Apr 6

[18:07] Shadowcaller: Um… where was we?
[18:07] Happy: we're in Saltcross, in the inn
[18:07] Shadowcaller: Right
[18:07] Happy: treated as heroes
[18:08] Wolfbane: And I am likely being stared at. Or the marking anyways.
[18:08] Shadowcaller: (First my is ours.)
[18:08] Shadowcaller: *move
[18:08] Shadowcaller: *yours…
[18:08] Happy: an anonymous benefactor has left gold for the party.
[18:08] Shadowcaller: Funny how many things I can mistype in one sentence
[18:09] Shadowcaller: (Hm, okay, how much?)
[18:09] Shadowcaller: (Just say, a lot, or a little.)

[18:13] Happy: Happy goes downstairs for breakfast.
[18:14] Shadowcaller: The inn is filled with people, you recive your share of stares and cheers as you walk down the stairs
[18:15] Happy: She asks if anyone there has ever heard of Kyou
[18:16] Murska: Aegnor is already eating breakfast. A lot of it, as usual.
[18:16] Wolfbane: (changed points, but you better be right)
[18:17] Shadowcaller: (I hope I am >.>)
[18:17] Happy: (and why do I think he's going to go drum shopping?)
[18:17] Wolfbane: Wolfbane wakes up to the cheers and decides that he may as well get something to eat.
[18:17] Murska: (mwahahaha… no wait)
[18:17] Murska: (that elven bow…)
[18:17] Murska: (WANTS!)
[18:17] Shadowcaller: FIrst threre is a lor of chatter, a lot of people seems eager to help the heroine
[18:18] Shadowcaller: But its hard to make out any real information
[18:19] Shadowcaller: People seems more used to strange persons here in SaltCross, but as always WolfBane gets attention, for his race or his deeds is hard to tell
[18:20] Happy: Happy tries again, this time asking if there's anyone who sells maps of the lands below the tree.
[18:21] Shadowcaller: Amonf the chatter you hear someone to suggest looking in the town hall, someone else suggest the backstreets
[18:21] Shadowcaller: *among
[18:21] Wolfbane: (Hmm… What does Wolfbane need?)
[18:22] Shadowcaller: (A Map most likely.)
[18:22] Wolfbane: (Well, Happy is taking care of that. :P)
[18:23] Shadowcaller: (Hm, supplies then? You decide.)
[18:23] Murska: Aegnor will want to go to check out that archery shop.
[18:23] Happy: (I suggest for ordinary supplies, we just add it to our equipment lists. Shopping should only need to be roleplayed for stuff that's unusual)
[18:23] Murska: For ordinary supplies, I just usually assume we have such things. :P
[18:24] Wolfbane: (Yeah, I just assumed we always kept track of things like that)
[18:24] Happy: (That's only become a safe assumption recently, what with all the bandits and such :P)
[18:24] * Aegnor has left the conversation.
[18:25] Wolfbane: Don't invite him yet
[18:25] *
moc.liamtoh|iretnas_omis#moc.liamtoh|iretnas_omis (Aegnor) has joined the conversation.
[18:25] Wolfbane: Murska?
[18:25] Shadowcaller: (Too late:S)
[18:25] Wolfbane: I check the images to see if they have one first
[18:26] Wolfbane: (Wolfbane could use a better weapon than a spear.)
[18:27] Murska: (or just a better spear)
[18:27] Wolfbane: (You're there?)
[18:27] Shadowcaller: (They got a lot of weapons around here, Aegnor knows that don't he?)
[18:27] Murska: (switched to Meebo for a sec)
[18:27] Murska: (will go back soon)
[18:28] * Aegnor has left the conversation.
[18:28] Shadowcaller: Cessie is somewhere around, trying to make herself invisible among the crowd, she don't like the attention we are getting
[18:29] *
moc.liamtoh|iretnas_omis#moc.liamtoh|iretnas_omis (Aegnor) has joined the conversation.
[18:29] Happy: Happy decides to go look for the town hall
[18:29] Murska: ('kay, back and working)
[18:29] Murska: (Missed anything?)
[18:29] Shadowcaller: Shadowcaller säger:
Cessie is somewhere around, trying to make herself invisible among the crowd, she don't like the attention we are getting

[18:30] Wolfbane: Wolfbane goes to look for a different spear.
[18:30] Shadowcaller: (Alon?)
[18:30] Shadowcaller: *Alone
[18:30] Wolfbane: (strike that)
[18:30] Wolfbane: Wolfbane asks where would be the best place to buy a new spear.
[18:31] Murska: Aegnor's, as usual, with Cessie. He tries to convince her to go check out that archery shop.
[18:31] Shadowcaller: She agrees, but she also says that she wants to visit a wizard, she needs to have something done
[18:32] Wolfbane: (Is it possible to get a spell cast on a spear?)
[18:32] Shadowcaller: "Well, depends on the quality really," A bearded patron says
[18:32] Wolfbane: (Well, have it enchanted)
[18:32] Shadowcaller: (Hmm… I guess you could ask some wizard for that.)
[18:33] Shadowcaller: (Cessie never learned enchanting thought.)
[18:33] Murska: (Aegnor and Cessie go shopping, then. Which first?)
[18:33] Wolfbane: "How about a good wizard then?"
[18:34] Shadowcaller: (No established wizards in saltcross, however some of the many visotors might be.)
[18:35] Shadowcaller: "Well… I suggest you go back to Casters tower if you need a wizard… or Baxter I guess, thought I'm not sure he really is a wizard."
[18:36] Wolfbane: (Both of which are likely a no go. Right?)
[18:36] Shadowcaller: (Baxter lives in lower saltcross, so that would be excessable.)
[18:36] Happy: (*accessible)
[18:36] Shadowcaller: (Yeah >.>)
[18:37] Murska: (Anyway, we reach the archery store from before, I guess.)
[18:37] Wolfbane: "Thanks for the help." Wolfbane then goes to find Baxter then.
[18:37] Shadowcaller: You do
[18:38] Shadowcaller: (First you need to have a flying ship down there^^)
[18:38] Wolfbane: (Oh…<.<)
[18:39] Shadowcaller: You go to the archery shop
[18:39] Wolfbane: (So, I would have to wait until we go down, right?)
[18:39] Shadowcaller: (Well, depends on what the others want to do.)
[18:39] Murska: Aegnor greets the shopkeeper.
[18:39] Shadowcaller: Cessie looks around unintrested
[18:39] Murska: Assuming he's there and alive.
[18:39] Shadowcaller: He is
[18:39] Happy: "Shall we go and find the town hall?" Happy asks Wolfbane.
[18:40] Wolfbane: Wolfbane shrugs. "That is fine with me."
[18:40] Happy: Happy and Wolfbane go to the town hall.
[18:40] Shadowcaller: "Greetings, I knew I would see your face again, what brings you here? The bow I assume?"
[18:41] Shadowcaller: Thankfully the town hall can easily be seen in this huge town, two guards eyes you suspiciously as you enter
[18:41] Shadowcaller: Inside is a huge library and some other rooms
[18:41] Wolfbane: (We probably intimidate them :P)
[18:42] Murska: 'Well, I'm still not rich but…'
[18:42] Happy: Happy goes into the library, looking a bit nervous and not touching anything.
[18:42] Shadowcaller: "Its still here thought, but it might not be for long…"
[18:43] Shadowcaller: You see what you assume is some sort of important person, reading books
[18:43] Wolfbane: Wolfbane follows Happy.
