Cessie Mithar


Cessie is a twenty years old, with pale white skin, blue eyes and long raven hair. She looks quite frail, but she is stronger then she looks, though not by much. She is 160 cm long and weights about 50 kg. She dresses very conservative, prefering practial yet elegant and often baggy robes that leaves quite much to imagination.
She's right-handed and she have a quite good voice if she ever wanted to use it. Her face is without blemishes (possibly thanks to having nymph blood in her veins) but doesn't have any other nymph-like attributes.


As a Wizard on an apprentice level, Cessie has learned most of the basics at the Mage University in Hesopia, the rest of her magic however is self-learned. While a wizard at school would have learned more spells than her by this age Cessie knows how to use the ones she can very skillfully due to her long time of practicing them.

Her specialty is fire which is a bit of an odd choice thought, since she is very calm and level-headed most of the time.

Cessie is also in contact with the Goddess Helena who sometimes like to help her out, but not always in the way she wants it.

She is quite a good runner but otherwise she works much better inside a city than outdoors.


Cessie (full name Cessie Laurana Mithar) is a part of the once ruling family in Hestopia, a unison of the magic blood line of Mithar and the Noble line of Hellgrend. Her fathers name was Jhorn (the great) Hellgrend and her mothers name was Edhelia Mithar. She is one of the youngest children in the commonly large magic families and was luckily born with the gift of magic. As she got to know that she was "special" she has spent most of her life honing that gift in the university. She had five brothers Arik, Methil, Rivrn, Oscar, Dell and three sisters, Gem, Isolide and Tyra.

She was quite isolated from the rest of her family due her strict training except from her oldest brother Arik who was one of her teachers. When her father, and shortly later mother died due a mysterious disease only known as wormtounge incurable of even gods, she became even closer to Arik who helped her to deal with her grief. By now Cessie was 15 and had only learned the uttermost basics of magic.

As she grew up and as she begun to learn more of the responsibilities of court, she soon chose to stay away from that life in favor of her study of magic. Influenced by Arik she begun studying "forbidden arts" of magic, such as necromancy, introducing her to the undead which she soon grew used to.

The loss of Arik that basically had been her only real friend made her feel alienated from the rest of her family that had supported his banish. But soon she met her brother that secretly had returned to Hesopia despite his banish, he soon begun teaching Cessie more of the "dark" arts as she showed a great talent in them.

But this was however discovered and Arik was hunted by the Wichars while Cessie was exiled too. She was abandoned by Atari's, the main god of Hestopia and was left to wander, searching for someplace else to call home.
Some time after this she met Helios and struck some kind of deal with him, she got her magic stone and joined Happy and then Nigma in the search of other artifacts.


As any noble woman in Hestopia should be, Cessie is very strict and proper, she is afraid of exposing herself to others and rarely chooses to talk to other people unless they speak to her first. But she is also very curious about the world around her and can be quite the speaker once she chooses to.
As a wizard, she doesn't like to lose control or admit weakness, Wizards are supposed to be able to beat any problem after all, there is no more powerful force than magic.
She considers changes as "too unpredictable" and wants everything about herself to remain exactly the same, this however is something that has been challenged recently.
She is often considered a very serious person but she can lighten up sometimes when she wants to.


-A small dagger
-Red stone, a magic artifact that allows Cessi to transform her light magic to fire magic. The rock resulted from the fusing of her artifact to a magical ruby stone, allowing her to use it as a strong focus for fire magic.
-Black Orb, this item allows Cessie to contact Helena, the Goddess of beauty.
-Reorn's Orb, unkown usage. Might be able to grant immortaily.
-Ring of Shield, this ring automatically activates a magical shield if Cessie would be attacked.
-One artifact that allows you to enter another persons mind.
-An Ink-bottle and a goose feather.
-Three dresses, one new and two old + two sets of underwear and a beautiful gown
-A packpack.
-Three books of magic (including "inner energy") and a few papers.
-Engagement ring.
-One scroll of 'protection of fire', 'summon spark' and 'summon firewalker'


Fly, hold person, fireball, invisibility, summon water, Inaudibility, telepathy, mind probe, raise dead, wizard armor, summon/dismiss air-elemental, dispel magic, manipulate life, speak with dead, protection, sleep, darkness, summon/dismiss fire-elemental, light, heat, magic missile.

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