The party
Derek Ambrose - A Ithari sergeant, Luna's lover
Karen Fletcher - Derek's and Nora's daughter, wizard-in-training, Arim's lover
Neria "Luna" Ishal - Arim's sister, Derek's lover
Arim Ishal - Neria's brother, Karen's lover
Wren Inaria -
Hector - A mercenary who joined the party a while but came into conflic with Wren and was forced to leave, Reae's lover
Sylvia Ironheart - Young peasant girl who was corrupted into a demon by Maelstrus but then turned back into human by the party.
Damon - One of the Scarob (Or 'shadow people' or 'ashers' as they are called by humans)

Adrian Ashwood - The current Ithari Commander
Tyril Ward - A Ithari Captain
Laus Milner - A Ithari Captain
Iben Shieldhand - A Ithari Captain who commands Derek
Evan Gregory - A Ithari Captain
Marius Darkeye - A Ithari Sergant who's friend with Derek
David Falconsflight - A Ithari officer
Sern Gellantara - A Ithari Sergeant that works as Marduk's mortal vessel at times
Melwin Walter - A young child with the power to control water
Nora Tamesin - Karen's Mother, transformed into a demon by Maelstrus
Reval Galius - Cult Leader and Nobleman that were killed by Derek
Ivan Rook - A mercenary
Jillian Neverath - The empress of Ruthan, killed by Maelstrus
Raea Southwind - A mercenary, Hector's Lover
James Talen - A mercenary

Bast - One of the most powerful demon sultans, is connected to the moon
Onyx - Once a powerful demon sultan, now reduced to much lesser power, the creator and leader of the sisters. Seems to have some sort of obsession with humans.
Sulfron - One of the newest demon sultans that controls a great deal of Apox demons
Aeon - A Reverent demon who serves Onyx
Mithra - An treacherous Deceiver demon who serves in the sisters.
Marduk - A very well-informed demon that right now serves as the party's informant
Maelstrus/Asmoday -
Pegrim - A higher apox demon that serves Sulfron
Diha - A darkener demon, one of the sisters
Azurnizum - ?????
Sanna - A unknown type of metallic demon who are a part of the sisters
Yig - ?????
Levithan - ?????

Types of Demons
Bronto - Shape-shifting lower demons who's original form looks like a mix between snake and a huge dog
Deceiver - A type of higher demon, Maelstrus and Mithra's type.
Apox - Demons created from the Scarob or 'shadow people'
Baki - Flying demons
Farcri - Monkey-like demons that often come in great numbers
Orca - Cowardly humanoid demons that often works as laborers
Infernal - Enormous demon-made golems that come down from the sky
Yuga - Huge tree-like demons
Darkener - A type of higher demons that makes excessive use of illusions
Reverent - A type of higher demon that can possess lesser demons, they have no true shape and can only die once they run out of demons to possess

Lugia/Lugiaroz - The self-proclaimed guardian of the Ion sea, Sifiearoth's mate
Sifiera/Sifieraroth - A dragon queen that under the guise of Jillian Neverath rules Ruthan, Lugiaroz mate
Tam/Tamarielagros - ?????
Vizek/Vizekasadriz - ?????

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