[18:43] Murska: 'Why is that?'
[18:43] Wolfbane: Making sure his tail doesn't hit any stacks.
[18:44] Shadowcaller: "Well, I have had a few intrested customers here, looking at that bow."
[18:44] Murska: (That conversation finally ended.)
[18:44] Happy: Happy goes towards that person. "Excuse me, Sir, would you be able to help me?" (unless it's a woman, of course)
[18:44] Murska: (I hope I got her to join GITP. :P)
[18:44] Shadowcaller: (Yay!)
[18:45] Murska: 'Anyone rich enough to have a chance?'
[18:45] Wolfbane: (Cool!)
[18:45] Shadowcaller: (Its not a woman.)
[18:45] Wolfbane: (Did she say by what name?)
[18:45] Murska: (She didn't join yet.)
[18:45] Wolfbane: (I mean going to)
[18:45] Murska: (nnh)
[18:45] Murska: ( nah)
[18:45] Murska: WTF
[18:45] Shadowcaller: "What? Is there… oh." He is much shorter then you two and find himself looking way up
[18:45] Murska: (epic fail shortcuts to smileys)
[18:46] Wolfbane: (heh)
[18:46] Happy: "I'm sorry to interrupt, Sir. I wonder if you know anything of the lands below the tree."
[18:46] Shadowcaller: "Well, I don't know, its hard to tell from people around here."
[18:47] Shadowcaller: "Um… of course there is my lady." He says nervously, glancing at WolfBane
[18:47] Shadowcaller: "But its hard to think a bow like that will stay very long."
[18:48] Murska: 'Well, I better take the possibly last chance to see it again. I'll be leaving for a journey off the tree, after all.'
[18:48] Happy: (Happy looks almost as out of place in the library as Wolfbane does.)
[18:48] Shadowcaller: (Well, your human:)
[18:48] Shadowcaller: .)
[18:48] Happy: "We're looking for a village called Kyou." (True, but she's scared of the books, and dressed as a barbarian)
[18:49] Wolfbane: (I wonder if I should have Wolfbane look for a book on Zubera)
[18:49] Shadowcaller: "Oh, I see…" Suddenly another man comes up to the counter, "Intrested in that bow?" he says to you, Cessie is no where to be seen
[18:50] Shadowcaller: "Kyou?… hmm.."
[18:50] Murska: 'Yeah, who wouldn't be?'
[18:50] Wolfbane: (He is literate, it just took a little more effort for him to learn)
[18:50] Shadowcaller: "I have heard about it I think…"
[18:50] Shadowcaller: (Your race is supposed to be smart:P)
[18:50] Shadowcaller: (Darn sterotypes.)
[18:51] Shadowcaller: "I can't say I know much about bows the man says, but I can see you have a great intrest in this one."
[18:51] Shadowcaller: "Let me check the books."
[18:51] Wolfbane: (I'd say more cunning than smart, but thanks. :P)
[18:52] Wolfbane: (Think Happy would mind if he left for a moment to find a book?)
[18:52] Shadowcaller: *the man goes digging in what you assume is the map section.*
[18:52] Murska: 'Yeah… It's one of the rare items I've seen that seems to really have been made by my kind.'
[18:53] Murska: 'And, of course, it's a great bow.'
[18:53] Wolfbane: Wolfbane looks at Happy. "If you would pardon me for a moment, I need to look up something on my own. If you need me, I'll be in here somewhere."
[18:54] Shadowcaller: "Yes… I can see your ancestory, that bow is supposed to be yours, a part of your heritage, tell me, how much are you short?"
[18:54] Murska: (I have no idea. O_o)
[18:54] Shadowcaller: (Quite a bit, you could buy it for all your money, but then you all would be broke.)
[18:56] Murska: Well, Aegnor states a sum that would leave him paying a bit less than what he feels he could reasonably take from the party's joint fund.
[18:57] Shadowcaller: The man smiles and puts up a bag on the counter, "I don't want a man to be separated from what is supposed to be his, its yours."
[18:57] *** Auto-response sent to Group Conversation: I am currently away from the computer.
[18:58] Happy: back. sorry
[18:58] Shadowcaller: The shopkeeper looks at the bag "You are giving it to him?"
[18:58] Murska: Aegnor is suprised. 'Umm… thank you, mister…?'
[18:58] Happy: Happy nods to Wolfbane, and waits patiently for the man.
[18:59] Shadowcaller: "Erik, you can call me Erik."
[18:59] Wolfbane: Wolfbane goes off to look for a book on Zubera, any book. If he was going to bring her back to life, he needed to know how.
[19:00] Murska: 'Aegnor. Let me thank you once again.'
[19:00] Shadowcaller: "Ahh… I think I found something. Here we go.. the Hyrialian empire…and Kyou!"
[19:00] Happy: "Hyrilian empire?"
[19:01] Shadowcaller: "There is not a problem, just say hi to Cessie from me." He says as he quickly leaves
[19:01] Murska: (:P)
[19:01] Murska: (Now if only I remembered if we had talked about this at all…)
[19:02] Shadowcaller: "Yes, quite a isolated empire, don't like foreigners very much."
[19:02] Happy: "How far away is it?"
[19:02] Shadowcaller: (Don't worry, I haven't told you anything;))
[19:02] Murska: (I guess Aegnor gets the bow?)
[19:03] Shadowcaller: The shopkeeper gives you the bow, quite confused
[19:03] Murska: Aegnor receives it, as confused.
[19:03] Shadowcaller: "I have no idea… you must be the luckiest man in the world."
[19:03] Shadowcaller: Wolfbane finds a section about gods
[19:04] Murska: 'I wouldn't say that… I guess it was some good karma for saving a few hundred people just now.' Aegnor smiles and turns around.
[19:04] Murska: He then looks around for Cessie.
[19:04] Shadowcaller: And other things…
[19:04] Wolfbane: Wolfbane looks through the books for Zubera or as said, The Facestealer.
[19:05] Happy: [19:02] Happy: "How far away is it?"
[19:05] Shadowcaller: (sorry, was just about to respong.)
[19:05] Shadowcaller: *respond
[19:06] Shadowcaller: "Quite far… why are you going going to such a place? Its half way around the world."
[19:06] Shadowcaller: You find a book about "mysteries of the world."
[19:07] Wolfbane: (O.o)
[19:07] Wolfbane: (that is far)
[19:07] Shadowcaller: (I have plans!)
[19:07] Shadowcaller: (You will see…)
[19:07] Wolfbane: Wolfbane takes the book gently off the shelf and looks through it.
[19:07] Shadowcaller: You find cessie in a shop next to the archery one
[19:08] Shadowcaller: You don't see much intresting, but one page manages to catch your intrest
[19:08] Shadowcaller: A poem called "the dreamer."
[19:09] Shadowcaller: The Dreamer

In a cradle the dreamer sleeps
Around him moves the dancer, while the mother weeps

Dancing around him to an incomprehensible tune
The dancer’s footsteps drive the sane loon

But yet the dreamer lays entomb
His thoughts reaching out in the gloom
Waking madness in sleeping minds womb

He proceeds what might be
Still laying dreaming of you and me

[19:09] Murska: 'Um… I guess you got bored already?'
[19:09] Murska: (What's the shop selling?)
