Shadowcaller says (4:41 PM):
Wolfbane says (4:41 PM):
Shadowcaller says (4:42 PM):
We are going to do a short interlude…
Wolfbane says (4:42 PM):
With who?
Shadowcaller says (4:42 PM):
Eh, Cessie is just going to ask Promise something
Wolfbane says (4:42 PM):
ask what?
Shadowcaller says (4:43 PM):
You will see, where is Promise?
Wolfbane says (4:44 PM):
He could be grabbing a meal.
Shadowcaller says (4:45 PM):
He can see Cessie walking up to him. She seems to look around a lot, as she want to make sure she isn't followed.
Wolfbane says (4:45 PM):
"Is everything okay?"
Shadowcaller says (4:46 PM):
Your words make her instantly focus at you, looking a bit shocked "Oh… uh.. hi Promise."
Wolfbane says (4:47 PM):
He looks around. "Is something wrong?"
Shadowcaller says (4:47 PM):
SHe shakes her head "No, everything is fine. I just want to ask you something." (maybe he should ask about the figurine?)
Wolfbane says (4:48 PM):
"I have something to ask you about too, but you first."
Shadowcaller says (4:51 PM):
"Ehm… can you buy something for me? In town I mean."
Wolfbane says (4:51 PM):
"Umm… okay, sure, but I don't have money."
Shadowcaller says (4:52 PM):
She looks to the sides and then to you again "Weeell… I do actually."
Wolfbane says (4:53 PM):
"Okay…what is it you need me to buy? Depending on how they treat Wolfen, I may not be able to buy it though."
Wolfbane says (4:56 PM):
(Which town is she talking about? New Dys, or Terra Port?)
Shadowcaller says (4:56 PM):
(Ask her? )
"Oh… right…" A paus "I still have money saved for something /very/ special. I know I should save it and all… but its actaully quite a lot."
Wolfbane says (4:57 PM):
"Which city are you talking about anyways? I meant to ask."
Shadowcaller says (4:58 PM):
"I just need some cloth, I'm sure they have it in any town."
Wolfbane says (5:00 PM):
He raises an eyebrow. "What kind of cloth?"
Shadowcaller says (5:01 PM):
"White cloth, nylon and silk."
Wolfbane says (5:03 PM):
"How much of it?"
Shadowcaller says (5:03 PM):
"Um… I'm bad with exact measurements, but enough for a dress."
Wolfbane says (5:04 PM):
Promise smiles. "And a bit extra, I assume?"
Shadowcaller says (5:05 PM):
"Just don't smile like that to me okay? It's supposed to be a secret…"
Wolfbane says (5:06 PM):
He stops smiling, but he chuckles. "Of course. I should be able to find it, but I wouldn't know very well how to hide it."
Shadowcaller says (5:07 PM):
"Just… make sure Aegnor dosen't see it."
Wolfbane says (5:08 PM):
He nods. "Would you like Hope help? It'd be easier for us to hide it together, since I don't have that much room to hide things in."
Wolfbane says (5:09 PM):
Hope to help*
Shadowcaller says (5:10 PM):
"Uhh… then she will come with all kinds of comments…"
Wolfbane says (5:11 PM):
"Okay, I'll do my best to keep it secret then. But once you get to a city, you'll have to distract her."
Shadowcaller says (5:11 PM):
"Eh, just tell her… I don't know how to sew anyway."
Shadowcaller says (5:13 PM):
(Your not making /another/ conversation are you?)
Wolfbane says (5:14 PM):
(No, got distracted by my roommate for a sec)
"I'm sure she'll be willing to help."
Shadowcaller says (5:15 PM):
"Yes, I'm sure she would /love/ this." She rolls her eyes.
Wolfbane says (5:16 PM):
"Still, congratulations. Even if it is a little early to say that."
Shadowcaller says (5:16 PM):
Wolfbane says (5:17 PM):
"Well, unless I am /horribly/ mistaken, there is only one thing that white dress will be used for. If so, you'll have to clarify."
Shadowcaller says (5:17 PM):
(continue here, changing computer.)
Shadowcaller says (5:19 PM):
Shadowcaller says (5:20 PM):
Copy everything
Wolfbane says (5:20 PM):
Wolfbane says (5:17 PM):
"Well, unless I am /horribly/ mistaken, there is only one thing that white dress will be used for. If so, you'll have to clarify."
Shadowcaller says (5:17 PM):
(continue here, changing computer.)

Or did you mean /everything/?
Shadowcaller says (5:20 PM):
(No, no >.>)
Shadowcaller says (5:22 PM):
(now I'm changing computer… again.)
Wolfbane says (5:22 PM):
Shadowcaller says (5:22 PM):
Continue here
Invite in large
Wolfbane says (5:23 PM):
It won't let me
Wolfbane says (5:25 PM):
Chat is being funny. Give us a few
Shadowcaller says (5:30 PM):
So, continue
Wolfbane says (5:30 PM):
Wolfbane says (5:17 PM):
"Well, unless I am /horribly/ mistaken, there is only one thing that white dress will be used for. If so, you'll have to clarify."
