves would send this after me."
[19:30] Shadowcaller: "As Aegnor said, it might have escaped, just like you."
[19:31] Shadowcaller: "And then tracked you here somehow…" Cessie turns back to the golem.
[19:32] Wolfbane: "The only problem is that after we killed it, I heard a message saying that I broke our deal. The only person I have made a deal with is Helios, and the message is wrong since I never broke it."
[19:33] Murska: 'Only person you KNOW you made a deal with, perhaps?'
[19:34] Wolfbane: He shrugs. Its possible."
[19:35] Murska: 'Or maybe the message wasn't to you.'
[19:36] Shadowcaller: "Another possibility, what did the voice sound like?"
[19:37] Wolfbane: He tries to describe it.
[19:38] Shadowcaller: "Not Helios voice then?"
[19:39] Shadowcaller: "Thats… I would say this proves it wasn't him."
[19:39] Murska: 'Why?'
[19:40] Shadowcaller: She suddenly seems nervous "Um… almost."
[19:40] Murska: 'What's wrong?'
[19:40] Wolfbane: Promise realizes something. "Maybe we should stop out of this giant circle before we mention any more name."
[19:40] Wolfbane: names*
[19:41] Shadowcaller: "Nothing Aegnor… what do you mean Promise?"
[19:42] Wolfbane: He gestures around. "Look, these rocks form a near perfect circle. You said yourself that any circle will do, just that the ones with the magic dust work better."
[19:44] Shadowcaller: "I don-" She looks around "Uh, sure. It's cold out here anyway."
[19:44] Wolfbane: Promise walks out of the circle. "What about the golem?"
[19:45] Shadowcaller: It's following Cessie right now "Uh…"
[19:45] Murska: Aegnor too. 'What do you mean with Helios not being the one behind this?'
[19:46] Shadowcaller: "I was wrong… it could be him."
[19:46] Wolfbane: "Who do you think it is?"
[19:46] Shadowcaller: She steps out of the circle. "It's just that he always uses his own voice."
[19:47] Shadowcaller: "Me?"
[19:47] Shadowcaller: The golem is still standing just inside it.
[19:48] Murska: 'Even if it wasn't him, maybe we can use this for leverage…'
[19:48] Wolfbane: "Yes. If Helios always uses his voice, who do you think it was?"
[19:49] Shadowcaller: "I don't know, I didn't hear it after all… it could be anyone."
[19:50] Shadowcaller: "But if it's not Helios, I think it was the dwarves."
[19:50] Shadowcaller: "Leverage?"
[19:50] Shadowcaller: "Just don't get me involved… I have dealed enough with Helios."
[19:51] Murska: 'A deal would be void if he'd attack us, of course… and if we claim it was his voice and he can't prove it wasn't…'
[19:52] Wolfbane: "Maybe, but if he can prove that it wasn't it would be /me/ breaking the deal."
[19:53] Murska: 'We can always claim we thought it was him.'
[19:54] Shadowcaller: Cessie sigh "I let you boys deal with that."
[19:55] Wolfbane: Promise shakes his head. "Lets talk about it later. Did you learn anything about where it came from?"
[19:56] Shadowcaller: "Don't you think I would have told you that by now in that case?"
[19:57] Shadowcaller: "The only thing I can tell it's that it have been in a battle…"
[19:57] Wolfbane: "Sorry, I'm just put off by this. Its disturbing."
[19:57] Shadowcaller: "The golem you mean?"
[19:58] Wolfbane: "That, the memories, everything tonight."
[19:59] Shadowcaller: "Oh.. of course…" She glances back at the golem "It's inperfect so I guess it's not use for me to keep it if you don't want me to."
[19:59] Wolfbane: He turns away from it. "Please."
[20:00] Shadowcaller: Cessie was about to say something but stops herself. "…Of course."
[20:00] Shadowcaller: "Want me to burn it?"
[20:01] Wolfbane: "If you want. If I need to bury it again, I will.
[20:04] Shadowcaller: "Very well…" She makes a gesture towards the golem and flames appears to burst out from her hand and hits the golem.
[20:04] Shadowcaller: It bursts into flames.
[20:04] Wolfbane: Promise doesn't watch. "I'm going to take another bath then try to get some sleep."
[20:05] Wolfbane: "Do you need me to do anything else?"
[20:05] Shadowcaller: Cessie shakes her head, turning away from the burning golem "No, you have been very helpful…"
[20:05] Wolfbane: "Just don't tell Hope."
[20:07] Shadowcaller: The golem starts to move into the circle again "We better bury it's remains… that flame can be seen from a large distance."