[19:09] Wolfbane: (Nice poem)
[19:10] Happy: "I've been sent on a mission there," Happy answers. "Is it over land, or will I need to cross the oceans?"
[19:10] Shadowcaller: (souvenirs and other stuff like that, she don't look very intrested.)
[19:10] Shadowcaller: "Well, its acessable by land, but… its still very far away."
[19:11] Shadowcaller: On a few pages forward you finally see a entry about the facestealer
[19:12] Shadowcaller: "Well, wepons don't intrest me very much, but it looks like you got what you came for at least."
[19:12] Shadowcaller: "It looks… expensive."
[19:14] Murska: 'Uh, yeah, about that…'
[19:14] Murska: 'Someone named Erik bought it, and told me to say hi. No idea how he knew about you being with me…'
[19:16] Shadowcaller: "Erik?… tell me, what did he look like?"
[19:17] Murska: (You describe him first. :P)
[19:17] Shadowcaller: (He was dressed in a purple clothes, his face was slightly covered by his hood so you didn't see any details, he looked rich.)
[19:18] Murska: 'He was dressed in a purple clothes, his face was slightly covered by his hood so I didn't see any details but he seemed rich, though.'
[19:19] Shadowcaller: "Dear gods… are you sure he said his name was Erik? Not Arik?"
[19:19] Murska: 'I'm pretty sure he said 'Erik'… Who is he?'
[19:20] Shadowcaller: "Arik is my brother…"
[19:20] Shadowcaller: "I need to see him, where did he go?"
[19:21] Murska: 'He left as soon as he had talked to me.'
[19:21] Happy: "How could I get a map of the lands below? Would it be expensive?"
[19:22] Shadowcaller: "Oh, you can copy one map I guess, the maps themselves are a part of the library thought."
[19:22] Shadowcaller: Cessie: "After all these years… I thought he was dead…"
[19:22] Shadowcaller: "We need to find him, quick."
[19:22] Shadowcaller: (I did respond to you wolfy >.>)
[19:23] Murska: (Cessie doesn't rush out?)
[19:23] Happy: "I'm not very good with a quill," Happy admits
[19:23] Murska: 'I didn't see where he went, though…' Aegnor is very confused by now.
[19:23] Wolfbane: (I was waiting for a summary :P)
[19:23] Wolfbane: Wolfbane reads through the pages.
[19:23] Shadowcaller: (well, everything we talked about right?)
[19:23] Wolfbane: (Okay)
[19:24] Shadowcaller: Cessie seems almost paniced, she looks around
[19:24] Wolfbane: (So nothing on how to bring her back to life.)
[19:24] Shadowcaller: (Sing, remember?;))
[19:25] Wolfbane: (Okay)
[19:25] Shadowcaller: "Okay, he can't.. he must want to met me."
[19:26] Murska: Aegnor tries to calm her down. 'We'll find him, let's go search.'
[19:26] Shadowcaller: She takes a deeo breath "First the magic, now this…"
[19:27] Shadowcaller: "Hm, well, you know someone who is then?" To Happy
[19:27] Shadowcaller: *deep
[19:27] Murska: Aegnor is, again, confused, but trying to hide it.
[19:27] Happy: "I don't know if Wolfbane is or not. I'm sure Cessie and Aegnor both are."
[19:28] Shadowcaller: "i'm afraid I don't know why they are my lady."
[19:28] Wolfbane: (I don't think Wolfbane is)
[19:28] Shadowcaller: "Okay… he should met us… we need to get back to the others."
[19:29] Shadowcaller: "I can't face him alone."
[19:29] Happy: "I'll have to find them and return, Sir. I thank you very much for your help."
[19:30] Shadowcaller: "Oh, there is no problem, it was a honor to help you."
[19:30] Wolfbane: Wolfbane finishes reading and puts the book back. He then goes to return to Happy.
[19:30] Shadowcaller: He turns back to the books
[19:30] Shadowcaller: The guards asks to check your pockets at the way out
[19:31] Murska: Aegnor… still… is confused. 'I think they went to the Town Hall, maybe we should head that way.'
[19:31] Wolfbane: Wolfbane lets them. He didn't take anything.
[19:31] Wolfbane: (If he met up with Happy that is)
[19:32] Shadowcaller: They search more then your pockets really, but they don't seems to find anything suspicious, thought one of them ask "So, what are you two doing with all this money?"
[19:32] Shadowcaller: "Yes, we need to get to the town hall…"
[19:32] Shadowcaller: She goes off
[19:33] Murska: Aegnor walks with her, trying to make sense of whatever just happened.
[19:33] Happy: "What does that matter to you?" Happy asks resentfully.
[19:34] Shadowcaller: "We are supposed to protect this place from dirty thieves, like the one that almost burned the whole town a few days ago… but you don't know anything aobut that don't you?"
[19:35] Wolfbane: "I can honestly say that I don't."
[19:35] Shadowcaller: *about
[19:35] Shadowcaller: Aegnor and Cessie reach the town hall
[19:35] Happy: "I've been fighting undead at Caster's Tower. I'm not a thief."
[19:36] Shadowcaller: "Really? We have heard at least three people claim that today, haven't we Tom?" The other guard nods
[19:36] Happy: Happy ignores them and tries to leave.
[19:36] Murska: Aegnor and Cessie walk to Happy and Wolfbane who seem to be having some trouble with the guards.
[19:37] Wolfbane: "Since I was there, I can say that she is telling the truth. I doubt there is another Wolfen here anyways to say otherwise."
[19:37] Murska: 'What's going on here?'
[19:38] Wolfbane: (*goes to make coffee brb*)
[19:38] Shadowcaller: "We seems to have a bit of trouble here… these two are under suspicion of fire starting."
[19:38] Murska: '…what?'
[19:39] Murska: 'They were with us, saving this whole tree INCLUDING your lifes.'
[19:39] Wolfbane: "Does it look like I started any fires recently? I'd imagine that half my fur would be missing."
[19:39] Happy: Happy ignores the conflict and looks to Cessie. "The man inside has a map of the lower lands. He said we could copy it, but I'm not exactly a scribe."
[19:40] Shadowcaller: "We go by the law here, I don't care what you have done in the past, the doctor did say one of them was a female barbarian…"
[19:40] Happy: (that was a little more than 'a few days' ago)
[19:40] Shadowcaller: (It was?)
[19:41] Shadowcaller: (A few weeks then.)
[19:41] Happy: (yeah)
[19:41] Murska: '…and he didn't happen to mention a male Wolfen? I don't think anyone could forget that.'
[19:41] Murska: 'Now do you have any actual proof or are you just trying to be jackasses?'
[19:41] Wolfbane: "There are a lot more than just one female barbarian out there, and besides, why would a barbarian be in a library?"
[19:41] Shadowcaller: "I don't like the tone in your voice, I think we need to take you too down to the guard station so you all can calm down."
[19:42] Murska: 'And these laws you're talking about allow you to just arrest people based on nothing at all?'
[19:43] Shadowcaller: "We are allowed to take people we suspect yes, don't try to tell me how to run *my* job. And besides, she being at a library don't mean anything, that thief was apperently here too before he started that fire…"
[19:45] Murska: '…so you're just arresting a random tribeswoman from the street because you suspect her of… starting a fire? When there are three people here proving that she has been with us for the past months, helping save the tree, and has at no point during that time burned anything down?'