Shadowcaller says (5:17 PM):
(continue here, changing computer.)

Shadowcaller says (5:30 PM):
"I wanted a new type of dress… /what/ did you think it was for?"
Wolfbane says (5:32 PM):
He sighs. "Nevermind. I must have been drawing false conclusions, I just woke up. Don't worry, I'll get what you need. Mind if I ask you something now?"
Shadowcaller says (5:33 PM):
She looks at you suspiciously "No, I want to know what you thought it was for."
Wolfbane says (5:34 PM):
He sighs. "A celebration of some sort. White is almost never used for anything else as far as I am aware. At least, not out here, its rather hard to come by. So, what are you celebrating?"
Shadowcaller says (5:37 PM):
"Celebrating? Ohh… sorry. I made a false conclusion myself. I guess I could use it for marriage too…"
Shadowcaller says (5:38 PM):
"But I just wanted new clothes really. And white is a quite common color for dresses where I lived."
Wolfbane says (5:40 PM):
Promise nods. "Okay, sorry for going to the wrong conclusion, its just that the only white most wolfen tribes have are reserved for blankets like mine and Hope's. But sure, of course I'll help."
Shadowcaller says (5:42 PM):
She smiles "It's okay." A paus "I was just that this dress was… different from the others I have. I want it to be a suprise for him you see?"
Wolfbane says (5:42 PM):
Promsie smiles. "I understand."
Shadowcaller says (5:44 PM):
"Ugh, there is that smile again…"
Shadowcaller says (5:45 PM):
"I suppose I need to ask Hope for help about this thought?"
Wolfbane says (5:45 PM):
"It would be a good idea. I can only do crude stiching, nothing that would work on clothing."
Shadowcaller says (5:46 PM):
"She can sew right?"
"I always assumed she could…"
Wolfbane says (5:46 PM):
"I think so, but you'll have to ask her."

Happy has been added to the conversation.

Shadowcaller says (5:48 PM):
(Secret non-Aegnor chat.)
Happy says (5:48 PM):
Shadowcaller says (5:48 PM):
(Cessie is getting a dress…)
Shadowcaller says (5:49 PM):
(We been RP'ing a bit, hidden from sight o.O)
Shadowcaller says (5:50 PM):
(Wolfy, can you copy everything to her? By PM or something?)
(I don't have it all…)
Wolfbane says (5:50 PM):
(I'll send it to PM)
Wolfbane says (5:51 PM):
Happy says (5:54 PM):
Wolfbane says (5:54 PM):
(Yeah, Promise assumed something /completely/ different)
Shadowcaller says (5:55 PM):
(And Cessie went even further…)
(She thought Promise suggested something else )
Happy says (5:55 PM):
(what, something for baby clothes?)
Wolfbane says (5:56 PM):
(Promise implies a wedding)
Shadowcaller says (5:57 PM):
(More like a Maternity dress…)
Shadowcaller says (5:58 PM):
(But enough about that, they will let Hope join their conspiracy >.>)
Wolfbane säger:
"It would be a good idea. I can only do crude stiching, nothing that would work on clothing."
Shadowcaller säger:
"She can sew right?"
"I always assumed she could…"
Wolfbane säger:
"I think so, but you'll have to ask her."

(Where is Hope?)
Happy says (6:00 PM):
(somewhere in the camp. She can easily be found.)
Shadowcaller says (6:00 PM):
"Where is she?"
Wolfbane says (6:01 PM):
Promise shrugs. "Probably looking around for injuries to heal." He stands. "Are you wanting to find her?"
Shadowcaller says (6:01 PM):
Shadowcaller says (6:03 PM):
(I guess they go and look for her then…)
Happy says (6:04 PM):
And they find her with Peya and the baby
Shadowcaller says (6:04 PM):
(not the baby! o.O)
Shadowcaller says (6:05 PM):
Cessie is a bit uncomfortable neart
*near it but walks up to Hope
Wolfbane says (6:05 PM):
Promise smiles when he sees Hope and he nods curtiously at Peya and her baby.
Shadowcaller says (6:06 PM):
"Hello Hope."
Happy says (6:06 PM):
Hope is holding the baby, a tiny little girl with pointed ears, who is asleep in her arms.
Shadowcaller says (6:08 PM):
Cessie appears to do her best to ignore the baby.
Wolfbane says (6:08 PM):
Promise smiles even more so when he sees what Hope is doing.
Happy says (6:09 PM):
She meets Promise's eyes and smiles. "She's in perfect health."
Wolfbane says (6:09 PM):
"That is great news."
Shadowcaller says (6:10 PM):
"But, we came here to ask you something Hope."
Shadowcaller says (6:11 PM):
"….If you aren't too busy."
Happy says (6:11 PM):
"I'm not. Do you want to hold the baby?"
Shadowcaller says (6:13 PM):
"Uh…" Cessie stares at it, with her mouth slightly open. "…Sure."
Happy says (6:14 PM):
Hope carefully places the baby in Cessie's arms, making sure its head is supported.
