Apr 16 Pt 2

[18:26] Wolfbane: Promise enters the tent and smiles when he sees Happy. "Do you need help?"

[18:28] Happy: "One of the scratches went around to the back. If you could clean that?"
[18:29] Wolfbane: "Of course." Promise goes and starts to gently clean the wound.
[18:36] Happy: When Promise is finished cleaning the wound, Happy leans back against him, smelling of sweat and spent adrenaline.

[18:38] Wolfbane: Promise puts his arms around Happy and relaxes. "Happy, mind if I ask a question?"
[18:38] Happy: "You can ask me anything."
[18:39] Wolfbane: He pauses for a moment. "Do you have a ceremony for when two people mate?"
[18:42] Happy: "In my tribe, when a woman chose her first mate, her uncle would give her a new dress. And her mother and aunts would make her a cake and cover her in flowers."

[18:47] Wolfbane: Promise rubs her shoulders. "It sounds nice. It is a litte different for Wolfen though. We have a small celebration for the two. A little feast, some music, and then the female runs through the forest. After a few minutes, the male tracks her down." He smiles. "I bet you can imagine what follows."
[18:54] Happy: Happy smiles, leaning her head way back to look up at him. "Do you think you could catch me?"
[18:55] Wolfbane: Promise smiles at her. "I would like to think I already have."

[19:01] Happy: "Oh no. Where I come from, the woman chooses her mate."
[19:02] Wolfbane: Promise looks at her hopefully. "And have you?"
[19:08] Happy: Happy twists in his arms to face him. "You were the first man who ever tempted me. But I was afraid to lay claim to you like I should have."
[19:10] Wolfbane: "You can claim me however you wish." he says with an amusing smile.
[19:13] Happy: Happy grins. "I like that offer. But what I meant, is that as the woman, I should have made the first advances. At least the way I was raised. How was courtship done in your tribe?"
[19:22] Wolfbane: "Well, in most tribes you have to be named in order to do so and normally it is the older males who choose their mates, than the older named Females who haven't been chosen can choose their's if they want. That was how my tribe did it anyways. But the chosen one must be willing."
[19:24] Wolfbane: "But choosing only told the others who you would be courting."
[19:24] Happy: "And are you willing?" *kissing the underside of your chin*
[19:27] Wolfbane: "Of course I am."
[19:28] Happy: "Courtship is consensual for my people as well. The woman has the power of choice, the man the power of refusal."
[19:29] Wolfbane: "I certainly don't refuse."
[19:32] Happy: "Still, it was cowardly of me. I was afraid you couldn't think of me that way and so I said nothing until you said you were attracted to me."
[19:35] Wolfbane: Promise nuzzles her neck. "There was nothing cowardly about it. I am sure you would have said something soon. I just did it first is all."

[20:05] Happy: "What were you thinking, when you said it? You seemed so confident. Were you that sure of me?"
[20:07] Wolfbane: Promise chuckles. "Honestly? I was scared and wasn't thinking of a thing other than you."
[20:22] Happy: "Afraid I didn't feel the same?"
[20:22] Wolfbane: "Extremely."
[20:28] Happy: Happy strokes the fur on his chest, feeling his heart beat. "If you had been human, I would have claimed you that night in the inn, after you almost died. But I was afraid you couldn't be attracted to a human."
[20:40] Happy: *poke*
[20:41] Wolfbane: He strokes her face. "I would have said something sooner than the game, except I didn't know if you were able to be attracted to me."
[20:42] Happy: "When did you know?"
[20:43] Wolfbane: "When you cried out from the healing. I realized I couldn't stand it if you were in pain."