[19:46] Happy: "I'll go with them, Aegnor. You and Cessie get the map, and I'll meet you when all this is sorted out."
[19:46] Shadowcaller: "Really? Well, then you can tell us all about that… down the guard station."
[19:46] Wolfbane: "Besides, if you let us on our way, we will likely be out of town by sundown."
[19:47] Murska: 'Oh well. I guess you can take care of yourself.'
[19:47] Wolfbane: (Should I go? She could use some backup)
[19:47] Murska: 'We'll come fetch you once we're ready.'
[19:48] Shadowcaller: "Everyone.." He looks at Cessie "Except you, will nicely follow us down then, we can hear if your stories match there."
[19:49] Murska: '…so you are arresting two more people based on nothing, not even a vague eyewitness account?'
[19:49] Happy: Happy hands her pouch of gold to Cessie. "Don't worry, we'll have this sorted soon."
[19:49] Wolfbane: "Well, we better get this over with soon."
[19:49] Shadowcaller: "I'm the law here, I go by instinct, and right now its telling me that you are putting of a awful lot of resistance."
[19:50] Shadowcaller: "Yes, we better go right now."
[19:50] Wolfbane: (brb)
[19:50] Wolfbane: ( brb)
[19:50] Murska: '…You know, I hate people like you. Cessie, will you be okay?'
[19:51] Shadowcaller: "Yeah, I met you later okay? i'm sorry how things turned out…"
[19:51] Happy: "If we were resisting, you would be dead right now. Do you really think two of you could take on three seasoned warriors?"
[19:52] Shadowcaller: "Sounds like a threat, don'y you think Tom?"
[19:52] Shadowcaller: *don't
[19:52] Murska: 'Not to mention that I could cause an earthquake that would destroy this whole town.'
[19:52] Shadowcaller: "Well, now we *have* something to arrest you for."
[19:52] Happy: "Whatever."
[19:53] Shadowcaller: He takes up a notepad "Threatening officer at duty." He spells out.
[19:53] Shadowcaller: *a
[19:53] Murska: 'Of course, that was just stating a simple and true fact…'
[19:54] Happy: "You should add, 'Calling you a small-minded bully' and 'Thinking you sound like a fool' to that," Happy suggests.
[19:54] Murska: 'Let's just go. If they don't let us go then I'll really do something that they can arrest me for.'
[19:54] Shadowcaller: "Yeah, I should, the list of your crimes grow longer by the minute."
[19:55] Happy: Happy goes with them then.
[19:55] Shadowcaller: They lead you down to the guard house
[19:56] Shadowcaller: Then they ask you to go into separated rooms
[19:56] Shadowcaller: There are a lot of guards watching you there
[19:56] Murska: Aegnor is really annoyed.
[19:56] Wolfbane: As is Wolfbane
[19:58] Shadowcaller: You go into the separated rooms then?
[19:58] Wolfbane: (Sure, I see no reason not to)
[19:58] Happy: "Why do you intend to separate us?"
[19:59] Wolfbane: (Other than the fact that we'll be separated)
[19:59] Shadowcaller: "To see if your stories are matching."
[20:00] Happy: "Too bad. We stay together."
[20:00] Shadowcaller: "…No, you are going to go into separated rooms."
[20:01] Happy: "We're cooperating because we're good people who don't want to make trouble. But that cooperation only goes so far. I won't be separated from my friends."
[20:02] Murska: /Hello… you know where I am, right?/
[20:02] Shadowcaller: /We can hear./
[20:02] Shadowcaller: /Talking, easier./
[20:03] Wolfbane: "And I doubt you could really keep us apart if we didn't want to, so it'll be easier for all of us if we are together."
[20:03] Wolfbane: brb
[20:04] Murska: /Some people are giving us trouble, I might ask for a little help later, but don't do anything yet, okay?/
[20:04] Shadowcaller: "We are not going to interrogation you all together, you are going down into separated rooms okay?"
[20:04] Shadowcaller: /We hear/
[20:04] Happy: To Aegnor: "Let's go."
[20:04] Murska: Aegnor doesn't respond.
[20:05] Murska: He unblanks soon after the question, though.
[20:06] Shadowcaller: "We don't have all time in the world…"
[20:06] Happy: "You question us together. Or we leave. Those are your options."
[20:07] Shadowcaller: "You- you are giving me options?"
[20:07] Shadowcaller: "Did you hear that guys? This one think she is the queen of Hestopia."
[20:08] Wolfbane: ""Look, my name is Wolfbane. I was at the battle. I can vouch for them since I was the only Wulfen there."
[20:08] Wolfbane: "And if you heard otherwise, then your sources are /very/ wrong."
[20:09] Shadowcaller: "I don't care waht you have to say wolfman, this one have already earned a night in the prison."
[20:09] Murska: Aegnor chuckles once he hears the words 'queen of Hestopia'
[20:09] Shadowcaller: *what
[20:09] Wolfbane: Wolfbane's fur is almost bristling from being angered.
[20:09] Happy: Happy puts her hand on Aegnor's elbow and heads for the exit, assuming Aegnor goes with him.
[20:10] Happy: *her
[20:10] Happy: She won't go without him though
[20:10] Shadowcaller: There might be some other guards at the door
[20:10] Murska: Aegnor is about to say something to the guards but goes with Happy towards the door.
[20:10] Shadowcaller: You have drawned a lot of attention to yourself
[20:10] Murska: (drawn)
[20:10] Wolfbane: Wolfbane follows them.
[20:10] Shadowcaller: (Right >.>)
[20:10] Shadowcaller: The other guards stop you
[20:10] Happy: how?
[20:11] Shadowcaller: (standing in front of the door?:P)
[20:11] Murska: (I'd imagine Happy walks through them)
[20:11] Happy: Push them aside
[20:12] Shadowcaller: A guard takes a grip of Happys arm, another one draws a sword, most likely to be threatening "You are not going anywhere."
[20:13] Wolfbane: Wolfbane sets his paw on the shoulder of the one who drew the sword. "I wouldn't do that."
[20:13] Happy: Happy grabs the hand grabbing her and pries it off, probably breaking some fingers. "I am a Huntress of Kuori. I go where He wills."
[20:13] Shadowcaller: More guards seems to draw their weapons at that
[20:14] Shadowcaller: "Okay, lets all calm down here…" One of them says
[20:14] Murska: 'I really don't want to kill anyone, it'd be a waste after just saving their lifes after all…'
[20:14] Happy: Happy's still headed for the door. She hasn't drawn a weapon yet.
[20:14] Wolfbane: "I am calm. I was just warning him that no swords were needed."
[20:15] Shadowcaller: "We can't just let you go, really."
[20:15] Shadowcaller: "I don't know what you are doing here but…"
[20:15] Murska: 'I'm wondering about one thing…'
[20:15] Happy: Happy's going out the door now.
[20:15] Murska: 'Do you guys think this building and the other nearby ones would hold if there was a minor earthquake?'
[20:15] Shadowcaller: Two guards run to stop Happy
[20:16] Shadowcaller: "What?…"
[20:16] Murska: Aegnor grabs them by the shoulders as they run past him and stops them in their tracks. 'Please.'
[20:16] Shadowcaller: "We can't let a criminal go like that."
[20:16] Happy: Happy waits for Aegnor. If any guard tries to come closer, she'll punch him in the face.
[20:17] Murska: 'She insulted one of you after you arrested her for doing nothing. She's a barbarian, what do you expect?'