"I can't get over the ears," Hope syas. "They're so adorable."
Shadowcaller says (6:15 PM):
She holds it very carefully, looking afraid that she might drop it. "It was a she right?"
Shadowcaller says (6:16 PM):
(Is the baby naked?)
Wolfbane says (6:16 PM):
Promise smiles at Hope's comment.
Happy says (6:17 PM):
(No, baby is dressed.)
Happy says (6:20 PM):
"A little girl. Her name is Amarie."
Shadowcaller says (6:20 PM):
"I see…" Cessie watches it carefully.
Happy says (6:21 PM):
She squirms a little in her sleep, but she's far too young to struggle loose or anything.
Shadowcaller says (6:22 PM):
"It is kind of cute…"
(Wow, really? )
"Um, want to hold it Promise?"
Shadowcaller says (6:23 PM):
"I don't want it ruin my only clean dress…"
Wolfbane says (6:23 PM):
Promise turns to Peya. "May I?
(Assuming she understands Wolfen)
Happy says (6:23 PM):
"Of course," she says.
Shadowcaller says (6:24 PM):
Cessie gives Promise the baby then
Wolfbane says (6:24 PM):
Promise takes the child easily, making sure his claws won't bother it.
Shadowcaller says (6:24 PM):
Very carefully
Shadowcaller says (6:25 PM):
"Um… anyway. There was something I wanted to ask you Hope."
Happy says (6:26 PM):
"Sure. What is it?"
Shadowcaller says (6:26 PM):
"Can you sew?"
Happy says (6:27 PM):
Shadowcaller says (6:27 PM):
"Oh… good. I have a capital of money Arik gave me before he left…"
Shadowcaller says (6:28 PM):
"I just asked Promise her to buy some cloth… I hope you don't think it's a waste?"
Happy says (6:29 PM):
"No, why would I think that? What do you want me to sew for you?"
Shadowcaller says (6:29 PM):
"A dress."
Shadowcaller says (6:30 PM):
"I made a scetch of it on an empty page in one of my books…"
Happy says (6:31 PM):
"Can I see?"
Shadowcaller says (6:31 PM):
Shadowcaller says (6:34 PM):
"Of course…" She takes up a piece of carefully folded paper from her pocket.
And gives it to Hope
Happy says (6:35 PM):
Hope looks it over. "It will look lovely on you, I'm sure." *smiling*
Shadowcaller says (6:35 PM):
Shadowcaller says (6:36 PM):
Cessie looks a bit embarassed "Um… yeah." A paus. "How much cloth do you think we need?"
Happy says (6:38 PM):
Hope tells her the measurements
(for standard width fabric, twice the length from neckline to hem + length of sleeves)
Happy says (6:39 PM):
(yes, I'm a seamstress)
Shadowcaller says (6:39 PM):
(Well, it dose make it more realistic dosen't it? )
Happy says (6:41 PM):
(yes. But there'd be no such thing as 'standard width' in a pre-industrial society. So she'd have had to go into more detail.)
Shadowcaller says (6:43 PM):
Cessie takes up a small bag from her pocket and then opens it up and let a few coins drop in her hand. "I think this *might* be enough." She turns to Promise "But maybe you should take the whole bag, just in case?"
Shadowcaller says (6:44 PM):
Wolfbane says (6:45 PM):
Promise, still carrying the little girl, looks at her. "We'll get you the fabric and give back any extra money."
Shadowcaller says (6:47 PM):
"Okay… we need this money for other things too, so don't accept the first price they give you. Keep it under 5 silver, okay?"
Wolfbane says (6:47 PM):
Promise nods.
Shadowcaller says (6:48 PM):
Cessie smiles "Good."
Shadowcaller says (6:49 PM):
She turns back to Hope "Do you think we can keep this a secret from him? How long will it take to make?"
Shadowcaller says (6:50 PM):
(and hands Promise the bag.)
Wolfbane says (6:51 PM):
Promise can't exactly take the bag.
He has a child in his arms.
Shadowcaller says (6:51 PM):
Happy says (6:51 PM):
"If it didn't have to be a secret, it would be a lot faster, since I could work openly. Maybe… a week?" (is trying to think how long it would take to make a dress by hand with poor tools)
Shadowcaller says (6:51 PM):
(Hmm… what timeline would this be?)
Shadowcaller says (6:53 PM):
"A week? Hmm… okay."
Happy says (6:53 PM):
(eh. whatever you want. Just decide when it's done)
Shadowcaller says (6:54 PM):
(Well… technically they have known about a town ever since Promises return..)
(But they can't buy it before they got there thought…)
Shadowcaller says (6:55 PM):
"Any way to speed it up magically?"
Wolfbane says (7:01 PM):
Happy says (7:02 PM):
"Um… I don't know. You're the magic expert."
Amalie starts to fuss. Promise's nose can tell exactly what's the problem…
Shadowcaller says (7:02 PM):
"Yes, but if I can apply force somehwere…"
Wolfbane says (7:03 PM):
Promise looks apologetically at Hope. "Um… she needs cleaning."