[20:51] Happy: Happy makes a moaning noise in her throat and pulls Promise close, kissing along his muzzle.
[20:59] Wolfbane: Promise starts to rub her lightly with his claws and gives her a gentle nip on her neck.
[21:15] Happy: Happy shivers, rolling her head to the side to give him access while continuing to stroke the fur on his chest and belly.
[21:27] Wolfbane: He pulls her closer to him and caresses her side.
[21:29] Happy: "I love the way you make me feel," she murmurs.
[21:40] Wolfbane: He breathes in her scent. "And it is the same for me."
[22:09] Wolfbane: After a few minutes, Promise breaks the comforting silence. "Happy? Would you like to do that ceremony I told you earlier?"
[22:16] Happy: "Only if you promise to catch me."
[22:17] Wolfbane: Promise chuckles. "Of course I do."
[22:19] Happy: "It'll have to wait until wer're somewhere that we can be open though," she says. "Or somewhere in the wilderness where there's no one to find out."
[22:20] Wolfbane: "I was thinking that maybe I could ask the Wolfen Alpha if he would be willing to host it."
[22:25] Happy: "Are you sure?" Happy sounds worried. "What if he's offended?"
[22:26] Wolfbane: "BS figured it out and he wasn't offended. He also asked why we didn't tell Firethief. I do not think that it would be a problem."
[22:27] Happy: "If you believe so. Would your former tribe have accepted such a relationship?"
[22:28] Wolfbane: "I would like to think so, but I do not know."
[22:39] Happy: "And if they are offended? What might they do?" Risk assessment on Happy's part.
[23:05] Wolfbane: Promise caresses Happy a bit. "If they are offended, then I will ask for them to let me leave in peace and tell them that I would be gone soon."
[23:06] Happy: "They wouldn't hurt you? Or give you a horrible name?"
[23:07] Wolfbane: "I don't think they would try to hurt me and I wouldn't take any name other than the one I have now."
[23:08] Happy: "If you're sure you'll be safe - A ceremony by your people would be something special. A memory to treasure."
[23:14] Wolfbane: "I am sure." He says happily.
[23:21] Happy: "In my tribe, it was not common to mate for life. Usually only for a season, to produce children." She hesitates. "Of course, we can't have children together."
[23:29] Wolfbane: He keeps caressing her. "No, I suppose we can't." He sounds a little disappointed. "My tribe was about split even when it came to mating for life. The Alphas would, but many of the proved warriors didn't."
[23:37] Happy: "If you wanted to… you know… I mean, for a season… I'd wait for you." The words are muffled because she's buried her face against him, her head tucked under his chin.
[23:42] Wolfbane: He hugs Happy. " It was just that I didn't think that far ahead, that is all. I'd never leave you."
[23:43] Wolfbane: "Not even for that."
[23:52] Happy: "I can't imagine being without you."
[23:55] Wolfbane: "And I can't imagine being without you."
[23:59] Happy: She slowly clasps one of her hands with his and leans back to meet his eyes. "Then this is for life."
[00:05] Wolfbane: He meets her eyes and squeezes her hand. "I had hoped so." He smiles.
[00:21] Happy: She moves her body against his. "This longing for you. It consumes me," she whispers.
[00:34] Wolfbane: Promise doesn't say anything, but tries to pull her closer and gives her another nip. A little harder this time.
[00:35] Wolfbane: (hopefully not too hard)
[00:35] Happy: She takes his ear in her teeth and growls a little.
[00:43] Happy: (she's a little bit savage, I think ;))
[00:44] Wolfbane: (I noticed. ;))