[20:17] Happy: "One more offer. You let my friends go, and I'll stay and answer all your questions. If you don't, we're all leaving."
[20:17] Shadowcaller: "We need to see if you are guilty or not okay? We can't just take your word for it."
[20:18] Shadowcaller: The atmosphere in the room suddenly changes as someone knocks on the door
[20:18] Murska: 'I'm not going to be leaving you here.'
[20:18] Shadowcaller: The guards look at the door, and then at you
[20:18] Happy: Happy is prepared for attack, from either the guards or the door.
[20:19] Wolfbane: "And neither am I"
[20:19] Happy: Her hand near her dagger, but hasn't drawn it yet.
[20:19] Shadowcaller: One of them go and opens the door, still looking back at you
[20:19] Shadowcaller: "Yes? We are a bit busy now."
[20:20] Shadowcaller: "Ahh, I heard all about it, you have aarrested a group of lawbreakers haven't you?"
[20:20] Shadowcaller: "Well we-"
[20:21] Shadowcaller: "I have come to bail them out, they are quite innocent actaully."
[20:21] Murska: Aegnor still looks calm and relaxed, even though Happy could notice how angry he was.
[20:21] Happy: (do we recognize the voice?)
[20:21] Shadowcaller: (You do actually)
[20:22] Shadowcaller: "Well, that won't be cheap, during the time they been here they have managed to break more laws then I have ever seen."
[20:23] Shadowcaller: "Well, is this enough?"
[20:23] Murska: (Eh.)
[20:23] Murska: (How many laws can there be against insulting and/or threatening some guards? :P)
[20:23] Shadowcaller: (pleanty:P)
[20:23] Wolfbane: "If we broke more laws than you have seen, how did we break the ones you didn't?" Says Wolfbane sarcastically.
[20:23] Wolfbane: ((It was on everyone's mind. I just said it.))
[20:24] Murska: 'I, for one, don't see what the Wolfen did.'
[20:24] Wolfbane: "I just came along quietly."
[20:24] Shadowcaller: "…I guess, I don't think anyone want them here much longer anyway."
[20:24] Shadowcaller: "I guess you are are free to go…" He breathes out and relaxes
[20:24] Happy: (because they realized we were about to kick all their asses :P)
[20:25] Wolfbane: ((Me and Happy could have taken them all on.))
[20:25] Shadowcaller: "Thank Artari…" He whispers (only wolfbane can hear this.)
[20:25] Wolfbane: (With a spoon)
[20:25] Wolfbane: Wolfbane chuckles quietly.
[20:25] Murska: (And Aegnor could've, as stated, killed the town.)
[20:25] Happy: We leave?
[20:25] Shadowcaller: Cessie is wating for you on the outside
[20:25] Murska: Ayup.
[20:26] Shadowcaller: *other side
[20:26] Shadowcaller: "Well, are you coming?" She says
[20:26] Happy: "Of course. How much money did you give them?"
[20:27] Shadowcaller: "…much."
[20:27] Wolfbane: "Thank you."
[20:27] Shadowcaller: "I knew those guards was going to be trouble…"
[20:27] Happy: Happy sighs. "I should have just bribed them in the first place and saved the bother."
[20:28] Shadowcaller: "Everything in the city works by money I'm afraid…"
[20:28] Wolfbane: Wolfbane takes his pouch of gold and gives it to Cessie. "I didn't need it anyways."
[20:28] Wolfbane: Assuming that he had one
[20:28] Shadowcaller: "Thanks, WolfBane, i appriciate it."
[20:29] Shadowcaller: *I
[20:29] Shadowcaller: "Now, lets get out of this place, we have so much to do…"
[20:29] Murska: 'Thank you… I didn't really want to kill anyone.'
[20:29] Shadowcaller: "..you were going to kill someone?"
[20:30] Murska: 'Probably just collapse the building, but someone might have died.'
[20:30] Shadowcaller: Cessie looks stunned
[20:30] Happy: "Only as a last resort. We tried to cooperate, but they refused to listen to us."
[20:31] Happy: "Did you get a copy of the map?"
[20:31] Shadowcaller: "Not really, I had to get all the money from our rooms…"
[20:31] Shadowcaller: "And.. still, collapse the house?"
[20:32] Happy: "I don't suppose it would be safe to go back there then," Happy says.
[20:32] Shadowcaller: "I know those were… not so nice men, but still, what exactly did they want to do?"
[20:32] Happy: "They tried to separate us," Happy says.
[20:33] Shadowcaller: "And you were going to collapse the house for that?"
[20:33] Shadowcaller: "People could have been killed."
[20:33] Wolfbane: "Well, they were being fools about it."
[20:34] Happy: "Cessie, what if Aegnor had blacked out? How could I have kept him safe if we were apart?"
[20:34] Murska: 'I was going to try just intimidating first. But for one, I'm not getting separated if I can do something about it, and another, I will NOT allow myself to be captured.'
[20:35] Happy: (speaking of captured, I guess we left the captured druids to the justice of Minster)
[20:35] Murska: (yup)
[20:35] Shadowcaller: "But, they were just doing their duty… or I think some of them did at least."
[20:35] Happy: (they'll probably be hanged or something)
[20:35] Happy: "Cessie, we tried to compromise with them."
[20:36] Shadowcaller: "You can't compromise with the law Happy."
[20:36] Murska: Aegnor doesn't say anything more, his expression unreadable.
[20:37] Shadowcaller: (would you say Aegnor is chaotic netural?)
[20:37] Murska: (Me? Pretty much.)
[20:37] Happy: "They weren't following the law. They were bullies. There was no law that justified them holding Wolfbane."
[20:38] Murska: 'And no law worth following that justified them holding any of us.'
[20:38] Shadowcaller: "Well… we sort of did burn down that building."
[20:38] Wolfbane: "All I did was vouch for Happy."
[20:38] Wolfbane: "And the less I know about that, the better."
[20:38] Murska: 'I was unconscious. Happy was also unconscious. You weren't even inside.'
[20:38] Wolfbane: (Wolfbane doesn't know the story)
[20:38] Shadowcaller: "But we all agreed on breaking in right?"
[20:39] Shadowcaller: (you aren't supposed to >.>)
[20:39] Murska: 'Actually, I never did… I just followed you people.'
[20:40] Happy: "I would have made restitution for my own deeds, if they had treated us fairly. But since they did not, I see no reason why I should have remained there."
[20:40] Shadowcaller: "I still feel guilty about it at least…."
[20:42] Happy: "You shouldn't. You did nothing wrong, Cessie. If those guards are really concerned with the law, then they'll use the money you gave them to rebuild the burnt houses. But I suspect that that gold will end up going towards drink and whores."
[20:43] Shadowcaller: "I hope its going to the town hall… thats where is supposed to go."
[20:43] Shadowcaller: *its
[20:43] Happy: "Are we going to leave now?"
[20:43] Shadowcaller: "Of course, is there anywhere you need to go?"
[20:44] Murska: (15 minutes left)
[20:44] Wolfbane: Wolfbane thinks. "All that we need is the map."
[20:45] Happy: "I don't think it would be safe for us to return to the town hall. We'll have to find another map below the tree."
[20:45] Shadowcaller: "Well, I bailed you out, you should be in the clear… maybe I should go then?"
[20:46] Murska: 'Yeah, I think that'd be the best.'
[20:46] Shadowcaller: "Okay, Kyou was it right?"