"I'm not sure how."
Shadowcaller says (7:03 PM):
Cessie looks disgusted
Happy says (7:06 PM):
Hope takes the baby back, and changes her, while continuing the conversation. Peya has fallen asleep. "Can you apply force in such a detailed way?"
Shadowcaller says (7:06 PM):
(Bah, maybe we should invite Murska? This become much more then I had orginally planned…)
Shadowcaller says (7:08 PM):
Cessie tries to look away as she speakes to Hope "Eww… well… not what I'm aware of. But maybe Helena can help us?"

Aegnor has been added to the conversation.

Shadowcaller says (7:10 PM):
Aegnor says (7:10 PM):
(what now?)
Shadowcaller says (7:10 PM):
(We sort of… had a secret chat, that turned out bigger then expected.)
Aegnor says (7:10 PM):
(secret from me? v.v)
Shadowcaller says (7:11 PM):
(Well, Cessie was going to make a dress in secret from Aegnor >.>)
(It have been going on a while…)
Shadowcaller says (7:12 PM):
(Could you PM it to him wolfy? Or set it up on the wiki..)
Wolfbane says (7:12 PM):
(I'll post it.)
Shadowcaller says (7:12 PM):
hadowcaller says (7:15 PM):
Also, since you will see it anyway…
Cessie in her new dress:
Aegnor says (7:16 PM):
I dun think I has time v.v
Shadowcaller says (7:16 PM):
Tomorrow then
Shadowcaller says (7:18 PM):
"I guess I have to ask Freedom about it."
Aegnor says (7:21 PM):
Shadowcaller says (7:22 PM):
"How is Peya doing?" Cessie carefully asks
Wolfbane says (7:28 PM):
Shadowcaller says (7:30 PM):
(What is Promise doing?)
Happy says (7:30 PM):
"She's fine. She's just tired a lot, but that's normal for new mothers."
Wolfbane says (7:30 PM):
(Did Hope hand him back the baby?)
Shadowcaller says (7:31 PM):
"…Okay, she's not in pain or anything?"
(No sexual education >.>)
Happy says (7:35 PM):
"Not any more."
Shadowcaller says (7:37 PM):
"Thats good…" (It should be painfully obvious that Cessie never even been near another pregnant woman in her entire life.)
(except her own mother I guess )
Happy says (7:41 PM):
Hope wraps the baby back up and lays it with its mother.
Shadowcaller says (7:41 PM):
Cessie hands Promise the bag "Be really careful with it okay?"
Wolfbane says (7:42 PM):
Promise takes it. "I will be, don't worry."
Shadowcaller says (7:43 PM):
"It's all the money we have left…"
Wolfbane says (7:43 PM):
He nods. "I'll keep it safe."
Shadowcaller says (7:44 PM):
"Good." She nods approving to Promise.
And then turns to Hope "Hm, will you be forced to sew on the boat?"
Happy says (7:45 PM):
"Oh. I didn't think of that. If seasickness is like airsickness I probably can't."
Wolfbane says (7:46 PM):
Promise groans. "I forgot about that. I hope it won't be as bad."
Shadowcaller says (7:46 PM):
"Ugh, don't remind me…"
Shadowcaller says (7:48 PM):
(Hm, how many days will it take to find that spot?)
Happy says (7:48 PM):
(I don't know. A week or two?)
Shadowcaller says (7:49 PM):
(o.O that long?)
(Then the dress will be ready before they go on the boat?)
Happy says (7:49 PM):
(um. i have no earthly idea. How long do you want it to take?)
Shadowcaller says (7:50 PM):
(Eh, it sounds good… but more like a few days I think, just enough to get the dress ready before they go on the boat >.>)
Happy says (7:51 PM):
(There's still the fortress to deal with though)
Shadowcaller says (7:53 PM):
Shadowcaller says (7:57 PM):
(What will Promise do?)
Wolfbane says (7:59 PM):
(Do for what? The fortress? He knows that it is practically impossible for them to breach it from the /outside/ and survive. He'd like to, but knows it is unrealistic)
Shadowcaller says (8:00 PM):
(Not if he is smart about it… check Nigmas and my disscussion on game notes.)
Shadowcaller says (8:04 PM):
(Not that players are supposed to know any of that.)
Wolfbane says (8:05 PM):
(Thats the problem, with going off of what /Promise/ knows, the only way would be to go through the hole they made)
Happy says (8:06 PM):
So Simone scouts in the city and learns stuff.
Wolfbane says (8:06 PM):
But, Promise also knows that the worm is more inportant to deal with than prisoners.
Wolfbane says (8:10 PM):
Of course, his conversation with Cessie about it only reinforced the idea that it was foolish, because without her help, it would be unlikely for them to succeed.
Shadowcaller says (8:10 PM):
Get Aegnor to convinc her
Wolfbane says (8:11 PM):
Pfft. Aegnor could probably care less.