[20:07] Wolfbane: Promise goes back to the circle. "Just make it lay down."
[20:08] Shadowcaller: The burning golem moves slowly into the circle and lays down in it's grave again.
[20:09] Shadowcaller: Cessie nods.
[20:10] Wolfbane: Promise waits for the fire to die down before starting to bury it again.
[20:11] Shadowcaller: Cessie puts out some of the flames with a bit water she summons.
[20:11] Shadowcaller: *bit of
[20:12] Shadowcaller: Finally, the flames starts to fade.
[20:12] Wolfbane: Promise starts to bury it.
[20:12] Shadowcaller: "I should return… thanks so much for everything Promise… are you coming Aegnor?"
[20:15] Murska: 'Yeah…' He takes a last look at the burnt remains. 'Sure.'
[20:15] Wolfbane: Promise stays to finish burying the remains.
[20:16] Shadowcaller: Aegnor and Cessie returns to their tent I guess.
[20:16] Shadowcaller: (How tired now?)
[20:16] Murska: (Oddly, not. Oo)
[20:16] Murska: (still.)
[20:16] Shadowcaller: (How very strange…)
[20:18] Wolfbane: When it's buried again, Promise rewrites the rune for peace on the grave. He turns to leave the circle.
[20:19] Shadowcaller: He dose so, for a moment he almost can hear that whisper again, but then he realizes its only the wind blowing
[20:21] Wolfbane: Promise goes to take another bath and tries to scrub the stench of burning flesh off of himself.

[21:15] Wolfbane: Hope will probably wake up noticing he is missing.
[21:15] Happy: And immediately go to find him
[21:16] Wolfbane: Probably find him in the stream, taking a bath in the cold water
[21:17] Happy: She doesn't question him, just joins him in the water and helps him wash.
[21:18] Wolfbane: Promise hugs her tightly. "Thank you."
[21:21] Happy: Hope shudders in his arms. "I feel like I buried you last night. And when you weren't there…"
[21:22] Wolfbane: "I'm sorry, I had to bath again."
[21:22] Happy: "It's okay. You're here."
[21:23] Wolfbane: Promise holds her tightly. He probably still smells faintly of charred flesh.
[21:39] Happy: She starts to cry again.
[21:41] Wolfbane: Promise also cries, holding her. "It wasn't me, Hope, it really wasn't."
[21:42] Happy: "But I would have. If you'd needed me to… Just as I did for my uncle."
[21:42] Wolfbane: "I know, Hope, I know."
[21:46] Wolfbane: "Don't worry though, you won't have to."
[21:52] Happy: Hope reaches up to touch his wounded ear.
[21:52] Wolfbane: Promise puts his paw on her hand. "It'll be okay. Lets just get warm now."
[22:06] Happy: They help each other dry off them.
[22:07] Happy: *then
[22:08] Wolfbane: And go back to the tent to warm up I guess. She doesn't ask why he smells that way?
[22:08] Happy: Not sure she would be able to tell it after he'd been washing.
[22:09] Wolfbane: I guess, though she'll probably be able to tell that he is tired and didn't sleep
Happy says (6:33 PM):
As they return to the tent, Hope asks, "Why did you need to wash again?"
Wolfbane says (6:34 PM):
"Cessie thought that it would be a good idea to burn the body, just in case."
Happy says (6:35 PM):
Hope is silent for a moment, and then adds "You should have woken me."
Wolfbane says (6:36 PM):
"One of us should have had some sleep." He smiles. "I'm just about useless around here anyways."
Happy says (6:41 PM):
"Still. I should have been there with you."
Wolfbane says (6:42 PM):
Promise slumps his shoulders. "Okay, next time I will make sure you are with me."
Shadowcaller says (6:43 PM):
(good hiding information >.>)
Happy says (6:43 PM):
Hope gives him a squeeze. "Next time?" she says, with a raised eyebrow.
Wolfbane says (6:44 PM):
He pulls her close. "If this should ever happen again."
Happy says (6:45 PM):
"Let's hope not."
Wolfbane says (6:45 PM):
He gives a slight sudder. "That sounds like a good plan."
Happy says (6:48 PM):
"… Are you going to be okay?"
Wolfbane says (6:49 PM):
He closes his eyes. "I will be. Cessie assured me that it was all illusion, even if the body it used was real."
Shadowcaller says (6:56 PM):
Happy says (6:57 PM):
Hope just quietly holds on to him. (crisis averted)
Shadowcaller says (6:57 PM):
Shadowcaller says (7:00 PM):
(Michicora will talk with Promise later however.)
Wolfbane says (7:00 PM):
Promise squeezes her tightly.

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