[20:46] Wolfbane: "The rest of us should probably wait at the inn then."
[20:46] Shadowcaller: "I see you there then."
[20:47] Happy: We return to the inn. Presumably Ai and Rilian are there.
[20:47] Shadowcaller: They are
[20:48] Shadowcaller: "What have you done?" Rilian asks
[20:48] Happy: "Resisted arrest."
[20:48] Shadowcaller: "Cessie came in her a few moments ago…"
[20:48] Shadowcaller: "…What?"
[20:49] Happy: Happy tells them the story.
[20:49] Shadowcaller: Rilian looks at them, shocked, Ai chuckles
[20:49] Happy: "I would have answered all their questions, but I wasn't willing to be separated from Aegnor. And they had no reason to suspect Wolfbane of anything."
[20:49] Shadowcaller: *you
[20:50] Shadowcaller: "But… still, thats.."
[20:50] Shadowcaller: Ai: "I think its pretty funny actaully, those guard didn't know what they were dealing with." She/he smiles
[20:50] Wolfbane: "We had done nothing wrong and they took us anyways."
[20:52] Shadowcaller: "But they are law enforcers, you must trust that they have the best judgement."
[20:52] Shadowcaller: Ai: "Eh, they are not better then anyone else, you did the right thing Happy."
[20:52] Happy: "They proved they didn't by arresting someone who had no connection with the incident."
[20:52] Wolfbane: "Then why did they take me in? All I did was try to vouch for them."
[20:53] Shadowcaller: "Well, they may have made a misstake, but who dosen't?"
[20:53] Happy: "They accepted a bribe to let us go. Some law."
[20:54] Shadowcaller: "I think that must have been a bail out, otherwise I would be talking to them staight away."
[20:54] Murska: 'At least I didn't have to try to explain to the tree what a 'small earthquake' means.
[20:55] Happy: Barbarian culture has no concept of 'bail', so Happy sees it as a bribe. But since she doesn't want Rilian to go back to the guards, she doesn't argue.
[20:55] Murska: (5min -.-)
[20:55] Shadowcaller: "Um… I don't think I should mentione this to my master."
[20:55] Murska: (skip —-> cessie returns with map?)
[20:56] Shadowcaller: "Lets just forget all about it okaY?"
[20:56] Murska: 'Sure.'
[20:56] Murska: *mutter* 'I really have to try that some time though…'
[20:56] Murska: Aegnor spends the rest of the time examining his new bow and getting used to it.
[20:56] Shadowcaller: Some time later Cessie returns with the map
[20:57] Shadowcaller: "Well… I think I got most parts, your god better have a way to transport us here."
[20:58] Happy: "You mean besides our feet?"
[20:58] Shadowcaller: "Yeah, we can't walk all this way!"
[20:58] Murska: 'Should we get horses then?'
[20:58] Murska: (Aegnor's lived his life on the tree, he can't really think of any larger distances.)
[20:59] Shadowcaller: "Horses? We would need a flying ship at least!"
[21:00] Happy: (Did Cessie forget about her brother?)
[21:00] Shadowcaller: (she did not.)
[21:00] Shadowcaller: (But its hard to get all plots together.)
[21:00] Shadowcaller: (>.>)
[21:00] Happy: (But wouldn't she want to stay here until she finds him?)
[21:00] Murska: (Okay, from here on out, I might have to very suddenly disappear.)
[21:01] Happy: (silly parents :P)
[21:01] Murska: (yup)
[21:02] Shadowcaller: You can hear someone enter the inn
[21:02] Shadowcaller: Its the man Aegnor saw at the archery shop
[21:02] Happy: Happy looks up, starting to reach for her dagger, but when she sees it isn't a guard, she relaxes.
[21:03] Murska: 'That's the guy.' Aegnor touches Cessie's arm and points at him.
[21:03] Happy: (Link: http://ihasahotdog.files.wordpress.com/2009/03/funny-dog-pictures-pee-watr.jpg)http://ihasahotdog.files.wordpress.com/2009/03/funny-dog-pictures-pee-watr.jpg
[21:03] Shadowcaller: (hehe.)
[21:03] Wolfbane: (>.>)
[21:03] Shadowcaller: She turns around "…Arik."
[21:04] Shadowcaller: The man takes his hood off, you can see the family resemblance
[21:04] Shadowcaller: "Cessie, so I have finally found you."
[21:05] Shadowcaller: They hug, you can tell that they have been close
[21:06] Shadowcaller: (WolfBane will most likely feel that something is *very* wrong)
[21:06] Shadowcaller: (This guy reaks of magic.)
[21:06] Murska: Aegnor is watching the situation but isn't too worried.
[21:07] Wolfbane: The fur on the back of Wolfbane's neck stands up. He doesn't want to interrupt them, but he keeps an eye on the newcomer.
[21:07] Shadowcaller: "I thought you were dead… what happend?"
[21:07] Happy: Happy is oblivious to the magic, but notes Wolfbane's discomfort.
[21:07] Shadowcaller: "Oh, I escaped, I have done worse things."
[21:08] Shadowcaller: "Now, these must be your companions?"
[21:08] Wolfbane: (Yeah, the fur standing up would likely be noticable to people who looked)
[21:08] Shadowcaller: "Well this is-" He interrupts her, "Oh, let them introduce themselves sister, its easier that way."
[21:09] Murska: 'We already met. Aegnor.'
[21:09] Happy: "I am called Happy."
[21:10] Shadowcaller: "Yes, you must be Cessies.. man." to Aegnor
[21:10] Wolfbane: Wolfbane doesn't for a moment.
[21:10] Wolfbane: answer*
[21:10] Wolfbane: "Wolfbane."
[21:10] Shadowcaller: "Happy? Thats a strange name…"
[21:11] Shadowcaller: "Wolfbane?… Poison of wolves?"
[21:11] Shadowcaller: "thats a very strange name for a wolfen is it not?"
[21:12] Wolfbane: Wolfbane keeps himself from growling. "It was the one given to me."
[21:12] Shadowcaller: "I see, well you seems to be a merry gang, I have actually heard a bit of your adventures."
[21:13] Shadowcaller: He don't seems to notice WolfBanes hostile attitude
[21:14] Happy: "How did you come to be on the Tree?" Happy asks.
[21:15] Shadowcaller: "Well, I have searched for Cessie quite long you see, Helios have been denying me information for very long…"
[21:15] Murska: Aegnor notices Wolfbane's attitude. He gets a bit more wary.
[21:16] Shadowcaller: "But, why don't we all tell something about outself? So we can get to know each other a bit better, Cessie and I will have time to catch up later, once I get to learn her friends."
[21:16] Happy: (~Are Ai and Rillian here?)
[21:17] Shadowcaller: Cessie seems oblivious of your wary attitude toward her bother, she is just smiling
[21:17] Shadowcaller: Rilian is somehwere else, Ai is watching him from a corner
[21:18] Happy: "I am a barbarian from below the Tree, and a Huntress of Kuori. We were just on our way to the air ships to leave, actually."
[21:18] Shadowcaller: Arik sits down on a empty seat
[21:19] Shadowcaller: "Really? Mind if I tag along then? I'm sure I can aid you."
[21:20] Wolfbane: Wolfbane almost lets out a growl, but doesn't make a noise.
[21:20] Murska: Aegnor stays silent and looks at Cessie.