Shadowcaller says (8:11 PM):
Not that she always agree with him…
Shadowcaller says (8:12 PM):
It did sound like he did care during their disscussion
Wolfbane says (8:12 PM):
Maybe, but Promise will get over it. The Worm is the greater threat.
Shadowcaller says (8:12 PM):
(Oh, Promise forgot to ask her.)
Wolfbane says (8:13 PM):
Promise turns to Cessie. "Mind if I ask my question now?"
Shadowcaller says (8:13 PM):
"Oh right… sure."
Wolfbane says (8:14 PM):
He tells her about the scouting he and Michi did and talking to Helios. "I'd like to know what that cat statue was."
Shadowcaller says (8:15 PM):
"Um… I have no idea really."
Shadowcaller says (8:16 PM):
"I mean, I haven't even seen it."
Wolfbane says (8:17 PM):
He sighs. "Thanks anyways. I'm probably just going to leave it where I buried it. I don't know if it is hostile."
Shadowcaller says (8:18 PM):
"It was given to you by Helios, so thats quite likely."
Wolfbane says (8:20 PM):
"Especially since he likely harbors ill feeling towards me."
Shadowcaller says (8:21 PM):
"Truly… be careful about /really/ annyoing him thought."
Wolfbane says (8:22 PM):
"I think I've offset him a bit. I better not be the one to deal with him for a while."
(Oh, any reaction to hearing the two names of her relatives?)
Shadowcaller says (8:22 PM):
(She knew about them already.)
Wolfbane says (8:22 PM):
Shadowcaller says (8:23 PM):
"Do you think your ready to go to New Dys?"
Wolfbane says (8:23 PM):
"I believe so. How do they treat Wolfen there?"
Shadowcaller says (8:25 PM):
"Oh… I don't know about New Dys, but in Hestopia they are supposed to be treated like everyone else."
Wolfbane says (8:26 PM):
"Well, I have a plan so Goldie and I can get through Terra Port, and if we have to New Dys."
Wolfbane says (8:27 PM):
(Hope should be able to hear this)
Happy says (8:28 PM):
Shadowcaller says (8:29 PM):
"Whats that?"
Wolfbane says (8:32 PM):
He sighs. "Well, from what I have experienced, they may be used to Wolfen slaves. We would need two collars and lengths of ropes. Aegnor and Michicora only need to cover their ears and they will be fine."
Shadowcaller says (8:32 PM):
"…Oh, but thats so degrading."
Wolfbane says (8:32 PM):
He shrugs. "If it gets us through…"
Shadowcaller says (8:33 PM):
"Surely there must be other ways…"
Wolfbane says (8:33 PM):
"Maybe, but it should be the quickest, and we don't want to stay /too/ long there."
Happy says (8:33 PM):
Hope looks sick.
Wolfbane says (8:35 PM):
"Also, if I don't, and word gets around that another wolfen of my color has shown up in the city, they would probably take me. /But/ if I showed up as being owned by a family of nobels…"
Shadowcaller says (8:36 PM):
Cessie sigh "Do you really want to do that? Maybe we could… just sneak past as soon as possible?"
Wolfbane says (8:37 PM):
He shakes his head. "At the very least, three guards at the gate, and while there /could/ be tunnels from the outskirts under the wall into the city, there may /not/ be any. This is the fastest way I could think of."
Shadowcaller says (8:37 PM):
"You could swim? I could make you invisible for a few moments?"
Shadowcaller says (8:38 PM):
"We could distract them somehow…"
Wolfbane says (8:38 PM):
He shakes his head. "Rocky cliffs, and I am just too easily noticed. The best place for me to hide would be in the open."
Happy says (8:39 PM):
Hope puts her arms around him and just buries her face against his fur.
Wolfbane says (8:40 PM):
Promise puts his arms around her. "It will only last a few minutes, an hour or two tops." He smiles at her. "Besides, you already own me, why not make it official?"
Shadowcaller says (8:41 PM):
"ugh, that was a bad one…"
Happy says (8:41 PM):
"I don't /own/ you. That's a horrible thought."
Shadowcaller says (8:41 PM):
"But really, I don't want to put Goldie in a collar."
"And not you either for that matter."
Wolfbane says (8:42 PM):
"Hope, you own my heart, thats enough for me. I can probably convince Goldie that it was necessary, she may even think it as a game."
Shadowcaller says (8:44 PM):
"A /very/ horrible and cruel game, those people will look at her as she was a slave."
Wolfbane says (8:44 PM):
"I know, but it could be necessary. I'll be the one to tell her."
Shadowcaller says (8:45 PM):
"Can't we just try to pass by as normal? You are with us after all, I'm sure they won't arrest you or anything just beacuse your a wolfen."
Wolfbane says (8:46 PM):
"Remember Saltcross?"
Shadowcaller says (8:46 PM):
"They didn't arrest you for entering the town…"
Shadowcaller says (8:47 PM):
"If you keep a low profile everything should work out."
Wolfbane says (8:47 PM):
He gestures at himself. "I simply /can't/ keep a low profile."
Shadowcaller says (8:50 PM):
"…I turn you invisible. Then you can stay on the ship?"
