Aegnor is quite tall, but he doesn't look very muscular. His hair is shoulder-length, dark red, and his eyes are bright green. They tend to change colour at certain occurrences though. He can be charming and is very handsome. As he is an elf, his ears are pointy. His posture is usually very straight and he acts with very few unnecessary movements, unless he is performing.


- Aegnor is a good shot with a bow, and okay at melee, able to wield a variety of weapons. He carries a personal armoury with him. He is also good at throwing weapons like daggers and axes. Most of his fighting styles are either self-created or self-adapted to his use so they would be quite confusing for people to read. They might appear stronger than the normal ones in duels, but that is only because the normal styles' weaknesses are known. He dual-wields a lot.
- Aegnor's main talent is his musical skills. He is capable of channelling magic through it to affect the mood of the listeners, and he is skilled enough with the fundamentals of sound that he is capable of picking up almost any instrument and learning to play it in record time.
- Aegnor also has a connection with the Tree and it's nature spirits, which will eventually allow him to use nature magic.
- Aegnor has a variety of sometimes surprising skills, although none that he is exceptionally skilled at, owing to his years of wandering.
- Aegnor, when in grave danger or really angry, can go berserk. His eyes turn red and his strength and instincts are increased tremendously but he loses all control of himself. Unlike a regular berserk, he becomes a cunning predator who will do anything he can to destroy those he marks as his enemies. After he wakes up, he will have no memories of what he did and he will be utterly exhausted.
- Aegnor has exceptional hearing and is very good at distinguishing different sounds.


Aegnor was born in a small elven community some years after the majority of the elves left the Tree. The first few years of his life were peaceful, but the community was discovered by the cultists of the Worm and was raided multiple times. Aegnor's parents were killed in one of the raids, and he was raised as a child of the community. When he was still very young, the community was destroyed and he along with many others was taken prisoner. He and the other prisoners were tortured and experimented on, and one by one they were sacrificed to the Worm until Aegnor was the last one left. He was being taken to be sacrificed when he had his first berserk rage and escaped, killing many of the cultists in the process.

Afterwards, he lived alone. The first years of wandering were really difficult for him, he was alone and gone almost insane from the horrors he had seen. He attempted suicide multiple times but something kept him from finishing himself off. He sought dangers and learned tactics and even strategy from fighting against groups of bandits, thugs and cultists of the Worm, but he never dedicated himself to mastering any weapon. He learned to use almost any weapon competently. During the first lonely years he had poured his sadness and loneliness into music, and that was the only thing he focused on completely, later on. During these years, he also found his Kazoo, which serves as a magical focus for him.


During the time he spent wandering, he killed the feelings inside of him to get rid of the pain, and almost completely buried everything about his personality, using his natural talent for acting and observing the people to live with them while never actually connecting with anyone. His music wasn't an outlet for his own distress anymore, but he learned to take the feelings and emotions of the crowd and use those as the framework for the sounds instead of his own.

After meeting Happy and Cessie, he quickly formed the kind of connection to them he had never let happen before. This broke through his mental armor and he became very attached to them. He still has trouble with easily shutting his emotions out but after he fell in love with Cessie, the process has sped up considerably.

Overall, Aegnor usually gives the outwards appearance of a carefree person, joking around and trying to keep the mood light, but he can also be very serious. It's often hard to see when he is acting and when he's really being himself, since he is capable of assuming different moods and personalities very quickly.


- Three silver
- Around thirty arrows
- Longsword
- Three daggers, hidden all around his clothing.
- A throwing axe
- A kazoo
- A guitar
- A ring, allowing him to talk to the Tree.
- Clothing, dark green and brown with a dark green cloak. Pretty messed up.
- Leather armour
- A high-quality elf-made longbow.
- A knife he has dubbed 'Godslayer', which can harm spirits.
- A magical flute which induces a very suggestive state in it's listeners
- A spyglass through which one can see spirits, it also shakes when a hostile spirit is nearby
- A piece of the Fourth Wall - R.I.P.

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