[21:21] Shadowcaller: She seems very happy to have him there, he is a long lost relative after all
[21:21] Wolfbane: (People may notice that Wolfbane's ears are moved back.)
[21:21] Murska: '…I guess.'
[21:22] Happy: "It's a long journey."
[21:22] Shadowcaller: "I don't have anything else to do, I just came here to met my sister and I'm not going to let her fly away from me."
[21:23] Shadowcaller: "I'm a very skilled wizard, I was Cessies teacher actually… well one of them at least."
[21:23] Shadowcaller: "So don't worry about me carrying my own weight."
[21:25] Happy: Happy smiles. "That isn't a concern. I would welcome anyone Cessie cares for, regardless of their abilities."
[21:26] Murska: Aegnor tries to read the man's expressions and posture.
[21:27] Shadowcaller: (he seems carry himself with pride, his face is quite toung, but somehow you think him much older then he appears to be. He seems to have had ages of experience.)
[21:27] Murska: (nourishment, brb)
[21:27] Shadowcaller: *young
[21:27] Murska: 'Yeah, glad to see you found each other.'
[21:28] Shadowcaller: (he smiles mysteriously as you look him over.)
[21:28] Shadowcaller: "And so am I."
[21:28] Wolfbane: "Yes. Glad."
[21:29] Shadowcaller: "What is the matter Wolfbane? You seem a bit wary."
[21:29] Wolfbane: (Who says that? Cessie or Arik?)
[21:29] Shadowcaller: (Arik)
[21:31] Wolfbane: (Screw it, Wolfbane is going to be rather blunt, is that okay? Or should I find a different way?)
[21:31] Shadowcaller: (Up to you, I don't mind:P)
[21:31] Wolfbane: (What do you others say?)
[21:31] Happy: (if it's in character, then do it)
[21:31] Wolfbane: (It would be)
[21:31] Shadowcaller: (He *is* a lich after all ^^)
[21:32] Wolfbane: (O.o)
[21:32] Shadowcaller: (read the backstory:P)
[21:32] Happy: (Aegnor knows that, right? But Happy doesn't. Am I remembering rightly?)
[21:32] Shadowcaller: (Not sure, I think its so.)
[21:32] Wolfbane: "What is wrong is your scent. It isn't normal. It smells… off."
[21:33] Shadowcaller: "Well… I haven't bathed for quite some time actually, you know how it is right?"
[21:34] Murska: Aegnor looks at him sharply.
[21:34] Wolfbane: Wolfbane obviously doesn't believe a word of it. "Sure."
[21:35] Shadowcaller: He meets Aegnors gaze, he don't look away, "So Aegnor, what do you think of the bow?"
[21:36] Murska: 'It really is as good as it looks.' His voice isn't warm nor reserved, he looks like he's just observing, trying to not show what he thinks of Arik.
[21:36] Shadowcaller: His eyes are cold anc caculating, as he tries to read your mind
[21:36] Shadowcaller: *caculating
[21:36] Shadowcaller: (gah!(
[21:36] Murska: (Battle of the old and experienced people trying to be unreadable. :P)
[21:36] Shadowcaller: (can you spell that right?)
[21:36] Murska: (Aegnor's good at acting all kinds of emotions though.)
[21:37] Happy: calculating
[21:37] Shadowcaller: "Too bad, it cost a lot of money, I had hoped you would like it."
[21:37] Murska: (Um. I said it was as good as it looks.)
[21:38] Shadowcaller: (Oh, I read it wrong.)
[21:38] Shadowcaller: (Lets do a do-over then.)
[21:38] Shadowcaller: "Great, my sisters man should have nothing less."
[21:39] Shadowcaller: Cessie looks away a bit, embarresed
[21:39] Shadowcaller: *embarrassed
[21:40] Murska: 'I thank you for the gift. I don't think I could have gathered enough money myself before it would have been bought by someone else.'
[21:41] Shadowcaller: "Well, I have earned a lot of gold in my days, we wizards are high prized you see."
[21:41] Happy: Happy is quite easy to read. She's a little wary because of Wolfbane's uneasiness, but is otherwise quite friendly towards someone that Cessie so clearly cares for.
[21:41] Shadowcaller: (Yeah, I think Arik notices that quite well.)
[21:43] Shadowcaller: "And I don't mind if you are asking me for anything, Cessies friends are my freinds too."
[21:43] Shadowcaller: *friends
[21:43] Wolfbane: (Would that include an offer to enchant Wolfbane's spear? :P)
[21:44] Shadowcaller: (Why don't you ask him?
[21:45] Wolfbane: Wolfbane decides to trust him for now. But he will keep his eye on him.
[21:45] Murska: Aegnor is still examining him very carefully. He doesn't really trust him but he's happy to see Cessie happy.
[21:46] Happy: "Is your business here in Saltcross finished then?" Happy asks.
[21:46] Wolfbane: (Does Arik try to read Wolfbane's mind?)
[21:46] Shadowcaller: "Well, I only came here for Cessie here."
[21:46] Shadowcaller: (Nope…not yet at least)
[21:47] Wolfbane: (I think he'll be in for a bit of a shock.)
[21:47] Shadowcaller: "I guess you are moving out soon?"
[21:47] Shadowcaller: (indeed.)
[21:47] Happy: "We were going to leave today."
[21:48] Shadowcaller: "Where are you going?"
[21:49] Happy: "Kyou, in the Hyrilian Empire."
[21:50] Shadowcaller: "I have heard about that place actually, its quite far away, how did you plan to get there?"
[21:51] Wolfbane: Wolfbane relaxes. "To tell the truth, I don't think we had a plan."
[21:53] Happy: "But first, we are going to the Temple of Astaris to return the remains of his servant."
[21:53] Shadowcaller: "Oh, well I have an idea how you can get there actually."
[21:54] Shadowcaller: He smiles "If you are willing to listen?"
[21:54] Happy: "Of course."
[21:54] Shadowcaller: "Well, we could buy a ship from here."
[21:54] Shadowcaller: "Or hire one atleast."
[21:56] Shadowcaller: Cessie: "That sounds like a good idea to me, but we don't really have that kind of money I think…"
[21:57] Happy: "I don't know anything about airships."
[21:58] Shadowcaller: "Hire it is then, I'm sure I can find a captain that can take us there, and don't worry about the money, I take care of that."
[21:59] Wolfbane: Wolfbane begins to trust him more. "Thank you."
[21:59] Wolfbane: But only slightly
[21:59] Murska: Aegnor still doesn't trust him at all, but then, he doesn't really trust Wolfbane either yet.
[22:00] Shadowcaller: Cessie: "I don't know what to say Arik, you would really do that?"
[22:00] Shadowcaller: "Of course, anything for you Cessie, we have been away from each other far too long, are you still…?"
[22:00] Wolfbane: ((Oh, yeah, Wolfbane still needs to apologize to Aegnor, thanks for reminding me.))
[22:01] Shadowcaller: "No… I stopped that some time ago actually, the traning that is."
[22:02] Shadowcaller: Arik: "Why? You had become so good at it… oh well, lets talk about that later."
[22:02] Shadowcaller: "Are we moving out now?"
[22:02] Shadowcaller: (I hate NPC conversations -_-)
[22:02] Happy: "If you are ready."
[22:03] Shadowcaller: "Of course I am."