Wolfbane says (8:51 PM):
He shakes his head. "The ship isn't the problem, its /getting/ to it that is."
Shadowcaller says (8:51 PM):
"Yes, I turn you invisible while your getting to it, easy."
Shadowcaller says (8:52 PM):
"I think I can maintain it that long…"
Wolfbane says (8:52 PM):
"Goldie too?"
Shadowcaller says (8:52 PM):
"Um… if not, I can take her later."
"Or her first, in any order."
Wolfbane says (8:53 PM):
He shakes his head. "I'd rather we all went at once. So we don't get separated."
Shadowcaller says (8:53 PM):
"And I rather not want to see you in slave collars…"
Shadowcaller says (8:54 PM):
"Hope, what do you think?"
Wolfbane says (8:54 PM):
"It is the easiest and safest way. For all of us."
Shadowcaller says (8:56 PM):
(Waiting for Hope to reply.)
Happy says (8:57 PM):
"I hate it."
"But… he's right, it would be easier. And you might need magic for something else."
Shadowcaller says (8:59 PM):
She looks at Hope doubtfully "If you say so… but I still think we should have tried something else…"
Happy says (8:59 PM):
"I don't know. I really don't. Maybe Aegnor can think of soemthing better."
Wolfbane says (9:00 PM):
"Its a simple plan, its easy, safe, and quick. My pride means little in this matter."
Shadowcaller says (9:00 PM):
(Well, can he? )
Wolfbane says (9:01 PM):
Shadowcaller says (9:01 PM):
(Asking Murska here.)
Wolfbane says (9:01 PM):
Shadowcaller says (9:02 PM):
"Goldie then?…"
Wolfbane says (9:03 PM):
"I can talk to her. I think that she'll understand. If not, I'll make it out as a game for her."
Aegnor says (9:04 PM):
(It's not like Aegnor would care about pride)
Shadowcaller says (9:05 PM):
"I refuse to play the part of "owner" in that case."
Wolfbane says (9:06 PM):
"That is fine."
Shadowcaller says (9:07 PM):
"I can enter the city before you then?"
Wolfbane says (9:09 PM):
"I meant that maybe not hold a rope, I'd still think we need to be in one group.
Happy says (9:09 PM):
"Please. Let's go talk to Aegnor."
Wolfbane says (9:10 PM):
Promise hugs her then lets go. "Okay."
Shadowcaller says (9:12 PM):
"Very well…"
Happy says (9:16 PM):
So they go find Aegnor.
Aegnor says (9:16 PM):
They find him talking with Shadow.
Shadowcaller says (9:21 PM):
(Well, I can't talk to him in both chats >.>)
Wolfbane says (9:24 PM):
"Aegnor, we need to talk to you about entering Terra Port. Did you have any plans?"
Happy says (9:24 PM):
He'll see that Hope looks very unhappy.
Aegnor says (9:24 PM):
'Hm? Oh, not really yet. I'd need to know more about it.'
Wolfbane says (9:28 PM):
Promise gives as many details as he knows.
Aegnor says (9:28 PM):
'And we have a boat we just need to get to, eh? Hmm.'
Wolfbane says (9:29 PM):
"I can only think of one way to get through quickly."
Wolfbane says (9:30 PM):
He explains his plan.
Aegnor says (9:31 PM):
'I doubt all of us would agree with that.' He looks at Hope.
Shadowcaller says (9:31 PM):
"If you have something better then that, as I have suggested, I'm all ears Aegnor."
Happy says (9:33 PM):
"It makes me sick to think of it."
Wolfbane says (9:34 PM):
"Its the best way I can think of that we can get through quickly and safely."
Aegnor says (9:34 PM):
'Posing as a slave? Slavery is disgusting, true, but it's not like a collar or rope makes someone into a slave.'
'Anyway, how large is the city?'
Shadowcaller says (9:35 PM):
(Um, quite large?)
(As Kyou.)
(Possibly a bit bigger…)
Wolfbane says (9:36 PM):
He says so.
"Maybe, but it is a start and at first glance, what would you think about someone holding a leash to a wolfen's collar?"
Shadowcaller says (9:37 PM):
"Maybe ask Zubera for help? She could help you with that act." *rolls eyes*
Aegnor says (9:38 PM):
'That's not what I meant. How far is it from the city entrance to wherever the ship might be?'
Shadowcaller says (9:39 PM):
(Um, quite near. the port isn't actually behind a wall.)
(Just the inner part of the city is behind that.)
Wolfbane says (9:40 PM):
(… that would have been useful to know)
Shadowcaller says (9:40 PM):
(Hey, I told you so from the start >.>)
Aegnor says (9:41 PM):
'Someone goes in, finds the ship and then we sneak in, invisible if needed?'
Wolfbane says (9:41 PM):
(I didn't remember. It would have been nice to know when I started making the plans. <.<)
Shadowcaller says (9:41 PM):
(Every entrance is still guarded thought.)
Wolfbane says (9:43 PM):
"All we need to do is get past the guards. Thats all."