[00:49] Wolfbane: Promise also growls happily and unbuckles his cloak.
[00:49] Wolfbane: (and that is probably the place)
[00:50] Happy: (heh)
[00:55] Happy: (And then he goes to the alpha? Does he have BS go with him?)
[00:55] Wolfbane: (He would ask BS to take him)
[00:57] Happy: The two Wolfen head away from the camp, towards the jungle. When they enter it, Black Stripe howls and yips, clearly a signal of some type, though you don't know what it's a signal for. Each Wolfen pack has their own code. However, his scent and posture don't indicate any treachery, and he soon leads you to the den/village.
[00:59] Wolfbane: (Does he see Firestealer?)
[01:00] Happy: Firethief is waiting for him.
[01:02] Wolfbane: Promise kneels in front of Firestealer and waits for him to greet him before speaking.
[01:05] Happy: Black Stripe kneels as well.
[01:06] Happy: "Rise, Promise. My pup tells me that you have treated him with courtesy and respect, and given him much information about the monkey people. I thank you for this."
[01:09] Wolfbane: Promise stands up. "You are welcome. Would you mind if I made a request?"
[01:11] Happy: "Name your request." This is a neutral statement, not an indication of assent.
[01:14] Wolfbane: "As you can smell, I have taken a mate, and I would like to go through the ceremony with her."
[01:16] Happy: "Your mate is a human," He says, again neutral.
[01:17] Wolfbane: "I know that it is… unusual."
[01:18] Happy: "Why do you choose a ceremony among us rather than her people?"
[01:19] Wolfbane: (Would she have told him about her tribe?)
[01:22] Happy: (Yes, I think so by now.)
[01:23] Wolfbane: "Her tribe had been destroyed by disease. She is the only survivor."
[01:24] Happy: "And the humans you travel with would not perform it?"
[01:30] Wolfbane: "They may have, but we have heard… stories about what sometimes happens. And this would be a one-time chance."
[01:40] Happy: Black Stripe speaks up. "Honoured Sire, if I may speak." Firethief gives his consent. "The mate he has chosen is a warrior. She accepted my challenge for a first blood duel, and we fought to a draw. I would show you the wound she gave me, but she then laid hands on the wound and healed it."
[01:41] Happy: Firethief: "Has she earned a name, Promise?"
[01:42] Wolfbane: Promise nods. "Yes. I believe she has."
[01:44] Happy: "But she has no pack leader to bestow it on her."
[01:46] Wolfbane: Promise shakes his head. "No, her pack leader has died long ago."
[01:55] Happy: "Then you should give her a name before the ceremony."
[01:56] Wolfbane: Promise nods. "I will."
[01:59] Happy: It's settled that the ceremony will be the next morning, since the airship repairs are due to be done in the evening.
[02:01] Wolfbane: Promise thanks Firestealer and asks if he can take leave.
[02:14] Happy: (Will he ask to bring Cessie and Aegnor to the ceremony?)
[02:15] Wolfbane: (He'd ask Happy is she wanted them there)
[02:15] Happy: (she does, very much)
[02:16] Wolfbane: (Then yes, he would ask firestealer if they could come)
[02:16] Happy: (then ask)
[02:16] Wolfbane: (want me t…ok)
[02:17] Wolfbane: "I would also like to ask that three others would come and observe. They are our close friends."
[02:22] Happy: "Which three are they?"
[02:23] Wolfbane: "One is an elf warrior and the other is a human wizard. The female one. The third is the servant of a god."
[02:24] Happy: "Then they are welcome."
[02:24] Wolfbane: "Thank you."
[02:29] Happy: (he's heard enough about Arik to not have accepted him)
[02:30] Wolfbane: (yeah)
[02:38] Happy: When they are done making arrangements, Black Stripe leads him back.
[02:41] Wolfbane: Promise thanks BS and goes to his and Happy's tent.
[02:42] Happy: Happy is asleep.
[02:44] Wolfbane: Promise quietly moves over to her and tries to lay down next to her without waking her up.
[02:46] Happy: She snuggles against him, not quite waking, but pressing into him and inhaling his scent.
[02:55] Wolfbane: Promise breathes in her scent and relaxes. He falls asleep after thinking of a name for her.