[22:03] Shadowcaller: As Rilian returns Wolfbane stops feeling this wrongness, like it suddenly dissapeared
[22:04] Shadowcaller: Rilian seems to accept Ariks company quite easily
[22:05] Happy: Happy does as well
[22:05] Shadowcaller: Rilian: "Well, I want to reach the temple as fast as possible…"
[22:06] Happy: (Cessie never did talk to Aegnor about her magic)
[22:06] Happy: And Ai?
[22:06] Shadowcaller: He seems to suspect him of something
[22:06] Shadowcaller: He/she
[22:07] Happy: If Happy has a chance to speak to Ai alone, she will. Perhaps while Arik is arranging for the hire of an airship?
[22:07] Shadowcaller: Rilian have hired a small flying ship to take you down to the temple
[22:07] Shadowcaller: You can speak now if you like
[22:07] Happy: "Is something wrong, Ai?"
[22:08] Wolfbane: (Can Wolfbane go with Arik to buy the ship? He would like to speak with him.)
[22:08] Murska: Aegnor acts like he's accepted Arik like everyone else. He doesn't leave Cessie's side, though.
[22:08] Shadowcaller: "Its… him, there is something deeply wrong about him."
[22:08] Shadowcaller: (Sure)
[22:08] Murska: (So, where are Cessie and Aegnor?)
[22:08] Shadowcaller: (inside their room, Cessie most likely want to talk to Arik soon,)
[22:08] Wolfbane: ((Probably alone.)
[22:08] Wolfbane: (Ah)
[22:09] Shadowcaller: Arik is down stairs with wolfbane
[22:09] Happy: "But he's Cessie's brother. Surely he wouldn't mean her any harm."
[22:09] Wolfbane: Are we alone?
[22:09] Shadowcaller: Ai and Happy are outside
[22:09] Shadowcaller: Well, excpet a few patrons
[22:09] Shadowcaller: *except
[22:10] Shadowcaller: "I can't feel his desire, either he is hiding it *very* well or…"
[22:10] Happy: "Or he has none? Maybe it's one of those wizard control things."
[22:11] Shadowcaller: "Could be… but its still creepy, like not be able to see his face."
[22:11] Happy: "To you think he could have something to do with the facestealer?"
[22:12] Shadowcaller: "I don't know, i just know he feels wrong."
[22:12] Shadowcaller: Arik seems to be waiting for Cessie to come down, he don't say much
[22:13] Wolfbane: "Arik, tell me something. What is /really/ off about you? We both know that you were lying. If you don't tell me, that is fine, but if it comes back to haunt us…"
[22:13] Shadowcaller: Cessie seems extremly excited at Ariks return
[22:13] Shadowcaller: "Lied? What exactly are you talking about?"
[22:14] Wolfbane: "About your scent. You aren't /just/ dirty."
[22:15] Murska: Aegnor flows with Cessie's excitement, keeping his own thoughts to himself.
[22:15] Shadowcaller: "Hm, well it might be some of the enchantments i'm using perhaps? I rarely /smell/ my spells after all."
[22:16] Shadowcaller: Cessie; "There are soo many things I want to ask him… I hope you don't mind that.. you know?"
[22:16] Murska: 'Of course not. He's your long lost brother, after all.'
[22:17] Wolfbane: Wolfbane nods and accepts the answer for now. Hopefully it wouldn't come back to bite them later. "Alright. Oh, and one more thing. Can you enchant weapons?"
[22:18] Shadowcaller: "Ahh, a enchantment? Its not my speciality, but I might be able to create something."
[22:19] Shadowcaller: Cessie: "Yes, and I love him, he teached me almost everything you know?"
[22:19] Shadowcaller: "Even…"
[22:19] Shadowcaller: Arik: "What enchantment are you looking for?"
[22:20] Murska: 'Even what?'
[22:20] Wolfbane: "Ice if possible, if not, just to make my spear stronger."
[22:21] Wolfbane: Wolfbane wasn't going to turn away a free offer for a stronger weapon. Even from someone he didn't trust completely.
[22:21] Shadowcaller: "Well, we are supposed to tell each other everything right? He teached me necromancy."
[22:21] Shadowcaller: (Well, neither would I… I think.)
[22:21] Murska: 'I… see.' Aegnor doesn't, oddly enough, look that shocked.
[22:22] Shadowcaller: "Ice happends to be a favorite of mine too, let me work with your weapon over night and I will see what I can do."
[22:22] Shadowcaller: Cessie: "You… aren't angry?"
[22:23] Wolfbane: Wolfbane nods. "I'll give it to you later tonight."
[22:23] Murska: 'Of course not. I don't believe necromancy is inherently evil.'
[22:23] Murska: 'And I trust you enough that I don't believe you'd have used it for evil.'
[22:24] Shadowcaller: "Great, its good that I can help you out like this WolfBane."
[22:24] Shadowcaller: Cessie: "No, it was just another type of magic to me… honest, I don't see why it was banned in the first place really."
[22:25] Murska: 'Some people used it for evil. It got a bad reputation.'
[22:26] Murska: 'And, most people who fear death wouldn't really be comfortable with it either.'
[22:26] Wolfbane: "I ask you to remember one thing. I won't ask what your "enhancements" are, and I honestly don't want to know. But, don't let them do anything that would be… bad for everyone."
[22:26] Happy: Happy to Ai: "Wolfbane seems bothered by him as well."
[22:26] Shadowcaller: Cessie: "You know something about that?"
[22:27] Shadowcaller: Ai: "I'm not suprised, I am that Rillian isn't thought."
[22:27] Murska: 'Nothing specific, really. One gathers bits and pieces of all kinds of information, you know.'
[22:27] Shadowcaller: Arik: "Of course not, I don't want to harm anyone."
[22:28] Shadowcaller: Cessie: "Well, you do seems to know a lot of odd things…"
[22:30] Murska: (I know that I should get to sleep right about now.)
[22:31] Shadowcaller: (Oh, I had forgotten about that too >.>)
[22:33] Murska: ('kay, well, Aegnor'll let Cessie talk to her brother while going to the end of the ship and looking towards the tree, thinking. Or something like that.)
[22:33] Murska: (Night)
[22:33] Shadowcaller: (Good Night.)
[22:33] Wolfbane: (Have a good night)
[22:33] Murska: (I shall attempt to.)
[22:33] Murska: (Oh, and *leaps in front of Happy for the final time*)
[22:34] * Aegnor has left the conversation.
[22:34] Wolfbane: (Oh, will Arik be able to tell that Wolfbane is now a servant of Zubera?)
[22:34] Shadowcaller: (Perhaps, if he reads his mind.)
[22:34] Shadowcaller: (Err… I hope anyone else can RP him right? And this is meant to you Happy:P)
[22:35] Happy: (I'll need to know his motivations)
[22:35] Wolfbane: (I promise that I will take up some of the RPing next time )
[22:36] Shadowcaller: (Eh, that was good me thinks.)
[22:36] Shadowcaller: (I was quite pleased with the reactions he recived.)
[22:36] Shadowcaller: (Happy and I might have a GM talk now >.>)
[22:37] Wolfbane: If we are done for the day, I can leave. I have to get dinner anyways
[22:37] Happy: we are done
[22:37] Wolfbane: Okay, if you leave before I get back, have a good night
[22:37] Shadowcaller: (good dinner I guess?
[22:37] Shadowcaller: Good Night
[22:38] Wolfbane: later
[22:38] *
Wolfbane has left the conversation.
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