Shadowcaller says (9:43 PM):
(Um, basically? )
Wolfbane says (9:45 PM):
"Acting as a slave for a few minutes can't hurt."
Happy says (9:45 PM):
"And what about Michicora and Aegnor?"
Aegnor says (9:46 PM):
'It's not hard to disguise myself as a human, I've found.'
Wolfbane says (9:46 PM):
"All they need is to cover their ears really."
Aegnor says (9:47 PM):
'It's best with a hood, and you usually want larger clothes and just move a bit differently.'
Wolfbane says (9:47 PM):
"The only ones we need to really worry about are me, and Goldie."
Shadowcaller says (9:47 PM):
Cessie sigh "Stupid dwarves…"
Wolfbane says (9:51 PM):
*pokes Happy*
Happy says (9:53 PM):
Hope closes her eyes tightly. "If we have to do it to keep you safe from those.." She says a word in her native tongue that probably isn't very polite.
Shadowcaller says (9:55 PM):
(All dwarves aren't the same )
Happy says (9:56 PM):
(she is talking about the specific dwarves in the fortress)
Wolfbane says (9:56 PM):
Promise hugs her. "It will keep me safe, don't worry."
Shadowcaller says (10:01 PM):
Shadowcaller says (10:05 PM):
Aegnor says (10:06 PM):
(I know how to beat the fortress)
(All we need are skeletal elephants)
(and a few carp)
Happy says (10:07 PM):
"I guess we're not going to try and destroy the fortress then?"
Shadowcaller says (10:07 PM):
"Hmph, I don't wish to risk my and your lives for that."
Aegnor says (10:08 PM):
'I fear it would take too long, anyway.'
Wolfbane says (10:08 PM):
Promise looks down, saddened. "The Worm is more important to take care of."
Happy says (10:09 PM):
Hope just nods.
Wolfbane says (10:11 PM):
"And we just don't have the time for the fortress." He sighs.
Shadowcaller says (10:12 PM):
"Helios would not like it either… he and his stupid contract."
Happy says (10:17 PM):
"Do you have any idea what this favor might be that he wants of you?"
Wolfbane says (10:17 PM):
"No, I don't. But it shouldn't harm us at all. That was part of the deal."
Happy says (10:20 PM):
"I just hope it's over with soon."
Wolfbane says (10:21 PM):
"We still have a few more days until he can ask the favor."
Shadowcaller says (10:28 PM):
Shadowcaller says (10:29 PM):
"But if the deal don't break anything… will you still follow it if its something you won't like?"
Wolfbane says (10:29 PM):
"I gave my word. I haven't been forved to break it yet."
Shadowcaller says (10:30 PM):
"…Okay, as you wish."
Wolfbane says (10:32 PM):
Aegnor says (10:35 PM):
'Who knows, it might not be anything horrible.'
Wolfbane says (10:38 PM):
He raises an eyebrow at Aegnor. "Its Helios. And I'm pretty sure I annoyed him last time we spoke."
Shadowcaller says (10:39 PM):
"I bet it is to find that statue again…"
Wolfbane says (10:39 PM):
"I hope it is. It'd be easy really."
Aegnor says (10:39 PM):
'Helios never struck me as someone to make you do something you dislike over something he thinks is useful.'
Wolfbane says (10:47 PM):
"Hopefully that is how this is then."
Shadowcaller says (10:48 PM):
Happy says (11:01 PM):
(I guess this conversation is done?)
Wolfbane says (11:01 PM):
(I think so)
Shadowcaller says (11:01 PM):
Happy says (11:03 PM):
(unless you want Goldie to turn up and hear about the plan)
Wolfbane says (11:04 PM):
(Sure, maybe she was listening, but she doesn't know common unless Ferrous teaches her. >.>)
Happy says (11:04 PM):
(I mean, have it explained to her)
Aegnor says (11:04 PM):
(Ferrous knows common?)
Wolfbane says (11:05 PM):
(No, probably not, I'll just say that Promise starts to teach her when they are in the party)
Aegnor says (11:06 PM):
(Unless she's another extremely gifted child in languages, it's gonna take a while… I've been learning German for what, five years and still barely understand some, let alone being able to speak)
Wolfbane says (11:09 PM):
(Is there a spell for translation?)
Shadowcaller says (11:10 PM):
Wolfbane says (11:12 PM):
Goldie comes up to the group, curious as always. "Miss Cessie? What are you talking about? Is it time to leave now?"
Happy says (11:13 PM):
Hope crouches down next to her, stroking her mane and doing a quick scan to make sure she's healthy.
"The next town we're going to is going to be pretty dangerous, Goldie."
Shadowcaller says (11:13 PM):
"Oh, hi Goldie…"
Wolfbane says (11:13 PM):
Goldie smiles at Hope. "Is everything okay? You look saddened."
Wolfbane says (11:15 PM):
Happy says (11:16 PM):
"Do you remember when Promise came back, and he was all hurt and his fur was shaved?"
Wolfbane says (11:16 PM):
She nods.