[05:16] Happy: Promise wakes the next morning. They are both lying on their sides, with Happy snuggled up against his back, one arm draped over him.
[05:18] Wolfbane: Promise tries to turn around gently as to not wake her up and so he can watch her sleep peacefully.
[05:19] Happy: She doesn't wake right away, but a few minutes later, her eyes open to find themselves looking into yours. She smiles sleepily.
[05:20] Wolfbane: Promise smiles and rubs her arm.
[05:20] Wolfbane: "Good morning."
[05:20] Happy: "You too."
[05:21] Wolfbane: "I spoke to Firestealer last night. He said that he would do it."
[05:23] Wolfbane: "He said that Ai, Aegnor, and Cessie could come."
[05:24] Happy: "Oh Promise…" She looks overjoyed.
[05:29] Wolfbane: "To be in the ceremony, you needed an earned name."
[05:32] Happy: "I think I've earned the name Happy," she says, running her hand down his chest.
[05:33] Wolfbane: He smiles and runs a hand down her side. "I had been thinking more along the lines of Hope."
[05:34] Happy: She looks astonished. "You're giving me a name?"
[05:34] Wolfbane: He grins.
[05:38] Happy: "Hope…" she says, and looks at him curiously. "Why Hope?"
[05:39] Happy: (he still hasn't told her about his deathwish)
[05:40] Wolfbane: "Because you /are/ my hope. You gave that to me and something much more."
[05:41] Happy: "What do you mean?"
[05:43] Wolfbane: "For…for the longest time, I had nothing to live for. Everday, I would search for an honorable death to redeem myself. Then, I met you and it all changed." His eyes have gone teary and he smiles at her. "You have given me a reason to live."
[05:43] Happy: "You wanted to die?" she asks in a broken whisper?
[05:44] Wolfbane: "I did, but not any more."
[05:45] Happy: She clings to him tightly, burying her face in his throat.
[05:46] Wolfbane: He holds her and tears run down his face quietly.
[05:53] Happy: "So… the night of the hunt?"
[05:54] Wolfbane: "Yes. That is when I realized that there might be something to live for."
[05:54] Happy: "And you held on."
[05:56] Wolfbane: "Yes, I did. Because of you."
[05:58] Happy: She shudders in his arms, and begins to cry.
[06:00] Wolfbane: He holds her, crying as well. "And that is why I wish to name you Hope."
[06:03] Happy: Still sobbing, she takes his face in her hand and begins frantically covering it with kisses, her tears spilling onto his face.
[06:08] Wolfbane: Promise tries to comfort her. "Please do not worry anymore. I won't be going anywhere."
[06:11] Happy: "I didn't know… all that time we were together, and I never knew you were trying to die."
[06:12] Wolfbane: "I didn't want to worry you. And I plan on staying for a long time now. As long as you would have me."
[06:17] Happy: Happy finally calms somewhat, lying with her head on the pillow facing him, and gently stroking her tears from his face. "Always."
[06:20] Wolfbane: He smiles and dries the tears from her face. "Then I will always be here for you."
[06:26] Wolfbane: (Forums are back up)
[06:27] Wolfbane: (partially)
[06:32] Happy: Hope smiles at him. "My mate."
[06:33] Wolfbane: He smiles at her again. "And you are my love and my Hope."
[06:40] Happy: "And the ceremony? When is it?"
[06:41] Wolfbane: (Sometime before they leave for the ship? >.>)
[06:41] Wolfbane: (Midday?)
[06:41] Happy: (Mid morning?)
[06:42] Wolfbane: (Sure)
[06:42] Wolfbane: "We still have a few hours. It should be around mid-morning."
[06:47] Wolfbane: (Say an hour after the first meal)
[06:52] Happy: Hope leans back, then looks him over with a half smile. "Not enough time then. Too bad." She kisses him on the nose, and gets up to start getting dressed.
[06:54] Wolfbane: Promise stands up and puts his arms around her waist. "Not enough time to stare into your eyes for a while?" He smiles.
[06:55] Happy: She catches her breath. "You make me melt."
[06:57] Wolfbane: "I certainly hope not. Then how would I hold you?"
[06:58] Happy: "I'd soak into your fur and go with you everywhere." *grins*
[06:59] Wolfbane: He chuckles lightly and holds her.
[07:01] Happy: She holds him close for just a moment, and then, with a wistful sigh, finishes getting dressed and goes to start on breakfast.

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