Characters 2

Armand - slaver - dead, eaten by Sarah
Calla - older sister to Elias and Edijar, works as a prostitute, trying to get off ash
Deena - elderly woman who cares for Nadja while Calla is working
Elias - orphan apprentice to a baker, father unknown, mother dead
Hekta - demoness child
Izzy - brother to Jim
Jim - brother to Izzy, kidnapped by Armand
Larania - former wife of Damon
Liam - scholar
Liathin - Lin
Master Dahl - Elias's master
Ocraegon - dragonborn who argued with Armand
Rob - self appointed guardian to Lin
Ruby - oldest sister
Sarah - dragon
Seela - daughter of Damon
Seeker - Tyril, cursed undead
Nadja Yette - Calla's infant daughter

Mother: Adyna Yette (deceased)

  • Ruby Yette (Prostitute/drugs)(missing for some months now)
  • Brother (murdered)
  • Calla Yette (prostitute, has a daughter named Nadja, close in age to Edijar)
  • Edijar Yette Losthold / Lostwarden
  • sister (died young of disease)
  • Elias Larmette
  • sister (tailor's apprentice)
  • brother (blacksmith apprentice)
  • brother (still at church - knows his two nearest siblings, but doesn't remember the losts at all)
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