Happy says (11:17 PM):
"The town we are going to is where the bad people who did that live. We have to sneak through and make sure they don't capture him again until we can get on a boat and go to the nice city where you're going to get healed."
Shadowcaller says (11:18 PM):
Cessie lets them talk out as she dosen't understand wolfen.
She still looks concenrned for Goldie thought
Wolfbane says (11:18 PM):
She looks a bit worried. "Okay…"
Happy says (11:19 PM):
Hope tries to explain the next part, but chokes on the words. She looks up at the others for help.
Wolfbane says (11:21 PM):
Promise give's Hope's shoulder a gentle sqeeze and kneels down. "Goldie? You and I have to disguise ourselves for a short while. Just a little while so we can get through the city."
Shadowcaller says (11:21 PM):
Wolfbane says (11:22 PM):
(He is speaking Wolfen)
Shadowcaller says (11:22 PM):
Wolfbane says (11:23 PM):
Goldie looks at them. "Why Mister Promise?"
Happy says (11:24 PM):
(Did she miss the part about evil people who did bad things?)
Wolfbane says (11:24 PM):
Promise sighs. "Its so the people who took me before don't take us again."
Happy says (11:25 PM):
"Honey, some people don't treat Wolfen very nice."
Wolfbane says (11:25 PM):
Goldie looks down and fidgets. "I know. How do I have to disguise myself?"
Happy says (11:25 PM):
(explain it, Aegnor)
Aegnor says (11:26 PM):
(Me? Why me? »)
Shadowcaller says (11:26 PM):
(Is she even speaking elven?)
Wolfbane says (11:26 PM):
(She was speaking Wolfen)
Happy says (11:26 PM):
(because Hope can't, and Promise and Goldie are both played by the same character)
Shadowcaller says (11:27 PM):
(Aegnor dosen't know much wolfen.)
(And Cessie seems to be able to speak elven freely,,, already? o.O)
Shadowcaller says (11:28 PM):
(Aegnor must be a really motivating teacher…)
Happy says (11:28 PM):
(there's a reason most game worlds have one main language)
Aegnor says (11:29 PM):
(Someone can ask Aegnor to explain it. And he'll go all 'You'll be disguised as a slave.')
Wolfbane says (11:29 PM):
(Ugh. Can we just assume Goldie can speak Common or have it so Ferrous has been teaching her in her sleep?)
(Just to ease things up a bit?)
Aegnor says (11:29 PM):
(OR we can just not think about it as usual)
Wolfbane says (11:29 PM):
(That can work too)
Aegnor says (11:30 PM):
(Goldie knows elven, everyone here knows elven, what's the problem?)
Wolfbane says (11:31 PM):
(Promise doesn't)
(Maybe the odd word or phrase, but he just hasn't been around the village long enough)
Aegnor says (11:32 PM):
(Well we'll just ignore him then)
Happy says (11:33 PM):
Hope looks at Aegnor, and says in Common. "I can't do it. I can't say it."
She's nearly in tears.
Aegnor says (11:33 PM):
(Jeez, some people… )
Shadowcaller says (11:33 PM):
Cessie looks shocked at Hope
Wolfbane says (11:34 PM):
Promise stands and pulls Hope close.
Aegnor says (11:34 PM):
'We'll disguise you and Promise as slaves, until we get to the ship.' /elven (although we don't need to, since invisibility is more than enough…)
Happy says (11:34 PM):
(what do you expect? Hope's a big softy.)
Aegnor says (11:35 PM):
(It's like they're talking about selling the two to slavery for a while or something )
Wolfbane says (11:35 PM):
Goldie looks at Aegnor. "As slaves? How?"
Wolfbane says (11:36 PM):
Aegnor says (11:37 PM):
'I suppose simply with a collar and some rope. It's mostly about how you carry yourself.'
Shadowcaller says (11:38 PM):
Cessie remains silent
Wolfbane says (11:39 PM):
Goldie looks a little scared. "Okay… if it means we are safer…"
Shadowcaller says (11:41 PM):
"It be okay Goldie… I promise…"
Wolfbane says (11:42 PM):
SHe seems to calm down a bit. "Okay, Miss Cessie."
Happy says (11:42 PM):
"It's not okay. It's horrible!" Hope blurts out, and bursts into tears.
Happy says (11:43 PM):
(gah, she's such a wuss sometimes)
Wolfbane says (11:43 PM):
(What language?)
Happy says (11:44 PM):
(elvish, since that's what we're speaking now)
Wolfbane says (11:45 PM):
Goldie goes up and hugs Hope. "It'll be okay as long as you are all with me."
Shadowcaller says (11:45 PM):
Cessie tries to keep her neutral expression, "It's not something we want to do, but it's needed…"
Shadowcaller says (11:46 PM):
Wolfbane says (11:48 PM):
Goldie smiles weakly. "I understand."
Shadowcaller says (11:53 PM):
"We are going to leave in… um how many days again?"
Wolfbane says (11:56 PM):
(I don't know)
Wolfbane says (11:57 PM):
Happy says (11:57 PM):
4 days. (GM picks number at random)

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