Apr 15 Pt 1

[16:05] Happy: Afterwards, they are lying together in the dark, Happy lying on Promise's chest.
[16:09] Wolfbane: Promise moves his claws up and down Happy's back. "As much as I am going to hate ruining this moment, I am going to have to take my turn at watch soon."
[16:11] Happy: "I know. I've been telling time to stop passing, but it doesn't listen."
[16:13] Wolfbane: "Time rarely listens so we have to make the best of it." He smiles in the darkness. "Which I hope we did."
[16:16] Happy: "If Cessie hadn't asked that question…"
[16:18] Wolfbane: "I would like to think that I would have told you soon, but Cessie helped. I will have to thank her."
[16:22] Happy: "If you had wanted to join a Wolfen pack, I would have gone with you. Challenged enough of them until I forced them to adopt me. You could have had a Wolfen mate, and still had me as your friend, for as long as we lived."
[16:23] Wolfbane: "Happy, even if I wanted to return, no Wolfen female could ever replace you. Nor would I want them to."
[16:28] Happy: Happy grins in the dark. "If any tried now to claim you, I would tear her throat out with my teeth."
[16:29] Wolfbane: "Then every male from tribes all around would fear and want you. But I would make sure they wouldn't get you."
[16:31] Happy: Happy nibbles lightly on Wolfbane's throat, and mock growls. "You're mine."
[16:32] Wolfbane: Promise chuckles lightly and smiles. "Yes, I am your's and no one else's"
[16:34] Happy: Happy rolls off of him and sits up. "I'll come with you."
[16:34] Wolfbane: "Alright. But we may want to get decent first."
[16:36] Happy: Happy dresses quickly in the dark, with much 'accidental' brushing against Promise.
[16:39] Wolfbane: Promise also gets dressed, enjoying the "accidents".
[16:40] Happy: And they go out together to find Aegnor.

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